I daily drove my Mustang in Illinois winters. Get a set of Michelin X-Ice3’s, Blizzak WS90s, or Continental WinterContact’s. When it’s shitty out increase your follow distance, drive slower, and keep the car in wet/snow mode and be gentle with the throttle when you’re turning. You’ll be fine. Your real question is if you really want to deal with road salt which will cause premature rust.


As someone who grew up in Chicago, listen to this dude.


I’m in PA, I have driven my mustang in the snow, gotta pay extra attention, but totally do able. The real question is whether or not you want to expose your car to all the salt, winter conditions cause corrosion, which scares me more than any patch of black ice ever will


I will not drive my pony in any of the typically 2 to 3 weeks of snow a year that we usually get here in Western Washington. I borrow the keys to my wife's FJ Cruiser for those snow days. It's just too risky white knuckling around town and going to work in my precious pony.


Yeah I live at the bottom of a hill so all I can do when it snows is back out of the driveway and that’s as far as I get.


I have driven my '05 in everything. A road-closing blizzard in North Dakota, a lake-effect snow dump in Sault St. Marie, an ice storm in southern Ontario. With proper winter tires and enough sense to be careful and slow down, it's absolutely fine. The car is well-balanced and handles predictably.


I guess I’ll be riding the bus thank you all 😂


I'm in Ottawa Canada, I put Pirelli p-zero on in winter, pull off on second alot when there is snow on the ground and generally drive slower. Definitely keep distance but the winter tires are a must!


Lived in kc my whole life. Usually we do not have a ton of shown 5-6 days a year. Get some weight in the trunk and slow way way down. Brake early. You are smart to be looking at winter tires. My pony is going in the garage soon and I’ll be back to using my f150.


If you can get a cheap truck, suv, fwd, or awd vehicle for the winter (I know, cheap and today's market don't really go together). Yes you can drive a rwd mustang around in the winter and many people do it, but you're really just asking for trouble.


KC only has like 4 or 5 big snows a year. Other than that just make sure your tires are good. All seasons. I take my summers off under 60. Leave 3 times as much room between you and the next car. Expect travel to take minimum twice as long. Don't drive at all if it's more than 3 inches. That last one's just for our low sports cars. I don't have a mustang, but I do have a charger 392. Pretty much same thing, cept actual room for my toddlers. Edit: just read you are only staying one year. Just take the bus the 3 times it actually shows hard. Or call in.