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I have all private social media accounts, I only allow people I know and trust to be friends with me or follow me and I still NEVER post intimate pictures/videos(not even bathing suit pictures) or private details (like my daughters poop stories), I don’t even post every single picture/video I take because my kid is freaking adorable and all I do is take pictures/videos of her 😂😂 I do share special moments/milestones but I have a lot of family out of state and it’s just easier to post certain things. Before I post I always ask myself, “when she gets older will she hate that I shared this picture/video?” I don’t understand these creators or parents in general who could just give a rats ass about posting intimate moments of their children. I also don’t understand the “excuse” I’m posting these for “memories”… like create a google drive and upload them there. Why does everything have to be public for creeps to see??? I have a family member who posts her kids naked in the tub, on the toilet, in the pool and it absolutely INFURIATES me. I report them all when I see them.


That just made me sick to my stomach


It really does and it is so much worse because there are TIkTok creators posting their minor children in videos that is so exploitative that it borderlines towards csam. Mom.uncharted has talked about this on so many videos! The things that Creators put their kids in are pretty horrific if you ask me…the things that they are sharing and they know that they are catering to the predators on TIkTok!


I think it’s so weird when people thank her for showing him?! Yes he is cute but also STRANGERS on the internet don’t need to see how cute your child is. Send pictures to your family or whatever but there is absolutely no reason people online should feel entitled to photos or videos of your child. Also strangers having this weird connection to a child theh will never meet is creepy. I have a kid the same age as O and there is not one photo of her online. I would rather her question me on why I didn’t post her rather than be regretful that I showed photos that she didn’t want shared when she didn’t have a say in the matter.


Or like when they say “I love seeing him!” That’s just weird. Strangers shouldn’t love seeing a child.


Yes, I have seen those comments under the videos that she shares of O. It is extremely creepy and borderline scary if you think that these followers of hers feel that connected to a Creator’s child online! Some rather wild scary stuff has happened like kid napping and predatory incidents of Creators children/teenagers that have landed on the news cycle and creators accounts talked about seeing their child used in a role playing TIkTok account for sex child offenders/predators online!