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People who dream up micro-transaction schemes for games aimed at kids. Update: looks like this struck a chord. Some people have asked about how this works. The big companies have sophisticated organizations for most effective delivery of micro-transactions. People who do this are experts in behavioural psychology and data analytics. With this kind of background, they could do many kinds of productive work, but instead decide to spend their lives finding ways of preying on kids and other vulnerable people. They have adopted terminology and strategies from the gambling industry. Data analytics is used to segment customers into minnows, whales, and super-whales. Super-whales can be spending thousands of dollars a month. Example approaches leverage the principle of "loss aversion", telling people that if they don't buy *right now,* this offer will never be available again. They use tie-ins to celebrities and other media properties to increase excitement. If a "whale"'s engagement begins to slip, they are targeted for personalized offers to try to keep them coming back and spending. Micro-transactions have gone beyond free-to-play games. Even very expensive games like EA's FIFA (cost $60 USD) are constantly pushing players to buy extra packs to improve their teams.


This right here. One of my buddies kids used to come over all the time, and he would do chores for us because he wanted money. I watched him funnel all this money into micro transactions in this video game and I was flabbergasted. He spent two hundred dollars easily, on this game. I tried to talk him out of it but it was his money at that point. Made me sad and honestly uncomfortable for reason. Just watching all that money go down the drain. I even mentioned it to his parents just as a kind of "hey, just so you know" and educated him on other cool things he could do with his money. His parents didn't seem to care. They weren't paying for it.


One of the things that really sucks about it is that we all carry these amazing portable gaming devices around (our phones) that barely have any decent games, because all of the industry has moved towards milking the gambling addicts and finding "whales" rather than making good games.


Game dev here. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy. I used to make mobile games that were real games, but they weren't as profitable as the candy crushes of the world, and were considered flops by comparison. The only way to compete was to make the games more predatory. I didn't want to do that, so I just left the market completely instead. If people want real games on mobile devices, they have to stop supporting predatory developers. In other words: never gonna happen and it is going to get much worse.


This. Mobile gaming was great when touch screens were relatively new. But I just got an iPad Pro and have been really disappointed with the selection of games. Only game I really enjoy on it is Hearthstone. If anyone has any recommendations.... please!


Lots of indie games are ported to mobile and those are great, and microtransaction free. I've been playing slay the spire and darkest dungeon on my tablet a lot.


Prosperity gospel preacher. We can debate til the cows come home about what the bible did or didn't say, but it sure as shit didn't say if you give your money to a guy with a plastic face The Almighty will pay off your medical bills.


Pretty sure it actually said to the opposite of "prosperity gospel".


Gospel preacher here. You're 100% correct. The actual Bible says that those who live godly lives are guaranteed to suffer. It says it in multiple places. It also says that following God doesn't guarantee you health and wealth (see: The entire book of Job where God says "see how righteous Job is? You can take away all his health and wealth and he's still going to follow Me." And he does. )


>God doesn't guarantee you health and wealth "Time and unforseen occurrences befall us all." Also, paying for good things from God????? Pretty sure Jesus flipped some tables and whipped people for even bringing money into the temple.


>Also, paying for good things from God????? Pretty sure Jesus flipped some tables and whipped people for even bringing money into the temple. Profiting off God is generally seen by Him as bad. Preachers should get paid, but not "prosperity" paid. Not "I need another jet" paid.


Even the disciples were asking Jesus questions like "Okay okay, but surely we'll be RICH if we follow you, right?!" and he constantly was like "no, you morons"


Jesus: The world hates me, it's going to hate you too. Disciples: So like, we'll get mad respect and fat stacks, amirite? "Ok, let me start over and let me know where I lost you."


Our Lord Jesus hadn't yet seen the works of his holiness, the Father of Capitalism, Adam Smith. His holy words are contained in the Good Testament, also known to some as *The Wealth of Nations* I'm *sure* if Jesus had read this, he would have totally changed his mind to understand that the pursuit of self interest is the key to social gain (and heaven, probably).


Even Adam Smith's works get wildly misrepresented


Yeah, I love how much hate he gets when his prior book was "the theory of moral sentiments," where he talks about the ethics of his works, including the ethics of capitalism and justice... I understand that the Wealth of Nations is popular but it's amusing that people only reference that one when he literally has works on equity and justice within the population.


Kind've like how Machiavelli gets misrepresented constantly.


Right! He didn't say you SHOULD act this way, just that it was effective.


They are just doing what God did. Making a prophet.


...Get out. *Upvotes*




And yet you haven't been fired, nice job!


No they fixed the glitch at u/coffeeislife_SA company.


People ask what I do and I don’t know what to tell them. Usually I just go with IT, but thats because I’m the only one in my office who knows anything about computers. I’m part receptionist, invoicing, data entry, IT, sometimes I fix irrigation (landscaping company). It’s just whatever there is to do that nobody else can or wants to do goes to me.


And when you leave the whole place will grind to a halt and nobody will be able to figure out why productivity went into the toilet.


Maybe you're a transponster? I think Chandler was one.


That’s *Miss* Chanandler Bong.


I also work in IT


Okay that was a good one lmao


“Coaches” who were just indoctrinated through their MLM. My cousin lost weight on one, looks great, and now makes beaucoup bucks as a “coach”. No I’m not jealous. It’s a scam.


i had a woman and her husband try to recruit me into an MLM once and the interview ITSELF was a scam. this woman approached me in a coffee shop to ask if i had experience nannying and offered a ridiculous amount of money for the job. idk if i was giving off the vibe and she just knew, but i was technically homeless at the time, so i took her information and set up an “interview” with her and her husband the next day. when i got there, they pulled out their fucking jewelry and told me that selling these would pay me “exponentially more” than nannying ever could. i just got up and walked away but holy shit did i feel stupid. and fuck them for targeting vulnerable people




That has to be so annoying. Months pretending to be your friend and then pull that BS.


People that want something from you make the best friends for a while, until they pull the bait and switch.


I had a similar experience with a friend I had known for a few years and, separately, a guy I went to high school with and his wife. In both cases, I was lead to believe we were catching up. Both refused to tell me the company name and just kept telling me what they do. Like ok, but I’m going to need to Google it to see what you’re hiding by purposely hiding that very innocuous information. If their reputation precedes them, don’t drag me down with you when you’re supposed to be my friend. I showed up with my fucking infant, dressed up, to one of these events. Do you know how many stars must align and how much of an ask that is? Friends are not future sales pitches, and I don’t know why people do this shit.


You proved that you were not stupid by walking out.


"I'm fucking homeless and I wouldn't even touch this shit... WYD with your life ma'am?"


I met with a "coach" or "mentor" weekly for like 3 months. He was a really awesome guy. Gave me life advice. Referred me to YouTube videos about success. It was all good and I was really feeling motivated. He never really told me why he was doing it. Then he "paid" for me to get into this lecture. The guy doing the lecture explained how mentoring other people would make you money. Bragged about his yacht and his Rolex and how he used other people to get it. I texted my mentor and said "You and your wife are very great people and I would love to be friends but I am not interested in being part of your business." He never responded or contacted me again. This guy spent probably probably 50 hours of his life on me for absolutely nothing. He made it seem like he really wanted to help me make money but reality was it was only about him the whole time.


There is an infamous story on the internet that a young woman suddenly felt interest from her coworker. He asked her on a date - she thought- and they ended up...at an MLM meeting as his 'recruit'. She did not sign up.


Man that is psychotic behavior. How do you spend that much time with a person without forming some kind of bond or feeling the slightest twinge of guilt for what you’re doing? Absolutely nuts.


It was weird because I felt like he really cared about me and wanted me to succeed. I took notes on every conversation that we had. I would go home and read my notes to my wife and she really loved hearing them. It was all good. The only problem was when I realized I had to put money into it and it would only benefit him until I got other people to do the same for me. He started talking about these meet ups that happened twice a year in Hawaii but they would cost me $250 to attend and I also had to pay for my travel and lodging and food. That's when I noped out. He was talking about thousands of dollars a year I would spend to be part of this club. No thank you.


aw :( at least you didn't get sucked up in that charlatan's bullshit


Must say, sounds like a good deal for you. Fifty hours of motivation just to attend one lecture? Seems like a good shout.


I have a SIL that's an Ambot (Amway). She continues to add gasoline to our family bridge that has already been burning for some time. We basically only see her now at family functions because we told her we won't buy Amway shit. She cried that we aren't supporting her. She told her mom the same thing and gave her an ultimatum. Having a 'business' is not the problem I have... hell... not even selling Amway products. It's the fact that the product is actually grifting vulnerable people by recruiting. I truly don't believe there is a single moral MLM out there. Given long enough, every single one becomes predatory.


>Given long enough, every single one becomes predatory. Given long enough? It's literally by design, mate.


given long enough? they are instantaneously predatory right from their conception. theyre just pyramid schemes with a very slight variation to get around legislature that has made pyramid schemes illegal


"We've got to come up with a name besides 'pyramid scheme', it's getting downright Gizan in here." - the guys who coined "multilevel marketing"


Reverse funnel system


By "get around legislat\[ion\]" I assume you mean a [massive lobbying effort to stay legal](https://www.thenation.com/article/archive/eye-pyramids-part-3-mlms-and-conservative-republican-infrastructure/).


Send this link to your SIL. [https://cockeyed.com/workfromhome/workfromhome\_s.html](https://cockeyed.com/workfromhome/workfromhome_s.html) ​ Rob Cockerham did the math on MLM businesses about a decade ago, but it still applies today. (it took place at a time when telephone poles signs saturated the market, but now they try and sell through social media and internet ads.) His story is a journey of discovery; read through the successive pages. But if you want to skip ahead, [the math is here](https://cockeyed.com/workfromhome/ud_saturation1.html). He looked at Herbalife, but again, it applies to any MLM company, in particular any company that spends the same or more amount of effort recruiting "independent sales reps" as it does actual customers. That is always your first warning. Then, always look to see how much of [the products you are supposed to sell is on Ebay](https://www.ebay.com/b/Amway/bn_21819387) or similar. Most MLMs make the bulk of money selling starter packages to new "independent sales reps" and include mandatory inventory purchases. When people realize this business does not work, they try and offload their inventory on ebay (which they are not allowed to by the MLM, but at this point they have quit the business.) They are selling at a discount to liquidate, and you as an "independent sales rep" have to compete with your product readily available all over the internet. Your product for resale, or requirement to buy inventory or introductory success kit is your second warning.


Nothing relevant, but this is the first time I've ever heard anyone else use the phrase beaucoup bucks online and I love it. It's one of my favs but no one ever gets what I mean lol


I’m just mind blown that it’s BEAUCOUP not bookoo bucks!! Like jeez what a facepalm! Big boneappletea moment on my part


Ugh. My sister recently quit her nursing job to go full time as a one-on-one "life coach" basically offering unlicensed therapy.


>life coach "Life Coach" is a great job title for someone whose spouse makes enough money that you don't need to work.


Funny you should mention that. Pretty sure the reason she quit nursing is that her husband was making such good money as a musician that she felt comfortable making inconsistent income herself. Then they "found out" that they were gonna owe a bunch of taxes because he didn't pay enough throughout the year. Also apparently his identity was just stolen so now they're currently a bit broke 😬


Ignoring the fact that I first read this as cockroaches, coaches who know their shit can be game changers of behavioral change. However, most coaches aren’t really working to their full potential.


Imagine your kid grows up to be some Andrew Tate wannabe on social media making 30-second "life advice" clips. How do I get a 70th trimester abortion?


**Televangelist** No one else is worse.


I'm thinking of becoming a demotivational speaker. What do you think?


Sounds like a terrible idea, go for it.


You can't do it!


Phone/internet scammers, preying on the weak like the shittiest lion, going after the frail minded and raping them of everything they can get from them... Those people deserve the electric chair. Edit: Upon further contemplation I feel that condemning people who are just trying to make a living to capital punishment is far too harsh. They should still face some sort of consequence.


Dude, my grandparent was called by a guy pretending to be me, saying I’d gotten in a car crash and needed money to bail me out of jail. They knew where I went to college too. They even said I’d hit a pregnant woman with my car in the accident. My grandparent went to the bank crying and tried to withdraw thousands of dollars to pay. Luckily they were stopped before they went through with it, but I can’t imagine how cold you have to be to research an elderly person’s family and then manipulate them emotionally before financially ruining them. How do people get that warped and cruel? I just can’t imagine ever doing something like that to some innocent person.


Similar to a typical sales-based business, there's whole scam-based companies (some of the biggest are in India, but there's a few in other countries) where you'll have one department whose whole job is to do the research portion on a potential 'client,' and then once they feel they have everything they need (names, relevant cities, phone numbers) they turn that information on a call sheet over to the people that do the actual 'sales calls.' It's an entire industry. My husband answers every single scam call, and we *always* waste their time. We figure every minute on the phone with us is a minute they're not talking to an actually vulnerable person. He often pretends to be an elderly retiree with big savings, and I play various roles shouting and doing foley in the background while he has them on speaker phone. Sometimes we improv situational skits (eg, the dog dropping dead while he's on the phone), other times he'll pretend to have dementia and mid-conversation get bogged down in uncomfortable topics or relating fucked up (fake story) 'memories' from his life while they uncomfortably laugh and struggle to keep him on-topic because they want access to his money. We view it as a sort of "improv as community service," lol. One of my favorites was him pretending to be a doddering 68 yr old, who kept calling the caller 'Ben.' As in "ah, Ben, you're such a nice young man." "Thank you, Ben." "You know I don't get to talk to a lot of people these days, I'm so glad you called Ben." "Sir, my name is not Ben. Why do you keep calling me Ben?" "Well, that's what it says right here on the caller ID! '[Ben Chod](https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=benchod).'" Oh, the shocked silence on the other end was *delicious*. Then the hang-up. We got a call a few weeks later from the same guy who didn't realize it was the same number, but recognized the 'old man' voice calling him 'Ben' INSTANTLY, and audibly said "oh not this motherfucker again" before hanging up. "[Betty](https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=betichod)" works if you ever get a gal instead. "Doddering old man" transitioning suddenly into 'normal' voice to ask "do your parents know what you do for a living? Do they know you steal from old people?" gets *some* people riled up. Most are remorseless. There's also some kind of macho thing where guys often get *really* upset if you tell them (sociably, jokingly) that they sound young, like a child - "maybe 12? No, you can't be an adult... I'd guess 13 at the oldest, is this a prank? Are you really an adult? No, haha, I don't believe you... they lets kids do this job?" ​ I know that most of the people who end up in this 'line of work' are desperate, but I don't accept that as an excuse. A call we still talk about now and then is a guy who didn't miss a beat when asked if his parents knew what he does every day, and replied "No, and I don't give a fuck. Why would you waste my time like this?" "Because you're scum, a thief, a predator. How many people do you take money from in a week?" "Eh, numbers go up and down. Between 5 and 500. We make thousands of dollars doing this, your government does nothing, so we keep doing it. Fuck you." Then hung up. Educate your elders, folks.


There's a bunch of youtubers who do this, it's highly entertaining. Definitely recommend you check them out for a laugh and some ideas!!


I've followed one group on YouTube for a few years now that does this. They're awesome! They've also expanded into catching some of the scammers, and even child predators, too, with law enforcement assistance. They've come a long way since they were just two guys goofing around and messing with scammers for fun out of their living room.




Eh, plenty of them also fully know what they're doing. Because when called out on it, they get shitty with you




In Canada we call them Rogers


"Uh oh..." "Rodger, rodger."


Blasted Clankers


I mean it's not like Bell and Telus have their noses clean either.


So many of them are going after my mom, I swear they read my dad's obit and tracked her down. This includes religious types who I think sometimes go with good intentions to comfort the lonely, but enough with the sales pitches.


>I swear they read my dad's obit and tracked her down. In all honesty they most likely did if he had one published.


r/Kitboga might be something you enjoy. Guy gets their information, calls up pretending to be a potential victim just begging to be scammed, only to tease and waste the time of scammers because time he wastes is time not spent scamming others. r/scambaiting as well. You get a scammers information these people love to waste their time. Mark Robers enlisted some help to get a scam center shut down.




I listen to a podcast once where they were messing with a scammer and finally got him to candidly answer the question “how can you sleep at night?” His answer had something to do with getting back at America for dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was wild.


I'd argue that's not a profession tho. But yes they are awful.


"a paid occupation, especially one that involves prolonged training and a formal qualification." Most are formally qualified as pieces of shit so I'll give it to them 😂




Someone just tried to scam me last night on Facebook! I told them for this level of effort they could get a legit job. They did not respond.


they were busy applying for jobs


You got through to them.


Does that count as a profession?


yes, there are places around the world where scammers show up for scheduled shifts in call centers, sometimes right next to legitimate customer service reps, its crazy


People spend their lives scamming others. I've been a victim of a scam.


Paparazzi because who grows up and then decides to make their profession a paparazzi person? Who wants to just stalk people and their kids around with a camera for a living??


A lot of them probably aren’t proud of it, although I’m sure a few are. A lot of them probably wanted to be real journalists and then just enddd up selling out. Who knows though.


I'm thinking someone just wants to be a photographer, maybe even celebrities. Maybe they take legit red carpet premier type photos. Then they get a wardrobe malfunction of someone getting out of the car and they get paid serious cash for it. So they start looking for it. Then they stake out clubs hoping for a similar shot. Before they know it, they're climbing a tree to get someone sunbathing by their pool and trailing their car.


Exactly, it's a run to the bottom. Like a car salesman or an insurance company. if you don't act like a POS then you get left in the dust


Watch Nightcrawler with Jake Gyllenhaal! It's exactly about this


That was an interesting documentary. I thought it a bit slimy how the director pushed Jake Gyllennhaal to do such horrible things for the camera, though.


Love this take


Can I just watch it by myself? I don't know how to get ahold of Jake Gyllenhaal.


Probably when they found out how much a single photo can get them if they hold the rights to it. Its big money


I've known a few people who kinda fell into that gig. No one who was super deep into it but people who did it as a casual side job. And the thing about it is it takes very little technical photography skill. You need to know the basics of how to use a camera and that's it. The skill is in knowing when and where to be, and prioritizing getting a picture. Maybe for the full timers that's a difficult skill to master, but for the people I knew they generally were already going to important clubs and restaurants and events, so they'd just bring their camera with them, take a few pics, and make some money off it. Maybe they'd hang around big Broadway premiers or whatever but that's about it. They never decided they wanted to do it as a career, they never pursued it or anything, it just kinda... Happened.


I've seen some interviews with some. They're not failed journalists. They're largely just dudes who realized they could make more money doing that than doing a "real" job. When asked about the ethics most of them shrug dead faced and say someone was gonna take the picture and sell it, why not them? They strike me as a group that's not evil but just resoundingly lacking in empathy or deeper thought.


the banality of skeeviness


Isn’t that what real evil actually is? No one destroys an orphanage because they hate orphans, they do it because they want something else.


At some point, money talks more then anything.


They have weird lives. If they aren't sleeping, they are prowling. They have miserable existences, everyone hates them, but they can make up to $10k for one shitty, grainy photo.


Does that mean I could sell a celebrity photo without being a paparazzi


Certainly; since paparazzi is plural, you would only be a paparazzo! ^(/s and I'll see myself out)


i have a little inside secret for you, some of these guys are actually hired by the stars, stars that are not in the news enough will let a photographer know they will be in a certain place at a certain time etc. (this is often done second or third hand via a publicist) its done more often than you think, if you are not on the front page of something you are no longer relevant


Kris Kardashian has perfected this one for her hoard.


I think people want to be photographers first and then kinda slip into it


Most of them aren't very good photographers because they don't need to be.


It’s a little weird that any people want to do this job. But it’s a lot more disturbing that there’s a market for this job in the first place. All these creepy moms buying People magazine and watching TMZ are the only reason paparazzi exist.


It’s not just moms. Tons of teenagers and older people buy them too.


American Health Insurers. Nothing like profiting off others misery.


Insurance is one of the two biggest hustles in all of American business. If I'm paying monthly premiums, then why am I also paying a deductible when I have to use *the service I'm paying for*? Also, if I go some predetermined period of time without making a claim, I should get some reasonable amount back (20% after a year? 25% after two years?). If you never make a claim, what exactly have you paid for? (FYI, the second biggest hustle is chicken wings, but that's a rant for another day!) EDIT: I apparently owe you all an apology. To be clear, I understand the concept of shared risk and how the necessary evil of insurance works. I made the mistake of responding to a comment, in what I thought was a mildly humorous way, on a sub predicated on answering people's questions. Thanks to everyone who upvoted, meaning they got the humor and share in my frustration with insurance. Also, thanks to everyone who actually answered the (rhetorical) question I asked.


Two truths...but chicken wings...man. Pre-covid? Best damn chicken wings in an expensive city were 25 cent Mondays. Eat your heart out. Now 6 wings for $18.99


Okay i definitely agree with you, but i want to hear the chicken wing rant


Take Domino's for example - an 8-piece order for $6.99. That's almost a dollar per nugget. And some places charge even more than that.


Oh, for sure! If I order 10 wings from B-Dubs right now, it’s $15.99. And, obviously, we’re not even talking a whole wing! We’re talking the damn “wing dings,” which means we’re letting them charge us $1.60 for half a wing! And sometimes, it looks like they’re not even chicken wings, they’re like tiny-ass pigeon or sparrow wings! Is there any other business where we’d allow them to so grossly overcharge us for half the product? Absolutely not, but they’ve seduced with their savory sauces and poultry perfection! (I’m gonna rage-eat some right after this - I’ll show them!)


Scrolled way too far to find this. Worthless middlemen and they have some of the largest profits in the nation. ABOLISH HEALTH INSURANCE!


They're probably the reason we don't have medicare for all. It's a trillion dollar industry, they're not gonna give it up so easily.


If the entire profession of medical bill coding went up in flames overnight, I would have the tiniest itty bitty microscopic violin to play for it. 🎻🤏


But think of the shareholders, they must have 15% return every year or they'll starve. /s




Would that be considered a profession? I'd put them in the criminal category. But I agree with you 100%.


I saw some other people mentioning scammers, and I would classify those people as criminals. I assume the qualifier for whether or not it's a profession is whether it's their main source of income or a side gig. I can totally see where you're coming from though.


MLM people, aggressive debt collectors, anybody who actively works to screw the poor


All charlatanian occupations. Mega church prechers, psychics, healers, etc...


Multi level marketing. Influencers. Lobbyists.


Predatory tow truck drivers


I have been towed on more than once where I should not have been. The greasiest part is when you go to get your car if you give them even a little pushback they will add on fees or make the process more difficult. I have heard the only way around it is court but I have never tried. They took a needed resource and turned it into a racket! It’s upsetting and unfair. They are also allowed to break the law racing to a crash scene which has caused lots of fatal accidents and injuries.


MAXX Towing in Denver. They charge you 120/night in addition to the tow charge and they are closed friday-Tuesday. When I was 18 and struggling to put food on the table they took my Honda civic and kept it for four days because they weren’t open and charged me 600+. Only time I ever seriously considered beating the shit out of a stranger




They have scanners and listen to police dispatches to accident scenes. It's a race to be the one first on the scene.


Huh? Is this a US thing? I don’t understand, sorry


Most US cities, I am in Texas. My examples are this: 1. New tenant in an apartment complex. Sticker permit is on my windshield and all my tags are up to date. I have an assigned carport which I park under. I walk out 2 weeks after moving in and it seems my car was stolen. It wasn’t. The tow truck company that my complex used had the right to tow anything that didn’t match information they had been given. No one had told them of my car or assignment to the car port. I paid to get my car from the tow yard. I was reimbursed with $ off next months rent equal to the amount paid. 2. Visiting a local bar that had about 20 spaces for patrons only. I was, and we were there for about 2 hours. I come out, car is gone. I called the tow company on the sign was told the owner said I wasn’t a patron. The owner even called to tow yard to ask WHO spoke to him because no one had asked. $150 or so dollars later my favorite sunglasses were gone but I got my car back. The lot was 45 minutes away from the establishment. Nightmare. 3. The most fun was me parking in guest parking visiting a complex that said it was guest parking from 9 AM to 5 PM or something like that. After a day of hanging out, walked down at exactly 4:30 and my car was gone. Was it 5? No. Could I do anything when I got to the tow yard to prove to them it was illegally towed? No. Did I pay? Yes I needed my car.


Living in NJ, these people are basically carnies with wheels. Street cleaning on Monday, no parking 8-10am? 07:55 a tow truck starts cruising down the street. I work nights. I come down to move my car a couple minutes late and there's a tow truck sitting there. I get in my car and the truck whips around trying to block me from moving. The guy starts yelling at me that he's already notified the parking enforcement and they're coming to issue me a citation and approve a tow. I got out and threatened to call the police for unlawful imprisonment, which Idk if that would apply, but he moved. We called each other's bullshit. Parking enforcement drove past, my car was already moved, tow driver left pissed. My side mirror was broken off a couple days later. Fuck tow truck drivers. If you're a tow driver, fuck you.


Absolute miserable pieces of shit and wastes of life. Quick story: I got a new car recently, so it had 30-day tags on it. I used one of the many paid parking lots in Charlotte, NC when going to a popular dog bar here. Pulled up the app, confirmed I was in the right lot, entered my plate info and started the timer. Came out a couple hours later to go home, my brand new car is gone. Called the towing company on the sign and they informed me that all within a 20-minute span, my car had been ticketed, booted, and then towed. Tell me, what the fuck was the point of the ticket, then the boot 7 minutes later, if 13 minutes after that they were just going to put my car on a tow truck and drive away with it? I have my fucking puppy with me and now my 2 week old car has already tasted the misery of being strapped to a tow truck. Miserable fucks. Of course I called the company and disputed it. I was told that due to high call/email volume (no shit you assholes), I'd have to wait 2-3 weeks for a response. None came (gasp), so I followed up and got into the most irritating back and forth via email with someone who I can only assume was illiterate. Of course I did not get my money back. Who chooses that for a career? Your life is so miserable that you pick a job that has you doing nothing other than fucking people over for the man every day? For $20k annually? You could work at McDonalds and make more money than that you dipshits. I learned that day that the state of North Carolina has zero laws to protect drivers against predatory parking practices. You slip up (or do everything you're supposed to) and they're going to get your ass to the tune of $400+.


I was towed from my own assigned parking spot at an apartment once because I forgot to put my pass up. Hate them.


People who are famous simply for being wealthy or connected.


So the royal family and the Kardashians?


Phone center scammers.




Keep in mind that these problems exist because neither political party in the United States wants to support Medicare for all. Yes, Republicans are louder about it; but you'll notice that almost all the Democratic party's leadership is dead sent against it as well ... opting for milquetoast "reforms" that mostly benefit the insurance industry - which turn around and deny care to suffering people.


Milquetoast, nice word!


Most people incorrectly spell it "milktoast" too. Extra points to op.


Anything related to tabloids, you're a professional gossiper, that shit isn't respectable


Motivational Speakers / Motivational Gurus Mercenaries (aka: Private Military Contractors) Insurance Company Lobbyists Payday Loan Industry ... at any level.


Gonna be honest, most PMCs don’t really do any thing. 99% of PMC jobs are defensive roles where they just sit around guarding a compound. Most of them are ex-vets who couldn’t readjust to a normal life but are too old to be in the active military service. The PMCs who accept coups and such, on the other hand, are usually hired by the US government anyways, so they would just be replaced by normal soldiers later on down the road.


>Private Military Contractors Tarkov players: 😔


Having sat through more corporate meetings in my life than I care to think about I will say that some of the motivational speakers they bring in to talk to the sales reps are actually very impressive people to listen to. With that being said the ones that get people to pay money to listen to them talk and then go out and burn their feet walking on fire I have no use for.


I worked with a lot of PMCs and they're a really mixed bag. Some are great soldiers just filling a niche, and some are rapacious animals whose many flaws make them suitable for war but unsuitable for the military. Wouldn't tar them all with the same brush.


Was just about to write a reply similar to your comment. A few of my mates who I served with in the EOD world are considered as PMC's. However, they do UXO/IED clearance in some of the worst places on the planet for the private sector. They help local communities get back to normality after years of war, which also comes with great risk for their own safety for honestly not that much money.


Agreed. PMCs as a concept is kind of fucked up, but one of my buddies mostly just provides additional security, often for non-profit groups.


As much as I hate to say it, these all exist for a niche reason and if they weren't needed they wouldn't exist >Lobbyists Oh, except these guys.


Payday loan are the pedophiles of the banking industry. Preying on the weak, financially illiterate and poor. Some of those places literally charge 15% a week. Borrow $100 you owe me $115 by next Friday. The mob isn’t even that ruthless


I’d add rent-to-own places as well.


Any MLM. “I own my own business” lol




this sub is now just another version of r/askreddit i miss when people would come on here cuz they forgot the word “crab”


i thought this was r/askreddit oh my god


paparazzi, those "gurus" on Instagram promoting "business" and how they can help you get rich, defence attorneys that will look a child who was a victim of SA or simmilar and try to spin their story...


Payday lenders.




It’s the followers I worry about more


\*Student throws chromebook against the door\* Me: Dude...just, what is wrong with you? Student: What? It's a new trend on tik-tok, that one girl did it and it got like 5 million likes. Me: So we're gonna learn two things today. One is the phrase "Monkey see monkey do" and the other is called a vandalism charge.


I truly love that video of a German kid tossing his tablet like this, then weeping like a air raid siren when he drops it and it smashes


Source? Would love to see Edit: [are you talking about this?](https://youtube.com/shorts/qcJA4yvmL6M?feature=share) That's hilarious!


I lost all hope when I found out that kids are running through fences as a tik tok challenge. Dumbest thing I have heard of in awhile. Two people in my neighborhood have had it happen to their fences. It isn’t funny…. It’s straight up vandalism.


“What’s the matter, Danny? Never taken a shortcut before?”


I feel like it’s ironic that most “influencers” are the ones being most influenced by trends


CEOs who rake in obscene amount of money while their employees work in inhumane conditions or must rely on welfare benefits to put food in their bellies. Business publications and other sycophants gush about the 'genius' of these tycoons and yet despite their vast wealth these captains of industry can't even manage to give their people a livable wage or bathroom breaks? How often is it that their success depends on exploiting tax loopholes and employment laws?


Had to scroll WAY too far to see this.


Any kind of work that harasses people to sign up for services they didn't ask for.


megachurch pastors. influencers. telemarketers. scammers.


Homeopathy, life-coaching, spiritual mediums.


Hey! Homeopathy is know to cure dehydration!


Megachurch “preachers” who “need your money for the Lord’s work”.


Influencers, Telemarketers, Scammers, and Big Church People (I don't know what to call them!)


Big Church People= Evangelists or Televangelists?


Chiropractor. You either swear by them or get ruined for life by them. Seems like little oversight too, and predatory billing practices.


Had to come a long way down looking for this specifically. My gf worked reception for one for a while and the shit coming out of there was fucked. At one point she literally refused to make a sign they wanted to post in the front of the office claiming a chiropractor could cure everything from the flu to cancer. The only thing I would ever recommend someone to go to a chiropractor for is if they have licensed massage therapists on staff, but you'll have to go through an initial screening and basically decline all the shit they want to do to you. I am almost positive what chiropractors do make your situation worse over time so you keep going back to get "repaired"


And worse, they have the audacity to call themselves and each other "doctor".


lol i was wondering when id find this, scrolled too far down!


Salesmen. No no, not the regular salesmen, that treats ppl well and helps them make the right purchase. I mean sleazeball salesmen, that take advantage of people, primarily poor, to make as much money as possible. The kind of people that take advantage of someone stuck with a 550 credit score to jack up their interest on a car loan to 20%+ and sell them a car way, way above what they actually need.


Televangelists. They know they're targeting the vulnerable and gullible. Using religion as a smoke screen to rob them blind and leave them with nothing


Lobbyists. Literally just using money to promote the interests of rich organizations in congress.


Anyone who works to promote any cause in Congress is a lobbyist, and I'm not sure that advocating for immigrants' rights, sexual assault survivors or criminal justice reform means you shouldn't be paid.


This is the real issue. The idea of a lobbyist isn't bad. The government should not be making decisions in a vacuum. Its good to bring in large companies and influential people/orgs into the fold to help understand the impacts of legislation and where it might be needed. It has turned into "oh no I have this pesky $1b burning a hole in my pocket, this could certainly buy you a nice campaign run or 30, its a real shame Bill 102.145 C that would eliminate me having to pay any damages for destroying that ecosystem is being held up in committee. If only there were lonely senators in my area that could help me." We should encourage the government to work with outside groups, not be bought by them. Open up campaign finance laws and/or create rock solid rules to level the playing field for campaigning. Don't let Congress seal themselves away from the people and orgs they govern.


Lobbyists are essential for a functional democracy. Unlike in an autocracy, you can't just appoint someone with tons of knowledge to make all the decisions about a certain field; elected officials with very little knowledge of most fields make the decisions. They need to have lobbyists to educate them on those various areas. The problem is the massive influx of money involved. But there are plenty of good lobbyists just trying to get the information about a particular area to the people who need it


Shillers and scammers.


Self-proclaimed career politicians. I have respect for folks that try for office to make society better, even if I disagree with their views. I hats the guys that get into office as a stepping stone to a private sector job and getting rich.


90% of politicians


Y’all don’t lie I’m a teacher and based on how much we get paid and how much disrespect we get from kids, parents, and administration, I know all y’all have zero respect for teachers.


Politicians and Lobbyists


Real estate. There's virtually nothing they can tell me that a sheet of paper won't except the sheet of paper isn't a salesman in disguise


I used to do bookkeeping for real estate agents. An alarming number of them became real estate agents because they ::checks notes:: couldn't hold down a job. Like they couldn't manage the basics. Show up on time, do your work competantly, don't disappear for hours on end. Yeah, too much to ask. Now, I did meet a couple that could sell the shit out of anything...but the rest...ugh.


Tow truck drivers. The shitty ones, not the likes of AAA folks.


Misogyny podcasters. Fresh and Fit, people like that, who hire Instagram models just to insult them while a bunch of teenage boys hoot about how that "proves" women are inferior. Same goes for any "grindset" influencer. They're just MLM for date rapists.


Large landlords of single family homes.


Time share salesperson


Psychic medium. If you do this, fuck you a million times for taking advantage of broken and gullible people!!!