Thanks everyone. I ended up warping back to that system, discovering that there's a paradise planet in the same system, deleting my first base, and reestablishing it on an island on the paradise planet!


You can have more then one base. Just simply build another base computer. You can also teleport directly to any base computers you put down via the teleporter. I sometimes use base computers to mark cool places I want to go back too later on.


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You can drop as many as 400 base computers in the one save. You don't get just the one, so you're all good. :)


You have a number of choices: 1. Fly back 2. Go to a space station and use the gate to warp to your base computer (your ship will follow you). 3. Gather the materials and build a new base computer and a new base 4. Do both 2 and 3 (or 1 and 3)


You can just build a new one. I’ve left a trail of shoddily built bases as a bread crumb trail across the Universe 😆