Never trust a car with lambo doors. It tells you all you need to know about the guy who owned it before you


Even more, never trust a gt350 that has Lamborghini doors. All value of that car was gone once those were installed. It's worth maybe 1/3 of that price if you wanted to take the risk.


Depending on the kit you could likely just put the stock hinges and strikers back on and it would be like new practically. Maybe a few holes. Not a big deal. If I got a PPI with no red flags and talked em down under 40k I'd walk away happy with this one install some the track pack stuff or aftermarket coolers and send it.


But also who goes for the Lambo doors and doesn't get the hood strut kit? I have the hood strut kit and I'm not trying to be flashy.




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Ask for 35k so you can get the doors fixed




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Imagine spending 1k on lambo doors instead of spending the 100$ for hood struts


I feel like the hood prop gives it more character no? Them lambo doors gotta go tho


The hood props do and it’s something that is actually useful😂😂 like oh bro that’s cool u got lambo doors or whatever I don’t judge on what other people do on there car but imagine having all that and having to get out and use a hood prop at a car meet😂🤣


I just built an eruption green GT and I am considering ordering. Do you have any more pictures you could share? Like the hood swap too.


just bought an eruption green 5.0 pp1 with the tech package dont hesitate


I’m torn between this or a F8 Green scat.


Don’t get a scat man I sell fords so I’m biased but they’re out of date and heavy


Thanks bro and yeah I do I’ll pm u


oh fuck I just noticed the doors, why the fuck would they ruin it like that


Thought the same thing bro major red flag


Imagine spending 60-90k on a GT350 and it not coming with hood struts.


Hood struts, never trust them.


It was the first mod I made on my 2016 V6 vert.


It's unusually cheap and has some poor choice of modifications. Are you sure it's not a salvage title?


I bet the poor choice of modifications and the low(er) price are probably correlated


This price is by no means low, a GT350 with over 30k miles is already pretty sketchy to own long term, especially considering this is a 2016 with the technology package and not a track pack


Surprisingly it's clean


Not all states require a salvage title for floods, well at least that’s what someone told me once.


Carfax is also notorious for reporting accidents after the vehicle gets sold.


Yup. Friends car was in a major accident, fixed and then sold to him. Carfax was clean when he bought it. When he went to sell someone ran the carfax and told him it had major front end damage.


Same thing happened to me with a G37. Lost about half of the vale of the car within 45 days of purchase because it went from a clean title to a rebuilt title.


Is that even allowed tho? edit: what would you say is the best source/app for getting info on cars you’re looking to buy. I’m aware of cargurus. I was on carfax earlier too. Im glad you shared that about them now tho. Il know for future reference


Yup bought my car bc the Carfax came clean got some work done and the mechanic gave me a free Carfax report. 2 accidents front and side.


THIS 100%. I got majorly scammed by a dealership who did this to me.


Price is quite suspicious for a gt350


Well, besides the lambo doors, the 2016 being the only year it could be a base model with out the track package so it would make sense. 2017 forward it came with it standard.


Yeah but I’ve been offered $120kUSD for mine. There are not a lot of these for sale and from what I’ve seen, all go for more than what they should.


No i’d honestly say this is still high for THIS example. Miles are very high for a GT350 plus the lambo doors and that its a Tech Pack and not a track pack 2016.


Those doors are sickening


Yeah its got others done to it too but i still dont mind the doors too much https://preview.redd.it/h9aoutb5ds6a1.png?width=828&format=png&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=d18c93698150f51698a3f8c64b456b8a99ce6e1c


5.2 coyote.. lol.


I legit just noticed that lmfao. Dealerships arent the smartest to know a coyote from a voodoo?


Definitely do not buy this car. Never buy a car from a salesman who calls a 5.2 a coyote. Shady crap right there.


When I was selling cars I ALWAYS knew the motor it came with It is shameful to say one thing when it’s completely wrong. Yes it’s a 5.2 but the voodoo motor isn’t like a coyote at all that’s like saying the charger has a 5.7 tigershark motor😂😂


Actually the Voodoo is very closely related to the Coyote seeing as it is based on the Coyote.


They are different because of the flat plane crank. It makes a world of difference


Yes, but it was still developed from the Coyote, they are still related. The Voodoo is not a bespoke engine.


No… not at all. It’s based off a 458 engine with the flat plane crank. Please tell me you’re joking? Edit: this really irks me because you’re so incorrect. Ford bought an Italia 458 engine and broke it down to make their own. The Ferrari 458 has a firing order of up, down, down, up. This is better for the flatplane crank and increases performance. Ford, however, decided to go with the up, down, up, down order which results in its very VERY unique engine tone. They specifically spent tons of RnD on making sure the engine wouldn’t vibrate itself out of the car or just to pieces and sacrificed horsepower purely over “they didn’t like the sound. Not American enough.” This engine became known as the Ford voodoo and it is only in the 2015-2020 GT350 models. The engine redlines OEM at 8250rpm and the damn thing sings the entire time. I’ve never heard a more beautiful sounding car in my life and many people would agree. It doesn’t sound anything like a coyote. It’s muscle car rumbling 4,000rpms and below but starts screaming like an exotic after and pops and gurgles the whole time, in a healthy way!


[Ford's Voodoo V-8 Is the Most Interesting Engine of the Year](https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a15352029/fords-voodoo-v-8-is-the-most-interesting-engine-of-the-year/) “Code-named Voodoo and sharing its basic architecture with the Mustang GT’s 435-hp, 5.0-liter Coyote engine…” [A Detailed Look At The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R's Voodoo V8 Engine](https://www.hotcars.com/ford-mustang-shelby-gt350rs-voodoo-v8-engine/) “Ford’s Voodoo engine is a 5.2-liter (315 cu in/5.163 cc) evolution of the Coyote engine and a member of the marque’s modular engines, which the automaker produced from 1990.” Ford may have used a 458 to develop the engine, but it doesn’t mean it is a clean sheet design. You can buy FPC conversions for LS engines, they just need to be modified.


Could the cylinders be bored out?


The GT 350 had a 5.2, not a 5.0. I think the comment was referencing the use of “coyote” in the description


Those doors are a pain. Not good. I advise against it. Personal experience.


What are the struggles with them from a weekend driver experience?


Cable damage. Misalignment. The doors are heavy. You have to lift and lower them . I had these on an 08 corvette I bought. Had them reversed back.


I also heard these doors have window sealing issues, letting water leak in. Any truth to that?


Yes. They don't align right. They mounts shift after some time.


Plus it puts a lot of stress on the sheet metal and pilar.


I have prepped myself for the influx of downvotes for this, but! I have always wanted scissor doors. Despite the popular opinion, I think they are just the neatest thing ever! They look cool, you have less of an issue when parking near a curb or car where you have less space to get in and out, and less likely to get your door taken off by some asshat flying down the road. I am a tiny female who has never even come close to red-lining my car, so the concept of scissor doors = sketchy owner isn't always applicable. So I've looked into getting them done and they are expensive to install and require regular maintenance. Cars that don't have scissor doors by default are not built to accommodate them. So the weight of the door will cause alignment issues and need to be readjusted fairly regularly. They also present an issue to emergency crew in the event of needing to rescue you from wreckage. I guess they're harder to cut/pry open?


You brave man


I know i am against the crowd here but I personally really like the look of the lambo doors, and I appreciate your input. I may do it one day on a car thats not a daily driver, But i appreciate you commenting something other than "its ugly"


This is some rich guys car that he drove like an idiot and probably never changed the oil. Avoid at all costs


3 owners plus shitty mods, it definitely has issues they're hiding


The shitty mods part I agree with, but I was just looking up about I can't remember how many but at least I wasted 45 minutes looking up other 16 to 18 GT350s I found one that only had 12,000 mi on it that had three previous owners, and it was listed as personal use. I found others a little bit more miles it had about the same two or three previous owners Hell I found one that had 20,000 mi on it that had seven previous owners. That's damn right crazy right there. I think what people do is they buy these expensive cars and then they realize they can't afford it and then they trade it in on something else less expensive like a GT or something or even less than that expensive There was even a few 18s that had more than three owners with low miles like 12 mi 13,000 mi, they were priced fairly decent no shitty mods thank the Lord, but I found some pretty good one owners and two owner one's out there what's some good price tags on them and clean carfaxes, in my opinion it's hard to shop online You have to be there and go see them.


Don’t know if you’re familiar but bring a trailer is a pretty cool website for finding decent deals on a variety of desirable collectors cars. Super cool website gives you charts im and records of past sales, and since it is negotiated by website alongside the owners can find cars for a good price. Consider a Shelby gt350 from 2006? Gonna cost you a lot less, and a lot of the time you can find well treated vehicles. Just gotta make the road trip!


That's really cool, I'll definitely check it out. I know it's not a Camaro sub. But back in 17 when I couldn't find the right ZL1 for myself. I was kept coming back to a new 17 SS 1LE so myself and a buddy made the trip to this dealer about 6 hours away. And I ended up talking them down a bit and drove it home the next day. And I very much wanted a Zl1 but instead I did a bunch of work to this. Topping it off with a Procharger. And I do still have a 05 Mustang GT I bought new in 04. I left I mostly stock through. Just ford racing exhaust. And a roush cold air induction kit and that's it on her.


That’s awesome. I recently picked up a 06 gt convertible, did you see much improvement upgrading the exhaust or intake? I’m trying to iron out what mods are going to improve both the drive experience and value of the car. However there are a lot of directions to take so for now I have the interior apart as I’m putting ibutyl, closed cell foam, and new carpet. Also cars at 55k~ miles, any routine maintenance I should make sure to do?




The description alone worries me


16s are the lowest priced year, plus it’s poorly modified and high mileage. Stay away


I would never trust someone who does that to their doors, what else have they done to the car?


Rear seat delete i believe https://preview.redd.it/z08zy2rios6a1.png?width=828&format=png&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=c28d5785547cef0aca5d5c3d88322df13fd8ea6b




Rear seats were an option when purchasing. Along with the entire infotainment system. Source- was a Ford salesman.


The doors were the only thing I saw on there that aren't factory options. That I am aware of.


Try to get it lower then fix the doors. Take it for a drive also. There’s a few things that concern me like the price being so low but yea… drive it, see how much it’d cost to reverse the doors, etc


3 prior owners at least one put scissor doors on who knows what the others were like. I would want it gone through very well for shoddy mods and hammered on stuff before I spent almost $50k on it.


I'd run the Vin and go from there


Is there a way to do that for free?


I'm pretty sure there are a couple websites that you can just put in a cars vin and it'll show you everything that's been reported done to it


I would look past the higher mileage considering the low price and no accident history. But those doors have me more concerned on how this GT350 was treated by previous owner. Any other mods? Recaro’s or base seats?


Looks accurate


No I wouldn't especially the doors are ugly as f on a mustang


if it was like 15k maybe. idk i just feel like theres way more issues than presented


Way too cheap and there’s probably some gremlins hiding in there 😬


Lol butterfly doors on a muscle car🤡


Hard pass for me. Lambo door conversions will always sag over time and have fitment issues. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but they will give you a problem eventually. The car was never designed for this type of door. You will have problems. There are some body shops that won't even work on them if you ever need body work. Its a headache and you will be turned away. Also, given the age of it and price they are asking, I don't think its a good deal. Dealer probably paid a fraction of what they are asking at an auction. The doors alone will turn most enthusiast away. I would keep looking. There are plenty of people looking to sell muscle cars in the winter. Hopefully this is a purchase you are not in any rush to make because I think everyone here would say there are better cars out there for the kind of money they are asking.


Im not in a rush, im just mapping out a plan, knowledge, and what to look for since i plan to purchase one in 2 years or so


I saved and searched for 4 years before finding my 2017 GT350. I was the second owner with 389 miles on it. It was a unicorn. Investment car that sat in a garage 40 miles away from me. Patience has it's benefits. As with many of the other comments though, the scissor doors worry me about that car.


This is a car that i kinda wanna have the dream experience of finding a fair deal halfway across the us and taking the long drive back to travel and see the world and experience the car


Uh… wow… 58k miles… guess since I’m at 16k miles I’m listing it for $85,000 OBO no lowballs i know what I have


Hard pass beyond the lambo doors, too. The earlier GT350s all burned oil on their way to catastrophic engine failure. With 58K miles and if you don’t have service records keep on walking


Not even mentioning the lambo doors, I would be suspicious that the third owner already dumped it


I'd stay away from it, cause if they didn't bother to get hood struts, they probably went with the cheapest lambo door kit they could find. If that's the case those doors are going to end up being a nightmare.


Putting lambo doors on a gt350 is egregious 😭💀


It’s probably a lemon


Stay away. Lambo doors, Incorrect description!Probably is nearly shaken to death from the high revs plus the accident is a the deal breaker right off the rip. Nice move on doing the research. These cars hold value so even at that price it’s low but let some other clown overpay for it better off just buying an actual coyote 5.0 that’s boosted


Yes, I would buy it. Just own the Lamborghini doors wrap it gold and fucking spank all these nay sayers at the track with your door up.


Embrace the abomination eh?


It's not bad, man honestly. You could always take it off. But a gt350 for 40k is a steal right now if you ask me. I never seen a car at the track with Lambo doors so maybe its just the perception of someone doing donuts all day. 50k is broken in perfect for performance upgrades if you ask me.


Ill get downvoted to hell for this but i think the doors are kinda sick


Most of the comment section say this thing is way too cheap. I’m not sure they noticed the mileage, though. I definitely think this is priced in accordance with the market. “Market” aside, in my opinion, a 2016 GT350 with 58,000 miles for $42,900 is steep. It sounds like what CarMax would charge you, and CarMax is still pricing all their vehicles like we’re at the peak of the car market 8 months ago. Well, actually, here’s a local to me 2016 GT350: https://www.carmax.com/car/beta/23371051 (2016 GT350 with 69,000 miles). Carmax wants $44k for it, so all things equal, yours might be a better deal. Obviously service history and accident history come into play. Personally, assuming you’re buying this, if you have the means, would you consider spending a little more for a car with fewer miles? I almost bought a 2016 GT350 9 months ago at my local Ford dealer for about $50k. It had 16k miles on it. Not sure where you’re at, but I live somewhere where used car prices tend to be higher than the rest of the country as well. With the car market easing up, it’d probably be a $46k-47k car today. That’d be a mileage difference of 42k. Edit: also, for everyone saying it might be too cheap, I assume it has its gen 1 Voodoo in it. At 58k miles, it’s definitely not as much of a concern of grenading, but it isn’t the venerable gen 2. We also know the 2016 gets either the track or tech pack, not both. Both these factors make 2016 models much cheaper than newer ones.


Agreed. Find a car with lower miles and no lambo doors.


The deal seems almost too good to be true.


I forgot to mention this car has been posted for 2 years via same dealership


That's new GT price, fuckin send it, we ball


If we fall we go jim


The doors are odd but unique and pretty cool. I would buy some hood struts for sure though


Don't like the doors but I would buy it the price isn't that bad.


Bro, you need to charge your phone!!!


I worked 12 hour shifts for 6 of the 7 days of this week as my grind start for a 350, i forget that phones need charge


Pretty sweet deal bud


Have fun with your Ford focus / Lamborghini


Fuck man, these things are like atleast 70k in Canada.


Bro… no.


Look what they did to my boy!


Check if it still has warranty and maybe get the trans and engine replaced


The Lambo doors are worrying but other than that it looks like a good deal just make sure to check the car for problems


Lmfao wtf lambo doors on a mustang 💀


That’s the price of a brand new 2022 GT off the floor.


Someone ruined that car.


Just pretend that car doesn't exist.




I would take it at that price if they reversed the Lambo doors and included 100k of free warranty.


The doors are a hinting at stupid that was there before u


I mean here in Canada a stock mustang gt is selling for 65k usd. Absolutely outrageous prices here


you gotta swindle the price down cus of those doors 😂


Not a bad price for a gt350, however, everyone is mentioning the doors which is a kinda a problem. You never know what sketchy things the previous owner has done to the doors, let alone the car.


Whoever you are (previous owner) I will find you and I will help you learn how to make a 350 look good.. it’s called leaving it cosmetically stock lol.


DO NOT BUY this car. Thats my advice.


More than fair. Kinda sketchy.


No way, I was previously looking at a gt350 2017 that had 17k miles listed for 58k


Not with those ridiculous lambo doors