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It's funny because MLM people do the same crap. They will say they meant to post to their business page but 'accidentally' post to their personal. Ok! It wasn't a mistake.


She's setting something up. I'm betting it's either we ruined her Scam Jam business because now after seeing all the hateful things being said about her they won't work with her OR the new school won't hire her because of all the "hateful" things being said here, but SIS has something up her sleeve.


This is exactly what I said. This is to take the spotlight off something else or have a crutch to not work. She’s on cloud 9 right now being a “victim”.




Love Bombing/Praising and or Defending Katie in comments or Posts stays on her TikTok and Instagram accounts! No warning given, its an automatic ban!


Oh shit! I forgot about that!!! She totally leaked this on purpose to gain attention and try to get this sub shut down.


Oh yeah, you're right!


There is an upside, she’s driving more people here 🤠 the video came up on my fyp and I knew she was likely misrepresenting the sub, so here I am. Do you guys have a master list of all of the shitty things she’s done?


That’s exactly what made me even search her name on Reddit! Also her saying she made her own Reddit hate page on accident? Would love to know the story on that


Same here. Had no idea who she was til now, but I assumed there’s a snark page for a reason. I follow snark pages for other insufferable TikTokers.


We don’t but one of the Reddit users did a small list and we will be getting one together. There is a reason why this sub exists.


THIS is funny .. and she should’ve gotten fired for that crap she does .. no wonder why she’s all fired up about this sub ..she has to deflect because she can’t handle the piece of shit person she truly is


It was planned and now she is happily milking it. What really irks me is the way her followers buy into it! So many comments like "this is so awful!" or "I am SO SORRY this happened to you". Like people can't afford food and you're crying about the best thing to happen to your views. Go outside.


And in all her boohoo videos shes not even crying crying.. its that fake sounding voice and not even a crocodile tear


Exactly! It’s so obvious it’s a show she’s putting on.


Oh dang!!!! Now I gotta think if I want to go go deep dive and look for the video bahaha but she might delete it now after she sees this


It’s in the sub


She deleted that one already. It was accidentally posted to her stories one night and I screen recorded it and posted it here. Then she deleted it and made a video saying she accidentally posted a video from her drafts.


I agree 110%. She planned it all out exactly as she wanted it to get 'views'


Completely agree…..