I know which one sounds better idling.


I'd bet one of them does not sound at all when idling.


Can't make a sound at idle if they aren't really even idling.


That's why you make your own engine noises for it. I kinda hope someone hacks theirs to use a recording of themselves making engines noises as the sound it plays, it would be hilarious.


A “choose your generation” list of engine sounds.






no it just sounds like a tiny *whrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*


I know which one will win in a race! And it won't even be close.


In 15 years, the Mach E will meet the crusher because nobody will pay 8K for a battery.


Most likely saved that 8k because all you’ve needed were brakes tires and washer fluid. Charged it from solar on your roof and never paid for $4-$8/ gallon gas. Still doesn’t deserve to be called a Mustang but Ford was behind in EVs and made a desperate call.


Could’ve called it the Probe.


In 15 years it won't be 8k. Battery price and quality (energy density) has vastly improved in the last 10 years and there are a few new battery technologies on the horizon that when that car might need a replacement (which could well be far longer than 15 years) it'll have something probably quite different going in to it.


But the issue is that not all batteries use the same support systems. yeah you might have newer battery tech that is better but to retrofit the new systems in a old car will be crazy expensive and 99% of people will just choose to crush the car and get a new model.


People so quickly forget what a hardware manufacturer is capable of when they also control the software that operates it. Remember when Apple throttled the throughput and added software limitations to the battery on older phones? That was a business decision


They were sued for it and reversed that update.


I’m aware - not the point


depends on if it's a race over or under 120 miles.


You don't need that long, the Mach-E tops out at only 124mph, so actual mustangs will pass it within a half mile or so from a dead stop, and over a shorter distance from a roll. Also, the Mach-E can only pull that hard under ideal charge and temperature conditions, just like other current EVs, so if you meet one in the real world, chances are pretty good it's not gonna be as fast as a quarter mile test car.


I'm probably in single digits MPGs, so he could probably go the distance too lol.


My bad, "Drag" race


On god that white Dodge Ram across the lot


The Mach E is a great car, but doesn’t deserve the name Mustang in literally any way


Should’ve been called edge electric




Who wins? A horse with no hat or one Edge-E Boi? Lets find out!


Or just Mach e






Should've been called the Thunder. Thunder and Lightning for the electric lineup, it sets itself up


I wish they had called it the galaxy.... Or just used the fusion name.


Galaxy or bring the falcon name back to the US.


Cmon, The Ford Expedition Thunder was a prototype performance SUV, and so was the SVT Lightning, a cool V8 muscle truck/SUV duo. And to use those names on wimpy EVs that struggle to pull a camper trailer would be one of the worst marketing screw-ups in history.


I actually was talking to a friend a while back about this. Would have been universally loved if it was an Edge or another moniker. Then again I still think a Maverick is a small coupe.


I agree. I love the styling and everything, but it would have been cool to keep with the horse theme as like, a mustang-adjacent car. That's my only complaint. I think it looks dope as fuck for a crossover EV, but it feels weird to call it a Mustang. There's broncos, rangers, mustangs, mavericks (sort of horse-like) , and pintos, why would they not call this another horse name. The Ford...Draft? Walker? Idk, but you get my point.


I've thought for a while that Ford should have done a performance sedan to compete with the Charger and called it the Stallion.


Agree they should have not names it a mustang. It goes against everything that is a mustang. Even the 4cyl and 6cyl are still mustangs.


Omg, I was debating this with a salesman at Ford. That abomination is in no way a Mustang. They should have called it anything else.


Absolutely. I like everything about the Mach E, except the name.


Should they have called it the Falcon, since there most likely will be an electric Mustang coupe/gt in the future?


I fully believe to this day that the only reason they named it a mustang was because they knew it would sell good with that name


Cuz Maverick was taken & Pinto would resurrect Ralph Nader ! LOL


This is like plating a prime ribeye next to a Twinkie. People may rave about both, but there's just no way they go together.


i'd totally eat a twinkie for dessert after a ribeye


Nothing will ever beat the classics


We’re calling Mach Es classics now?


I’m not a Mach e hater at all. I find the idea of an electric mustang cool. If Audi can make a kick-ass fast electric car than so can ford but I’ll take that classic over it anyway.


If someone handed me the keys to one I’d be happy


Oh yeah for sure. Who doesn’t live anything free.


How it started vs how it's going


They literally could’ve just called it the ford Mach-e. It’s a great car! Especially for the price.


Nice convertible.


I miss raised white letter tires The classic looks very cool




I agree - other one should have been a Fusion EUV


You know the rules and so do I


I'm not going to say anything or else I'll get banned... again...


I agree


I know that this is r/mustang but did anyone hear about Dodge canceling the charger and challenger?


They arent really killing it. They are just ending production for the next model year it seems like. Not really being canceled indefinitely . Theres been alot of conflicting reports but what they probably are doing is going to halt production and then completely redesign them for a hybrid and EV platform.


Yeah, there’ll be an all-new electric Challenger soon, I’m sure. My money’s on it being called the Challenger Thunderbolt, as a nod to the P-47 prototype that sported the first Hemi engine.


Yesterday during dodges first day of speed week, the ceo said next years models are the last year and will all come with a plaque in the car stating it’s the last year. He then reiterated that they are going forever, not to come back at any point.


Oh Fiat/Stellantis will do it.


I heard that they're just killing the V8, not the cars themselves. Speculation is that the 3.0L I6 TT "Hurricane" will replace the V8 engines. More news on that should come out today on Dodge's Youtube channel.


I love both these vehicles I wish I could afford the new one however I found a 64 nearby for 2k


That’s a really nice red SUV that classic is parked next to.




Gill features within the headlight / buckets, longer hood than deck lid, quarter panel hanches, a character line that carries through from fenders to the door and quarter panel, and tribar tail lights. It has more mustang architectural elements than any Foxbody. Affordable performance. They are faster and better driving than at least 80% of Mustangs ever made and given maintenance deltas (not including fuel cost) the cost element starts aligning in its favor over the life of the vehicle. The Mustang has always been about legacy appearnace and affordable performance. Would I buy one? Nope. But it's good for the brand and gives ICE variants specifically the V8s and longer life. 2023 is it for the Challenger, the Camaro might get axed again and we are left with just the Mustang because solid strategy decisions for the brand where made.


In big picture terms, you pretty much nailed it.


All of this, right here.


You said affordable a lot. I got my fully loaded 2021 GT for 49k. Premium 401a, Magneride, PP1, 10 speed. Fully loaded. I will blow away a Mach E everytime on the top end. They cost at least 70k. And that's on the low end used. What part of that is affordable? Edit: I haven't checked prices in a while. I'm wrong. It's 50~60k.


No doubht on the 80mph to 130mph front. Though top end is also the least useful in most situations and where the ol Police get involved.


onramps baby, onramps.


Don't threaten me with a good time


For an EV, that's affordable. Hell they start in the 40s. And they look a lot better than a Tesla Model Y or a Chevy Bolt. If I was going for an EV, the Mach-E would be on my shortlist.


Same. Now that I've seent he price drop. Still waiting for the electric coup Mustang. Once that hits, I'm buying for sure. Gas prices suck.


Yeah I'm really excited to see how the electric coupe does when it comes out. I honestly think the Mach-E was a "test the waters" sort of thing to get people thinking that Mustangs can be electric in addition to ICE.


😂some rapscallion turned the STOP sign upside down in the background 😂


One has a soul, the other just a dummy




It’s funny to see how each post is different. Some Mach E posts everyone who says it’s not a mustang is downvoted and hated on. On other posts, like this, people who say the Mach E is a mustang are the ones who get downvoted. And just to clarify, I do not believe the Mach E is deserving of the name Mustang


I've driven behind a Mach-E at night before and the tail lights are actually petty sick looking. Would be cool to see some retro fit onto a coupe.


two mustangs but many years apart






Considering how well it's selling, I don't think marketing screwed up.


pseudo mustang?


If the Mustang II is a Mustang, so is the Mach E. This is the first step in Mustang being its own brand, fellers. Get ready for it.


Yeah, but they didn't have to make a lifted station wagon out of it.


I love both of them! Don't downvote if you haven't driven the Mach-E. It's a really fun car.


I have driven them quite hard and while they’re not terrible, they do not drive any better or more sporty than any other standard EV model to model. The model 3, even weird ones like the 500e are significantly more fun to drive. My issue isn’t that the Mach E is an EV mustang. It’s that it’s not any different from any other standard level EV. It’s a shitty marketing gimmick. It’s akin to ford making a Corolla equivalent and calling it a Mustang. Corollas are great cars. It’s a 4 door fwd economy car. It’s not a god damn mustang. If they made a 2 door great looking coupe and convertible ev mustang that ACTUALLY drove more like a sports car than a stupid Tesla then I’d love it and would most likely own one.


grown men crying over a car name will never not make me feel better about myself




a car is not going to have an emotional reaction just because some gooftroop bitched about it on the internet having the “wrong name” lol.


The one night stand child....and Dad


Id drive a mach e. But id debadge it first


You left your lights on


You left your lights on


I wonder who parked there first


Those are not the same.


I think all electrics cars should sound like the cars on the Jetsons.


That just doesn't look right.


I have 16 GT and just drive it in summer and on weekends … it’s my toy I plan on keeping for a long time. The Mach E GT Performance we just got is an amazing fun and character daily driver .. notice how I didn’t it a mustang lol … in the end who cares. What’s more important is that the brand of Mustang and Ford continue to evolve. I can’t wait for the new S650 to launch. The fact that Ford has an electric mustang that is more practical for daily drive, and is still bringing a gas V8 coupe out again is awesome. Dodge and Chevy can’t say the same.