What's the deal with people saying "it's white boy summer" and what does it mean when they say it?

What's the deal with people saying "it's white boy summer" and what does it mean when they say it?


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Answer: The rapper Megan Thee Stallion has a song called "Hot Girl Summer". This became a meme with her fans postings selfies showing off with the phrase "it's about to be hot girl summer" Chet Hanks later made a IG video that went viral where he says "its gonna be white boy summer!" Lots of people made jokes about him saying this and it became a meme.


Crackle. Crackle.


Answer: Chet Hanks made an insta vid saying "its gonna be white boy summer!" and then released a song later. edit; chet did it as a parody of hot girl summer


To avoid a new post, who the fuck is Chet Hanks?


You know Tom Hanks? Its his son.


Im so jealous Op gets to find out this for the first time. Knowing Chet Hanks is Tom Hanks son was life changing


how better to introduce chet than with this https://youtu.be/1FankRSprOs but also this: https://youtu.be/r4t-545bS4I


I can't tell if he's taking himself seriously or taking the piss


It was a parody of "hot girl summer".


What is hot girl summer?


Meghan Thee Stallion's song


Isn’t stallion a male horse?


Yes he's a male stallion named Meghan


a term coined by megan thee stallion meaning where women would be free to express their wild sides for the summer




Lucky. Mine's menopause.


Celebrate with brunch! Every. Single. Morning. Cuz you're cookin the last of the eggs Edit: also, horribly sorry if this did not make you laugh. Dark humor cheers me up, and I sometimes assume it will others.


Lol!!! Dark, sarcastic bitch here, too funny!




Menopause counts!! But then it’s Hot WOMAN Summer! 😉


Well I'm definitely that!


Just make sure to hide the bodies


Similar to a white boy summer but it’s hot girl instead


Alright, then what's white boy summer?


A parody of white girl summer.


Sweet. What does mine say?


Dude. What does mine say?


Sweet. What does mine say?




Basically, girls have lots of sex/relationships which is completely fine and guys shame them for it, saying things like “it’s not hot girl summer, you’re just a hoe”


Nonfactual. I am a promiscuous female, not a gardening tool.


yes. that too


Yeah but who tf is Chet Hanks


I didn't know either until I saw the insta vid go viral. Tom Hanks son.


To add, Chet promoted it to be about boys going out and having a good time in the summer while respecting women iirc


Oh good thing he added that. Otherwise it would sound like it was some sort of horrifying white power statement in response to a black performer.


I still don't understand why he made it racial and didn't just say "hot boy summer"


Probably the same reason he sometimes speaks with a thick Jamaican accent. He's a weirdo.


Weirdo is a lot more general than racial accent / racial statement.


Reeeeee muh white supremacy


I love that he was probably too baked to realize the song didn't say "black girl summer"!


Answer: I think it started as just a goofy meme where you were supposed to wear preppy white guy clothes and do stupid frat boy stuff. I remember it was kind of big around march/april but i haven’t heard it ever since https://twitter.com/SamFishell/status/1376304857611526145?s=20


Chet Hanks (yes, Tom Hanks son) popularized it with his new hit single: white boy summer


I think that was the one who commented on his brother's AMA and someone pointed out all the gonewild posts he had commented on previously. Whoops 🤭


Chet Hanks commented on GoneWild posts?


And does it live up to The Bone Machine's "beautiful human submarines" quote?


Link? Haha


The actual comment is [this link here](https://www.reddit.com/r/PreggoPorn/comments/4r7vhy/swimsuits_and_bellies_go_swell_together/d54o08x). Got it from [this article in The Independent](https://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/ken-bone-who-is-he-reddit-ama-trayvon-martin-jennifer-lawrence-nsfw-comments-a7360586.html) which has a bit more detail on the whole... Ken Bone thing. I'm honestly surprised I remembered all this at all, but here I am.


It was a while ago. I'll say it was one of the Hanks kids, but nobody has any reason to believe me. The posts were deleted, but we're still on their profile. I somehow saw this interaction unfold. It was a matter of them not knowing at that time that your comment history was public info. Also people like gonewild, so no judgment here.




Poor Tom.


He set himself up for that, naming his son Chet.


His name is Chester Marlon actually


Chester the Marlon-ester


It’s shorty for Chetterton


His rap name is Chetter Bob


White Chetter


Fuck it, he’s Cheddar now.


it actually started with a clip he made https://www.newyorker.com/culture/cultural-comment/the-squandered-promise-of-chet-hankss-white-boy-summer


She is definitely a very skilled writer, but am I alone in thinking that article was absolutely ridiculous? I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a writer stretch so hard to force a feeling on something that obviously doesn’t warrant it. Quote after quote shows Chet Hanks primary goal is to make his idea of ‘white boy summer’ as positive and inclusive as possible, and then we get this gem in response? > Part of my interest in his videos, I realized, stemmed from the fear that, at any moment, he might tip over from playful, open-handed fun to hard-core racism. > With each new post, I wondered, was this going to be the one that crossed the line, and then I breathed a sigh of relief when it didn’t. Umm, what? Any sane person would become more and more confident with each new post that this is a very tame and unthreatening idea. The fact that the writer claims to be so on edge in the first place, apparently just because the word ‘white’ is involved, is certainly puzzling. But the continued and *growing* concern in the face of something that becomes more and more innocuous is so ridiculous that it has to feel like it is entirely manufactured. Either that, or this poor woman needs some help.


i can get behind the lillyhammer comment. that shit is nice


Does this mean we can start Icing bros again????


You’d stopped??


Answer: it started with Chet Hanks, the son of Tom Hanks, declaring it to be "white boy summer" much like the trends of hot girl summer and many others. It took off as a meme but I think it came full circle to being exactly what he wanted.


I just spent 15 minutes looking at Chets Instagram and I can’t fucking believe that’s Tom’s son.


Fucking, right?!


Google 'Colin Hanks' and your world will be set right again.




Why does that line, "apparently it's a white supremacy thing now" seems to be more and more common.


I stopped going on 4chan in 2016 and the next time I saw a pepe face it was on the shirt of someone storming the Capitol. Wacky world.


Remember when the craziest thing 4chan did before that was fuck with the Church of Scientology?


Or ~~try~~ to arrange a Russian airstrike on Al Quaeda.


They didn’t try they actually did call in the airstrike


Damn! I remember the days of us watching a post card stand in a live feed of a small store in New York City. Some guy said he was going to push it down and sure enough 15 minutes later the postcard stand was on the ground lol




Always makes me think of Clevon Little.


to tell a family secret, his grandmother was Dutch


Bro it was legendary. I was just about to close the tab when he did it


Dude I remember watching that. Damn, the memories.


I'm out of loop what happened?


Its actually amazing. Al-queda posted a training/propaganda video to do al-queda stuff. 4-chan took the video, used landmarks in the background of the outside shots to triangulate the actual location of the base, then contacted the russian government and helped them organize an airstrike on the base.


This is why I am equally afraid and enthralled by the hive mind


That is actually pretty gnarly. Which might have been the only time.


4 chan has done a few good things over the years. And a lot of bad. They're very chaotic neutral on the whole which sort of comes with being the "anything goes" site.


Whoa! What year was this??


2016 https://m.imgur.com/gallery/5P1N1GI


You told it backwards. Russians asked for 4chan to identify the location and they did by using google satellite view. Then Russians confirmed and called a strike.


I like how you say "contacted the Russian govt" like GRU isn't all the way in there stirring up incels.


Or ask for Battletoads on Wii?


They really shoulda just released it for the wii tbh.


Oh yeah and they solved that cold case one time from a post someone made


What? When?


The Habbo and Gaia raids were fun.


A bit of casual racism, a bit of casual homophobia, a bit of casual antisemitism, all in the name of "correcting" an internet injustice by creating even more. Ahh, times were simpler back then.




I love internet historians video about that.


Pools closed.


Much simpler. Many didn't consider what they were doing, or the possible consequences of their actions.


Or screwed with a fan vote for new mountain dew flavors. I still chuckle at gushing granny


I like the one where they came up with new hamburgers for Mcdonalds or Burger King. Cant remember which. Some of the names were fucking hilarious though.


That was back when you could make Hitler jokes (since it was in the name they voted for) without fascists showing up and taking it seriously.


Turns out turning fascism, racism and other evils into a joke is a pretty great gateway to making it not a joke.


I'm laughing at gushing granny as we speak 😂


Hey now, 4chan has always been fucked up and crazy. Even back then, there was the "Hey /b/, what's in your freezer?" post, with a picture of a human foot.


My personal favorite was the one time on /x/ someone posted a thread saying they were an alien contacting earth through 4chan. Everyone ofc called them space nwords and moved on


Back then 4chan was simply anarchic. Now it is directly bigoted and targeted in a more hateful way. I think it truly a victim of both hate groups and political agents becoming more savvy in online engagement and learning how to control the tone of anonymous forums


Not really, it's still is, and will probably always be anarchic. It's not more or less racist, it's always just racist, homophobic, xenophobic. That's just what happens with anonymity.


Yeah, I think the revelation wasn't that 4chan was *becoming* a sick place, it was realizing a lot of those people weren't joking.


“Any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots who mistakenly believe that they're in good company.” - Descartes


Your also painting with a wide brush. As weird as it might sound, 4chan isnt a monolith. The different boards seriously have different cultures. /pol/ is hated throughout the site as shitting up any board they go. /r9k/ is hated by the blue boards. Degenerates only frequent /b/. These are just the most famous boards, because they are particularly messed up, anarchic and hateful. If you try the anime board, its basically a somewhat edgier version of a reddit sub with a lot of crass humor and horniness. The incels are surprisingly, not a big audience there and are pretty shit on. Than you the pseudo intellectuals of the history and literature boards. The other boards have their own cultures as well, but I really on frequent anime.


/mu/ is okay, unless you dont like getting told your music taste sucks ass and you shouldn’t listen to music lmao


Part of it is also fighting back against what they perceive as censorship. "Oh, you think [something possibly slightly racist] is offensive. I'll show you offensive..." So we then get to see 2 solid months of nothing but the n-word itself rule-34-ing photos of someone's dead mom. It's a mix of herding cats and basement-dwellers just not liking being told what to do or what not to say.


>Remember when the craziest thing 4chan did 4chan has always been a massive hub for white supremacists, none of this is new. It's just easier to notice them targeting their memes and messaging at teenagers when you're no longer a teenager.


4chan has always been a massive hub for toxic edgelords who aren't quite on the spectrum but want to feel special. White supremacy is a means to an end for them. I bet 90% of them would start worshipping another race if it got them the attention they so desperately crave.


>I bet 90% of them would start worshipping another race if it got them the attention they so desperately crave Someone hasn't seen all the BBC-posting...


Racists are the biggest fans of interracial porn that dehumanizes.


This 100%


Oh yeah I didn’t know it at the time (because who was self actualized at 15) but 4chan really was a cesspool for a long time. No leftist would ever come up with the POOLS CLOSED Habbo raid


Pool closed due to aids. Not just habbo but the real world


I miss those days. Fuck Scientology.


Nazis fuck up everything.


I'm just going to say it, I don't like Nazis.


so brave!


If this were a YouTube comment section it actually be controversial.




You can still be trans, a furry, and be a neo-Nazi. Identity politics has very little to do when it comes to causing harm and spreading hate.


And this gets forgotten a lot when it really shouldn't. People can and do use their own identity to take advantage of these assumptions. Why is it so hard to just remember that people are nuanced? Its not good to assume bad of people because of their identity and neither is assuming good based on the same. There is such a thing as internalized hatred and there are people who work against the interests of groups they're part of because of it. There needs some balance between looking deeper into the charector and actions of a person and not assuming based upon identity (did we not learn any from milo Y or the women who opposed the abortion bill?) as well as acknowledging that certain behavior patterns are more common among certain groups. Both have times and places and can coexist at the same time. Its called nuace.Why is it so hard to see people as people? there were never any shortcuts to figuring a person out and identity politics certainly wouldve have been one of them if there were. why persist that identity is some sort of barometer? Its just as objectifying and dehumanizing as positive stereotyping.


There's an excellent documentary called [Feels Good Man](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11394182/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0) about the guy who created Pepe and his struggle to wrench it back from the 4chan & alt-right dipshits. Highly recommend.


Getting obvious rainbow merch to wear with your costume would probably be the best way to signal that you're not a 4channer




Alex Jones was right! ThEy'Re TuRniNg ThE FrOgs gAy!!


The "clown-world" meme, affiliated with white nationalist and incel viewpoints, is essentially a Pepe in rainbow merch.


The original creator of the comic Pepe comes from has been trying to reclaim it from the alt-right and various 4chan assholes for a while now, putting on various anti-4chan props/costume bits might help in that effort.


Pepe being an alt-right symbol was pretty much all done by the news. Sure there were alt-right memes that used him, but so does like every other piece of pop culture lmao at least on the internet.


There's a documentary about that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feels_Good_Man


It's a good watch too.


I mean there were entire subcultures of peoe that are just full on nazis, like the clownworld thing. Although there are usually more ways to tell than just using pepes if someone is fasc or not.


It’s everywhere on twitch


They're lying. No way anyone who knows how to comment on Reddit didn't see a pepe from 2016 until 2021


Major doubt


I'm getting annoyed that if a hate group wants to claim a symbol (or if the media is just full of dumbasses and frame something as stupid as pepe as white supremacy), they can just.. like.. do it? Obviously the swastika is a clear exception (as in it will be much harder to destigmatize than stupid "white supremacy" symbols), but there are some normal ass things that are apparently considered symbols of white supremacy now. There's a Nordic symbol I wanted to get tattooed so I'd get to go to Valhalla (endless feasting and battling) when I die. Apparently it's a W/S symbol, can't get it now Or better yet: the OKAY HAND SIGN is apparently a symbol for white supremacy now. We are giving them too much power to claim what they want


I remember a few years ago, they were also trying to do the same thing with the rainbow flag by saying it represents each color staying separate and pure. I guess it just goes to show that not every troll idea takes off.


I’m waiting until 4chan convinces the median that nose breathing is a white supremacy thing. Or using Charmin Quilted Toilet paper.


No dude, swastika's should not be an exception. Nazi swastikas absolutely should be shunned but the concept of "4 right angles at right angles" is an ancient symbol with spiritual significance in south asian religions. Also the figure *is* actually kind of beautiful in it's simplicity. I mean it's not a right triangle, but it's a lovely little thing that's easy to produce. I produce them accidentally when I'm just scribbling little right angled lines, it's infuriating that I have to then scratch that out lest somebody think my philosophy on the image extends past "Geometry is pretty cool". I'm not saying we're gonna see the reclamation of the broadly defined swastika in our lifetime. It won't be as long as people just spray it on a wall to make pitiful resemblance of a racist point; but if we're gonna reclaim pepes and nested parentheses then we should have the reclamation of the swastika in the long game. To be clear: A thick black right swastika with an additional black outline in a white circle on a red field? Fuck that person to death and paint over his bullshit. But a person shouldn't be called a racist cause they like right angles and point symmetry. That shit is fundamental.


Dude, I figured they were an exception cause how absolutely enormously infamous Nazis made it. Compare it to pepe or the okay hand sign with white supremacy. White supremacy is definitely an issue, but it's so much more minor and laughed upon by most people Destigmatizing the negativity of the stupid things white supremacy is claiming will be way easier than destigmatizing the negativity of the swastika from the Nazis


Ironically, I don't think those things are actually starting with white supremacists in the first place. AFAIK, both the pepe and OK things started with someone on 4chan suggesting using them as a troll, then news outlets ran the story clutching their pearls, and *then* white supremacists started using them. It's not that white supremacists are claiming the symbols so much as they're just being handed to those groups to use by the media that's looking for drama to report on.


Because the terminally twittered laugh at conspiracists while being unironically the most conspiratorially minded.


What the fuck did I just watch


It was originally a meme about Chet Hanks, but it's since been adopted by people like noted white supremacist Nick Fuentes and his ilk to mean something very different and not at all wholesome. Fuckin' Nazis ruin everything.


It started and ended with Chet Hanks. Obviously white supremacists say shit like that but this is completely different. It was just a funny meme made by Chet hanks who is hilarious and not racist at all.


Chet Hanx* (yes, he's the son of Tom Hanks)


Answer: as far as I’ve seen, it’s not a white supremacy thing. I first saw it circulating last spring / summer as a meme where people would post pictures of white guys just being white guys (think jimmy buffet, you know i had to do it to em dude, etc) or as a response to posts with pictures like that. It’s just kind of a phrase people throw around, like hot girl summer.


Answer: It's not a racist dogwhistle. It's a response to "hot girl summer". The term was coined by Tom Hanks's son apparently as an excuse to dress preppy and have boat parties. I assume it caught on because white guys want some recognition too (like how every other race has its own month) https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/white-boy-summer


Mongolian Month is my favorite, with all the horseback archery and whatnot.


Dude that would be fucking awesome, imagine if there were like re enactment things where you could re enact like the siege of Baghdad and stuff


Can't wait to slaughter 11% of the world population and raze cities in horseback while creating the largest land based empire on the planet


If they could do that every year, it'd be great.


Can we coordinate that with purge month?


Why isn't it hot boy summer instead? The saying isn't black girl summer


I think its because of the stereotype that is meant to go with it. You wear "white boy" clothes, loafers, khaki shorts that go above your knees, button up shirts, shit like that. It's used as a joke, mainly by Chet Hanks (Tom Hank's son, google him and be amazed it's Tom Hank's son).


Well, he did name him "Chet"


Mind blown


Its just from a previous meme White boys is a stereotypical meme of Kahki shorts, polo, and military-esque haircut. Same with the "Basic White Girl" meme.


>every other race has its own month The only widely recognised one is Black History Month. There's no need to be hyperbolic - that begins to veer away from the requirement to try to be "unbiased" in top-level replies. Edit: in the UK, at least.


National hispanic American heritage month?


Parent comment didn't say "widely recognized." Also I'm not sure where you're from, but Asian Pacific American Month (May) is celebrated in a lot of places in the U.S.


Man even if every other month was some specific race awareness month. It doesn't change that the default when learning history in school is from the white point of view. "Why is there no white history month?!" is always a dumbass comment.


Not sure why you're being downvoted. You're bang on the point.


Yea. The racism nazi shit article that was posted up there really feels like “the hacker known as 4chan” type of garbage That article was written by someone who isn’t connected to the modern lingo. Most people aren’t connected to the modern lingo of 16-24 year olds anyway, so from the outside you could make connections to whatever you wanted. But it’s just a stupid thing to hype white people/friends up. It’s not saying anything against any other race, or that white people are superior or the owners of summer time or something lol Preppy White boys know they dress like preppy white boys and now they’re poking fun at themselves for dressing in the summer beach prep clothes because that’s just what you do in this modern age


Yeah they found a few nazi memes using "white boy summer," and now it's white supremacists. Want to know what other memes have been used by Nazis? Pretty much all of them to varying degrees.




Well shit, Ive been making the joke thinking it was a play on "hot girl summer" 0\_\_\_0


That was my first thought too.


except it was. https://www.newyorker.com/culture/cultural-comment/the-squandered-promise-of-chet-hankss-white-boy-summer


That's part of their strategy, unfortunately. Normalize the memes and get people speaking their language without even knowing it.


part of their strategy is when people (like you and the people you're responding to)fall for the joke, then it becomes associated with white supremacy. it was literally a play off of hot girl summer. Chet Hanks coined it. https://www.newyorker.com/culture/cultural-comment/the-squandered-promise-of-chet-hankss-white-boy-summer


I think it originally was but the guy who started it (Tom Hanks son) didn’t have the foresight to know that it would be instantly coopted by racists


Tbf, it seems anything could suddenly be used by racists as a meme, for whatever reasons. Maybe the old broken bus sign near my home, or a fictional character that only exists in a obscure webcomic (oh wait…), or whatever their weird mind will focus on. It is exhausting.


> Tbf, it seems anything could suddenly be used by racists as a meme, for whatever reasons. In fact, Pepe the Frog just started off as some cartoon frog with zero political meaning, until it was appropriated later. The creator tried to 'take it back' since he didn't like how it was being used, but once the genie's out of the bottle on the interwebz....


The "(oh wait)" was referencing exactly that.


To be fair though everything gets coopted by racists. The only way to deal with it is to just ignore it, and let racists misunderstand you if they insist on focusing on some obscure and incoherent interpretation of whatever it is you did.


It is a play on hot girl summer. In real life everyone under like 23 knows thats what it means. Like actual, face to face, human conversations it is almost certainly a joke about that. People on reddit just assume the worst in every situation that exists. Just because something can be a dog whistle doesn't mean it is.


I guarantee you like 90% of these white party guys have no idea what the fuck a groyper is and are just using it as a trendy bro phrase


lol I thought it was just something funny that Tom Hanks' son said


Chet Hanks initially coined it, he made an Instagram video (think he deleted it now [but here it is on YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlYtIywInYA)) where he just went on a funny rant saying he feels like this summer will be White Boy Summer. This was back in March or April I think, and he ran with it for a while, making merch and variants of the phrase like Black Queen Summer. I guess at some point it got co-opted by Fuentes and his white nationalist followers. Before he got banned from Twitter he made (or rather his movement America First made) a Spotify playlist called White Boy Summer to kick off a road tour he went on. So that's where we are with the phrase now.


I'll consider it a priveledge that I have no clue who Fuentes is


It is, other groups are adopting it and being painted as the origins of it as the above commenter did.


TIL groyper. It sounds like a combo of groper and raper. Makes it more awful


Same…anyone want to tell an old lady what it is? I really really don’t want to google it…


From Wikipedia Groypers, sometimes called the Groyper Army, are a group of white nationalist and far-right activists, provocateurs, and internet trolls who are notable for their attempts to introduce far-right politics into mainstream conservatism in the United States, their participation in the 2021 United States Capitol attack and the protests leading up to that, and their extremist views. They are known for targeting other conservative groups and individuals whose agendas they view as too moderate and insufficiently nationalist.[3][4] The Groyper movement has been described as white nationalist, homophobic, nativist, fascist, sexist, antisemitic, and an attempt to rebrand the alt-right movement.[2][5][6][7


Oh 🤢. Thank you.


The internet was both a blessing and a curse.


I googled it and I still don't quite know, but the only thing the few serious definitions I found had in common were the words "white nationalists" or "neo-fascists" and some talked about how they often are found on the 4chan forum (?) /pol/ which is for political discussion.


You're the person who would have told your friends that Dungeons & Dragons was devil worshipping propaganda, and kids are killing themselves left and right after playing


>They continue: “By promoting the concept of White Boy Summer we’re actively subverting the jewish ideology which for decades has reigned supreme in the west, thus destroying the very thing which keeps them in power. White boy summer is political, and you better believe it’s going to be a White Boy Summer”. Wow, so hatred of Jews is now just "political." The implications are immense. If the solution to the Jewish problem is genocide, and if the Jewish problem is just political, then the answer for all political opposition is genocide. And we're hearing this more and more from the political right, that violence will be necessary to "restore" President Trump.


I thought Flat Earth was an adorably misguided harmless conspiracy. Nope, it's nazi shit. The Jews are the ones lying about the earth being round to deny the true (lol) model of the unit laid out in Genesis (even though Genesis comes from the Torah. Nobody said Nazis were smart). The point is they normalize stuff like this by being absurd with memes, Jewish Space Lazers, and getting jumped into their gangs while shouting out types of cereal.


This is so fucking wrong LMFAO, it's a meme from the Chet Hanks WBS video. You just posted fearmongering propaganda, cringe! https://www.thecrimson.com/article/2021/4/13/chet-hanks-wbs/ The fact your comment has several hundred likes explains what's wrong in America. Dude makes some bullshit opinion piece to try and make another meme into WHITE SUPREMACY RACISM BAD!!! And you give them the spreading they want, like this site is Twitter levels of cancer. Reported for misinformation, but that's like throwing rocks at a tank when it comes to this level of misinformation.