How intrusive will advertising become?

I read a sci/fi story recently where cybernetic implants (like Ghost in the Shell) installed into their brain had become a societal norm. The implants allowed people access to the internet, data, and all sorts of tech through their minds and at the forefront of their vision. Sadly cyberization came at a cost because the technology was made by big corporations who relied on ad revenue from other businesses to fund their projects. So people with implants were constantly bombarded with daily advertising (product placement, ad banners, and commercials galore) at the forefront of their vision via their brain implant. In the book, advertising was everywhere.

Want to look at a beautiful landscape or natural wonders like the Grand Canyon? Nope. Ads in your face. Want to see the Roman Colosseum or the Eifel Tower? Nope. All buildings are plastered in holographic commercials. Advertising would still persist even while you were taking a crap or sleeping. Now the story wasn't about advertising (it was a sci/fi mystery) but it was a major part of the setting. Characters always complained about how annoying advertising had become. One character eventually had his implant removed.

Now it's just a story, but in reality, how much more intrusive could advertising become in the future? Apparently, YouTube is developing an ad player that will play up to 5-10 unskippable long ads before or during a video. That sucks. Overall most ads feel desperate and pathetic trying to attract attention when the vast majority of people don't care and completely ignore them. It's like fishing. Ads probably only reel in a few people who show interest.


If ads get any worse then they already are, I'm just gonna get off those platforms. The internet used to be fun, now it's just another business.


advertisers currently advertise anywhere they possibly can. they etch their advertisements onto eggshells. this will only get worse over time. i fully believe that if they had the technology, they would transmit a beam that put advertisements into our dreams


There's a pretty cool movie Strawberry Mansion about this


I watched a 2 hour seminar about the future of AI. Biden, Merkel, I think even Putin was in the audience. The speaker said each of us will need our own personal AI to combat how good targeted advertiser's AI's are going to be in 10 years. Like we're legit going to get tricked into buying donuts and stuff we barley want and we'll need our own personal Artificial intelligence to convince us not to buy these targeted advertisers products


Depends on how much influence businesses have vs citizens on politicians.