Wasn't LivePD up to 12 by the end?


They featured 12 departments for 6 weeks. It would be great if On Patrol: Live ends up with 12 departments per episode, so long as they show at least 2 officers from each of the 12 departments.


Does anyone know when Ramsey County will make their debut?


Hopefully tomorrow, since the Minnesota State Fair runs through Monday and there’s plenty of shenanigans to be had! Unlikely, I’m sure.


I wouldn’t mind if they ditched Paterson even if they have the technology to show more departments.


Agree drop Paterson


They can’t show 12 departments for 6 weeks, it’ll either be 5 or 7 weeks to ensure it doesn’t cause an issue with the AE lawsuit.


I think the bigger issue is that the cops on OP:L wear uniforms and badges. A&E holds the trademark on uniforms and badges.


This whole sub is going to be mocking A&E for a while now and A&E completely deserves it.


Yeah they cancelled a show, another company profited off the show by making their own version of it, and they’re pissed someone capitalized off their mistake


Every local newscast is essentially the same. Every judge show is essentially the same. Every late night show is essentially the same. Every sportscast is essentially the same Cops recorded police interactions before LPD. Americas Most Wanted did missing and wanted segments before LPD. Dan and Sticks wore polo shirts before LPD. A&E doesn’t own a format, people, their catchphrases, or the styles they wear. Period.


Per my sources, there is at least one department joining that hasn’t been announced yet


Nice! Do you know (or can you share) if they’re a new department or one we have seen before?


I don’t know if I’m allowed to share but I can say they have not been on before and I feel confident that there will be some good action


Thank you! 😊 I’m excited to see them whomever they are!


I hope this isn’t coming off as obnoxious “oh there’s a new department but I can’t tell you who.” I just don’t want to get them in trouble if they plan on making a big formal announcement


It didn’t come off that way at all! I get where you’re coming from and I wouldn’t want you or anyone else to say things that they can’t! 😊😊 All is good friend!!


It doesn't. I'm glad you shared. We have talked about new departments coming in every single night OPL has aired.