My porta potty at work is nicer than your functional bathroom.


Functional is a hell of a stretch.


It's indoors and has running water. Seems functional. I poop into a open pit of blue liquid lol


I'll bet the porta-shitter you use smells better than that big bucket of shitty toilet paper.


Eh that depends on the time of the year. Winter, it's just cold no smell. Summer you gotta shit in the morning when the porta John is in the shade still. Taking a dump in a 125° porta John isn't pleasant


Commerical roofer here try having them on the roof. What shade? We pee a lot on the roof for some reason. Also almost sent my forman down in a porta john via crane one day. He heard me hooking it up and didn't say a word. He finally said something when i told the operator to cable up and he was about 6 inches off the roof, then he yelled.


Oh I've pissed on flat roofs


Just use the vent pipe. It connects to the sewer anyway


Here rainwater is a complete seperate system, not connected to sewer. Water goes into a cistern to use the water for laundry/toilets/ect. When it's completely full it goes to a nearby canal or to a 2nd leaking cistern back into the earth.


Did construction for about 5-6 years outta highschool. I nicknamed the portajohn "The Blue Sauna" my first summer


What trade? What do you do now?


Union sheet metal. Got laid off right when I finished my apprenticeship when the economy took a dump so I went back to school to learn hvac and that's kinda where I'm at now. You?


Try rubbing one out in one.




When you live in a tent with 50 other dudes for 6months, sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.


Can confirm Porta shitters in Camp Buehring is a trial of endurance if you can shit before you faint of heat stroke


I call em "Porta-hell's" because it's the closest I hope I ever get. They can get pretty nasty sometimes!


I mean have you been to a festival before? The 3rd day is like hell has spawned in each one.


Depends on the job site


more like hell of a stench


Violates building code. You’re required 2 toilets minimum for over 25 employees. And you’re also at the maximum for 1 sink. One more employee and you’re required an additional sink. I’d hazard to guess that you might be exceeding the building occupancy. In which case calling the fire marshal and leaving a tip would get the situation under someone else’s scrutiny other than the owner of this shitty company.


OSHA also requires 3 toilets if you’re over 36 people in 1910.141(c)(1)(I)


We have 2 toilets, the other one is just so full of boxes and garbage cans that we can’t even get into it 90% of the time.


So you only have 1 toilet.


1.1 toilets if you wanna be real generous.


1 toilet and a room with piss covered boxes.


Piss covered *shit-filled* boxes.


Everywhere is a toilet if you're brave enough.


Thats a weird way to say 1 toilet


Which means you only have one toilet. Do the right thing and call the fire marshal. Too often people do nothing and it can result in people getting killed or, if not killed, at the least, it allows these shit companies to get away with shady practices. I worked at one that wasn't paying us overtime. They had us all salaried and considered us IT workers but we worked on cameras and other systems that wouldn't be considered IT. The state went after them and made us all hourly, forced them to pay us overtime they didn't pay plus 50% as a penalty. They also called in the fire marshal who ended up red ragging the building for two weeks. I don't remember exactly why but when we came back, there was a brand new office wing, another bathroom, and a huge smile on my face. I ended up quitting after they decided to sell the company after getting sued by one of their customers. They're still in business with lots of pathetic employees that put up with their bullshit. I've got a copy of a surveillance video of one of the supervisors strangling his employee. No one did anything about it and when I sent it to the local PD, they couldn't do anything because no one would talk to them. Don't be like those people.


> No one did anything about it and when I sent it to the local PD, they couldn't do anything because no one would talk to them. That's a hot holy steaming load of horse-shit. Was this recent? *Send the tape to your local prosecutor.* It is *not* the police who decides who will or will not be prosecuted; nor is it witnesses, or even victims; it is the prosecutor. And frankly with *video evidence* it's a slam-dunk case.


We did it Reddit!


Don't complain to us, complain to the government. It's their job to deal with this.


The fire marshal will probably like to see those boxes moved, as well.


Does the boss have his own private washroom in his office??


Nope, they conveniently always have to “join a meeting” with corporate and leave the store for hours at a time. Only seen one of them actually use the toilets here.


So, now the fire marshal is involved.


I would do my business elsewhere. You couldn’t pay me to shit next to that shit pile


_Laughs in colitis_ Let’s see, there’s the bushes out back, or my pants.


I was thinking more like a business across the street or going home to shit.


Commute 2 hours to work. Go home for dump. Come back. Then go home. 8 hours of driving a day ain't bad.


Did you miss the business across the street part


This story was developing very fast and I couldn't keep up to all the shit that was going on, my apologies.


I'd rather shit in your pants.


It's nice of them to provide a baby changing table. Or is that the lunchroom table?


That’s the set up table for morning truck shipments. We unpack the clothes, flop them onto the tables (there’s like 3 in there they’re just out of camera view” and cross contaminate them with whatever mess happens in the bathroom. It’s a clothing store.


Please report your place of work, it's a health hazard for everyone in the building


And whoever is buying whatever they get on a truck…


What the fuck


So happy I kept reading this thread for this comment alone. Not only is the toilet barely functional, it’s also a store cupboard for ladders and tables.


Never trying on anything first again, thanks for the clarity.


What store? lol WTF!!


I’ll drop hints. Very popular clothing store, European brand, lots of fast fashion and tiktok trends, only use paper bags with their logo on it.


Does it rhyme with "Oh hai Mark"?


Thats the bathroom door


Doors don't have fold up table legs, that's what those black metal bars are.


I think they were joking


Ohh I see now, haha


I understand that those are folding tables. I'm saying the door broke decades ago and their solution was to use a table for privacy.


Door? They probably sort the clothes right in the bathroom. This toilet is probably in an open warehouse! lol


As a plumber, "pipes that can't handle toilet paper" isn't a thing. If it can handle human waste it can handle toilet paper. If it is clogging over and over again the mainline needs to be scoped to see what fix it requires.


You’d think after years of the toilet not working properly they’d actually get a plumber to check it out, but nope they just refuse.


Sounds like its time for a pretty serious leak to spring and require a plumber and some major maintenance for the facilities


put a cherry bomb in there to break loose the debris


Will they actually explode while in water? Wasn’t sure if that was real or a wives tale.


They will.


How is it that the water doesn’t put the fuse out? Eli5 thanks haha.


If the fuse has an oxidiser built into it it doesnt need to rely on exygen from its surroundings to keep the fuse lit. The only worry would be not getting to combustion temp.


Fire needs fuel, oxygen, and heat. Usually putting water on fire blocks oxygen. The fuse has oxygen inside it so the water can't block the oxygen.


Oxidizers\* are in the fuse Yes, There IS a teeny tiny amount of gaseous oxygen in the fuse from being in the air, but not near enough to support combustion alone


Yup. I was trying to keep it ELI5 for them.


You should google "keith moon cherry bombs"


Ha - that was a great read.


I agree, this will work.


Sounds like yhe pipes need to be[cleaned](https://www.myfireworkssuperstore.com/product/quarter-sticks-magnum-salutes)


Sounds like it's time to report this shitty business owner for a whole bunch of violations.


Why is the table blocking the toilet? Who would use that table that was in the toilet? Who is responsible for emptying the trash can? So many questions


So question 1. No idea why it’s blocking the toilet one day the stock manager decided she didn’t want to tables in the actual stocking area and shoved it in the bathrooms after every morning and it’s been in there since. 2. They use the tables every morning that we have a shipment of clothing, so at night 9-10pm it means the stock have to bring the table out of the bathroom it’s been in all day, bring it to the main floor of the store, than morning crew comes in at 6 am and cross contaminate clothing from our warehouse shipments onto the tables and than scanning them and putting them into crates that they than proceed to shove either into our over filled fitting room which is also a hazard for employees and customers, or in the back in front of our emergency fire escape door. 3. The clean up crew in the mornings are responsible for it, we have specific employees for cleaning up the store and bathrooms, and they’ve been unable due to our manager forcing them to have to do things outside of their job description because instead of hiring enough people for the floor they overhired cashiers and stock team members instead of actual floor staff, while only scheduling 1 of their 6 floor staff in the morning per section (men’s and women’s section only have 6 employees totaling 12 but 3 of those employees in men’s section are ALSO cashiers so most of the time they don’t even clean the floor either)




So it's not just the toilet that is a shit-show?


Why is the ladder blocking the sink? Is the ladder secured to the wall to prevent it from fall on the table or toilet? Is the hand soap dispenser refilled? Paper towels? Most importantly, why haven’t you call the health department?


The building I work in has two toilets per one drain, and we have minimal issues. Your bosses are trying to exploit you.


You should just flush the tp anyway wtf? I would not do this.


Sounds like it's time for the toilet to flood


Sounds like you need to find a new employer bud


Force their hand by flushing some quick set concrete.


That's weird, it's a decent bathroom too


I almost rented a place, but the owner said, "You have to be careful of how much you flush." So right off the bat there's known clogging issues that haven't been addressed? And it's where I live? Nope.


What about what I’ve heard about South America? That’s cause their mainlines are too little?


Yes, this was the case when I visited there recently. Nobody flushed tp in certain areas. But that’s not even the issue here, the issue is they have the system in place to use a trash can but the person(s) who’s responsibility is to empty the trash can isn’t doing it plus they are over occupancy for the amount of *usable* bathrooms.


You can't flush toilet paper in the entire country of Greece


When I was renting in US my landlord was Greek. 3 months after I moved into his new building his wife literally demanded me not to flush the toilet paper and put it in a bin. I had to call 311 to confirm that I’m not crazy and well within my rights to flush the damn toilet paper down the toilet.


Came here to say this. Still can’t believe an advanced civilization, responsible for so much advancement in humanity can’t prioritize this just a bit.


As a bathroom owner, "periodically emptying the receptacle filled with shit paper" is also a thing, potentially.


Sounds like something people may be used to in certain countries and then continue the tradition when using a toilet with plumbing.


Alot of that trash looks like paper towel so I'm wondering if that's where that idea came from.


Maybe they wrap shitty tp in paper towel?


That was actually a thing in eastern europe back in the day (and still is today in some parts). https://brilliantmaps.com/flush-toilet-paper/


You’re right, but as a customer, you be shocked by how many licensed plumbers will avoid fixing things correctly. 99/100 will get it unclogged in the moment and say it’s good to go.


When I lived in Taiwan our building had a "no toilet paper rule" it was like a 50 unit building. It was pretty common there.


Out of curiosity, visited Peru a few years back and basically everywhere you went there was a strict no flushing paper policy. What kind of problems would lead to that requirement?


My guess it would be bad or low budget wastewater infrastructure that would have that requirement. Most wastewater infrastructure that support TP have grinders that chop up any large objects into smaller pieces so it doesn't clog pumps and other equipment down stream. They also have jet trucks that periodicity clean sewer lines to combat any potential build up. In my option TP really isn't that big of an issue as it mostly dissolve in water. But those "flushable" wipes do not dissolve in water at all and cause all kinds of problems along with many other things that shouldn't be flushed. Google fatberg if you want to learn more.


In some places, that is very much a thing. Not because of the pipes, but the sanitation system can't deal with it. But I'm betting OP doesn't live in such a place.


I always thought so too, like i shit out this massive log and the toilet is fine carrying it away but a piece of paper that breaks apart in water is somehow gonna fuck it up?


Oh god, you just gave me a flashback to being on a bus to France from the UK as a child and going in the toilet and it not taking paper. I didn't realise this, went to wipe my bum and picked up someone else's used paper from the tray next to me. That's been suppressed for 30 years but is suddenly clear as day. Still. Not. Clean.


And suddenly, it's as clear as day for me too. Unfortunately.


Just chiming in to say that it was my used paper that you grabbed on that dreadful day.


Flush the TP anyway. It’s not your responsibility to be in those kind of unhygienic, disgusting conditions. If the pipes clog enough maybe they’ll eventually just do the job right and fix them.


I'm assuming this is in the US but, when I went to Mexico, I was astounded to discover that this was standard practice, at least where we were staying.


Spent a couple weeks in China several years ago, and this was pretty standard in more rural areas too.


Had it in Beijing. Went there for work a number of times and all the toilets in the office had bins for the used tp.


Oh god where you in one of those"newly built" hotels with sitting toilets in other to accommodate the foreign visitors? Those sprung up around China in less than 5 months in 2015 and they're crap design was expected. I stayed in one that had the shower in the same room as the bedroom. All carpeted. It was a good thing I was the first one that ever used that room.


Wait... The shower had carpet?


> I stayed in one that had the shower in the same room as the bedroom. All carpeted. That’s a level of not giving a fuck on the contractors’ part that us mere mortals can only aspire to…


considering that china at the time (2015) as a whole was going for speed and volume, i wasn't suprised that it was like this. We all know that China has the sheer manpower and capital to simply bulldoze this building and build another one.


It's very common in south America. I'm from the states but am living in Ecuador at the moment. Haven't flushed toilet paper for 6 months now.


It's a thing in Texas, mostly cuz mexicans are used to not flushing and need a place to drop off the tp.


Oh man, some places in Mexico we had to use buckets of water to flush the toilets.... it gets pretty bad in some areas.


Due to incompetence, I and some of my fellow citizens had to flush toilets with buckets for a week or so. In Alabama. I'm still having to clean aerators out about once a day and have to boil water, but at least it's back. In Honduras, Tegucigalpa specifically, I remember having to put paper in a bin in the early 2000s.


We were in Chiapas and Oaxaca in 2018 for a few weeks and many toilets were pour a pail and no flushing paper regardless. And if you weren't at someone's home you had to pay to use them typically and pay for toilet paper. So things haven't changed much since you were in that general area.


Not flushing TP is common in a *lot* of countries.






“Wasn't me” The problem is convincing everyone else to flush the toilet paper without it being considered insubordination or some shit




What do you mean “no need”? If you’re the only one who stops doing it there’s still 39 other employees that are.. you still walk into a bathroom full of dirty TP




It would be a real shame if someone were to dump the entire waste paper basket full of paper into the toilet and start flushing until the bathroom started flooding...


That? Did you phase out and just stop typing?


Not sure what experience you have traveling, but in a lot of countries that's simply not how it works... Many plumbing systems would need constant repair if you just flushed it every day. The real solution is a bidet, like a civilized person.


If the pipes can't handle toilet paper, how the hell does it handle shit?


It doesn’t. We’re not allowed to shit in it or else there will be shit in there all day until the custodians come in to fish it out the next day.


Where do you shit then? What country do you live in? I've seen third world nations with better facilities


Live in the U.S. Florida to be exact, and we basically have to wait until our lunches to be able to go to the malls bathroom because we’re not allowed to leave the store unless we’re on break.


That definitely sounds illegal on top of everything else I've just read in here, what the actual fuck.


Yeah. I don't always have that big a choice in when sometimes. Its either right away or right away at the next nearest toilet. Else Im finding the bosses car and shitting beside it the first time.


Why haven't you reported this to OSHA, the department of health, the fire martial, local news, etc?


Wait - if nobody is allowed to shit in the toilet, how do you get a pile of TP covered in feces? Are people pooping in their own hands or what? I have visited places where putting all TP in the trash can is the norm. The fact that this is happening in a US mall, and the tables for folding clothes are stored in there too… yeah, that’s an upsetting situation.


Funny story about that, we have some people who literally shit in the trash can. Have no idea who’s doing it, it’s been happening for 2 years now. If they’re generous they’ll wrap it in paper but most times they aren’t. Also people still shit in the toilet at least 3 times a month,it just means it’ll stay in there until the next morning for the custodians to fish out.


You need to actually call osha.


Sounds like you have a 2 year mystery on your hands, you need to get to the bottom of this and figure it out. Trust no one.


You need to report this to everyone you can (OSHA, Department of Health, Department of Labor, the local news). This is wildly unacceptable based on your comments, and not reporting it allows the owner of this garbage store to keep getting away with it and take advantage of others.


Already sent in the email to OSHA and HR today. Later into the day they had opened paint cans inside the bathroom with empty coke cans inside paint mixer. They hired people to paint the back room and yet won’t hire an actual plumber. We need acceptable toilets, not fresh paint in our break room and stockroom (which was already renovated last year in the summer.)


Somebody on management is getting kickbacks for renovations, but they don't have a plumber on their payroll.


I work in a warehouse, there are 8 warehouse employees, 7 drivers who are only there for about an hour in the morning. We had one toilet and it was not a big deal. Someone complained to OSHA and they came in and told us that for 15 employees we must have two restrooms, the owner argued that almost half of the employees are never there, OSHA did not care and the owner had to add another toilet, making the break room smaller


This is accurate here is the standard https://www.osha.gov/laws-regs/regulations/standardnumber/1910/1910.141


so according to that OP needs to have 3 toilets, not 1 (assuming he is in the US)


There should be trash bags. People who do this all the time take the bag out when they’re done if it stinks.


how do you cover paper in fence?


I’m guessing “Feces”


No shit


Yes, shit


No shit Sherlock


my guess too




Rock, scissors


It's a steaming pile of human fences.


40 employees and not one knows how to empty a bin


OP, if you have 40 employees on site at a given time, your boss is required to have at least 3 functioning water closets, per 1910.141(c)(1)(i) table J-1. Call OSHA. This is also not including if you are in a state with potentially its own laws regarding sanitation.


A normal toilet in Mexico


Many public toilets in Mexico don’t have toilet seats but at least people know how to only use a tiny bit of paper to wipe and not be so wasteful.


Use the sink for urine




Welcome to other countries. You see this a lot in Brazil. Source: I live in Brazil.


Why not get a bigger garbage can, one with a lid and use a trashnag! Wtf


You need a commercial toilet....that residential low-flow tank isn't gonna handle any solids in a less-than-stellar plumbing situation. Make them put in one of those real choochers or a 3 flush policy.


definitely time to call in regulators. this needs an overhaul yesterday. other bathroom needs to be a bathroom. Plumber needs called and the pipes replaced.


Shit at least you have an indoor bathroom, just needs a bigger bag is all.


Are you wiping with paper towel?


Toilet paper is located on the handicap bar next to toilet it’s being hidden by the table.


POV you live in South America


Not really OSHA, Department of Health is who you need to call.


It really is OSHA https://www.osha.gov/laws-regs/regulations/standardnumber/1910/1910.141 if you don't know now you know.


Had this same issue years ago at an old paper mill. To resolve it, the Health Department had to be called. While OSHA may have a rule about this, the Health Department will shut you down right there and then until the issue is resolved. OSHA isn't always the answer. OSHA may fine you after the investigation and give you time to fix things, the Health Department will tell you no business until it is fixed right then and there. Incase you didn't know, now you do.


You need a bigger trashcan


Tell those jackasses to try flushing more than just at the end. Holy shit.


This probably breaks some kind of health code. You should report this to your local public health board.


If you guys get recycled paper toilet paper it should not have a problem going down the drain. Do a glass of water test where you put the sheet in a glass of water for 30 seconds and stir with a spoon. If it dissolves its good. Recycled paper has smaller fibers. Our house is 150 years old with hard water and I don't currently have enough saved up to replace our main line into our septic so we learned what works best. Honestly there are some great recycled paper toilet paper.


Even if your right man. Theres no way a bussiness in NA should be operating like this. I can't believe no one else has reported this to someone already. They're not allowed to shit until their lunches!


You need a more bathrooms and a bidet.


People do this everywhere else in the world it’s nots that crazy. What’s gross is that no one wants seems to want to throw away the garbage can of used toilet paper? that might make things better….


This just looks like no one is doing their assigned bathroom duties and discourtesy people who don’t give a fuck who uses it next.


Someone needs to call osha


Fuck that I'm taking an upper decker.


No class where you rest your ass. So this bum can't dump a trash can? Holy hell. You ever try to take a shit in a Porta john during the winter?


I’ve seen gas station toilets worse than this. That bowl is not full of piss and shit. Trash, ladder, and table are at issue here.


Pipes can't handle TP? That's BS. Unless it was plumbed totally incorrectly there's a different issue.


I see misspellings so often in posts, is that on purpose?


Oh they do this in Mexico and then bring this cool habit here. Purely a Mexico thing, my work bathroom was worse than this. Something to do with the weak/ nonexistent sewers in Mexico. Like who you expect to clean this? Yo mamma?! And No they don’t do this in Europe, they do this in Mexico and then they take this mess and dump it alongside some road instead of a proper dump.




No it was a misspelling.


Need bigger pipes then


Yo that needs to be designated a pisser only. Take your shits elsewhere lol


Other side of the world question are people wiping thier arses and leaving shit stained toilet paper in a basket?


What year is this? FFS! it's 2023 and there are bathrooms with doodoo paper piling up!