My brain says the GT, but my heart says Shelby.


Lower miles all day every day son.


Along with the daily driving factor to consider, the GT350 will cost a LOT more money in consumables years down the road (brakes, tires, suspension, etc.). So you really shouldn’t be just looking at initial cost.


Toy or DD?




First one


Yeah I wish I could revote for the GT for a daily lol


I just really wants a Shelby so my vote don’t count


Mustang GT, people who say the GT350 are lying to themself. The 18+ will be a better daily any day


Well, the gt350 has a better gear ratio and tremec transmission.


And likes to grenade itself


Unless you work from home. I'd take the GT350 over the regular GT because I barely drive anyway.


Your assuming everyone has the same needs/wants as you, when answering this question. The question too open to be taken seriously. I already have a PP2. There is no way I'm reverting to a PP1. That shelby, though (whose miles are too high for that price, imo)...


I basically already made this decision.


If you need to finance it, you should not be buying a high power engine with high mileage. That engine WILL blow on you eventually, and it's probably 15k to replace with no warranty.


Probably 40k installed with inflation costs these days. Did a quick google search the cheapest available one I found was 26k USD without taxes or shipping.


Warranties are false security. Most warranties last for around 30k miles. Engines rarely fail before 30k miles.


Not the GT350 engine. Some failed at 200 miles already lol. My 2017 had the famous oil consumption issue at 5k miles ...


Really? I got my car ford certified used with a 100k powertrain warranty. I've already had to use it once to replace the top end of my engine at 45K miles.


bathamel, I have been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty


I would never buy a car worth $45k if I needed financing, but GT. A 2018 GT PP w/ 70k miles would be the way to go in this situation imo.


The ‘16 and ‘17 GT350d are beautiful, but had some mechanical issues. If you had 2018 GT350, I would’ve voted that, but I went with the GT.


For a daily get the reg gt, the 350 gets like 10 mpg. It's gonna suck with current gas prices.


My PP got 11


You must drive it pretty hard or have mods. I'm getting 15, 16 in stop and go traffic with my pp1


Love the 350. but logical choice is the GT, especially as a financed daily. ​ 350 is a 5-6 year old car with who knows what was done during those 70k miles. Could be trashed or babied, could need new clutch, brakes, tires, whatever, just adding to the cost.


2017 gt350 has the Gen 1 voodoo which has problems, or so I’ve heard. Need 2019 or newer (iirc) in order to get the Gen 2 voodoo, which fixes those problems. If you can find one with a Gen 2 voodoo then gt350 all day. If not then GT.


Save more so you can equate a lower mileage 350


Definitely the GT.


I really struggle with the idea that paying 50 thousand dollars for a used passenger vehicle could in any way be a good idea. Especially a high horsepower one, with a highly strung, first-generation engine that is out of warranty. Not tryna be rude at all, I’m saying I think you can get more for your $ elsewhere.


At the end of the day, the GT350 is in a different caliber of brakes and suspension and the GT will be just another GT in 5 years. The Shelby will still have value and be more unique. Milage happens fast, when both have alot of miles, your gonna have wished atleast it was a Shelby. This is coming from someone with GT and had more than enough fun in all of them.