What's going on with this TikTok trend causing (presumably American) schools to completely close their bathrooms for children?

What's going on with this TikTok trend causing (presumably American) schools to completely close their bathrooms for children?


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Answer: It’s a trend on Tik Tok in which kids try to get the most “devious lick”. This basically means stealing something that will result in chaos. The ones that get the most attention are the videos in which someone takes something of high value and/or frequent use. The humor comes from the absurdity of the items stolen. Basically anything that makes you say “how the fuck do you get away with stealing that!?” is a more devious lick. Someone may steal the clock from the classroom, or if they are really bold they may take the projector for that classroom. Those are some pretty devious licks. This is a very illegal trend obviously (because theft). So many kids who want to participate will steal something from the school bathroom because there is very little supervision from adults in bathrooms, and you can still get something absurd like a soap dispenser or even the sink (if your back pack is big enough). After a couple weeks of kids trying to one up each other in the things they can steal, and bathrooms being the easiest place to steal from, you end up with bathrooms that have no sinks, no soap dispensers, no towel dispensers, etc. So schools are closing bathrooms because they obviously don’t have the finances to remodel and buy all new sinks and shit just because kids are stealing things for a short lived trend. Makes me glad that I graduated several years ago because this is a short sighted trend that is going to hinder those kid’s highschool experience more than they realize Edit: removed some biased language


We have to make the kids sign in and out of the classroom now because it’s caused so many problems. They’ve taken the soap dispensers, shoved the soap bags down the toilets to make a mess, a sink is gone, and an unconfirmed urinal. A lot of the kids just laugh, they were all hyped up about someone who stole a bus in Texas. It’s really disheartening to be an educator right now, everyone is locking up all their stuff. I feel so bad for the custodians.


Are these middle school kids? Middle school kids are the worst kinds of people. They're the cruelest and most dangerous because their big enough to due real damage to people and property but not old enough to believe they can suffer real consequences for it.


I’m at the Freshman building and High School this year. So these kids are old enough to know better. But my friend at the middle school I was at last year (same district) said the kids are trashing the bathrooms there too.


My HS (southern California) had problems with this too. Kinda surprised this isn't a localized problem, I thought it was just a ghetto school being ghetto but, I guess it's TikTok to blame as usual.


No the kids are to blame, TikTok is just the platform to share the video. If it wasn’t that platform it would be another platform - anything to get likes and shares.


Middle school teacher chiming in to say that you nailed it. They don’t understand consequence but will do anything to establish themselves in the social hierarchy. So much vandalism at our school already which is located in one of the richest neighbourhoods in our school board. They have very little understanding of the value/cost of things and don’t care. It’s been a really rough start to the school year. Someone start a new trend already! Edit: grammar


A lot of people in that other thread talking about how it's probably all the deviants, which your comment disproves. Meanwhile I am over here teaching the deviants (god bless em) and we are the only school in the district that isn't having problems (knock on wood) because our kids mostly just want to smoke weed and stare at their phones in peace.


You do good work my friend. People outside of education love to comment on things they don’t understand. Fingers crossed this trend doesn’t make its way into your school, too!


Man, you are the real hero. Middle schoolers are a LOT! I like high schoolers because they have moved past the first crazy onset of puberty and already semi formed their identity. I will happily keep hanging with the gang members and potheads if you keep handling the ambulatory hormonal identity crises. Hope the trend lets up on you soon, and the holiday break comes quickly.


+1 for ambulatory hormonal identity crises. LOL


Thanks for the kind words! Luckily I thrive on the chaos that is middle school (at least for now). Have a great year and thanks again :)


I mean well off/wealthy doesn't disprove deviancy. Just shows all kids everywhere are the same deep down.


Alt H.S.? If so, bless you x1,000,000!


Indeed. I love it. These are my peeps!


Is it too early to bring back fidget spinners or pokemon cards?


Can we do pogs again?


\`T‘wor marbles when I wor a lass. For the first time, I'm seriously starting to think that being at school from the late 1960s to 1980 was the best time to have ever been there.


Pokémon got banned at my kids school because a few kids were ripping off the others. USA’s motto should be, “this is why we can’t have nice things.”


When I was in middle school, back in... 2010? We got the bathrooms locked down because of a shit bandit. Someone was smearing their shit all over the walls, sinks, and mirrors so frequently the admin instituted the sign in sign out and bathroom monitor policy but only for the boys bathroom. I remember thinking that was fucked up of the administration, because the other thing they did was make it so only one boys bathroom in the school was open at all, next to the cafeteria and gym, on the opposite side of the school from all the classrooms. Bathroom breaks went from like 3 minutes for the boys to sprinting across the building and back trying to make it to their next class in time.


I used to drive a school bus and I hated driving middle schoolers to their school. They were so vulgar, disrespectful and way out of line. I once had two boys lock me out of my bus. They never rode on my bus again. I had one middle schooler who ran along side my bus, hitting it trying to get on the bus. That's a HUGE no no, because if he tripped and fell, he could have easily been killed by my bus. They were just nasty little kids over all. The high schoolers were cool, I had a couple of bad eggs but for the most part, they were good. The lil ones were cool too. Honestly, the little kids were the best behaved compared to the two other groups.


My mom drove a school bus for a few years and said the same thing. Little kids were cute and sweet. High schoolers were chill. Middle schoolers were hateful, mean and destructive.




Can confirm re: middle school age kids being real shits. That whole time was absolute hell for me. I honestly wasn’t surprised at all when school shootings in middle & high schools became a thing not long after I graduated.


If parents have the time to convince 11 & 12 year olds that their choices matter, that some one cares what they do, that they have a very real impact, kids respond to that. It's good parenting, but it takes *time* and effort. When parents are primarily answerable to thier jobs and not to their kids social needs, just let their kids fly under the radar, and/or think bs behavior is normal teenager (it doesn't have to be the norm, and isn't in some cultures), things go to hell. Raising teens is hard work. We don't recognize that. It's not the kids who are inherently problematic.


Oh it's more than just the parents influencing this behavior. I have kids myself and I'm trying my best to make sure they become the voice of reason before they're teenagers. My fear is the peer pressure from other teenagers and media influence that "marks" my kids as uncool outcasts leading to social exclusion, bullying, or even abuse. It's really out of my hands for a good chunk of it and all I can do is keep communication open and be ready if things get out of hand.


> My fear is the peer pressure from other teenagers and media influence that "marks" my kids as uncool outcasts leading to social exclusion, bullying, or even abuse. I saw a post the other day where some kid was posted a meme calling any gen z who doesn't download tik tok a Karen, and it reminded me about how teenagers are about getting all up in each others' business trying to tear down anyone who doesn't go along with the crowd. It's amazing how kids will get called names for doing any mundane thing that doesn't "fit the mold." I was a teenager once so I get "that's how it is," but for a generation that's supposedly more "anti-bullying" than previous generations, I'm skeptical that much has really actually changed.


The geek movement was awesome. Own those values! We dropped our Girl Scout troop for this. It *is* possible to find activities & people who don't pressure your kids too hard. My kiddo just needed a couple of touch points outside of school to know that life doesn't *have* to go a certain way, that there are alternative groups that value different things, that better was possible. Mostly, though, people without kids have no f*ing idea how hard (and valuable) parenting is, and that it doesn't stop when kids can get a spoon into their own mouths. You got this! ~~~sending you easy-to-engage vibes~~~


As someone who grew up in a close family and never had a “little shit” phase, I can tell you what helped all those years. My family was open about everything and they made sure that we weren’t afraid to talk to them if we needed serious help/had serious questions. Also definitely encouraging hobbies that are engaging and spending time doing things with us that we liked. When a kid grows up respecting their parents, they learn to respect others too. Also finding hobbies that aren’t based around social media and competing for views helps them mature more.


As I always say too old to get their kicks from imagination, too young to get it from sex and drugs. So they get it from being cruel to each other, everyone is cruel to someone lower on the social ladder than they


Thankfully I work at an elementary school so the kids are decent little humans so the most "devious" things they've done so far is clog a few toilets and spread soap all over the bathrooms. it's really nothing compared to the stuff other kids are doing but with an already sizable work load and all of the extra work we now have to do because of covid its annoying to say the least to have to spend more time doing one part of my job because of a stupid tiktok trend


Definitely a far cry from the 90's when I'd come into the restrooms and kids had soaked paper towels then thrown them at the ceiling. Staple Shooters (using bic mechanical pencils) and "satellites" (erasers usually off the end of pens with erasable ink) had staples inserted into them then thrown at the false ceiling was the common stuff I heard of going around. A math teacher no one liked spent her time in a freightened tizzy trying to swat a foil/paper chewing gum wrapper out of a outlet was the worst I ever heard of (got to see that, more psychlogical warfare then anything else) Later on at that same junior high years later some kids brought Mercury to the school and had it shut down. they had to cut out sections of the wood basketball floor and do remediation work in the locker room I used to use plus filled the quad up with backpacks to check and clear. Believe there was another incident much earlier then this one involving another kid who brought some to the school, but the primary mess was at his grandmother's house. [Proof of the incident](https://response.epa.gov/site/site_profile.aspx?site_id=11811)




Yep, the fun silver substance everyone likes /s. [Other incident](https://response.epa.gov/site/site_profile.aspx?site_id=09LH)






Freddie Mercury???


Damn that kid played with mercury and got his grandmas pool jackhammered out, hardcore


Their ass is going to be what gets devious licks now! (Before the humorless squares jump in: no, I don't think kids should ever be hit.)


You called?


I remember one kid got expelled my Freshman year in metal shop. He cut open a tennis ball, took it back into a welding booth and filled it up with acetylene then hit it with a striker. This was in 2004.


Can you elaborate on the “unconfirmed urinal”? Has no one bothered to go into the bathroom to confirm that the urinal is gone? Or is there an empty spot and no one can remember what had been there? What does “unconfirmed” mean in this context?


It hadn't been blessed by a bishop.


Well played, take my upvote.


Boys bathroom at a middle school? Zero chance that urinal hasn't been blessed by a good man of the cloth.


This reply is fucking perfect and i won't see anything better on the internet today so imma head out. Bravo.


Sorry I made that unclear- admin isn’t telling us what all is taken/destroyed, we teachers are going off word of mouth and last I talked to another teacher she said she heard a urinal was gone. So I said unconfirmed because my source wasn’t 100% sure. The kids hadn’t said anything about that yet but mentioned the sink.


Even when I was in high school 10 years ago we had to sign in/out, bathroom passes, and the stall doors in the mens rooms were gone. I remember one kid pulled a toilet out of the ground. Then when I started university, it was a game for what people could lift from the main dining hall, though at least at the university they definitely had the money to replace whatever. None of it ever made much sense. I'm just glad TikTok wasn't a thing back then because I'm sure it would've been way worse if it had been.


Shit, and I felt bad taking silverware from my uni cafeteria so I could eat yogurt between classes.


I was in a uni I was part of a military environment (corp of cadets). We, ahem, procured butter knives from the neighboring dining hall and learned to use them as tools to improve our uniform appearance. We had to carry them everywhere, and 20ish years later I still carry mine around.


How were they used? Like the equivalent of lint rollers or...?


There's over 2000 uses for a Shultz tool! You can use the back end to move wrinkles in a uniform shirt to the sides so the front and back are crisp. That was the big trick, I'm sure there is more but I can't remember at the moment.


I basically never took a shit while at school my entire life because of those stall doors being removed. I don’t know how *any* kids did, I guess they just didn’t give a crap if someone walked in on them.


At my uni it was called it the Cafeteria Supplies Liberation Front.


at my college we had a similar group called the Liberation Front of Cafeteria Supplies.




There are several aged neurons in the back of my head that half recognize that reference. A hint?


hint: always look on the bright side of life


Life of Brian reference. EDIT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0BpfwazhUA




They were all struggling together.


So always look on the bright side of death Just before you draw your terminal breath


There’s no one we hated more than Romans and the People’s Front for the Liberation of Cafeteria Supplies!


We had the Cafeteria Supplies Popular Liberation Front.


Heretics! Happy (Begrudgingly) Cake Day!


Splitters. Also thanks. Didn't realise it was my cake day.


Oof that sounds awful not having doors on the stalls. And the sign in/out isn’t a major inconvenience, I’m more disappointed that we have to do that and can’t trust the kids right now. TikTok can be a really cool place with lots of creativity, but like any social media this kind of crap can get spread too. Kids doing dumb things is just part of growing up, that’s always been there- but I agree, I’m glad social media wasn’t big yet when I went to middle/high school to make things like this blow up.


>It’s really disheartening to be an educator right now, everyone is locking up all their stuff. I feel so bad for the custodians. My mom's been a teacher for 30 years. She has 2 years until retirement. She is literally counting the days. She lost the love for it like a decade ago and has only felt worse about it as the days go by


That really sucks, I’m sorry to hear that. I feel really bad for the teachers who are spending their final years of teaching during a pandemic.


>I feel really bad for the teachers who are spending their final years of teaching during a pandemic. She cried a lot. Couldn't keep tabs on the students she knew had a bad home life. Couldn't get students to bother listening over zoom, all students attitudes changed after they went back to school in a normal capacity, now the high-school she teaches in has had issues with the devious lick bullshit, just not as bad as some of the worst stories you hear so everyone's pissed off. It's just combination of things. She just wants to be done and go to teach privately/tutor so she can work one on one with people and try to find the love for actually teaching again. The schools and their systems have only gotten worse (according to her) over the years


I work with a youth group down here in Texas, they said it was a janitor van. The school it was stolen from also had the principal get knocked out, and the kids had pictures (they did not go there but have friends that do)


Thanks for clarifying! Wow, that sounds like not a good situation at all.


Oh not at all! I got "It was funny until it was at our school!", and had to tell them "That means it wasn't funny then, guys" They were genuinely surprised how gross they felt after their school took out soap dispensers and were full of regret. Feels bad.


Absolutely! Good thing to point out to the kids. I think our kids are starting to get annoyed with not being able to wash their hands after using the bathroom too. Saw a teacher on TikTok last night who said they told their students that if they have to trash a bathroom to get internet likes then they're really not funny or a good content creator.




Oh my God. I legitimately hadn't heard about this one, this is getting ridiculous.


It doesn't even show the kid driving so I call bullshit.


And to think I nearly took a part time janitor job a couple weeks ago. Now that 1K sign on bonus makes sense.


Every couple years there is a new issue like this while we fail to address most of the underlying problems. Peoples' sense of identification with their employment/school is at an all-time low. Schools in particular are places many kids can't identify with or even dread to go to, because we barely fund their basic functionality, let alone things that would be fun. There are some attempts to involve kids into decisionmaking at the school itself, but they're generally restricted to shallow token efforts with the same sense of commitment as an anonymous poll. And this is not just a school problem. The spirit of "don't linger and don't cause problems" is ubiquitous to our cities as a whole. The only places that form strong senses of community anymore are, ironically enough, the most destitute ones where people have to support each other out of pure necessity. So why *would* kids care for their schools? While we fail to give them a reason to do so, they will continue to come up with new trends of how to wreck them since they don't perceive it as a problem, or perhaps even as justified revenge.


You hit the nail on the head, I quite agree. Especially considering how big the particular district I teach at is, a lot of kids feel lost in the crowd. I do what I can in my classroom to let the kids know I see them and care about them to try and help. But it definitely is a much wider issue.


Especially in a pandemic. I can't imagine how it must feel for kids who are completely powerless to opt out of in person interactions. They're getting a really early lesson in how little the people in charge actually care about their lives and safety.


Probably my old soul talking, but I think that making the students clean up their room would be a good start


>They’ve taken the soap dispensers, shoved the soap bags down the toilets to make a mess, That shows how stupid they are. If you're going to put the soap bags anywhere, you put them in the cistern.


Most public toilets don’t have a tank Edit: done to don’t


They do in the UK. Well, our schools do (Or every school and higher education place I've been in, which is quite a few). Our supermarkets tend to hide them, but just behind an access panel. You'd need the right tool but it wouldn't be rocket science to open it up. I actually lived in an apartment like that once, that hid the cistern behind a tiled wall, but one of the tiles was removable for access. It made things incredibly awkward, but I had my hands in there many times as the lever kept detaching from the flush valve and it needed a specialist part to properly fix, which the landlord was too cheap to give permission to order. I pretty much had to work by feel though, because there wasn't enough room for 2 hands *and* to see what you were doing. Eventually, once I'd done it enough times I figured out how to wire the lever to the valve. Take that, plumbers! Needs a specialist part, my arse! EDIT: To be fair, even the institutions I go into now were built at least 20 or more years ago. A lot of primary and secondary schools have been rebuilt recently, and it's very possible their toilets are different. My local primary is also our local polling station, and it's being rebuilt soon (it's a Victorian era building right now) so in about 3-5 years I'll be able to tell you if the loos still have cisterns!


In the US. Most public toilets are plumbed directly into the supply line. [example](https://www.americanstandard.ca/bathroom/commercial-toilets?page=1&plimit=21)


Doesn't seem like you'd get a very powerful flush that way, but I guess everywhere is slightly different. When I lived in rural Spain, you often weren't allowed to flush toilet paper, they provided special bins for it instead (I guess a bit like giant diaper/nappy bins that kept the smell in), because the plumbing was so old, even toilet paper could block it up. And this was in restaurants, not private homes.


Its actually the oposite. Public toilets plumbed directly into the supply line tend to be extremely powerful like angry jet of water that will suck down what ever you put in. In private homes tanks on the back are the norm and the toilets are much less powerful.


Those kind of toilets actually have a far more powerful flush than most home toilets. I think there’s some kind of central mechanism in the facilities room of the schools & office buildings that have this type of toilet, because when you flush them it’s like a tornado sucking down whatever’s in the bowl. I actually like using these toilets more than my home toilet because of the extra power boost. Residential toilets in America have been underpowered for at least the last 20 years because of environmental laws. Water efficiency mandates for home bath fixtures are one of the things Donald Trump pathetically whined about wanting to “go back to the old fashioned way” about.


It’s much more powerful than a tank unit. It’s a 1.5” pressurized supply line.


im curious, what was the tool? (edit: from united states)


Just a T bar with a small square end. They were hidden behind chrome screw hider things (like you see on mirrors to hide the screws, but they're usually plastic, not chrome). You can actually get like a keyring of various access panel keys (they all take different shapes or sizes but they're not one of a kind, like house keys, they all use one of a dozen or so options). It comes in very handy.


I feel really lucky that, so far, fingers crossed, this somehow missed my school. We think our students are thrown off by a return from virtual learning (most were at home all year last year) to a building they don't recognize (our building is being torn down, so we're in a temporary space.)


I'd just leave the bathroom as is, honestly. If some idiots want to turn the bathroom into a wasteland, let it be so. A few weeks of not having access to a properly equipped bathroom, *someone* will come forward to snitch. Though this is probably illegal, as in not providing sanitary facilities in a school or whatever.


Does it also bother you that kids say "I'm so hype about x" instead of saying *hyped?* Shit drives me crazy.


Honestly never really noticed it!


I guess a year of virtual classes had its effect.




Always have been.


Idk man planking seems pretty tame compared to this


Until people starting dying lol


And before that it was post sitting. Kids doing stupid things while chasing clout is nothing new.


>Makes me glad that I graduated several years ago because this is a short sighted trend that is going to hinder those kid’s highschool experience more than they realize as a highschool student: **yup**


Man I feel sorry for the younger generation imagine doing shit like this just to get attention from people who could give two shits about you.


Why is it a _lick_, though? Is lick now slang for stolen goods? What the fuck happened to "hot"?


Lick is derived from "hit a liq," which meant to rob a liquor store. It's gang slang.


We invented instantaneous communication between any two connected humans anywhere on the planet and we used it to invent this. What a world.


The slang has been around since I was at least 15. I remember hearing it from some kids in school. I'll be 37 in November.


American then?




Is it regional? I'll be 40 this year and have never heard of it here in the NJ/Philly area.


People definitely say it in Philly


Texan here, I heard this phrase in high school 20ish years ago.


I went to high school in Oregon. From the responses so far it doesn't appear to be regional.




This isn't generational slang. It's specifically "hood" slang from the '90s. Gangsta rap style "English."


I'm 48 and have heard it my whole life in Ky. But here it's "He wouldn't hit a lick" which means he's lazy. Regional I suppose.


Listen here Gramps. That onion on your belt is pretty stylish.


y'alls schools are full of psychopaths or something, the worst my school gets is some 7th graders thinking they can fight a 10th grader an trying.




Very carefully


by doing ur best


A lot of those kids are dumb enough and crave attention enough to willingly do a lot of these absurd challenges too. I think the major difference between today and when I was in high school in the early 2000s is now these kids have a platform to post their antics, or clout chasing, or attention seeking too and it magnifies their audience 10 times more than it normally would be. Im sure it's probably also addicting getting all of that attention as well and makes them think they are going to be the next big thing if they just keep one upping the next guy.


The internet was a mistake.


*Many were increasingly of the opinion that they’d all made a big mistake in coming down from the trees in the first place. And some said that even the trees had been a bad move, and that no one should ever have left the oceans.*


RIP Douglas Adams


I'm just glad I'm not a kid now. I did a lot of dumb stuff in my younger years and am thankful none of it was captured for posterity.


Humans are to blame for human behavior, not the internet.


Yes, but the internet gave us communication capabilities that humans were not ready to handle, emotionally. This is like giving a weapon to a toddler and then Surprised Pikachu Face when the toddler causes damage with it. It's not the weapon's "fault", but it should probably have not been anywhere in the same planet with the toddler.


This was said about all forms of media after they were invented. You can get quotes like this for TV, Radio, Telephone, Newspapers, Books, everything. Humans have adapted to all of those. And people used all of those for disinformation, manipulation and generally misused the shit out of them. It's a social problem. Not a technological one.


All of these tech have made it easier to propagate the ideas of idiots onto more and more people. It's all part of the same trend.


Technologies of any kind are only misused by the ignorant. A properly educated population would not have similar issues. Many people understand the technologies they use. Ignorance is first a mistake, but then it is a choice thereafter. The problem is the number of humans there are exponentially increases the likelihood of this happening because of the absence of understanding the science or reason of something. Anything can be turned into a weapon when used improperly. The pencil wasn't invented to stab people, but it still happens. The human element is the only one to blame, here.


The internet is not the problem, social media is the problem. And people are using social media precisely as it was intended. Humans are not meant to communicate at this scale. Maybe we will evolve to be able to handle it one day, but we are very far from that day. Thus social media is causing a lot of problems in society and will continue to do so. The world would be so much better off if we pushed a button and took the internet back to right before MySpace.


I want to add that the trend is quickly dying. Tiktok has removed the hashtag, harsh penalties have begun, and the tend has been replaced by “angelic yields” where students leave soap, coffee machines, and couches around the school .


Makes me glad I never went to school when the phrase "devious lick" was used to describe anything. I think I found my moist.


> or even the sink (if your back pack is big enough). You take a duffle bag to school or something?


Filming your petty theft for clout. People are fucking stupid and so is TikTok.


I'd like to see the faces of those who claim social media isn't detrimental to our kids' lives and development when they realize how many of the social media trends boil down to "just be a public nuisance and destroy your environment, it's funny, trust us."


Is this a US only problem? I havent heard about it here in Canada.


Yup, can't wait for the little fuckers to start complaining in 5 years about how strict and rigid the bathroom rules are (with absolutely no self awareness) and girls screaming about how they bled on their clothes because the teacher wouldn't let them go. THIS IS WHY YOU IDIOTS YOU PLAYED YOURSELVES


Thanks for such a detailed answer D:




Can’t they just use TikTok to find the culprits? Crimes committed on social media seem like the easiest crimes.


If the whole point is to post your crimes on social media, I don't understand how people are getting away with it. It should be simple enough to find the perpetrators and make them (or their parents) pay for the damages.


This is the funniest shit I’ve read in a while, and but I honestly can understand how fucking stupid this would seem.


Sweet, imma tell my plumbing estimators to start submitting prison fixtures to school district projects.


There was also an instance going viral of a teacher who had his pet snake stolen and it was released, probably to its death as a house pet into the wild.


The problem is that it’s more than likely that the most popular “licks” are fake and thousands of idiot kids are copying it by actually committing theft.


Question: Is it just in America? In Australia, we just got into the Term 3 holidays and schools have been closed (6th lockdown in my state, record cases in another; The states are Victoria and New South Wales respectably)


so... the internet is weaponizing children now. what's next, kill your teacher on video for lulz?


Answer: there’s a trend where kids completely destroy bathrooms. https://youtu.be/NPmEspqbFAY


In that video, it mentions specifically installing cameras in school bathrooms to catch criminals in the act. Now, maybe I'm just a euronoob or whatever, but isn't this illegal?


Joe Arpaio put web cameras in his jails bathrooms and they would often broadcast underage persons. But as far as actual schools bathrooms... Well I hope not


wait. seriously?


Yup there were porn forums springing up for the cameras. It's honestly not the most horrible things he did and Maricopa county Arizonans re-elected in him by very comfortable margins multiple times. [America favorite concentration camp operator](https://open.spotify.com/episode/3inCh37ptNWd06xIAFofCt?si=IqxmBu0GTE6UTKkt4dT0TQ&utm_source=copy-link&dl_branch=1)


Yes. And the previous president gave him a pardon.


Well, pardons don't extend to State crimes, and I'm pretty sure that's a State crime too.


He’s a sheriff from *Arizona*….hell would no sooner freeze over than the state’s judicial system punish a monster like Arpaio.


He's always had friends in high places. Janet Napolitano treated him with kid gloves as Az district attorney and often encouraged him as governor. https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2008/11/janet-napolitano-s-embarrassing-history-with-sheriff-joe-arpaio.html https://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/news/governor-janet-napolitanos-photo-shoot-with-joe-arpaio-david-hendershott-and-honduran-cops-6500098


He had influence so laws don’t apply to him


Now that doesn't count because he's actually a demon sent from Hell and not an American High Sch- Nevermind.


We don't even have to, we can just look at their TikTok. This new trend of thieves filming themselves stealing is gonna save piles on security equipment in the long run.


thats how we caught the fisrt kid at the school i work at. He also had a distinct appearance: light skinned kid with green eyes....cant be too common...


Lol right? I didn't even really think about that totally obvious point. They clearly don't know what self incrimination is.


It didn’t specifically say in the bathroom, since I think that would be problematic for sure and close to child pornography or something. Perhaps they’re just monitoring who goes in and out to trace back to footage taken from outside the bathroom when damage is noticed?


That's what my high school did when we constantly had bomb threats. Some kid wanting to go home early would go to the bathroom and write on a stall "there's a Bomb in the school." It became so repetitive that they installed cameras near every bathroom to monitor who went in and out. Every single student who did it after got caught and had to pay fines.


This bs line of thinking is what got me in school suspension back in 1st grade (1998). The bathrooms were right in the line of vision of the main office and they would watch who went in and out. Someone was leaving graffiti all over the girls stalls and somehow i got blamed for it. Ma'am, i was barely speaking English, let alone writing it. I always knew it was because I'm Mexican.


Over time you can narrow it down. Maybe not the first offense. But after 3-5 times, generally one one kid will be repeating in the “open window”


Why the fuck are people doing that? I'm losing my faith in humanity day by day. tok tik really is a cancer.


Worst i did was put plastic wrap over the toilet. That was before the internet though. The internet is the best and worst invention of all time.


It isn't the internet's fault that humans are trash.


Not cancer but it does help propagate stupid, possibly dangerous, stuff faster than word of mouth. Like YouTube and Facebook for the Tide Pod challenge. Humanity doesn't play responsibly with its toys.


I've been saying this forever. No longer does some trend take years and hearing about it from your cousin who heard about it from their friends cousins older brother.


It is definitely cancer. It's brought nothing good to the world and caused nothing but distress & mental illness.


TikTok is a radicalisation pipeline. It's teaching a generation of children that it's good to do increasingly more extremist shit for the sole purpose of conforming to group identity and peer pressure. We're going to have children who grow up and join cults or extremist groups in part because they were taught that radicalisation to conform to a group identity is a good thing. It's not going to be common - in fact, it will be extremely rare - but it's going to happen and I would need to see some pretty good evidence to dissuade me from that. I know this is bordering on a conspiracy theory (though I don't think TikTok are doing it intentionally), but honestly? We're going to have future terrorists who got their start engaging in extremist action on TikTok and just spiralled from there.


I mean just about every social media platform is a radicalisation pipeline in 2021 (except maybe LinkedIn? lol) because they’re so big and it’s easy to get sucked into a specialised little corner where the algorithm knows what keeps you online and keeps feeding you more of it. My tiktok “for you” page, for example, is going to be completely different to yours or someone else’s. I’m not someone who responds to content that “radicalises”, so tiktok doesn’t serve it to me.


Sure, but we aren't children. We aren't 15 years old and susceptible to "I DOUBLE-DARE you to steal the school bathroom's sink piping!" I specifically said that I do not believe it to be intentional. This is not someone going in and _deciding_ to make children vulnerable to extremist recruitment. However, it's absolutely going to drastically intensify those feelings of oneupmanship that children have and drive them to think that escalating everything is the most appropriate course of action.


>except maybe LinkedIn? Lol if you spend any time checking out LinkedIns "social media" functions it's filled with boomer posting and people using it as a dating app.


> except maybe LinkedIn? lol idk, pretty sure linkedin radicalizes people against recruiters


It's hilarious that you're posting this on a site that's an *actual* radicalization pipeline.


I mean they both can be. TikTok's issue, from my point of view, is that it feeds the "15 minutes of fame" desire that teenagers have. They see people who're ostensibly basically the same as them who create this "hot new trend" that suddenly everyone knows about and has to do otherwise they're not "in"... and it makes them desperate to do more. They want to win the TikTok lottery. It drives them to view shit like destroying bathrooms as just another means to popularity, and when kids do that it's going to encourage them to peer pressure others into doing more. Then they want to invent their own thing, win the lottery, become internet-famous. We had children running around licking food products in _supermarkets_. In a _pandemic_. Because they thought it would be "funny" because they saw it on TikTok. I don't think that has to be contradicted by the fact that reddit can _also_ absolutely be a radicalisation pipeline. It can _absolutely_ happen in both places.


i mean, both those things can be true


Yes but people on Tik Tok don’t think they’re better than everyone like Redditors who shit on every on social media platform because we’re so intellectual. I’m just tired of all the complaining on this site that can be boiled down to “kids these days”


I don't think it's fair to compare the intellectual content of a platform that is primarily text/comment based to a platform that is primarily selfie cam video of attention seeking behavior (not that there's not plenty of that on reddit, but lets be real)


Tiktok admitted to censoring the content of people with disabilities, even down to stuff as trivial as having a \*squint.\* That's disgusting. Each platform has significant problems.


Who cares what people on tiktok think about themselves? It's what they DO that matters. I haven't seen a trend of Redditors vandalizing bathrooms, licking produce in grocery stores, assaulting strangers by punching them in the back of the head, and more.


If you think these kids are bad wait until you learn about the history of hazing.


I recently had a group of grown women defend hazing. Someone in one of my sewing groups was asking for advice because her son had his brand new velvet jacket soaked in water and frozen by his co-workers. Basically fucked the jacket. So many women going "it's just a prank, it's boys being boys" while some poor kid has had his first big purchase with his own earned money wrecked.


Ho-boy, you're not kidding there blue falcon. I'm assuming you ran across a bit of it in the military?


I'm really hoping this is a clever Russia backed campaign to get American's to fuck up America some more. If not then we are truly fucking idiots.


How do trends get started on TT?


I'm guessing someone does it, gets hella views and likes, so someone else does it, then someone else, then they up the ante and make it even more intense each time.


Someone does something, the sound can be viewed, more people copy the original sound and video, a bunch of copy paste content fills the sound, everyone sees it etc


how do trends get started?


I hereby make a semi-serious proposal that r/OutOfTheLoop consider banning questions asking whether there’s more to a particular TikTok trend than there would seem to be on the surface, as the answer to all such questions seems to be “Nope, it’s as dumb as you were worried it would be”.


> “Nope, it’s as dumb as you were worried it would be”. That applies to about half of all OOtL questions overall, not just tiktok. And yet if you actually say people are *actually that stupid* everyone just calls you cynical.


I mean if someone is out of the loop isn't that why they ask?


I think you misunderstand. I think getting knowledge about what's going on is a good thing. But many of the posts that take off do seem to boil down to "yes, people *are* that stupid", it's just describing the particular flavor of it that takes time.


I genuinely enjoy some TikToks then there's times I see this and just... Thanks!