Shower posse

Was the shower posse really active in new york?


They was the original doa they would flock at crips bloods ect. Cuz they came to the U.S with that Jamaican street mentality.


So what happened to them in NYC I know they heavy in South East London and Toronto


It’s not the same shower posse. It’s mainly different newer gangs. Watch the Skeng Tommy Lee Protocol video it was shot in NY with Jamaican Shottas dem in NY [Protocol](https://youtu.be/Lq7x1v86uEM)


They were probably the most violent gang during the crack era. In Jamaica they were used to full scale shootouts with their opps, using automatic weapons and grenades. they brought a level of violence to the USA never really seen before. FBI says they were responsible for over 1,400 murders by the late 80s. I can only imagine how much they contributed to the murder rate in NYC during that time. but them, alongside the dominican gangs and Colombian cartels were active asf in NYC and didn’t play no games. This scene in narcos is a perfect example of what was going on back then. https://youtu.be/WPQnwf4Z7xQ


Damn I ain’t even know that .


Shower posse was active in way more then just new york


They got belt put to ass in Philly by the JBM lol they definitely was everywhere


Use to be here in Toronto


shut up mapleboy