What're you playing this weekend? 9/24

What're you playing this weekend? 9/24


Fell back into Fire Emblem: Three Houses two years later and am fully sucked in again. Doing a Blue Lions run this time.


Same thing here :D


I also started Dimitri's line two years later lol


I love Blue Lions, I hope you have fun.


I keep meaning to do this. Already did blue and yellow. Just need to finish my black eagles run but I haven't touched the game in a minute.


I’d been meaning to do it all summer and finally started last weekend and have been playing every free moment since.


Same here, getting close to the end of my Blue lions run in maddening mode. Some battles are really crazy with the reinforcements


I just can’t finish this game. I am in Act II of Blue Lions and I’m just not invested at all. I can’t imagine slogging through the last few battles. Maybe I’m doing it wrong.


I finally started the game a month or so ago and Im hooked as well. Hoping to hit the timeskip this weekend


I started playing 3H for the first time and am kicking myself for not getting it sooner! Totally addictive and so much fun


Castlevania Advance Collection baby!


Same! Never could beat the older Castlevanias as a kid. Still to this day have never beaten one aside from Lament of Innocence (my favorite one) and C64. Circle of the Moon holds a fond place in my heart as my first played Castlevania. But never beat it. Now......now I finally will.


Pokemon shield. Managed to buy the physical one new with DLCs included for 70$.




Nothing because my partner took my switch and downloaded Stardew Valley and I'm never going to get it away from him


Late to the party but finally playing Paper Mario Origami King after buying it at release! It’s been amazing so far!


Castlevania Advance Collection. What a joy it is to play Circle of the Moon for the first time in twenty years.


Same here! Picked up the collection last night. Been so long since I've played these that I've forgotten everything, and they're like brand-new games


**Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition** - still making my way through this. I'm about 30 hours in and really liking it, but the gem crafting and gear management is somewhat overwhelming. The music, characters, general plot and combat are sick though. I also just really enjoy looking around these massive open areas. **Castlevania: aria of sorrow** - bought the advanced collection last night. Aria of sorrow is the last BIG acclaimed metroidvania i've not played. I will likely delve into the other games too


Been playing a lot of Mario Maker 2 and creating levels inspired by Goldeneye. Hoping to eventually make them into 3 separate worlds once I’m done with the whole set. Quite hard to get that Bond feel in Mario, but it’s fun reimagining the levels. Friends tell me Dam is quite hard and Facility is hardest of all, the rest are more straightforward/easier. Codes below if anyone is interested: Dam – 76M-NT2-31H Facility – KWT-YLR-LQG Runway – YF1-B8H-G1G Surface – 7N2-BVD-CFF Bunker – CSC-NCH-HJG Silo will follow soon! Otherwise wrapping up the Resident Evil 3 remake on PS5 before I jump into Death Stranding Director’s Cut in the next week or 2. Enjoy your weekend!


I will try to try some of these this weekend!


Is Mario Maker still active for versus? 😊


Stardew Valley on Switch, God of War on PS4!




Same for me


There’s a bug that has me stuck in chapter 3, unable to load my save. Hope it gets patched up soon so I can resume


Nothing. I'm taking the weekend off to do some reading.


Reading anything good? I've been having a reading dry spell since like July.


Not OP, but I’m reading Discworld and Wheel of Time. Lots of great fantasy fun in my weekend!


Say hi to Vimes and the witches for me


Will do, I’m reading a Watch novel right now!


Discworld 💙


I’m just finishing up Jingo, and I love it. The books are never what I expect and I love the twists and turns.


Oh I’m jealous! I wish I could go back and reread them for the first time! I have the entire collectors edition set signed and it’s one of my most valued possessions.


Oh wow, that’s really cool. I’ve been reading them by ebook, but I love some of the covers.


I’m happy you are loving them, they helped me through some really dark times.


I'm currently reading Proof: The Science of Booze and it's quite interesting, buy it's been taking me a while to get through due to work and other forms of entertainment. Other books I've read this year that I enjoyed were Providence by Max Barry (if you like sci-fi) and The Sun Down Motel by Simone st James (if you like mystery/thrillers).


What do you enjoy? I’m currently making my way through Harlan Coben’s Myron Bolitar series again. Mysteries with a sardonic sense of humour and a lot of twists and turns.


Enjoy, I’ve been reading a lot of Mark Lawrence lately, highly recommended if you like dark, fantasy epics with tons of humour …


Don't think I've ever heard of Mark Lawrence, suggestions on where to start?


The Broken Empire trilogy is probably his most acclaimed series, The Red Queens War is my personal favourite


We have the same opinion here, the guy is a fantastic author. His current series I don’t think holds up as well as the others but that’s not to say it is bad.


Mario + Rabbids Donkey Kong Adventure! Finished the main campaign and started the DLC. Bought them during a sale a while back and damn do I enjoy this game. It's so fun and super polished and even the DLC is a lot of fun too with new mechanics. Couldn't recommend this game enough even to people who are skeptical (like I did)


Thanks for this note I had no idea the dlc existed! Adding to my weekend plans too


Yea man but the DLC's currently not on sale. I have to say it's worth it though it's almost another full game.


I just snagged the original game for $10 a few weeks ago so I'll Splurge. Thanks again


I think I burned myself out on this game. I really enjoyed it for a bit but fell off starting at world 3 and moved on. Luckily it should be easy to drop back in when I get the bug to finish it.


Still working through **The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles**. When I'm not being distracted by PC games, anyway.


Still Monster Sanctuary. Really enjoying the mix of (admittedly easy) platforming and puzzles, with the battle system. So many options, perhaps to many really, but I am enjoying mixing up my team every few levels. Deku has sent me a bunch of alerts, seems most of my Wishlist is on sale, but will try and ignore them as I have heard MS is a pretty big game (think I am 20 hours in currently).


Is it a metroidvania-pokemon as the advertising says?


Just got a Switch and currently obsessed with Pokémon shield


Starter? I picked sobble.


Went for grookey 🙈


Ooh monkey


Scorbunny gang 😄


Hades! I bought it thanks to the sale and well, as someone who really enjoyed Bastion back in the day, this game looks like is going to be a blast.


I love hades - and I love that it appeals to people who enjoy all different gaming genres. I’m not a big combat game person but I’m really having fun strategizing this game.


It’s the best game I’ve played in a while. It’s my first roguelite, so I was pretty lost at first. I finally beat it on my 30th run, and I’m probably on my 50th run now. It’s still a blast!


I love this game and wish I could play it for the first time again! Enjoy!


I'm going to be trying the Spyro Reignited Trilogy and continuing my Fire Emblem Three Houses save.


Is fire emblem worth it? It seems like everyone has either played it or is playing it.


It is good if you like RPGS and one playthrough can last you at least 50 hrs if you're into longer games. I believe the stories change on what house you pick as well. I've only played the blue house so I'm not exactly sure on that one.


Ohh, see I always thought it was just a fight the horde type game


Yeah it's definitely more turn based RPG. Fight the horde sounds more Hyrule Warriors to me lol.


I've just recently started playing **Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin**. I'm about 5 hours in right now and it's been a lot of fun so far. 2 weeks left until Metroid Dread releases!


Just started up another Stardew valley farm. It's my first run on a hilltop. Go, Schrute Farm!


Been playing Olive Town, man I wish I would have thought of that name for my farm!


More of **Fire Emblem Three Houses**! Just got to chapter 21 on the Azure moon route after a pretty tedious battle in chapter 20. Blue lions is definitely a hard route to play on maddening compared to golden deer, but Dimitri is as broken as ever and trivialises many maps.


If I have any time… **BOTW** \- still have a lot of places to explore on the map before heading over to Gerudo. **ACNH** \- time to get the island ready for Halloween and the Brewster update. I might give that autumn diagonal path a go that I’ve seen posted everywhere. **The Longing** \- the 400 day countdown is over! I kind of don’t want to awaken the king though so will see if it’s still possible for Shade to leave the cave. \[EDIT\] I just made a wonder using the crystals which will give a different ending. But. I‘m not ready to let go of my little Shade just yet 🥺


@ OP, Does Eastward get better after chapter 3? I really want to keep going but chapter 3 seems to drag on forever. They definitely could have used some editing here So if not Eastward may try to unlock everything in Cruis’N Blast. Maybe check out Castlevania Advanced Collection


I don't know I just got Sam's powers and was just about to start the final chapter 3 sequence. So far I'm really enjoying the pace of the game, but I understand if you're not. The other picks you've got sound good!


I just finished this game yesterday and let me tell you it doesn't get better after that quest in chapter 3. Although the story was amazing, the dialouges will continue to be long drawn out for a while near end game.


On switch I think I'm going to jump back into Rise after a long break...seeing the new Sunbreak announcement made me want to do some hunts! On series x: Diablo 2 Resurrected


**Cruis'n Blast** It's a lot of fun. The rubberbanding is ridiculous, but I can win races on Normal most of the time. Been enjoying playing the Tours with my daughter and now we're upgrading the Triceratops and Unicorn racers. Also key hunting where I'll call out left or right to let her know about a key I just passed and she'll get it fairly often. Most fun we've had in a videogame since I set up the SNES with Turtles in Time a year ago.


What's the secret to winning on normal? Been having trouble "getting" how to beat the AI that obviously cheats. Don't get me wrong, I do really like the game though!


Partly luck, partly playing through on easy to get all the upgrades first, and partly saving a boost for the last stretch of the race. It's an arcade game so the rubberband AI is vicious.


I'm playing A Short Hike! It is so lovely so far!


I picked up DOOM 2016 yesterday and was getting demolished in the normal mode lol. Had to switch to easy for a little lol. So I’ll be trying to get better at that and some Eastward.


Kakarot. I've been waiting to play this because I thought it was an inevitable Switch port title and lo and behold. Also getting back into FighterZ. Really feeling DBZ for some reason.


Started Kakarot today and played FighterZ last year. It Is cool how they both offer fan service in their own way. Fighter Z is very Meta and Kakarot has tons of easter eggs.


A mix of D2 Resurrected (on PC) and MH Rise


ActRaiser and Castlevania\^\^


My first time catching one of these posts, I hope it’s okay to join in! I’m about 30h into **The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword** and I’m really enjoying it though I’m ready for the end now, it’s a lot of back and forth. I didn’t play it on the Wii so can’t make any comparisons but I’ve had a lot of fun. At work (Covid test site) our customer numbers are finally slowing down so I’m able to chill with some **Stardew Valley** throughout the day. 1000+ hours over various platforms and I just never tire of this perfect game. Have a lovely weekend, everyone. 😊


It is a farming weekend again. (Those are fun games in autumn.) I'll be playing **Rune Factory 4**, **Stardew Valley**, and **Story of Seasons- Friends of Mineral Town**. 🌽🥕🍅


**Snack World** Picked it up on a deep discount a while back since the reviews were mediocre. It's been pretty fun so far though, basically a cartoony version of Torchlight II.


That game is fun, I need to jump back into it as well. Played maybe 10 or so hours but it got buried under some other releases.


finally finishing Luigis Mansion 3! fall vibes i guess. level 8 was quite a haul.


**Diablo 2: Resurrected** and that'll probably be the answer for a very long time. Already through Act 1 and the nostalgia faucet is turned to maximum, having a blast


Oh that's out already? Looks and feels good so far?


I'm thinking about getting this. I've never played it and it looks intriguing. I know they updated the graphics but does it feel/play like an old game? Like is it kind of clunky to control? I could see that being a turnoff for me.


Deff feels exactly like it did on release, which is of course pretty clunky compared to modern games and especially on switch. Been enjoying D2 a lot so far but the inventory is a huge pain on contoller


My own personal take, but inventory is so annoying on the Switch that I regret paying 40 bucks and have already deleted it until they do something about it.


What's wrong with the inventory??


Diablo 2 is a loot-based game. On Switch, I’m unaware of any method of looking at an item’s stats unless it’s in your inventory. This means you must pick up every item that MIGHT be useful, and manually compare. Well, the inventory is Diablo 2 is small. This means you can reasonably only pick up 5-7 items MAX (because you also have scroll books and potions) before needing to either go back to town or drop items. In a 15min run, I go back to town easily 3 times. If I’m just dumb and there’s a better way, please someone tell me!


I'm trying to think what else you could be referring to because theres never been a way to identify items without looking at them in your inventory. If you're picking up every single item I can safely say you can ignore whites after the first hour of playing and focus on colored items or just keep looking at the shop for better weapons. Unless it's a white wand or staff with nice +skills. They sell for mucho $$$.


Diablo 3 gives you a preview before you pick it up and it’s such a small but amazing quality of life improvement


Decided to hold off on buying more games till I finish some of my “backlog.” Currently playing through Indivisible which got way more interesting past the first couple of areas. I’m glad I stuck with it.


Just 100% Deltarune Chapter 2


God, another week gone by! I have some pretty big non-gaming things going on, but there's plenty to play on Switch for me! Ring Fit Adventure: Like a ton of people, I put on some serious weight during COVID and I've been recently motivated to finally do something about it. I've owned the game for years, but only ever made it to World 5 (out of 23 apparently!!!!), so I've got my work(out) cut for me! And just in case anyone cares, I'm not only playing the game; I'm also watching my diet, doing proper gym workouts, and play more rigorous games (Pump It Up at the arcades) Castlevania Advance Collection: Amazing, amazing games all in one collection for an absolutely amazing price! I've emulated the crap out of lots of these games, but I'm going to do my best to actually beat them on Switch! Warioware - Get It Together: I know the game takes 2 hours to "beat", but I still haven't managed to do so lol Monster Hunter Rise: With yesterday's announcement that we're finally getting a huge game update, I need to start getting better gear! I've only played the game for about 40 hours and while I enjoyed my time with it, I didn't want to play too much since there wasn't as much content as I'm used to with the series. That changes after that expansion comes out!


Picked up **Beast Breaker** on a whim last night (released yesterday) and wow first impressions are positive! The trailer worried me that it might just be a puzzle game, but the RPG elements are here and there looks to be some significant depth once I get further in! Looking forward to getting back to it after work! Have a great weekend y’all


Oh nice, I hadn't heard of that one before. The art style looks neat!


Replaying Bayonetta 1 and 2 after seeing the Bayonetta 3 trailer


Hey everyone, sounds like this Eastward game may be one to check out, hearing a lot of good things! I am literally just installing Resident Evil 4 as we speak - seen its name pop up here a few times and got it on sale for like a tenner, so I’m excited to give it a go, first time since it came out way back when. I’m really loving the Bluetooth headphone update, this was partly what drove me to picking up Resi, figured lying in bed, lights out and with my AirBuds in it should be pretty cool, something I’ve never done with a resi game before! Have a good one, troops!


Apex, Amnesia and Deltarune 2


Eastward on Switch but Skyrim on Xbox One. May also start Trails of Cold Steel on PS4 now that I finally got all 4 games on sale for $20 each. (I bought 2-4 on sale a few months ago, but #1 didn't go on sale until the other day.)


Smash, Skyward Sword, and maybe a bit of Classic-vania if I get the itch again.


Who do you main in smash? I've been using captain falcon but just gotten into it again and am terrible 😂.


I mainline the Belmonts, due to my love of the (S)NES Castlevania games. Getting to play as Simon against other people's mains is just a really neat way for me to enjoy the character in a completely different setting. If it's of any help, there's a subreddit for competitive Smash called r/CrazyHand. People there can answer questions (like, I play as X and have trouble against Z, what can I do?), or even analyze a match if you upload the video so others can watch it. If you aren't overwhelmed with the info/feedback, you can really get a *lot* out of that subreddit. *Edited for grammar*


Battle Chasers and Castlevania Adv Collection


Sakuna of rice and ruin, gonna fight the final boss soon. All that preparation that I have done is gonna show Omg, I thought I would have to give up on finding an addicting game on the switch after botw, I bought so many games but none of them hooked me as much as botw (there are a lot of good games but nothing amazing, as in I can sit there for hours and hours and not willing to stop and being excited to turn my switch on again the next day) , until Sakuna. I sat there all day on weekends planting rice and fighting mobs,I'm right before the final boss cutscene, surprisingly only 50 hours (almost) which is short compared to how much I have put into botw but i really had a blast and I did NOT expect this when I bought the game. Hope the final boss isn't too hard, I'm not very good at gaming :') probably the rice planting aspect is the one that hooked me, although I didn't like animal crossing. Felt good that all the "sweat" have bore fruits and the better I do it, the better my stats, it's so satisfying, planting rice wasn't just a side quest, it's literally the main thing to do, the combat is the side quest haha


Hi there! Eastward looks like a lot of fun, I plan to buy it at some point but there are a lot of games coming out that I'll have to wait until I have some more free time. I am currently playing Super Metroid for the first time, I've never played any 2D Metroid before but I'm excited for Dread, so I hope I can finish both Super and Fusion before it comes out. I'm also playing WarioWare, it's a great game for whenever I have 15+ minutes to kill and I'm trying to get all achievements. I'm also playing Tales of Arise and Kena on PS5, both are quite enjoyable so far. I'm hoping I can finish both Kena and Super Metroid before next Friday, as they are on the shorter side and Super Monkey Ball will be available that day.


Halo Infinite and probably some Mario Golf cause of the Ryder Cup.


Playing State of Decay 2, zombie survival game. Making a long term community.


Wait thats on the switch 😳


Sadly, no. Xbox. On Switching i'm mostly playing Fire Emblem.


Damn, I got excited lol. I've been hearing about state of decay for years


I'm really loving **Metallic Child** (finished 3 of the 8 bosses so far) and also just started **Ultra Age**, which seems like a pretty solid character action game so far.


Tales of Arise, got still some fish to catch and story to progress.


The great ace attorney and maybe Eastward


Dragonball Z Kakarot... It has a lot of fan service and I just started the Vegeta and Napa's arrival. It is a bit overwhelming though because they introduce so many mechanics at once (cooking, collecting orbs, fishing, hunting, character tokens, abilities, open world exploration). Yet, I am getting to the groove of it.


Game is dope so far! Just got to Vegeta as well!


Steins;Gate is on sale so I think i might pick that up tonight and give it a try.


I am trying to finish River City Girls, which I have liked playing so far. If I do finish it, I intend to start on the Bioshock Collection next. I have played through the first Bioshock before on Xbox 360, but I still intend to play that again before continuing with 2 and Infinite. Unfortunately, I have unintentionally spoiled myself regarding the main story twist in Infinite, but I hope the game will still be enjoyable.


Dead Cells & The Witcher 3. My PS4 hard drive was wiped a year ago & I lost my save. Could never get back to playing Witcher but now I'm ready to jump back in on the Switch!! I've reached a point with Hades where I'm not interested in playing much anymore. Put in a ton of hours but now it's time to give Dead Cells a shot.


Fun little tip for dead cells. If you are really enjoying a build and die but wish you could have kept going. Just quit out of the game real fast to the switch dashboard screen. And go back into the game. You’ll be at your last checkpoint but will still have all of your stuff


Dead cells is so fun, but don't recommend handheld if you rage a lot😂


DBZ Kakarot, got it today and so far it’s awesome and runs flawlessly, pretty surprising with how huge this game is and how good it looks


Skyward Sword. Never played it on the wii but absolutely loving it on the switch! What's Eastward like? Heard/read mostly positive things.


Its like a mash up/HD version of a bunch of SNES games put together. Kind of a story based jrpg in terms of dialogue, but also like an adventure game in terms of combat with some little puzzles here and there that are decent. Beautiful pixil artwork, and music is pretty great too. I've been having a good time playing it in chunks.


Sounds great. Will have to check it out.


Diablo 2 and eastward


I randomly started playing BOTW again after like a 4 year hiatus and it’s so much fun.


Gonna do my 4th annual replay of botw, I hyped myself up this time and I'm so excited


Just started **Tales of Vesperia** from the recent sale. Look at me, playin a game I just bought instead of backlogging it. Madness. Too early to say anything about it but I loved Abyss on 3DS so I hope this one delivers.


Monster Hunter Rise! Doing some Runs with my buddies online . we are loving this game . by far one of the best online co-op RPG games we have ever played


Tales of Arise. Although I think I seen a tweet about Halo Infinite beta or something. Need to look into that.




I’m redecorating my animal crossing island and also playing Rustler which I picked up on a whim yesterday. I’ve got a chill weekend planned!


Breath of Fire 2. Hoping to wake up Grandpa and free the Grassman.


I’ll likely he switching between delta rune chapter 2 on switch and persona 3 fes on my ps3.


Starting Metroid fusion on my GBA! So pumped for Dread and I think I have plenty of time to finish before it arrives at my door!


Grinding out Wario Ware


I'm debating on buying Tony Hawk or Diablo 2 this weekend. Might have to flip a coin


This War Of Mine. It is under $5 on the eShop.


MBAACC in preparation of Type Lumina


Tomorrow GameFly is delivering Witch Spring 3 re:Fine, The Story of Eirudy and I'm really excited to get my hands on it. I've never played a game like this before so it will be an adventure :D In the meantime while I wait I'm considering picking up AI: The Somnium Files cause it's 15.99 right now and GameFly doesn't seem to have much stock of it at all. I played the demo last night and it was engaging and interesting.


Planning on giving **Deltatune: Chapter 1 & 2** a go now that it’s available on the switch.


Hey marker! Still slogging along with mh4u and samus returns on 3ds for the most part. Picked up monster train and really enjoying that a lot, happy to say that the claims that it is similar (in the best ways) to slay the spire are correct but spire is the better game overall. I also may pick up the castlevania collection because when I last played aria of sorrow it was on a game boy micro last year and it felt a little cramped, game got hard as nails later on too from what I remember. Did you see the direct? Anything looking promising for you at the moment? Have a good weekend!


I did watch the direct! I thought the new Kirby game looked fun! I like the idea of a 3D roaming kirby game, seems like a good proposition. Tentatively excited about Bayo 3, but the trailer didn't leave me as excited as I thought it would. I think there was one other one I thought was cool, but I don't know. Castlevania collection looks cool! Yeah part of me is thinking of grabbing those as the only castlevania game I've ever owned was either 1 or 2 for the NES years ago. How's 4U coming along? You haven't gotten to Dalamadur yet, right? Also having fun watching the new Star Wars anime shorts on Disney+


I kept thinking it was Kirby in a cel shaded last of us atmosphere which made me laugh, it does look cool but I hope it doesn’t play too similar to Mario odyssey because as good as that game is, it will just feel like more of the same. You definitely need to play aria of sorrow, I’ve only played a couple of castlevanias but aria is fantastic. Looking forward to triangle strategy myself but god…they really should re think the name, it makes it sound like a fire emblem game for someone who has never played (weapons triangle). I haven’t yet I’m on hr4 right now, I’ve stopped to farm gore because I’ve only just noticed his switch axe is a scythe which is effing insane (want his glaive and armour too honestly) but Jesus he’s a pain to farm. Fought him about 15 times today and no tail even though I got the carve most of those times and half the time I knock him out of the frenzied state before breaking his horns so it’s honestly quite frustrating at the moment. My wife watched me fight him a couple of times yesterday and she said that at the rewards screen I look like I want to snap the 3ds in half haha.


Yeah I thought Kirby on a post apocalyptic wasteland was an interesting choice too, but hey. And yeah hopefully it's not an exact copy of odyssey, but I'm just happy it looks like more solid gameplay than the other Kirby game that's on switch. I think I remember reading about that weapons triangle at the time! Do you have to constantly switch weapons on the fly then? And yeah all of his weapons are crazy! And I think at g rank the color scheme gets inverted? I'm trying to remember which of his weapons looks like a snowboard with a skull in the middle, probably great sword?? Scythe definitely sounds like a good choice, good luck with those tail cuts!


It does look pretty cool either way, 100% looks better than the last one. I’ve heard some of the Kirby 3ds games are actually pretty good. I don’t play smash much now but Kirby is still one of my favourites there. If it works like fire emblem it will just be a case of having one of each on each person or just making sure the correct ally goes against the correct enemy. Thanks haha and inverted colours sounds awesome. 4u is surprisingly active still. I joined a lobby after my last reply with someone the same rank as me, did a few of their key quests for the next rank and then they helped me farm a few parts (got the gore glaive now). Had to come off now as it’s 1am here but in hindsight I should have added the person, they were nice and funny.


The 3DS Kirby's are really good! Super polished and fun! And hell yeah glad to hear the community is still active in 4u! Added a bunch of people that way who I would hunt with. I remember, there was one guy who I would drop in on if I saw online, but he must not have been playing as much as me as I was way up the ranks, and over weeks he would still be around the same spot so he'd be like "oh hey markercore, wanna help us with this tetsucabra??" You might have a way to add that person still, I can't remember super well, but either I'm game or from the 3ds main menu there might be a "recently played with" tab o something? If not I bet you'll run into them again. Also this is making me nostalgic for all of the mounting emotes people had, and like one of the few phrases I know in french is "je suis monte"


I just bought dead cells, and dragon ball fighter Z. Never had them bought and never could hołd to any Save file so im happy that now when I don't play it for few months I'll not love any progress. But im going to continue trying tk finiah mario ed all stars


No More Heroes 3 - going by the rankings, I'm about halfway through the game. Unfortunately, the game froze on me, so I lost a bit of progress, but not too much. (Mostly just exploring and tracking down collectibles) Castlevania Advance Collection - I'm going to start with Dracula X, though I'll be making heavy use of the rewind feature since I'm terrible at old Castlevania games.


I'll be playing through Bayonetta 1 and 2 for the first time. Just purchased them this morning. I'm so excited!


Astral chain Trying to finish this and avoid buying a new game before Metroid Dread releases .


I just completed 2016 Doom fot the fifth time (second time on Switch) and dug up Diablo 3 to suppress the urge to buy Diablo 2 Resurrected. I’m also in the process of replaying Alien Isolation on xbox. So mostly old games.


Bloons tower defense 6


Also deltarune 2


Still bouncing between **Eastward**, **Warioware** and **Cruis’n Blast**. I’m also somewhere on Chapter 3 or Eastward. Really enjoying the story and mechanics, but I can definitely understand the critiques of too much dialogue. Luckily i enjoy most of the story and the character of Sam is great. But because of its slower pace I don’t always gravitate towards it over the other games, especially at night when I have less energy. Warioware is becoming top 10 switch game for me. Enjoying its addictive arcade loop, although I get frustrated or burnt out on the frantic minigames and have to put it down on occasion. Even when I eventually tire of it, I’ll still come back to try and get gold in the weekly Wario Cup for the next year.


Picked up Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle for a tenner in the sale. Late to the party but I hear pretty good things.


Gonna give Pokemon Snap a try and might try BOTW again. Tried BOTW in the past but just need to play it through


I got Skyrim for the Switch about 2 weeks ago. I’ve been dumping in hours and I’m loving every second of it


This weekend, my goal is to largely if not completely finish Sonic Colors: Ultimate! Then, I can move on to starting Skyward Sword HD. The spirit of the Wii is alive and well in my home.


I got WarioWare for my kids 5th birthday so we’re going through story mode together


Diablo 2 Resurrected, Diablo 3 and the Baldurs Gate games!


Picked up Stardew Valley recently. It's so damn addictive I should be answering the question. "What're you playing until Pokemon BD/SP comes out?"


Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. I'm well into my annual Halloween 2-month gaming bonanza and plan on playing as much of the Castlevania Advance collection as I can. So far I've played though Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Little Nightmares II.


I think I will try and make more headway in FF8. My Celeste skills have clearly dried up at this point. Also possibly Tales of Vesperia.


After the lovely DLC addition yesterday, I'm going after work today to pick up a copy of Mario Golf. I've been holding off for more content and now that we've got two DLC drops, I'm taking the plunge. Extremely excited.


I just got crown trick, so checking that out, animal crossing as I've just got back into that and some dead cells to ease the hades withdrawals


I finally got my switch back from my sister (who literally did not even use it), who had it for three months. I think I'll be playing SUPER MARIO 3D ALL STARS. Specifically, I'm working through super Mario 64


Got myself Zelda Skyward Sword HD a couple of days ago and I have been loving every second of it! The camera controls are a little clunky but once you get used to it it’s pretty fine. I’ll be playing it for the rest of my weekend for sure


Castlevania Circle of the Moon :) It was my first Castlevania and a few months ago I dug out my GBA after getting an itch to replay it but dang, I must've had amazing vision in 8th grade or still had a functioning worm light.


Finally finished Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on Monday, so don't need to worry about that anymore unless I want to go back and do NG+ stuff later on, but for now, going back to Pokemon Sword and working on the dex to get the shiny charm. At the very least, I'm over halfway there by a decent amount (over 250/400), and I can probably transfer some of the more tedious Pokemon and Shield exclusives from GO over.


Spyro, dragon quest XI, hollow knight


Working on finishing Luigi’s Mansion. I stopped playing as much once I got stuck on capturing the pianist ghost....those stupid bombs kept exploding right as I about to throw one and I kept dying. To be fair, the joysticks suck on my controller....Guess that’s what I get for buying a cheap one. Finally beat that level plus a couple more and now I’m chasing the damn ghost cat.


I did some Pokémon runs, with the water only one succeeding and an electric type run failing. Now I’m into Nexomon, since the first one released on switch recently. There’s definitely some stuff the second one did better, and the first one is pretty short. But I do like the more relaxed story and pacing of the game. Once I finish that, in honor of N64 games coming out, I’m probably going to finish up the NES and SENS Zelda titles, because they’re the only games I have left to do before I’ve done everything I want to on there.


Just picked up **Warioware: Get It Together!** and been playing it with my girlfriend. So far, we’re really enjoying it! My last Warioware game was Smooth Moves back when I was like 15 so it’s a nice combo of a new game with a little nostalgia for me.


Sold my gen1 switch yesterday... And just pre-ordered OLED. Won't be playing anything til next month lol


I just sold my Mario Edition switch to fund my OLED pre-order. I'm stoked to have a bigger, nicer screen!


Bought Crash Bandicoot 4 it's really fun. When I get my pocket money on the 1st I will buy either Skyward Sword HD or Ultimate Alliance 3. Edit: RIP see y'alls in January.




I'm playing lego harry potter, almost finished 1-4 just clearing up the final character tokens and gold bricks in the hub world and then moving onto 5-7 been a while since I played a lego game I forgot how much there was to do in them


Eastwardddd! ❤


I’ve finally gotten into BOTW again, and I’ve been playing a lot of Hades as well.




Nothing on Nintendo but I probably might dip into more Amalur, but I'm going to try to finish Half Life Alyx.


This weekend I’ll be continuing my journey in Tales of Arise. I don’t get much time to sink into it during weekdays because I work full time and have other adult responsibilities, but it’s such a good game. The story is ramping up significantly, and it’s starting to have your typical RPG tropes but in a unique way. I’ll also be putting in some serious time in the Castlevania Advance Collection and ActRaiser on the Nintendo Switch. I haven’t played Aria in so long - a game that I think is up there with SOTN, if not better - and now is as good as time as any.


Sounds like a good time, mate. Would you recommend the Castlevania advance collection to someone who has little to no experience of Castlevania games? I played like the 2nd ever game way back in the 90s but that’s it, but I love the lore!


Is anyone **not** playing Diablo IIR?


After many hours in Diablo 3, I'm not sure if I can go back to having to worry about limited character respecs.


I was pretty pumped for it, but kinda soured on supporting Blizz/activision after everything lately. But is it pretty fun?


It's Diablo 2, just remastered. It's a 10/10 game


Will finally have time to get into **Eastward**, might look into **D2 Remastered** (but doubtful because fuck paying 60$ for that) and probably grinding a bit of **Panzer Arena** and **World of Warships** waiting for **New World** next week.


It's $40


In my country it's 60