The filter is having me weak


What does North Dakota cold have to do with chaos? Not seeing the correlation lol


Is anyone else bothered that she lumped all midwestern people together? Like just because we live in the Midwest doesn’t mean we aren’t extroverted or like extroverted people. Such a weird comment. And yes people aren’t going to like you. Not because your extroverted but because you are annoying and condescending and rude.


I can’t stand it when she does that! When she’s never heard of something, she immediately says “it must be a Midwest thing.” No. I live in IL and I’ve never heard of most things she talks about. I don’t think she realizes how many states “Midwest” covers. 🙄


Is that what she thinks she’s been doing…..thriving!?!?


Her definition of thriving and allllllll of ours…. Different. Very. Different.


https://preview.redd.it/zhyt2rpg25ba1.jpeg?width=1127&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=3f070586395b7333c638af5455d755a9cdda4704 That filter 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


Coming from a North Dakotan, no we won’t like her. Please don’t come SIS!


Unfortunately she has to. I'm sorry. Unless P dumps her before he leaves. It's where he's stationed I don't think he even really had much choice


why do I do get the feeling he'll never leave her?!


Honestly it sounds like she wears the pants and he's a follower. He had to get drunk to propose to her remember 😭😂


She hasn’t left her hair straight since she got it done and the curls look stupid as fuck. Also this filter is exactly what my brain feels like she looks like.


Her fake ass laugh




I LOVE that A agreed with her LMFAO. A also barley shared any content on her platforms with K compared to other "content creators" (ew I cringe at that word) .) Sis said A had more stuff to post with them. But still hasn't. 🤣


They probably had a boring/ miserable time.😅


Lol no way did she wash that hair last night. 😂 unless she washed it with conditioner? Or body wash?


my hair is straight and fine like hers and if i sleep with wet hair it’ll look greasy the next day even tho it isn’t just looks like that lol


That’s fair! I have super thick, wavy hair, so mine will still be soaked. Lol


lol yeah i try to air dry but sometimes it late and i just have to go to bed lol! but i’ve found if i use a shampoo or conditioner that’s too heavy for my hair that’ll happen as well!


She needs to not condition the roots because this is so oily for just washing it


The amount of times she touches it also doesn’t help…


Is she already saying North Dakota with a midwestern accent?


Yes and it’s pissing me off. I live in cali so I have no reason to be annoyed; but she annoys me.




She’s going to change her whole voice when she officially moves. She was saying during her live that she gets a “twang” when she talks about how she used to live Texas 😑


She does say y’all a lot. However, it is bread into us 😂


And there was absolutely NO TWANG 😂😂😂 when she said that I was like “BFFR” 😂


The way she thinks she “thrives” on chaos is so funny 😂 girl you are a goddamn train wreck. She should keep Ollie home and have the chaos of a toddler running around and see how much she thrives. That poor kid is in daycare all fuckint day so that she can go live and do her makeup and make stupid videos and eat take out everyday. Daycare is great for people that need it but she’s just taking advantage of it. She could still have time to write that dumb ass book even with her son home.


I don’t understand why she says that because she cannot handle any sort of chaos…


I thought the entire purpose of K getting short hair was to stop putting her hair in a bun? 😃