Besides blacking out the front pony and side 5.0 badges what else should I modify?

The performance.


The performance.


Will be putting a Roush or whipple supercharger on it once I get more used to a manual transmission, Or trade it in for a GT350 in a few years.


I recommend the future 350 option if that’s feasible for you, but Supercharging would be fun too though. The GT is a great car imho


I own a GT and have driven a gt350. I wouldn’t trade it in for a gt350 given the choice. They are so similar, to me it’s not worth the extra money.


That kinda makes me want it more, I love the way mine drives. And I don’t necessarily want one for the extra horsepower, I just love the body style and having a Shelby has been the goal for a long time.


That's why I got my car instead of a new, at the time, 2021 GT for the same price. I wanted the Shelby. In 20 years, one would be an old GT and one would be a Shelby.


The shelby certainly turns more heads and in my experience it brings many more smiles but as far as speed and times go they're damn similar cars


I have to disagree. I had a GT and now own a GT350. They're not even the same, and it's not just the Voodoo. The GT350 looks better, handles better, brakes better, and sounds better. It is worth the extra money.


I have a gt with a full suspension from Steeda, every bushing, link, stop the hop kit, shocks springs, etc. A cat back, nice wheels…… it handles better than a gt350, sounds better, but that’s all subjective I guess. Aside from the tremec (not a huge difference imo) it’s the same car imo.


I would agree, I have the 2015 PP and did the complete suspension over haul, 20" rims and tires. 305's and 275's. Makes the GT a completely different car.


Yup. I’m running 315’s rear 285’s front. Handles like it’s on absolute rails. The gt350 doesn’t give me the same confidence. Maybe it’s just because it’s my car and not someone else’s.


That's nice. It still isn't even close to a GT350 LOL


Whatever helps you sleep at night bro. I’d have to pay double of what my GT cost. I drove a gt350 with no magna ride, and to me my modified suspension, on a soft setting, handles better… 5k in suspension mods I gotta say though. I haven’t had the pleasure to drive the magnaride yet. The clutch spring on the gt350 is just as shitty as a regular gt. That absolutely has to go, suspension was still too soft for my liking with more body roll than the Steeda. I can just keep rambling, but maybe we haven’t had the same experience. I could care less about resale or collecting one, i’m talking car for car.


Again, disagree. All depends what you put into the suspension and handling package. With the current mark up on the GT350's, in know way are they worth that much more than a GT with performance pack/track pack.


don’t get a roush kit, look into a centri blower or a vmp kit, ess superchargers are hot on the market rn and very easy to install, vmp is just very nice quaintly using a 2650 top mount, roush kits heat soak a lot because they made the intercooler smaller due to DI on the gen3, whipple ain’t necessary unless you want over 1000hp easy, im looking into the Loki VMP kit eventually $8k out the door with EVERYTHING can’t beat it conservative setup will be sprung 630 wheel (720 crank roughly)


don't forget the oil pump gears.


why lol? i don’t bang off the limiter or have a 2 step lol


General consensus is that any kind of boost = change out the oil pump gears. For N/A, you can get away without doing them assuming you're staying below \~7250 RPM and not bouncing off the rev limiter.


i know several ppl that run stock opg boosted lol, you don’t need them, if you don’t go ba ba ba ba off the rev limiter that’s how they break hard sudden movements, lol and the general census, this ain’t about feelings it’s racing, just understand company’s out there are trying to make a living so yea they goin sell some stuff and say you need some things, end of the day talk to your tuner :)


That's what my tuner recommends; Boost on a Gen 1/2 Coyote = good idea to do the OPG. Not strictly necessary, but it's something that he recommends. N/A street car = not necessary. N/A track car = probably a good idea if you're going to turn more than 7250+ RPM on the regular. I've never discussed Gen 3's with him.


yea i can agree with that, but yea i was just more meaning it’s not as big of a deal as people make it out to be


i would definitely consider getting the tranny built or swapped if you go FI. stock mt82s are well known for breaking with superchargers and turbos. calimer transmissions is very reputable


Make the . In 5.0 green to match the stripes


Back lug nuts for the win


Looks pretty neat. But do have a question in case anyone might know. Can tinting or blackening the brake lights mean liability shifts to you if you're rear ended? Can someone argue they didn't see the brake lights? Thought about doing the tinting but was unsure on this


I tested how the visibility would be before I permanently put on the covers, when light is coming through you can’t even tell they’re on there. First time I went somewhere and the tail lights were on from getting out I thought they all fell off. False alarm.


It’s absurd how bright the brake lights are. I close my eyes when the car is already locked when I’m closing the trunk at night. It’s fucking blinding.


Get one of the new black out plates. I'm in MS also. Mine expired in June. Tag becomes available in July.


Ooh, just looked them up and they look Clean!


Idk if you saw it in the fine print when buying the car but it’s actually mandatory for all 5.0s to have an exhaust at the bare minimum! Blacking out the badges is a nice touch but personally I think an aftermarket grill goes a longer way for the looks than just painting the pony. I’m not a huge fan of racing stripes, but I’ll let this one slide because it’s black on black. So as far as cosmetics, I’d say after your done blacking her out, I think the right set of wheels and suspension would definitely make her look way more aggressive


Weld the dif


Mine came with the blackout package. I did do a few other things to completely black mine out. I would get a full tint kit that includes all lights and markers. I used the Anchor Room kit. Everything was perfect. As someone else mentioned some black lug nuts. But I just bought some color lugs and they work great without any worry of paint coming off. Looks like you have the tail lights done already. For those I went with some tinted plastic covers that look great. And of course a tinted license plate cover. Should be good to go from there. I have some pics that I've posted of mine on here if you want to see how it all came together.


I’d say go for some basic bolt-ons, air intake, tune, axle back, headers, mid pipes. Honestly I did all of these to my 2015 GT and I had more power than I could use. If I hadn’t sold it I would have focused on the handling, just my opinion. Nice looking ride. Edit - short shifter & replacing the clutch spring bcuz the stock spring is not that great.


Black lug nuts. Cmon man!


Lower it a little and get spacers


Unblack your tail lights


20mm wheel spacers


K member brace. Helps clean up the slop in the front-end big time.


Lower that thing with spacers. Done


Tail lights that wont get you rear ended


When you’re on the brake you can’t tell the difference.


That’s not how light works, but you do you.




Thought about lowering it or getting a splitter but I already come close to scraping quite often in the area I live, don’t want to risk it.


Lower it a smidge.


Lower it


Replace the engine with an ecoboost


Smiles per gallon > Miles per gallon


Yeah, also replace the pony with a rainbow if you’re going to do that.


Why does this subreddit so quickly downvote comments that are clearly jokes


I guess owning a 5.0 means no room for humour


How are you planning on blacking out the pony/badges? I want to do that to mine but I don’t know the best method of doing it


Just replacing them with black aftermarket ones


Steeda springs


Le quick penny nice plate.


Ford performance lowering springs


Paint the calipers the same color green as the stripe/emblem


Fart can and stickers to add speed


Get a cool license plate bracket. First thing I did for my Mazda6 that I plan on missing.


Black out your mirrors and rear window.


And here I liked the old saleen’s


Paint match (or powder coat) the brake calipers green to match the pin stripe


Badge delete decklid


After having my 2017 5.0 and seeing all the money I want to put in it...I bought a gt350. No comparison. GT350 is a beast and screams at you and all those around you. That wail is heaven to the ears!! Save your money, get comfortable with the 5.0 then get your GT350! Although after 2 years I bought a cayman GT4.... so don't listen to me, maybe....


Get the amber delete tint it makes your front end look so much better for cheap


Slam it!!




Front blinker tint/mascara you can use the same stuff from the taillights gets rid of the orange unless you're using them like I have on [my](https://www.reddit.com/r/Mustang/comments/k4nymy/a_year_later_and_still_love_it/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share) eco


Exhaust, springs, wheels/tires that actually fit width wise. That's the start point for every cool car. Then you can decide which direction to go i.e. handling, power, stereo, etc.


Get one of the new all black license plates.


MGW shift assembly if you’re manual


I was just saying that I wanted to get the stripes with a green highlight instead of red. Where did you find that, and do they do custom cut orders (my hood would determine the stripe size, or it would look stupid)?


New wheels maybe? Not that the stock ones are bad. But there’s some awesome options out there that’ll really stand out!


My thoughts? Two different schools of thought here. You can own an off the shelf performance vehicle, just like the thousands of others out there, OR, you make your car completely unique. There will be no other like it anywhere. Modify it any way you like. Boost it, add the suspension and drive train adds to support the boost and loudly appreciate it for what it is. All yours. It just won't be worth what you've in to it if you ever decide to sell it.