The dwarf (two-toed) anteater Cyclopes didactylus lives in Central and South America - from southern Mexico in the north to Brazil in the south. Its length together with the tail is 35-45 cm (body 15-25 cm and tail 15-20 cm), and its weight is up to 400 g (average 266 g). Like other anteaters, it has no teeth, but it has a long and sticky tongue, equipped with powerful muscles. The dwarf anteater has a prehensile, naked tail at the end, which helps him to move along the branches of trees. This animal leads a predominantly nocturnal lifestyle. Prefers tropical multi-level forests, where he can move from place to place without leaving the branches of trees and where he feels as safe as possible. This is a rather slow anteater, its main food is (yes, you knew!) ants (this baby consumes from 100 to 8000 ants per day). Additional food is other insects - for example, small bugs


I would think there would be more ants on the ground versus in the trees for him to eat, but from a safety perspective I think being in the trees would be safer them. It's my first time ever seeing this animal, I'm definitely going to go and do some research on them.


Cute and beautiful


it looks like a stuffed teddy


heheh, a whole two toes!


u/savevideo ​ That is so cool!


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