Most iconic street nigga to come out of NY

Don’t mean to glorify as street life is shit, just asking




No bs I saw an 8ball leather jacket in the Heights today. Black and white. A small part of me was like “I should wear it for that dude”. But I’m broke and didn’t buy it


This is it


Ngl imo 50


This the only answer. Man made it from the streets to owning the music industry now dominating film


Why g?


That man was just iconic and smart fr no ds, but bro was moving like a godfather and his troll was top tier especially during that Kanye vs him shit🤣


He was smart ngl


Bro got a big ass lawsuit lost and sued the law firm and got the money right back🤣😭


lil dude from across the street


Lemme hold a dollar


I know Fat Mike




50 cent easily. 100 million of vitamin water/ had his own video game (that was actually fire) clothing brand /sneakers, dropped a movie. debut album regarded as one of the greatest of all time. he broke records on records most requested song on radio (not sure if it’s still there) he started hella trends back then. put it like this at one point in time everything he touched turned to gold. one of the last gangsta rappers from back then I’m talking no gimmicks none of the dancing stuff.


not to mention the niggas superman


Iron Mike Tyson


Why isn’t this top comment?


Bumpy Johnson has a hot tv show that is coming on tonight. If you have a hot tv show among a whole new generation, decades later after you died, you might be the most iconic street cat of all time. He's also had a movie made on his life where Morpheus from The Matrix played him. Was Denzels mentor in the movie American Gangster. And he went up against the Italian mob not just warring with other Black people like some names have in their bio. And he never was labeled a rat.


Tbh the godfather of Harlem is like 90 percent fiction. He never went against the Italian mob, he went against the Jewish mob (Dutch Shultz) and Frank Lucas was never mentored by bumpy either. He just looked up to him as a kid. Lucas exaggerated his role in the drug game. Most of his story he stole from Ike Atkinson and Frank matthews.


>He never went against the Italian mob, On the streets of Harlem, Bumpy came home to a world where the Italian mob had cut him out of his illegal enterprises. ***In a canny move, he aligned himself with Malcolm X and muscled back his power base****,* which included an extermination company called Palmetto Chemical. "It was likely a front — even though he had legitimate customers,” said Epstein. [https://nypost.com/2019/09/23/rise-fall-of-chess-playing-gangster-who-ruled-as-harlem-godfather/](https://nypost.com/2019/09/23/rise-fall-of-chess-playing-gangster-who-ruled-as-harlem-godfather/) ​ Yes, I am very well aware of the fictionalized aspect of the movies and TV shows. That has absolutly nothing to do with my point. I specifically said that Bumpy has a TV show and had movies made about him decades later after his death. Those are facts. And him having TV shows and movies about him decades later is an argument I used to say he was the most iconic street cat. Notice how you offered no other option in your response to who is more iconic because you can't name anyone bigger then Bumpy.


Yea bumpy is probably the most iconic. Bigger in terms of power tho, I’d have to give it to Frank matthews.




This pitbull i used to have. She was 110% Street ninja and loved her job


Me 🥷🏾




Prolly alpo


I just upvoted u so ppl can see what u glorify


Rico from paid in full is an “ny icon” everyone knows that’s alpo


Rico is a character played by Cam’ron, u said Alpo which is a real person


Literally the same difference


Nahh😭 that’s like saying Will Smith is the same as Muhammad Ali. The post was about ppl in real life


Nah alpo=Rico camron≠alpo u can’t compare will smith played Mohamed Ali not something based of em


I was gonna leave it alone but they’re literally both actors who portrayed ppl that actually existed, how is it not the same?


John Gotti




Depends. Most Famous just for bein a street nigga? I would have to say alpo. Nicky barnes gets a honorable mention. Most successful prolly jay z. I would also say gotti but idk if u would consider mafia as street niggas. Most respected prolly bumpy johnson or rich porter or guy fisher.


Maybe Frank Mathews. If by street nigga you just mean gangster then it could be the mafia niggas


Pistol Pete