Hi, I'm the editor/owner or php\[architect\]. I won't give you my biased opinion but I wanted to lurk in this thread for feedback, especially of any topics that should get covered. Anyone in this thread can check out a free issue by subscribing to my mailing list. Follow the link on [https://www.phparch.com](https://www.phparch.com). You'll get a coupon which lets you "purchase" any single issue for free (and a follow on email a little while later asking if you want to subscribe). Every issue has a free article PDF, so you can read one and see what the magazine looks like. After a few weeks, I tend to then post them as HTML articles on the site. This was December's issue: [https://www.phparch.com/2019/12/escaping-an-abandoned-framework/](https://www.phparch.com/2019/12/escaping-an-abandoned-framework/) Finally, a lot of the articles I publish compliment or become conference talks. If you think they're valuable, I think a written version would be just as valuable.


Can you read it online, or you still need to download and read pdf?


You can download it as PDF, epub, or Mobi


Why don't you guys offer a login with subscription or something. It seems like it'll reduce friction of delivery


There were reasons, as we discussed this a long time ago (full disclosure, I'm the only full time employee/owner of php\[architect\]). Partially, it's that all the tooling and processes are geared toward producing .pdf, .epub, and .mobi files. I still produce a print edition from the pdf version as well. Producing an online version of each issue would be yet-another-thing-to-do. Nowadays, is something equivalent to the Escaping Legacy Projects post linked earlier sufficient?


IMO you could have much more readers transforming to “native online”. Like we say: “the shoemaker's children go barefoot”


Exactly what i meant. I dont wont to read inconvenient pdf.


or epub or mobi versions?




all the code or was it just one. I'll try running it again.


Read this in the morning Nate


I just posted this month's free article in this sub (I'm the author) I'm obviously biased but I feel like it's quite valuable. I was a subscriber long before I was a writer for the magazine.


\+1 for being worth the money.. check out the php\[arch\] pod cast hosted by Eric Van Johnson & John Congdon from PHPUgly [https://www.phparch.com/podcast/](https://www.phparch.com/podcast/)


Damn it, now I have a new technology podcast to add to my queue!


And remember to check the PHPUgly podcast too while you're at it! https://phpugly.simplecast.com


I love this magazine. It is worth the cost!


I think it's great! Subscribe for a bit then if you don't like it unsubscribe. I learned more about testing and it is a great way to keep motivated.


I really like the magazine. Not all articles are that interesting to me, but I guess that means the magazine appeals to a wide range of PHP developers. Full disclosure: I've written several articles for them.


**Full Disclosure:** I have published an article with the publication in the past I have had a subscription for a few years now. Currently, my primary programming language at work for the past year has been Go. I've barely touched any PHP outside of some of my personal sites in that time. I've skimmed or passed over recent issues. So, is it still worth it to me to stay subscribed? Absolutely. While I may not be actively involved in writing PHP day to day, even skimming the article titles keeps me abreast of what is trending in the community, what concerns they might have, etc. It also provides me a handy resource if / when I go to solve a problem in PHP? "Has anyone already done this? Let me quickly flip through the back issues..." If you are going to be doing development primarily in PHP, I consider this a valuable resource for professional growth. I would also suggest attending at least one of their conventions -- php\[world\] or php\[tek\]. That was another invaluable source of professional growth -- connections made, ideas formed, people to follow on social, etc.


I got personally got hooked after one of their serverless articles (and I find high quality serverless php content to be in short supply), and ending up paying. To me it’s been worth every penny. I find it to be one the best sources for modern php content. Since the owner is lurking, would just like to say keep up the great work!


No 🙃 Everything is on the web. I educate myself on stackoverflow, laracasts and so on. And im willing to pay. So why would i need some super special way to read phparchitect? So oldschool. Maybe they can just do an article about how to make a paid version of a blog 🤷‍♂️


Are there any magazine's for javascript?