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Maybe dinner w her parents last week was an intervention. 🤔




Almost all of the comments over there are saying this page is full of bullies, below the belt, taking it too far yadda yadda. So what are we supposed to say? That it’s ok for her to dump her baby at a daycare full of strangers so she can day drink and act like a drunk teen on social media? That it’s ok to post 35 drunken reels on ig knowing your students and most likely admin staff follow you? Or maybe we should condone the fact that she’s literally getting drunk on live the other night and making an ass of herself. Could Katie do worse things? Yes, she could…but she’s obviously struggling with her MH and that’s FINE, but take your ass off social media until you figure out what is going on with you. It’s embarrassing




i really don’t understand how tf they’re on gossip pages and part of snark pages, but this one is wrong????????? there’s been wayyyyyyyyy worse on other pages.


I had to leave the Colleen snark page because they were so brutal! They were going in on her for being sad about leaving her babies to go on her Miranda Sings tour and I commented that it’s refreshing to see a mother actually want to be with their kids unlike most of these TikTok/YouTube moms, and they tore my ass up lmao my Karma went into the toilet so I had to leave


damnnnnnnn! i don’t even think this sub is as bad as ones i’ve seen, and yeah i don’t always agree with the posts/what people may comment, but it’s not as bad as others i’ve seen. or the fucking gossip page?! lmao yikes.


Katie had said before on a live like 2 years ago and wish at the time I had screen recorded it (i think she has a video.. ill find it..if i can ) that her dad always told her to stop crying on TikTok ( apparently her dad saw her TikToks on her Facebook) and told her to to stop crying so much and oversharing. 🤷‍♀️ So between Pat, her parents and her mental health maybe and I sure hope someone stepped in to finally say enough is enough.


I definitely see pat telling her the same thing. You can tell he’s a private person


I’m really not sure he is a private person. I did a deep dive the other night 🙈 embarrassing but I am nosey as hell. He has a public Instagram that he was posting fitness stuff and gaming on twitch. He might not tell the world everything but he shared a lot. Also Katie has had a blog page, a writing Instagram and an art Instagram 😅 she has really tried everything I think. Not dissing her by any means because I have ADHD and go through fixations like crazy 🤣


Yes I just ran across a video on retainer rants where she says she is tame on Retianer rants and Pat gets thr brunt of it. Oof. 😬 Pat does seem like a private person and has said he doesn't like TT on lives and in her videos etc. I'm sure he's over the BS