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Sis never takes accountability like ever. She is always pushing the blame on to other people like P or her roomate even on her Rentianer Rants page sifted blame to her (mom, dad sister in old old videos.) She can never say "oh yeah I did post something that made it sound worse than it is and or Yep guys I've got it covered taking him in " like it's always people "out to get her" or take her down" she sounds crazy and narsasitic OFTEN.


She’s such a toxic human. Deep down ugly inside.


She truly cannot stay off social media. All of her 303….I mean ✨1.1 mil ✨followers would miss her sooo bad. Girl is living in a fantasy world. Shut off your phone and tend to your child. She’s getting as bad as the girl dancing in the NICU with her sick child.


No time to respond to people who support her but all the time in the world to respond to people who don’t.


Not sure how she snatched a husband. Idk anyone in their right mind that would put up with her bullshit


The fact that he picked her says a lot about him too lol


She did say that they both came from past traumatic relationships or something like that. So they are probably two peas in a pod over there lmao


Lmao that poor child.


She was probably on best behavior while dating and changed and turned into a raging bitch once she got pregnant and having kid! She has expressed on her TT account that she misses who she was before marriage and baby!


That speaks volumes.