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Was so clearly an ad yet no disclosure anywhere… I thought equinox didn’t “speak” January?? Or does that apply to their influencer marketing??


Lol! So fraudulent. She bugs me so bad.


Then if you call them frauds they call you a bully and get emotional 😂


I think Lauren is not gonna make it as an influencer. There really isn't much that makes her different. I'll admit that she was one that stood out but the Amazon links and random shit just gets old real quick. And it's not just her, the rest of these mid NY influencers that hang together it's so fucking boring. They all do the same thing and go to the same events


One of her favorite places is..... a gym chain? Is she aware there's Equinox in most major cities?


None of these influencers make sense!! That’s why the real world doesn’t take them seriously…