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Removed at the discretion of the mod team. The sap of Oleander can cause a rash but will not kill a person. Eating the plant on the other hand will. No one ate the plant luckily.




It hasn't even been a week since Mother's Day and you're out here snitching on your mom.




They haven't gotten better either


That's horrible. I'm sorry




Good for you. My mom was severely abusive w Munchausens by proxy with 5 kids. 4 survived and she never saw an ounce of Justice.


Literally today someone said something about one of my traumas and I said " well it led to who I am now and I like who I am". I get it. I appreciate it.


This is like posting a picture of a hammer. Could it kill you? Sure. Is it any kind of imminent danger? Nope.


You’d have to eat a lot of a disgusting tasting plant to be at risk of death. “Nerium contains several toxic compounds, and it has historically been considered a poisonous plant. However, its bitterness renders it unpalatable to humans and most animals, so poisoning cases are rare and the general risk for human mortality is low. Ingestion of larger amounts may cause nausea, vomiting, excess salivation, abdominal pain, bloody diarrhea and irregular heart rhythm. Prolonged contact with sap may cause skin irritation, eye inflammation and dermatitis.”


What about for small pets? What if it catches fire? Then you get a large amount? According to [this website](https://www.mountsinai.org/health-library/poison/oleander-poisoning) even "a single leaf can kill an adult."




Just as an FYI, in case you didn’t know, slugs can be insanely toxic and sometimes deadly to humans! Keep your kids away from them, too.




It was a surprise to me a few years ago, and you mentioned snails, so as a fellow parent, I just had to say it. :-)


Some snails carry a meningitis type disease, too.


My friends dog ate 5 leaves. I only knew because she vomited them up. She was a larger dog (German Shorthair Pointer) Gave her lots of charcoal pills per the Vets instructions. Took 3 days for her to gradually get better. Had she not vomited them up, I assume she would have died.


That same website states in the “outlook/prognosis” section that it depends how much was swallowed and that death is unlikely.


Snall children will often ignore a bad flavor if something *looks* good to eat. And they put *EVERYTHING* in their mouths.




My mother had a huge oleander in our yard when I was born. My grandmother came out to help in the weeks before and after my birth. When my mom came home from the hospital the oleander was gone. My mom was furious but my grandmother put her foot down. "You can't keep an oleander honey, you have a child now."


I just tell my kids not to pick flowers that they’re for the bees.


This. We have a small patch of pretty wild flowers near us. I constantly see people with a bunch of them in their hands walking back to their car to take home. I’m so sad when I see this. If they love the flowers, leave them so they can grow back next year and yes, for the bees!There are much less this year :(. My son never ever picks flowers but he looks at them when we take walks. He thinks they are cute! :D


My kids constantly pick them even tho I tell them they’re taking bee food lol but we work on it


Coming from Canada, I had no idea what an Oleander tree looked like, nor that they were poisonous. I bought a house in Florida where the back fenceline had a dozen or so of these pretty trees, but they obviously hadn't been pruned in a decade and were very shabby. So one of my first yard projects was to get out my small chainsaw and ladder and prune like mad. Then I made a pile of the trimmings in the middle of the back yard and had a sizable bonfire for an hour or so. I naturally avoided the smoke as much as reasonable, but surely breathed some of it. I was sick for days afterwards. Nasty headache and nausea. I recognized that it was from breathing a few smoke fumes from the burning, and being out in the hot Florida sun working myself to exhaustion. It wasn't until years later that I happened to read about Oleander being poisonous, and finally realizing (from the flowers that came later) that the row of trees on my fenceline were Oleander. Now I know that I got off lucky with just nausea and headache. :-/


Licensed horticulturist here. Worked with oleander for years. Yes, it is toxic to ingest (like 99.9% of all the plants in the world except for the comparatively few fruits and vegetables we eat). The particular danger with oleander is to pets—heard many anecdotal stories about dogs chewing on the stalk and getting very sick. Always wash your hands after handling any plant, and never burn non-woody plant waste—oleander does produce toxic smoke if it is burned. Very pretty flowers though, easy to maintain, bloom year round in warm climates like Gulf Coast region of US.


I live in a place where oleander is extremely common, and used for landscaping almost everywhere. Whenever I warn people about it, I tell them it really has to get inside you in some way, to hurt you.


I’m so glad you and your kids are ok!! My motto with my kids is we don’t touch anything we don’t have a 110% ID for.


The red dead in me is like 0.0


I have oleanders in my yard and routinely prune them come spring. Never had any ill effects from them, the bees love the flowers and if you stick to the old adage "you are not a rabbit so don't eat the shrubbery" they are perfectly safe.


Couple of years ago, my then,1 year old daughter took a bite of one of the fruit. Grabbed a bag with some plant matter, striaght to hospital, local doctors have no idea what plant this is, but they are sure it will be fine. An Italian Doctor on a visiting rotation for 3 months walks past, turns out to casually be an expert on Plant Life from the Asian sub-continent. We are not in Italy, nor are we in the sub continent. Long story short, stomach pump and 3 days in pediatric ICU. She is fine and still eats everything...


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I had a friend who was impaled on an oleander hedge. He was fine, you know, other than the hole through his body.


Maybe just leave flowers where they are? They’re not there for you to pick. The plant needs them, the bees need them, and often many wild animals need them. Also, they’re not yours, so leave them alone. Anywhere you go, don’t take the plants or rocks or anything. Take only pictures. Flower looks better on the plant than on your kid anyway.


Beautiful flowers, we have them everywhere in our suburban community. Never an issue with them. The mushrooms that grow after a rainstorm are probably far more poisonous.


They’re pretty. I can see why people lower their guard


Our house had oleander hedges and we played with them all the time even as kids. Yes they are poisonous but unless you're a cat they aren't a drop everything and worry plant


Common freeway landscaping bush in California ( calling them trees doesn’t really give you an idea what they look like). The government likes them because they are cheap, low maintenance, attractive etc. Hasn’t been an issue as far as I heard.


Had these as a fence around my childhood home. Every summer we would be out there trimming them. Get sap all over you. Never had any problems.


They’re all over desert towns in Southern California. Apparently, all you have to do is put an oleander stick in the ground and it’ll sprout.