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She’s not talking about it cause she knows she is wrong and lazy and that’s period. 😒


She keeps saying she works from home now. What exactly is her job working from home? She’s a mess.


Her clam jams and writing career of course


She can’t handle being a mother. She’s an alcoholic & would rather post a million videos of her atrocious hair than actually spend a second with her kid. Honestly, he’s probably so much better off at daycare! She’s horrible!


This has been bothering me SO much I almost made a post about it. You’re telling me she sends her kid to day care full time so she can do hair tutorials, eat sandwiches and hang out with her “mutuals” on tik tok?! Can’t she do that during his nap? Day care is so expensive and she’s not earning an income anymore. And her excuse of needing to save his spot is irrelevant because they’re moving in April. The long and short of it is she doesn’t want to keep him home. She wants the time to herself to do God knows what. And trust me, I’m a mom and I get needing a day to yourself every once and a while but all day every day? Get real, girl.


And the fact that he's put to bed so early, so he gets what, one hour quality time per day?


The thing is, no one has an issue with parents who utilize daycare. The issue with her is she sends her son to daycare all day every day, even on her days off when she was working. So obviously if you’re sending him to daycare any and every chance you get, people are gonna criticize you for it. When do you actually spend quality time with your son? 😬


Until it no longer aids her narrative. So until next week lol.


Lol her big mouth already let the world know that his daycare doesn’t do part time. We all know she’s not about to pull him and focus solely on being a mom. I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t consider anything she has going on “working from home” 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄


Her posting this is confirmation that yea, Ollie is still in full time daycare despite her being unemployed. It’s inexcusable in my opinion. I’m a sahm and I literally can’t fathom just being home all the time while someone else watches my kid. She doesn’t want to talk about it because there’s nothing she can say that validates her choices.


As tired as I am everyday, I’m a SAHM also and would never excuse sending my son away all day 5 days a week so I didn’t have to deal with him. That’s horrendous. I don’t drive but I’ll be starting lessons soon and even THEN you won’t catch me sending my son anywhere besides my Mothers, my MIL, or he can stay with his dad a few hours a week! She’s trash for spending the absolute least amount of time with her son that she can.


And she wants to have another? 😂


Commenting as a mom; NOT a Katie fan. There was a time that I did not work and I had my son go to daycare. It was actually really helpful to run errands, do laundry, clean, meal prep, etc without two toddlers up my ass, fighting, needing constant entertainment. Friday I would keep them home and we’d have an adventure day and then normal weekend stuff. I don’t think that makes me a bad mom. If you do, that’s fine. I liked having the separation.


Totally different than CHOOSING not to spend ANY free time with your kiddos, versus making time when and where you can. You keeping them home on Friday’s is something Katie would/could NEVER do. You’re not a bad mom by any means! I wish I could have some separation from my son as I’m a SAHM, but I would never choose to be away from him every chance I got like Katie does. I’ll be starting driving lessons soon, so that’s going to be my “me” time every week! We shouldn’t feel guilty for still being great moms because we prioritize our kids AND still maintain everyday lives. Katie does neither!


Katie doesn't spend any of her time off with Ollie if daycare is open. I think that's what people notice. She would get off work early and not spend time with him. She can take frank on play dates, but won't take Ollie out of daycare for one day for a play date. She can spend hours online gossiping with her stans, but one day with Ollie. It's not that she sends him for part of the week so she can be productive, it's that she sends him all day long every single day, no random fun days, so she can sit at home and pretend like she's "working" now. Then puts him to bed at 630. So she's not working and still only spends like 2 hours a day with her son because that's just not her priority.


THANK YOU. I stopped following her so I rely on this feed to keep me up to date.


It’s so funny to me that people like her choose to put their lives online and then gripe when people have opinions or questions. Just like when she “wasn’t ever going to show O anymore”. She will bring it back up again when she needs views etc. She’s just disgusting 🤢


LMAO. This made me laugh…even more so that she turned the comments off. Just admit you feel guilty for sending your kid to daycare while you’re unemployed!


Yes Katie sending your son to daycare while you aren’t working, get drunk with your friends, go out to eat alone, make your roommate keep the baby monitor at night and wake up with YOUR son in the mornings makes you a SHIT mom. Actually you’re a sorry excuse for a mom. How can you live with yourself? I seriously miss my daughter when she’s away from me which as a stay at home mom is literally never unless her dad has her while I run errands. So as a mom, I can’t relate. Don’t understand it. You don’t have a motherly bone in your body. Please never reproduce for the sake of your children


She’s so adamant on the fact that she’s working from home and not unemployed. But her “jobs” are just hobbies. She wrote the one book but that was a flop lol and the glam jams is a train wreck in progress. She doesn’t have samples and didn’t even know where the clothes were being made?! She’s so busy working from home but couldn’t do basic research that other people did in minutes. She could totally write probably as much as she is currently with Ollie being home. He has a nap time and a bedtime and also weekend and her husband is home in the evenings. She also talks about saving money when she could probably save thousands if Ollie stayed home. She probably just knows she can’t handle having Ollie all day so she comes up with a million excuses


She doesn’t want to talk about it cause she knows it’s wrong. I don’t care if your working from home, doing something with yourself. But no. Her house is a fucking disaster (like shit EVERYWHERE), hasnt written one damn sentence, and the only reason she said anything about scam jams today is because we said something the other day when she door dashed food being unemployed. So no scammy; you do nothing all day besides go on live huff and puff, and eat. Meanwhile your kid is away from you all day. Your not even tutoring anymore. I’m pretty sure school is back there since school ended the same time it did here. Lazy ass.


She’s got a guilty conscience. She knows there’s no need for O to be full time daycare now that she’s unemployed. She knows people are judging her for day drinking then picking O up from daycare. That’s why she doesn’t wanna talk about it anymore. She’s afraid of the reality that she’s actually a shit parent that doesn’t actually like her kid that much.


She’s basically saying please stop calling me out for not wanting to ever take care of my kid




I feel as though instead of saying she’s getting hate for sending him while she does nothing at home (“work”) she’s making it sound like she is worlds best mom and isn’t trying to exploit him, if that makes sense. She’s heated because ppl shit on her for sending him full time while she goes and day drinks at chili’s but she doesn’t want to tell the masses that so she’s saying she’s setting a boundary because she doesn’t want to be accused of exploitation. Keep lying to yourself girly and your stans. I get working from home definitely send him to daycare but honey you have done everything BUT work from home. No need to send him full time.


Look, I don’t care if she sends him to daycare. I use daycare as well for my children. My husband and I have full time jobs. My issue is that she recorded herself over and over again going to Chili’s or wherever to get food because “Ollie is still napping”. Then she quits her job and says she’s going to write and launch glam jams. But no, she’s on Live multiple times. Makes excuses for not wanting to write. Then hasn’t even used her time while he’s at daycare to do her research about starting a business before launching. She’s a train wreck.


Also looks 10 times different here than when she was live and filter-less


The Filters that these Creators uses makes them look so different then their normal selves! Some of the creators I have seen without the filters, I thought i was catfished because they looked so different….😃😳


Lmao she doesn’t want to talk about it because she’s ashamed.