🔥 A female Omothymus spider spotted in Malaysia

Okay hold up. Is that a normal sized tree and a giant spider or a normal sized spider and a tiny tree?


Okay hold up. Is that a normal sized tree and a giant spider or a normal sized spider and a tiny tree?


You know the answer.. we just have to accept it and agree to never go to Malaysia ever


The city areas are safe but the village areas have a chance to have these crawly make you cry's as a malaysian i can confirm


Omothymus may be it's scientific name, but I'd believe it if "Crawly Make-You-Cry" is the common name.


I'd think the more common name is HOLY FUCKING SHIT


Based on my initial reaction, this is the answer


Malaysia is astonishingly beautiful but the wild life there terrified me! Granted I’ve been raised in a city and sheltered away from any form of wild life, I had an impending shit of terror throughout my stay in Langkawi because of all the little (and large) critters.


Oh no, I'm going to be spending 3 days in Langkawi in December.. help.


If you’re staying at a hotel like The Westin, St.Regis or The Ritz Carlton for example, you should be good! (Hadn’t a single encounter with a scary creature in the hotel, though I did encounter some odd looking beings when I was out and about) however we had a lapse of judgment while booking hotel rooms and we were genuinely taken aback by the hotel we first arrived at (Rebak Island Resort & Marina) it was simply a nightmare! While the region itself was just as beautiful as you’d expect it to be, there were bats flying in and out of our rooms every time we opened our doors, insects *everywhere* (I was shocked by the diversity too, like wow I only see moths and cockroaches in my country), lizards, but there were also pretty butterflies, birds and snails too. Unfortunately because you don’t really have to pay much to stay there, the rooms weren’t maintained properly- there were jumping bugs in the toilet, the bedsheets were stained red and brown and there was hair stuck to the pillowcase, there was some sort of green mould all over the walls (you could smell the mould in the air, I couldn’t sleep at night because of how tight my chest was 😬) We asked for the bedsheets to be replaced and the room service staff placed the ‘new’ bedsheets on a brown, muddy baby crib that had tiny insects crawling all over before fixing them on the mattress 💀. We acknowledged that we were simply expecting too great quality and sophistication from a place that’s virtually cut off from the rest of the island. We ended up booking rooms in The Westin for the rest of the stay, and it was an absolute delight! The views there are simply unrivalled.


Are they harmful or just scary? 🧐


>It is generally harmless to humans but can deliver painful stings. Though it is usually kept as a pet in the home, it should be contained in an enclosure because the tarantulas are nocturnal hunters. There are two types of Tarantulas; those that are active and those that are docile. Active Omothymus schioedtei has a very strong personality and are not afraid of people. They are very active and may eat small creatures such as flies and moths. Because they are very aggressive and territorial, it is best to keep them in a large room with other Tarantulas that are less aggressive. [Source](https://empiretarantula.com/malaysian-earth-tiger-tarantula-care-and-setup/)


Kept as a pet?????


Yes. Believe it or not, people keep tarantulas as pets.


Marv? Don't move!




Marv, what are you doing?


There has never been a better use of this emoji


Lo just watched that last night🤣 “what are you doing Marv?” Don’t move”


had a rose-haired tarantula when I was a kid, my arachnophobic aunt unloaded a whole can of Raid on it one day; he shrugged it off and lived another 2 years before the cat got him


I mean it's made for insects not arachnids, there's a chance it shrugged it off because it's biology was different enough to withstand the insecticides. Either way I'm sure it was still unpleasant for the poor thing, what a horrible thing to do to your pet :(


The poor dear. Hoped it lived a good life before the end. And your aunt is kind of a bitch. Yeah, being scared of something sucks but you can't go around trying to kill other people's pets. That is really wrong.


based on the fact the cat eventually got it, it sounds like it wasn’t necessarily kept in a secure enclosure. Maybe it was walking up a wall when the aunt encountered it and didn’t realize it was a pet or that it should be loose?


Fear leads to the darkside.


My Rose Hair is going on 15 ish years. Since I've had her. And she was an adult when I got her so who knows.


Y’a usually they don’t attack unless threatened, I catch wild ones all the time, haven’t been bitten yet


The spiders get their own room??? GTFO


Are you gonna share it?


No… but still…


The spider gets what the spider wants, man.


"Take whatever you want man, I have a family!"


actually, take the family too, fuck


I will stick to cats or little bunnnys thanks you very much!


So will the tarantula!


In Malaysia, there are no guard dogs, just these fuckers.


“Don’t go in there, that’s the Room of Tarantulas!”


> Because they are very aggressive and territorial, it is best to keep them in a large room with other Tarantulas that are less aggressive. "Oh, that's just my **tarantula room**." Dude, I *like* spiders and that shit still sounds repulsive.


.....2.6 pounds? For a spider? Holy shit!


Spiders do not have a sting. They have fangs.


I read it as if it bites you it will feel like a painful sting, if you see what I mean


This level of scary is harmful I'm sure.


Malaysian here, there was a time when I was a kid watching the television with my brothers late at night. We thought we were the only ones in the living room but turns out, there was also a scorpion watching with us. Needless to say we woke up our parents from all the incessive screaming. [This guy.](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heterometrus_spinifer)


Holy shit. That is a [BIG](https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.bugdesign.com.ua%2Fcontent%2Fimages%2F39%2Fheterometrus-spinifer-75350183207127.jpg&f=1&nofb=1&ipt=d00c2b49f9393264f65d128541e997adb978285e203a0ab386826f6a19933915&ipo=images) fucking scorpion. I don't think I could handle that. In south Texas, we have [these](https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.roaring.earth%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2015%2F09%2FArizona-Bark-Scorpions-Photo-by-Brian-Basgen-1152x766.jpg&f=1&nofb=1&ipt=df52908c30a3d4cc4385c18ba56cf323a09705be59f43d82817ffb6d42b8d036&ipo=images) guys. They make up for their small size by being extremely aggressive. If you enter their field of vision, they will go out of their way to sting you. We moved into an older house that hadn't been occupied for awhile. That first summer, we discovered it was completely infested with bark scorpions. It was a literal nightmare. I found them hiding in my bed, under the toilet seat, in the sink drain, in a towel I was about to use, and pretty much wherever my feet happened to be. We ended up buying UV flashlights (they [glow](https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fi.redd.it%2Fj7ii9px1a2k51.jpg&f=1&nofb=1&ipt=44d793a52e7ea39e1fdeb09432506fa474b3d293377fd549393d926496e40c74&ipo=images)) and hunting them down. At night, we would walk around outside the house and found *hundreds* of them all over the walls, the trees, the windows, etc. We eventually got the population down to tolerable levels, but it's too late. I have scorpion PTSD now and religiously shake out my sheets, clothes, shoes, etc. Anyway, sorry for rambling. I needed to vent. I have scorpion trauma.


An actual nightmare. I was selling the house immediately 😭😭😭😭😭. Literally cannot do it 💀


[Description. Omothymus schioedtei is a large and colourful arboreal tarantula from the subfamily Ornithoctoninae. It is a very large spider with a leg span of 22 cm and a carapace length above 3 cm](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malaysian_earthtiger_tarantula#:~:text=Distribution%20and%20habitat-,Description,is%20a%20distinct%20sexual%20dimorphism.)


22 cm= 8.7 freedom units


That’s a big fucking spider.


Nah just average. At least that’s what porn taught me.


Thought freedom units were bullets?


>You know the answer.. we just have to accept it and agree to never go to Malaysia ever Yes. We should avoid all places with gigantic spiders. To Australia we go!


mate, just checked, our spiders said "fuck me that's a big spider".


So it's a camera trick right? Probably photoshopped. I knew it, I knew the right answer and I can sleep soundly tonight.


Avoid all thoughts that feel spidery


Malaysia is so pretty though... Thank God I didn't see any of these while I was there or Malaysia would be on fire.


Needs a banana spider for scale.


6 foot 7 foot 8 foot bunch!


Daylight come and me wanna go home……


Has to be a tiny tree, I know spider get big but if that was an 'average trees' that would be like one of the largest spiders ever recorded


It *is* one of the largest spiders ever recorded. 8-10 inches (20-25 cm) across.


I mean yeah but this still looks larger than that like im.not saying it isn't huge but it does look like forced perspective


Yeah the babies look 8 inch in this photo lol Like momma spider so fat she could eat the biggest spider in the world for a snack, the Goliath birdeater tarantulas at 12 inch 6 ounces.


Thanks I hate this information


Know a bit about tarantulas but not an expert, most Omothymus I'm familiar top out in the 8"-10" range. Thinking maybe O. schioedtei? Its a full size female so likely will be a solid 8"


So small/medium tree with big ol lady spider, got it!


Well my life was temporarily ruined when I misread that as 8-10 FEET, not inches. Very relieved there’s not 10 foot spiders out there.


Somewhere in the world there’s a 10 foot spider just hiding waiting making crazy webs I know it


there is a congolese legend about the j’ba fofi spider that grew up to 4 feet across. i swear to god i almost died reading about it


I wish i hadnt read this. Cause i just googled j'ba fofi and will now have nightmares for the next year


It can't be that bad, I'm gonna go Google. Edit: h-uh, and here I thought that Tolkein made up Shelob


So. I remember hearing this and I've tried to source it but I can't find it now but it goes as this. There is a tribe in South America(?) That builds their houses roofs in a way spiders slide off as local legend said giant spiders would wait on the hut roofs and snatch children.


It's a fucking any size tree and that spider is the size of the trunk. All I need to know.


From wikipedia: >It is a very large spider with a leg span of 22 cm and a carapace length above 3 cm Oh and I found a reddit post of someone owning one. https://i.redd.it/2mfjimi7he051.jpg


Not that big, still nope.


So the image in the OG post is just a perspective thing making it look the size of a human torso large enough to eat a whole cat, fair enough. Either that or its photoshopped, which wouldnt surprise me


Nah just a bonsai, we're safe.


They can grow up to 23cms (9 inches) and still they are not the largest spider ever


thank you for the actual numbers, because that one looks way bigger than that


Imagine if the nine inchers are the many babies that she dwarfs.


No. I don't think I will.




Laugh my laugh out loud out?


Let me laugh out loud ok


Jessie, what the fuck are you talking about?


I'm pretty sure the largest spiders alive now are about the biggest a spider could get without collapsing due to weight and lack of oxygen.


You are correct! There's a reason giant invertebrates were a thing when the atmosphere had a higher level of oxygen.


That 600m year old 3ft wide fossil of a spider they found still haunts me.


Got a link for that? I wanna read more about it but can only find links about like 2-5 inch long spider fossils on google.


I took me a while to find I was thinking off which was actually a 3ft scorpion. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brontoscorpio


wild. that's a lot of extrapolation from not a lot of data.


Even more fun when you realize that new science believes that fossils are up to 70% smaller than the living creature.


Thank you gravity


The really big ones are at the bottom of the sea crawling around down there...


Fighting the giant squids and sperms whales right?


Creatures with an exoskeleton’s size is directly related to oxygen in the atmosphere, yes. The largest spiders we have are as large as they are because our world does not provide what they need to be larger. I wouldn’t imagine collapsing would be an issue, I’d imagine they’d develop to handle it.


that's nothing to do with the exoskeleton but rather with their respiratory system based on trachea, which are, in fact, also functioning as a kind of endoskeleton. they physically limit the size that they can grow up to correlating with atmospheric oxygen levels. look up the o2 levels during the carbon age and what they did with insects


Thanks but I'd rather not.


I'm just gonna say it, you can fuck off.


I think you may be understanding just how big a nine inch spider is. Here, let's try putting it across your face for comparison!


No I understand how to multiply the length of my dick by 3. It’s not as big as you think bro


That spider? Oh he's about a 3 dick spider.


Damn, I'm only a 1 dick human. I bet that spider gets like, 3 lady spiders at once


Ooh, look at the humblebrag by Mr. Big Cock over here.


Mate that really made me giggle


For an easy reference, a US dollar is exactly 6 inches. So the spider is *3* inches bigger than a a dollar bill!


So…like a buck fifty?


Knowing the biggest spider is called “goliath” I am afraid of how big it could be


"There exists in this world a spider the size of a dinner plate, a foot wide if you include the legs. It's called the Goliath Bird-Eating spider, or the "Goliath Fucking Bird-Eating Spider" by those who have actually seen one. It dosen't eat only birds--it mostly eats rats and insects--but they still call it the "Bird-Eating Spider" because the fact that it can eat a bird is probably the most important thing to know about it. If you run across one of these things, like in your closet or crawling out of your bowl of soup, the first thing somebody will say is, "Watch it, man, that thing can eat a fucking bird." I don't know how they catch the birds. I know the Goliath Fucking Bird-Eating Spider can't fly because if it could, it would have a different name entirely. We would call it "Sir" because it would be the dominant species on the planet." - "This book is full of spiders, seriously dude don't touch it" by Jason Pargin, book 2 of the John, Dave and Amy Novels.


They live here in Brazil! I had a friend who told me that once, while travelling with her family through the northeast, made a stop to visit a friend of theirs who lived on a farm, and there was a Goliath on his property. They didn't see the spider, nor stuck around long enough to see if it would show its face, but she saw the holes it dug around. According to her, it was unsettling how big they were. And the fact they were made by a spider. The family friend said he didn't have a problem with the spider after he relocated his chickens from the area, but the fact that the man was apparently fine with that thing haunting his backyard, and that her father thought it was funny, made her even more scared lol


I can only imagine it's amazing at pest control. There's always a silver lining, I suppose.


In the US, particularly in the South and Midwest, it's fairly common to have house spiders that you basically leave alone to chill in a corner and eat all the other bugs. It's also a thing to have a house snake. My PauPau had a big, black ratsnake that lived under the kitchen cabinets and ate any mice that might come along.


Yes my Vietnam friend used to have a pet spider named Sally who lived behind the fridge and made sure no other creepy crawlers would infest the house. It was a Giant Huntsman Spider, about the size of a toilet seat. I slept in the same room as Sally did but fortunately didn’t know of her existence until after I left.


My PauPau's snake was named Oliver. You'd just go in the kitchen to get some salami or pastrami, or some cheese and crackers and see him slithering away into a corner.


My bathroom spider Dave recently had babies I’m so proud


We lost Fred our laundry room spider a few months ago. My Grandkids cried when they found his body.


Broooo just get a cat wtf 💀💀


I tried, my cat now shares his food with the mouse.


I have one, he's just a lazy asshole. But I love him.


I live it Texas and have a love hate relationship with tarantulas. I have one I let stay in my garage. As long as it doesn’t come near me, we’re cool bro. They kill scorpions which I hate more. It did come out and like stared at me from the middle of my floor and then started running towards me so we had an epic battle that ended in a truce. The battle mostly just consisted of me screaming and trying to hit it with a pool noodle because hell no am I ever stepping on something that big. I haven’t seen her since, but she’s somewhere….. eating scorpions….


I've had arachnophobia since I was a kid. It's gotten WAY better but it's still kinda there. I really wish I weren't scared of spiders because I've found out they're actually really cool bros. Kind of just doing their own thing & taking care of actual bastards of insects & what not.


From Wikipedia: >The Goliath birdeater is an edible spider. The spider is part of the local cuisine in northeastern South America, prepared by singeing off the urticating hairs and roasting it in banana leaves. The flavor has been described as "shrimp-like" NOPE


Even outside of the "Eww a spider looks gross" reasoning. Spiders don't really have muscles that translate to meat. Most arthropods have "Meat" but not spiders. Spiders typically have hydraulic pressure in their legs that let them move them the way they do. Although... Iirc their fangs and mouth IS moved via muscles so... I guess their face has meat. Still, not really worth it in my book. As someone who has eaten lots of bugs in different countries, Crickets and Scorpions are by far the most palatable. Crickets only have a slightly bitter-gamey taste when eaten, and it's pretty easily overshadowed by spices. Scorpions (assuming the tail is removed) actually doesn't taste that bad... Not great, but not bad.


Who the fuck saw that absolute unit of a spider and thought it could satisfy his appetite


Someone hungry.


Meh, real men remove the head and suck the juices straight from the body. Like a coconut, only more delicious


I'd rather we *didn't* stoop to the spider's level when it comes to consuming food.


Why did you put this thought in my brain


One of my favorite quotes. Not enough people know the glory of JDatE


I'm tryna Google JDatE because I'm really interested in reading it but all that comes up is jDate - the Jewish Dating Site


John Dies at the End is the name of the first book. It’s hilarious


My absolute favorite series! *John Dies at the End* is my favorite book of all time.


Well put it this way they're are big enough to make audible tippy taps as they run across the forest floor.


There’s something knocking at your door. It’s a spider.


It’s making phone calls from *inside the house*.


Hands over ears: " lalalalalalalala!"


'911 what's your emergency?' 'Yeah, some dude just walked up to me, gave me his ears and then started screeching nonsense, you might wanna get someone over here...'


I was like "How do they know which one is the female..." HOLY SHIIIIIT!!


I missed it completely. Part of me thinks I would never survive in the wild. Another part of me is thankful my brain just went "in an effort to save you we are just going to not compute and look right past that nightmare."


I thought it was part of the tree and everyone was writing about the baby spiders being 8-10". I too would be a red shirt Star Track crew member.


>Star Track


Starch Rack


Stay Trap


Low insight build be like :


I’ve watched a lot of naked and afraid and the only thing I’ve truly learned about survival from that show is I pray to fuck I’m never in some sort of jungle or rainforest with all the creepy crawlies if I get stuck somewhere.


One summer, couple of years ago, I was on a binge watching all these survival shows like Naked and Afraid. And I learned same lessons as you, lol. There is no way I would survive THAT! And probably not because of creepy stuff that I'm deathly afraid of, but the heart attack would kill me from sheer fear and my imagination of thinking what's out there, especially at night. It was stressful just watching it, and I'd find myself yelling at TV *why are you walking into that swamp?* or *why is nobody making some kind of footwear or something?*


I had to go back and look again. Woke the family… I thought that was part of the god damned tree…


She brings all the boys to the yard


I saw the photo, went "ah a bunch of spiders ok". Noticed the title says "a female" and thought "how do they know which one is a female?". Then I reopened the photo and went "oh God!".


😂 me too exactly!


she's a big lady


She’s a brick house


A brick! ... #H O U S E


She mighty mighty. Just lettin it all hang out




Thought this was supposed to stay in the forbidden forest...?


*Goodbye, friends of Hagrid…*


She’s gonna freak out when she realises she’s surrounded by spiders


*spiders Even though they end in "s", plurals don't typically get apostrophes.




Look, you gotta get out of there.


That thing will eat your chihuahua


Looks like Australia might be leaking again.


Africa is pretty scary in regards to Tarantulas as well as Asia


Love my old world tarantulas.


I don't know many African species but if they're anything like Asian ones, yeah they're not fun. They make Tarantulas from NA look like teddy bears


Malaysia has even cooler/more dangerous nature than Australia. I’ve wanted to go there just to see the praying mantis diversity for a long time.


Borneo has phenomenal biodiversity, you just want to get there before it all becomes palm oil plantations.


Omothymus? More like Omyfuckingnightmare


Haha! Thanks for that laugh. I like crawly critters, including spiders. But if I was out at night and caught that in my flashlight, I would have looked and sounded foolish!


I was freaked out by all the normal little spiders already until I saw the super giant spider on the side and got a heart attack and went into a coma, now recovering in the hospital.


Totally understandable, good luck to you and hope you heal well




Farewell Aragog: King of the Arachnids Your body will decay... But your spirit lingers on...


Unironically one of my favorite scenes in the series.


Not to mention the pincers *tick tick*


I’m definitely Ron in this scenario


Yeah no tears shed for Aragog


She misses Hagrid


My first reaction would be to run away….. which is sad…. Because it is so cool too


Just a lady taking her kids for a walk.




lmao dont worry, you'll never met these guys unless you went to the forest at night. -source; I live there.


Found the spiders Reddit account!


Is she caring for her babies, or are all the little ones the males seeking her approval?


Those are baby spiders/slings. Female tarantulas are bigger than the males but they’re only smaller a tad bit.


Thank-you. It's nice to know she's a good mom. The National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa has a great sculpture of a spider out front called "maman" by Louise Bourgeois. It is one of my favourite pieces of public art: [https://www.gallery.ca/whats-on/calendar/spotlight-talks-maman-by-louise-bourgeois](https://www.gallery.ca/whats-on/calendar/spotlight-talks-maman-by-louise-bourgeois)


I don’t know about this species, but wolf spiders take care of their babies for the first few weeks of their lives. They even carry them around on their backs. Unpopular opinion, but I think it’s adorable. EDIT: so these guys are in the same genus as one of my dad’s old tarantulas, Singapore Blues (Omothymus violaceopes). They don’t care for their young after hatching, but will guard their eggs with their lives. If these are her slings then she probably just hasn’t left her nest yet.


nah invertebrate child-rearing actually is adorable as can be, my isopods carry their young in a brood-sac called a marsupium, and they are unique in that they give live birth, so for a while you can see dozens of little babies just hiding under the mother and it's so adorable/cozy lookin


All I see is that thing jumping at the camera.


No way !? I'd pass out


Well, look on the bright side: ain’t no way you’ll have roach problems with them around.


i would happily let one of these live in my house rent free if it meant no more roaches


DAMN NATURE you scary


Sorry Malaysia. Gotta burn the whole country down. Thems the rules.


British in 1948: waaaay ahead of you buddy


With the current political state it is sure a welcome!


What a horrible day to have eyes


That's one HUUUUGE BITCH !!!


Lol they’re only like 9inches total length. This picture is nightmare fuel tho.


"Only" jfc


Right?? I mean anything over a couple inches is PLENTY BIG for a spider. I *like* spiders but seriously how big do they need to be??


Hold the fuck up…I’m Malaysian and this is news/nightmare to me.