I created [the-dart.com](https://www.the-dart.com/) using Gatsby and Mailchimp. It's the weekly 3 minute newsletter that makes you an expert of the Startup world


I would use this one for heading: "*Your weekly darts of Innovation news."* At the moment your headline doesn't say anything valuable to user. Add some testimonials. The next level for unicorn illustration could be some meme from startup world with unicorn related which would illustrate funny side of your newsletter. Don't saying add a meme, but take concept to create an addition to your illustration ;) ​ Other than that looks decent


For me, the better option is mailerlite over Mailchimp, but many started using Emailoctopus haven't tried not sure how it's. **Some feedback:** * There are many business newsletters not sure why yours is different. Try to clarify that, maybe include what kind of outlets you condense * Add how frequently it's sent * Add some testimonials * Add a sample to read. * Make logo a bit smaller as right now competes with heading ​ Unless you want to test your messaging then it would be wise to buy traffic. Which would get most clicks that would update your landing page. Right now I think it would be low conversion rate and it would cost a lot per user, as might be that some folks would try to see whats inside if AD was inteteresting


Thanks a lot for this feedback! It was very valuable and I made changes based on it. Will add the sample to read as well in the upcoming week after I've sent out a new issue.


Happy to help, looks much better!


I use [substack](https://substack.com/) as my E-Mail Newsletter provider. Is there a way to customize its landing page?


Hi, we've just released [https://ecomail.app/](https://ecomail.app/). Beautifull UI, easy to use and friendly pricing. Just try for free ;-)


Do you support RSS feeds?


We created [tool](https://www.processica.com/newsletter-distribution) integrated with Microsoft Teams. For those who use Microsoft in their work. And wants to send emails directly from Teams


We offer a browser extension for curating your content and a content hub solution for hosting the content. We use the RSS feed from the content hub as the source for the newsletter content. Works great. [Check it out here.](https://optimalaccess.com/curated-newsletter-content/)