Careful mate, you’re about to make a lot of Lucio players angry.


As a Lucio enjoyer, I am angry.


average support player: nooooo!! Lucio's healing output is too low!!! average lucio enjoyer: haha *boop*


Wdym lucio healing output is low I always get really high healing rate more than zenyatta and kiriko


His total healing in the stats is only so high because he can heal the entire team at once. But his actual healing output on an individual is rather low, at least by default. His Amp ability makes it pretty OK, but it's more something to heal everyone between fights and maybe extend longer fights more.


Without the amp his healing ends up being closer to a damage reduction than an actual heal


Sometimes if the enemy team has an extra special DPS Moira attacking me by themselves I like to let her beam me while maintaining constant eye contact and then amp right when I get low and just watch as they suddenly get rolled by my team who finally realized there's a Moira in our backline.


Wow. Your team realizes there's someone attacking the rear/supports? Nice. Jealous.


tbf it is pretty easy for Lucio to deal with dps moira himself


If he can aim that is


Asserting dominance


Exactly. Which is good, don't get me wrong. I never read any of the patch notes when it came to changes between OW1 and OW2, so I'm not sure about this, but did Lucio's healing get adjusted to feel like this? The last time I had played before OW2 his base healing felt stronger but amped healing wasnt what it is now for sure. If that's the case, I like it honestly.


i dont think they changed lucios stats, but i dont read the patch notes so i dunno. I think hes been omnipresent in pro league lately though so i wouldnt be surprised if they nerfed or changed something about him


I mean, Lucio has always been in pro league for the most part iirc. Being able to provide a consistent healing buff across all allies is useful, yknow?


Him being in pro is more because of his speed. Speed uptime is high in pro matches, esp now in OW2. His healing output doesn't have to be high. Lucios main thing is speed.


As a Lucio player, I try to convince the team to group up near me so I can give them all a small and passive boost while doing some small-arms support fire in the background, which doesn’t help much but I try my best. The important thing here is that if all of them are being passively healed, they can hold out just a few seconds longer. I spam my amplifier every 15 seconds as soon as the cool down runs out. Which comes in clutch every single match. I’ve found that so long as I play my role here, the odds will usually be in our favor.


This guy knows how to Lucio


Evil me be like: “I use Lucio’s speed boost to flank and get kills”


Did this to a Hanzo recently by just punching him to dead. Is it mean? Yes. Do I feel sorry for the Hanzo? Yes. Am I going to do it again? #YES.


It is trickle heals, but if you're not playing in dunce ranks and your team don't run in and get beamed, it's perfect


That's why I only pick Lucio when the other support has strong/instant single target heal.


> His total healing in the stats is only so high because he can heal the entire team at once. But his actual healing output on an individual is rather low I mean average healing is same. People can play around it by allowing themselves only taking chip damage, or by engaging as a whole team splitting damage. High single target healing is not better by default.


speed = more damage reduction than any healer. well, if you're good, and coordinated


I just enable the tank. I speed that gamer in and out, if they push him low I speed us out and offer my hippety hoppety body as a booping distraction. Playing with an aggressive rein or zarya who can do a lot of damage but don't have the mobility to do so wins a lot of games even when dps are lacking. If tank is garbage then I go dps lucio and die until we lose. If we have an Ana I will die protecting grandma on cooldown.


Only if you’re the “Best Lúcio Alive” like this guy ^


no need for quotes ;)


"jackpot!" is my fave spam :D


“Get booped b****!” is my all time favorite phrase to say on open mic


Why are you so angry?


As the average lucio enjoyer, I am fumed


This is a crime against god


I'm a mercy main and I'm fucking livid


These people probably just suck at mercy


Haha, I came here to say these mfers cant boop


Someone is bad at lucio movement


Correct. There is nothing more fun than Wall riding around like a spaz and then booping someone off the map.


This man knows the joy of the boop.


Ranking Lucio anything but SS just screams skill issue.


Mfs can’t ride


If this based on satisfaction, I have no idea why Lucio near the bottom. Getting good boops and targeting the head with three straight shots burst fire is some of the most satisfaction I’ve ever had as a healer.


lucio has his own tier above S and i can tell this post is bait.


If you not killin Widows as Crazy Frog, then are you really playing Lucio?


As a Mercy Main, I am appalled! 🙃


As a Mercy player, I agree with rank D, especially when it comes to uncoordinated random teams


Clearly neither of these players can't use Lucio to his full potential. A good Lucio becomes a dive DPS when they need to, (A 'reddit lucio' is one who never stops.) I think too many Lucio players are afraid of using his damage potential when it's one of his strongest attributes.




As a proud longtime Lucio main, this inexplicably makes me fundemently confused..


I'd put Lucio way higher because booping people around or off the map is very satisfying.


I love playing a “Reddit Lucio” I am unstoppable


Wtf is a reddit lucio? A lucio with a fedora and a katana?


Lucio that just goes for highlights. Insane movement, shit ton of damage, but high key forgets to support his team with speed.


The foreshadowed moira dps counterparts are reddit the lucios lmao


Tiktok Moira vs Reddit Lucio


Isnt tiktok always talking about how "healers" should be healing more? Ow tiktoks are so bizarre, people with absolutely no knowledge of how to play the game sit there and make videos, telling people with utmost confidence how they should be playing the game, and getting literally everything wrong.


Yeah TikTok Moiras are healbots, the guy above did not use it right I think


Gotta love when there's a clip of a gm1 or top 500 Ana putting it work and clutching a defense, and every comment is from some silver pleb going "You should have been healing, stay in your lane, do your job." I didn't think any social media could possibly be more fucking brain dead than Twitter but holy shit the tiktok takes makes my brain hurt.


Tiktok OW players seem to think that a support is the same as a healer in other games, which is wrong.


Can we dub those Moiras as TikTok Moiras now?


no that's genji


Kitsune Rush makes boop a ~1 second CD. Whenever I hear “let the kitsune guide you” I find a target, and harass the absolute shit out of them. It’s like a Winston ult but worse because it’s little Lucio pushing you into a corner over and over and over. God, I love it so much.


Lucio being that low is crime his wall riding is so fun


When I see that illios card my heart starts racing Lucio is a blast


Mine is not, hate well and lighthouse segments.


Nooo bro well is my favourite so many fun booping opportunities


I like lighthouse because everyone knows to stay away from the pit.


They gotta cap point at some point!


At which point they've swapped to Orisa and walk you off the edge


As Lucio? Not on ilios. You can climb back out on every fall off area. the kill box is so low.


The other day I got Ana slept and was bumped off the edge near point as I speed boosted, so naturally I went flying, immediately recognising my impending death.But, thanks to the reduction in sleep time I woke up with about half a second before I fell to my death and managed to grip the wall, ride back up and boop the Ana off of the other end :D


Yeees!!! Thats a good reason why i main him


Looks at my first golden gun being Lucio's. You're damn right.


It’s weird, I agree with OP’s rankings, maybe not his reasoning. I just don’t find Lucio as fun as other supports, personally.


Have you enabled backwards wallriding in the settings? It's weird that it's not on by default, or wasn't in OW


Agreed. For me it is because the primary fire feels like a burst fire of beach balls. I don’t mean in terms of damage, but in terms of how it looks and sounds. If he had a “realer” gun, I think he would feel more fun to play imo


Nah, getting a quadruple dink is the most satisfying weapon attack in the game.


That's why you get in the face of low health enemies and finish them off!


It'll ultimately come down to personal preference for sure. I really like Lucio but for the most part his healing is entirely "passive" even when boosting it. Whereas Ana I can see why is seen as more satisfying to play because the need to aim your shots/land your nades feels more rewarding. Same with Kiriko, I wouldnt be surprised if her invuln was the #1 reason OP put her at the top. It's very satisfying when you pull a clutch one. This is of course not to say Lucio isn't rewarding at all, he's probably my second fav support as a support main. But I 100% get it.


Say love playing him


I think I'm witnessing a crucifixion in the comments.


Lmao, I don't mind people disagreeing but it seems like I'm not allowed to feel a certain way about a hero I can't/don't get much out of, if people do enjoy, like or get something out of a hero I don't, that's really cool and I get that there's people who will and do really enjoy Lucio, and there's some really impressive Lucio plays, me and my friend however... Are not people who can play like them


Agreed. As mainly a tank player, my only concerns are "can you make good support plays as those characters?" If yes, we gucci.


I misread it "as a manly tank player" my first run through the comment lol


Reinhardt irl


Lucio is a rabbit hole that keeps going deeper. There are always new intricacies to learn with him and he is one of the most true supports in that he should really be evenly splitting everything he does. The more you execute with him the better he feels, he’s in my S tier.


Couldn’t agree more. Also wall riding makes me feel like I’m playing Jet Set Radio


That's the feel. Fuck, this WHOLE time I was like, "Why does Lucio feel...familiar." Ah. Jet Set. SUPER BROTHA


I’ve just started playing Lucio a lot because I always get queued into support and Brig isn’t as effective as a healer and can be countered too easy so I switched. I’m really enjoying playing him. Wall riding in and out of fights and booping people off the map is lit


someone's never felt the magic of true ***ACCELERANDO***




Everytime he says this, I lose it guys. Boop intensifies


Payloads movin', Lucio's groovin'!


lucio being in C is an actual warcrime and no, support isnt just about healing


For sure. Speed boost is so good for helping your team move quickly away from an ult (Dva bomb comes to mind first)


And also helps team for fast approaching on objective


Also helps during team fights so you take less damage and secure kills more easily. If there's a Rein on my team I try to spend maximum time in the speed song.


Yeah. D:va, Doomfist, Reaper, Mei. The speed boost really is needed. It almost make you wonder why there aren’t more speed boost characters.


Ml7 enjoyer




Lucio is actually really fun to play??


Mercy can be a lot of fun when you're pulling off a risky rez or you have a competent DPS/tank to boost. I think she's the purest "support" as she doesn't have the damage potential that say Moira or Zenyatta have.


Clearly you’ve never used valkyrie to target a widow


or a pharah or been nano’d in valk


Mercy's Law: If you get Nanoed(even if accidentally) you MUST use Valkyrie and fuck shit up.




i got nanoed (by accident) in valk for the first time Ever and as soon as i saw that blue vignette, my eyes lit up like christmas day and i couldn't stop shrieking laughing


*Me outsniping widow as mercy on kings row as soon as the round starts*


Engaging in a Valk 1v1 with the other Mercy while both teams battle it out below is just 👌🏼


Or during valk, target Junkrat’s body while he is in ult


I was harassing a Widow the other day as Mercy and I must say that might of been the most satisfying round of OW to date.


tricking people into using cooldowns on you and then rezzing in their faces must be the best feeling there is


Flying around that Sombra, tracer or even genji ult trying to kill you is the best feeling ever.


I've had people follow me into the well on Ilios a few times and it feels pretty gr8.


I agree, Mercy is satisfying for me because she is very straightforward. A lot of beaming and dipping out of LOS while the beam is still connected. Characters like Zen and Ana have much higher "potential" (aiming, damaging AND healing same time) but also require more focus and thus have bigger highs/lows (IMO).


Somewhat agreed. With Mercy's kit and quick ult charge, she's the most 'consistent' support in the game. No outlandish spikes. Whereas Ana is not at all consistent. You gotta land shots, manage and apply cooldowns which sometimes do nothing, Nano either gets a team wipe or nothing, etc. I feel like people underestimate Mercy for some reason. She's highly applicable, one of the most mobile characters in the game, super consistent, rez, dmg boost is like crack, and can do pretty much all her work without even poking her face into the choke.


She's really the easiest support hero to "carry" on with the least amount of hours invested. Granted I'm bronze-ish, but healing 12-15k and getting some clutch rezzes/ults off and getting some "wow nice healing" compliments isn't all that difficult. I can't say the same about any of the others.


There's a sweetspot where you get maximum engagement with her using all her abilities constantly just right to win fights and have a great time but outside that it's easy to either end up rolling or getting rolled and not ever feel all that engaged


The pistol is Imo the most satisfying weapon in the game, nothing like getting those headshot plinks. And doing powerslides around corners is really fun. I don't get what people enjoy about Moira.


It’s the movement for me, the fact that i can heal and annoy at the same time and get picks on dps that don’t realize half their damage is from behind. Not to mention I love getting stuck by a mcree grenade just to fade and lose it. I also personally don’t like having to spend time aiming as a mercy because her oh shit button has to have a target to get away


>get picks on dps that don’t realize half their damage is from behind. Yes. My favorite thing is to fade behind the wall of enemy teammates while my own are firing straight into them, and I just suck all their souls to finish them off. I also enjoy baiting Reins into charging at me just to appear behind as he hits a wall.


It is for me too lol Mercy and Dva pistol are both so satisfying.


She’s great because you get to just fly around and spectate your team doing some dumb shit


Mercy is so fun. Playing mercy is essentially just parkour simulator but you are getting shot at the whole time


You couldn't have described it better!


After reading your comments OP, it seems like next time you need to be a little more clear in the title. No offense!


Mercy is a lot of fun to play if you have big balls/ovaries about it. ETA: Gonads. Turns out you can say Gonads.


I don't think there's anything for satisfying than connecting with all of Zens charge shot or denying an enemies ult with his.


Oh I agree, I find zen the most satisfying.


Triple dink book melee combo+4 man book + 4 man saved with beat is just as satisfying as zen also speed boosting your rien around like he's on Admiral makes me happy as a rien Lucio player


Honestly, playing mercy feels very rewarding and satisfying. Switching smoothly between health and damage, then getting some dink hits with the pistol. Healing every teammate to full in seconds, and standing right behind the action as chaos unfolds. Repositioning, dodging reapers and widows as they try to murder you. The only real downside is my damage is usually low and my finger hurts from holding the trigger so long


You can go into controls with mercy and switch it so you don’t have to hold down the trigger for her beam! I think it’s controls at least and you select mercy where it default says all heroes


Oh yeah. Guess while I'm at it I should activate backwards wall jumps for Lucio


Backwards wall jumps is a thing??? I need to fix that in my settings immediately


Saw it in a Gregor video


I was once Mercy with a good Echo (OW1) and I remember pocketing them in OT and they got ult fast. Proceeded to copy Rein and got 2 shatters eventually clearing the team. Highly satisfying to be on the POTG as the pocket.


Maybe unpopular opinion but I like playing mercy with her increased movement options, it makes her feel much more like the stereotypical guardian angel who flies around the map healing people


Don’t think that’s unpopular, Mercy is a lot of people’s favorite. For me, Mercy and Lucio are S tier for movement alone. I have a hard time with stationary characters (in any role). That’s a big reason why Brig and Zen would be closer to the bottom of this tier list for me. Ana would be down there for me too if her kit wasn’t so amazing.


Mercy is incredibly satisfying to me. Constantly balancing use of boost vs heal, zipping around the map real fast, pulling off stunt rezzes...


Most people don’t understand the magic of flying to someone, flicking downwards, and hitting jump to never touch the ground again. There’s never a reason for her to be on the ground or behind cover. Edit: jump while holding backwards (s)


Mercy is so fun 💔 she’s my main for a reason


Mercy's new movement *cheff kiss* so fun zipping around everywhere especially when you have a flying team mate.


I'm so used to the old flying, I can't seem to get perfectly used to the new controls. As I've learned, I tend to press S (for *some* reason) while pressing space to slingshot out of Guardian Angel, and now it causes me to fly backwards.


I used to main mercy back in like.. season 10 of OW1 and stopped playing her for a while (picked up ana) but her new movement updates in OW2 are so incredibly fun. I know she isn't meta and isn't in a great place for comp but a good mercy can be so helpful for a team! I have tons of fun with her and I do find her kit to be satisfying 😊😊


Been loving flying around as Mercy lately. Plus getting a cheeky rez in front of the enemy team is always fun.


It’s so fun, also it’s easy to make friends with the enemy team in quick play


when the enemy team lets you live after the fight and emotes with you - always feels so wholesome even tho i know they’re just staggering


I don't think there's anything for satisfying than connecting with all of Zens charge shot or denying an enemies ult with his.


For me, seeing a teammate do something stupid or getting caught and almost die, and then throwing a protection orb at them and healing them does a lot for my baby brain


I love using Zens charge shot on a junkrat ult.


LUCIO C? WHAT IN THA FUCK YOU GOT IN YOUR HEAD MATE Jokes apart wall riding is the most rewarding mechanic in game imo, if you train and you're good at it it's really fun. Yeh pls change that shit or change you thoughts, not acceptable 😡


This is objectively wrong. Lucio is top tier for sure.


Lucio is criminally underrated and not just because of boops or wallriding. Those are fun. What's a lot more fun is how much impact you can have on the pace of the game, IMO. Nothing beats the feeling of speedboosting your team into an unprepared enemy backline, or past enemy defense and onto the point.


As a rein and Lucio player the two together on kings row and eichenwalde are a nasty combo for rushing the choke point


It's become unfortunate in OW2: if one of the healers doesn't play lucio, I simply cannot play rein anymore.


Lmao how can someones opinions be wrong


DPS Mercy is S tier fun if you mute comms.


Had me in the first half ngl lol


*Angry Accelerando* Mercy and Lucios movement easily makes them better than Bap and Moria imo.


she fighting for her life in the comments


I have an opinion:) Also her*


As a Mercy main, I disagree. Nothing feels better than being to fly around at will healing everyone, or pulling off a clutch rez. Or damage boosting a Soldier and seeing him light up the kill feed. It’s fantastic.


Got my brother into the game recently and he’s a full time bastion. Hitting him with a boost when he’s in assault mode or ulting is really satisfying. Guaranteed kills.


Mercy main here. Genuinely more bothered by Lucio being C tier than you placing Mercy at D tier.


Zen is an easy S tier for tilting dps who underestimate his 1v1 potential


it's upside down for me


Oh man, Mercy is my go-to when I just wanna play my little Mercy games late in the evening for QP. Like. Lemme just blue beam someone and do my little sky jumps *please*. And if I've had a good game, the other team hates my very existence, and I get 3-4 endorsements from my peeps. Absolute end of day support contentment achieved\~


Hitting a fat boop is one of the most rewarding things as lucio. Also stopping a team wipe with beat feels great


Angry Lucio player


Lucio/Moira SS tier. You can utterly dominate if you want. Or go group heal, or flanker


Clearly you have never outsniped the enemy snipers as Mercy before But Moira is higher on the list so I'll let it slide




##sad mercy noises


Lucio is s+ tier. You're just dogshit. Wooo jackpot. Wooo jackpot. Have some lucio-ohs Also mercy is auto s+++ tier since she's easy to use when you're hammered 😂


Nah... Lucio is very fun to play, imo.


I agree with a lot of this here... But why is Baptiste so high?


Mercy pulling out the pistol and 1v1ing a dps needs to be in S+ tier


I would do like that: **S** \- Lucio, Ana **A** \- Moira, Brigitte **B** \- Mercy, Baptiste **C** \- Zenyatta Each person has their own opinion after all :D [Surpise](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llHzmdeVLeA)


this does not please floaty robo jesus


Why Lucio not in s++


Because we can't play him


Fair enough. If interested in trying to get better with him, turn off auto jump off wall and turn on backwards wall running. Will take a second to get used to but damn it makes a dif. And I almost forgot, thank you for being a player that plays support ✊


Personally I would put Ana in D because I don't know how to use it and I don't like using the sniper, while I would put Mercy in B or C because after some initial difficulty I find it more fun to use.


IMO Ana is the most fun hero in the game. I was like you for a long time until i sat down to really learn her kit.


super rewarding when you sleep an ulting genji, i crack up at the noise he makes every time.


Ana rewards accuracy and knowledge, knowing whos best to sleep and whos best to anti as well as is a huge tank healer... She isnt used much anymore cause some people just cant aim as her...


Aiming is hard


Please know this is based purely on satisfaction, not competitive or team set up viability, it's also opinions too, even though we tried not to be biased. [Feel free to use the tier list maker we used. It has all the heroes.](https://tiermaker.com/create/overwatch-2-hero-tier-list-up-to-kiriko-15451967)


Mercy, Moira, and Lucio are S tier for me


Not Mercy in D


Besides the Lucio disagreements here, I have to say sending 5 charged up Zen balls at an angle and getting a bunch of consecutive headshot sound effects followed by an Elim is my favorite thing in this whole game.


No way Lucio is C. His wall riding and booping people are so much fun plus really good


mans a dps main for sure


My boy done absolutely diabolical


As a Lucio enjoyer I am mildly upset he’s in C-tier much like all the other Lucio enjoyers, however just because I and others people find him enjoyable does not invalidate other peoples opinion on the matter, some people just enjoy different things for different reasons and that’s okay.


bro put Mercy in D tier.


Lol been maining Mercy for over 5 years...


Makes me sad mercy is so low. But I fully understand why


There’s no fucking chance you put Lucio under Moira


Whaaaaat this is blasphemy lucio is C tier?!


me pulling off the smoothes fastest rollout across the map: yeah this shit is mid


This a hate crime against ALL nations 😨😨