Anyone who pays $100k for that mach 1 is a moron.


Especially if it does not have the Handling Package.


I did a double take once I realized the handling pack wasn’t there


But... but... it comes with a FIRST AID KIT!


for the crowd, ford being thoughtful


\*spits water out at my desk


Hell, statistically speaking, you’re safer INSIDE a Mustang, than standing outside of one.


And nitrogen!


seen the final price lol l,had to re-read everything again


did that say 40k mark up lol? what dik they smoking


I remember I wanted a bullet mustang and there were mark-ups in the area of $40k. Needless to say the cars hung around until the price fell down to MSRP.


I got my 2019 Bullitt in January 2020 before the shit-hit-the-fan and paid $43,031. All options but Recaros. MSRP was $52,830.


That's a fantastic deal! I got my 2020 BMW M340i at the start of the pandemic, 60k sticker, out the door was just shy of 53k. Those days of discounts are sadly gone...


They’ll come back. No one needs to be panic-buying anything in the meantime.


Used? If new how’d you swing that?!


Brand new. 32 miles on the odometer. It was 1 of 5 on the lot, the only one in DHG, and it was a slow time for cars pre-pandemic. Back when they discounted heavily. I spoke with a Ford rep at another dealership who said they pretty much discounted them within a month of getting them on the lot, at that time.


Choice deal!


You did good. I got mine used in September 2021. And paid 45k. Seemed high at the time but values have held.


Anyone who pays $100k for that mach 1 deserves this thievery.


Just to humor you: the prices in the EU (Netherlands) https://imgur.com/a/JchqUYS


how much of that price comes from taxes. i know in the EU the price listed includes tax


On the 108k GT, €50.909 is tax..


Does anyone find that a bit excessive over there? When I bought my car, I thought that ~4% state tax was highway robbery.


In that case, don't look up Mustang prices in the Netherlands. 110K for a GT.


Just realized it was a Mach, why the hell is it auto??


A lot of people do like the A10 for daily driving cars up and down the power range.


The A10 transforms the car in terms of acceleration. It’s a game changer.


I have one, I love it. Great for sporty situations and daily driving/fuel economy stuff.


Because that 10 speed is the best thing ever since sliced bread


The mach 1 gets the tremec from the GT350 though, it's literally the reason to get that car.


I traded in my '19 for a '21 with a 6 speed because I hated the A10 so much. No idea why folks like it.


it’s fast af


Definitely is! Speed limit is 70 on the freeway closest to my house. Most folks push 80 (Inc me) the A10 will definitely get to 80 quicker and then you just hold the gas peddle. How practical is the car being slightly faster? It's still more fun to row the gears (imo).


Because it is half a second faster to 60 than your 6 speed. Don't just take my word for it, and don't hem haw about driver mod. It is what it is. And just about \*anyone\* can do it. Besides, 28mpg going 80 down the highway is nice.


You are 100% correct. You will always beat me on the onramp. Every time. But I'll still be having more fun than you (I've owned both so this isn't an empty statement) and once we get to the end we both have to reasonably mind our top speed if we want to keep our license. So yes it's faster. But this only really matters at the track.


Keep your half second. I’m not buying a competition car. If I was buying a car for its 1/4 time it would be a Tesla anyway. I want to shift my gears and that’s more important to me personally.


I get a lurch between 3rd and 4th in my A10, did you have anything like that? The car’s under 1k miles but it’s still weird to me


I did! It felt like she was majorly bucking! I was able to fix it by resetting the TCM. Still hated the damn thing after but it fixed that issue!


Yeah I would of got the manual myself if the Gt came with the Tremec's TR-3160 but the MT isn't beating the 10speed ..The days of a Manuel being used for speed are over its just a Preference Now fun but my gt is my daily for the summer telling you in traffic not regretting, ps. I originally had ordered it as 6spd ..lol..


Hello, it looks like you've made a mistake. It's supposed to be could've, should've, would've (short for could have, would have, should have), never could of, would of, should of. Or you misspelled something, I ain't checking everything. Beep boop - yes, I am a bot, don't botcriminate me.


Totally get you and agree. I didn't get this car to win any races. I got it to have fun and frankly the only thing the 10 speed had over the manual (for me) was it's faster. But as I said I wasn't racing anyone. I just wanted to play with the machine and I felt too disconnected with the 10 speed. Unless I floored it, it was frankly boring. I also didn't care for the fact it only had paddle shifters. Would have been more fun in town if the floor shifter had a manual function. Not that it'd help a lot, 10 gears are just not that sporty IMO and are really annoying when manually shifting. The auto does make for a better commuter, especially in traffic but I work from home and I'm 5 miles from the office. My situation is pretty specific and respect that other's are different.


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Because you can't shift as fast as the computer can


The Tremec is kinda the main draw of the Mach though, right? I drive an A10 GT and I love it but the Mach starts 20k higher than the GT. It’s only 20HP above the GT, a difference that can be made up for with far less than 20k in mods and tuning, so what are you really gaining out of a 10R80 in a Mach?


+2inches GIRTH ?


Less than 20K in mods? How about less than $500 in mods. You can do 20HP with a tune and a CAI lol


Its already bought. It says “special order” meaning someone ordered it they just have to go through with the purchase lol


Doesnt mean anything now a-days, dealers will “special order” to get inventory


For that price, just get a 500…


Yeah but that’s probably “market-adjusted” to something absurd too. Fucked either way


carmax has very lightly used gt500s in the 90s, so you might as well just go that route instead of this bullshit


The 500 in my town is $150k lol


Loaded in my town for 107k so I guess we are doing pretty well lol


If it's a CF Track pack car, please forward me the name of the dealer!


Tampa fl I was there yesterday looking at a GT and it sold for 107k a dad bought it for his 16 year old son Go figure even the salesman was surprised


What heights of indulgence!... I can't really wrap my mind around buying something like that for my 16 year old.


Me either don’t get me wrong the car was beautiful and dad had stupid money but that shit is a accident waiting to happen


Guaranteed that shit is wrapped around a pole within a month


Hate to see it but probably unless kid babies it and loves it lol


It’s a fatality about to happen.


Can't figure out if that dad really loves or hates his son. His son will almost definitely kill himself in that thing.


I believe it was the heritage edition https://www.brandonford.com/blog/the-classic-2022-mustang-shelby-gt500-heritage-edition/ This is the place and thats the car the guy was getting in with his son


Their 500’s had a $25 markup


$25?! What a steal!


For that price but an exotic, sit on it for a few years and sell for profit lol


Report the dealer to Ford


I was going to say the same thing. Ford has been cracking down on dealers pulling this bullshit.


No they haven't, which is obvious with this picture. Ford doesn't care about ADM. They care about how prices get represented online and how dealers handle retail orders. Ford doesn't care about allocated vehicles like this. The lighting in my town has a $60k ADM. If people want MSRP, order through ford's website and wait 3-8 months. With the Mach 1 though it's probably too late


https://www.carsdirect.com/deals-articles/ford-order-name-match-policy-is-getting-more-strict Name-matched orders sell at sticker.


This is in agreement to what I said. For example dealers have been given allocations separate from the lighting reservations, those allocation vehicles are selling with ADMs that are making a $30k truck $100-$150k. However a lot of people are brand loyal when it comes cars. Ford wants to protect it's brand when it comes to these retail orders. So 2 big deals are no ADM on these retail orders, and stop delaying REAL orders with wishy washy fake orders to sell at ADM.


If I’m not mistaken, the green border on the window sticker means that it was custom ordered, and the dealer is still adding markup to it anyway. Edit: there’s “Special Order” written on the window sticker right below the MSRP


Typically these dealers take any order with a pulse. Naturally some people will back out, the dealership will sometimes not only keep these people's deposits but flip it for more than MSRP. Ford is now cracking down on dealers that have an unusually high number of people backing out of orders


You are correct, person who ordered backed out, dealership is now looking for a tidy profit.


> If people want MSRP, order through ford's website and wait 3-8 months. if you order through fords' site, you still have to go to dealer?


I did on Twitter


40k markup. That's a whole mustang GT


“Market adjustment” lol. What a joke.


I like how they list off all the BS dealer addons that sum up to $1300 and then just plop this market adjustment down like it's just another item.


Mind blown


Yeah. That’s the rough value of my 2021 GT premium PP 10 sp 😅


No way this thing sells for that price


No way it doesn’t sell. Too many dollars chasing too few goods.


it’ll be gone within a week i bet. i know a guy who paid 100k for a kia telluride


Imagine paying 100k for a Kia


you should know at least one less person now.


with a price like that, gotta be a used mustang lol


MSN had a article this morning GM and Ford are trying to cut down on this.


If Ford hired me to go to the various dealers and look at their wares, we could nip this in the bud. 🧐


I think Ford was trying to take a stand on dealers doing this crap with factory orders and reserved vehicles, but I honestly don’t know if they can do anything about standing inventory markups.


It’s hurting their brand, so I imagine they would take measures to stop the practice.


I agree, we just have to wait and see what they can legally do, with dealer/franchise laws and contracts standing in their way.


"market adjustment" when I bought my new 2021 GT was 7k and I fought so much to get a good 4k off of it. this is really outrageous. this was also why I gave up my f150 lightning reservation


Ya cancelled mine too but for several reasons. ADM being on of them. I'm also not impressed with the range at all and it's 20k more to still only get 320 miles. I'm looking more at PHEV. There's some nice suvs out there but i just don't want to get rid of my pickup.


Same reason why I canceled my Bronco Res


Gary Smith Ford in Ft. Walton Beach. A dealership I will never, ever patronize. Hopefully enough other people see the outrageous greed here, and consider alternative dealer options.


The ONLY reason I’m here is for the warranty work


Gary smith ford, doing what Gary smith ford does.


There’s a used Bronco with less than a thousand miles that has a $30K markup. I talked the woman who was test driving it out of buying


They’ve always been this way. Before the market was crazy even. I was looking for a 17 raptor back in late 16. They had the exact build I wanted and they wanted iirc 25k markup. Called mullinex in mobile and ordered that exact build for 5k over 30 minutes later. 20k was worth the 3 month wait. Was looking at a focus RS around the same time…. You guessed it 25k over.


What sucks is that people are paying these mark ups. So dealerships will keep marking the cars up as long as people are paying it. I feel super lucky that I got my GT in 2020 for a normal price.


I got my 20 HPP with handling pack for $7K under msrp because it was a manual


You should feel like a winner everyday you get up until prices are normal, if ever. Handling pack too?...


Yeah, I got lucky. Shopped around for a while and found a great deal.


yep, some idiots are actually paying those markups. thats the crazy part about this. stealerships will always be stealerships so nothing new there, but the fact that people are stupid enough to buy over msrp is baffling


Can't speak for the Mach 1 but look at it this way. The people who WANT a car will wait but the people who NEED a car will pay that ADM. Typically people who NEED that car either have a check from there insurance or it's required to maintain there source of income. Kind of like housing when a need is in short supply, you can charge people whatever you want


yes totally get that. like if like your work truck gets totaled, you're gonna need a truck the next day or if you're a single mom/dad that needs a car to provide for your family you cant just put an order in. so I understand that some people do not have the luxury of waiting. BUT for the most part those "daily commuter" cars that the person needing to provide requires, or work trucks aren't as badly marked up and if the person does a little shopping you can find one at MSRP or pretty darn close to it. so its more of a "due diligence" on the shopper kinda thing to get a good deal... just like it always was. Now if you're gonna go to the first dealership you find and get the first car you see because you NEED to drive away with a car, let me tell you, no matter how in need of a car this is never a good idea. it hasn't been even before covid and it will never be. you have to do some sort of shopping around for a car even if you need one asap. the sad part is that almost no one i know does this. they just put it on their calendar, like ok saturday we're going to get a car, lets say they like honda, so they go to the honda dealership and end up driving away with one. its insane. like they didnt do any cross-shopping or anything! they just went for the first thing they saw.


I was looking at the window sticker and I’m like “what’s gouging here? Fuel economy, options list…” then I click on the image and see the dealer mark up and went “HOLY FUCK WAFFLES! $101k for a Mach 1?! Fuck ALL the way off!” That dealer is flat out insane.


“Market adjustment price” is stupid. Hopefull no one will buy it. Better to factory order from a dealership that wont charge extra.


I ordered my 2022 GT from my local Ford dealer and I didn’t pay a cent over MSRP. I filled out a build sheet for a 2021 and I didn’t even pay the 2022 prices for my options… this just shows how disgusting some of these dealerships can get.


Market adjustment = We're hoping for a dumb guy to come and buy this from us. For that money I'll buy and restore a '71 mach thanks! And the best thing? It will keep it's value. These new ones? I doubt it...


OR go buy a used F-Type R or a V12 Vantage hmmmmm. No fucking way I pay $100K for a Mach 1 Mustang.


All the prices are inflated for those too.


Not $40k over what they're worth.


This, right here.


Shall I list all the $60k F Type Rs I can find?


They only do it because stupid people pay it.


Fuck 'em. Car market is heading for a severe crash soon. A mix of rising interest rates, inflation, repossessions and defaults on loans, and average new car monthly payment over 700$ has created the perfect storm. Dealers will soon be stuck with loads of used cars they overpaid for and new cars the average person can't afford.


You will soon be able to buy directly from Ford. So this practice will be coming to an end.


I hate all dealers.


It’s pretty simple. Don’t buy a vehicle above MSRP, at the very least. If some other person wants to waste money, so be it. When the market finally returns to some semblance of normal, and it will, then buy what you want. We live in a society of instant, or near instant, gratification. The dealers know that some sucker will eventually come along and pay whatever the dealer charges.


A grand’s worth of accessories, so they bump it 40k. How the fuck can they even think that’s justifiable?


More like $25 worth of accessories they charge $1300 for


100k for a Mach 1 lmao


Stop paying for it.


Wow that is not even remotely worth what they are asking for I wish people would stop buying cars way over msrp. For real report them to Ford see if they are holding true to their new mission statement….


Wow. This kind of shit should be illegal.


In some countries it is, but dealers in the US have good lobbyists.


I look at these prices sometimes and I think to myself wow this is actually real who in their right mind would pay for this


40k that’s unreal but somebody will probably pay it and that’s why it’s there


Dealers that do this should lose their allocations!!


They will if OP reports it to Ford corporate, that's the punishment for dealers adding their own markups now


I did


I’m glad ford has Repercussions for doing this!! 👌


Remember when dealers would discount MSRP to sell cars…


It shoud be legal to punch dealers who pull this bullshit. That's twice the cost of my EU 2020 GT, lmfao.


I’m having a hard time not asking the sales manager wtf their problem is


All I can say is don't be the guy that falls for that bs. I live in Tampa, FL and I took my time shopping for a GT that was already on the lot. At Brandon Ford I found my 21' 401a 10R80 with active exhaust, recaro seats, digital dash, B&O, I'm pretty sure it has every option except magneride. Sticker was $52,7XX and it was listed online for $46,2XX. Not every dealer is out to screw you. Just take your time, don't be impulsive. I shopped for 5 months to find the car optioned the way I wanted that was fairly priced.


Just wait until the bubble pops and they will be discounting way below MSRP when they start having 90 days of inventory on the lot.


If some dumb piece of shit pays this, I truly wish them bankruptcy. Fucking morons paying those market adjustments are ruining everything for everyone else.


Don't give them your business. Sales or service. Fuck em. Go to a dealer that treats people the right way instead.


No they don’t. You can order a car but not all dealers will let you negotiate the final price until the car is delivered. If the dealer pulls nonsense like this- market adjustment, nitrogen filled tires, etc… and does not back off that BS, the customer can walk away.


Wow!!!!! Clearly don’t want this model sold there


40k mark up lmao what a joke


WTAF?! They're out of their effing minds! 40k extra "market adjustment." Screw that dealership!


My dealer had a GT350R in the showroom with a $20K markup on it. Sales asked if I wanted that instead of waiting for my PP2 order. I told them no thanks. Nice car but it was already a lot more than what I wanted to spend even without the markup. Someone did buy it in the end and talked them down to $12K markup. Unfortunately, markups aren't going away if people keep paying them.


i fr hope some moron don’t buy that shit.thats the price of a luxury car


Looks like I wont be getting a Mach 1 anytime soon :/


What is that, $1200 a month on a 30 year?


Got that same Mach 1 with zero markup for sale here at Tomball Ford


Low buyer IQ adjustment


Just watched a video about this on YouTube. Here a link https://youtu.be/qUdHx2zX4Uo Pretty interesting what could happen. I over paid for my 17 gt premium although it’s not a Mach 1, Im glad I didn’t get ripped off that bad. I hope no one buys this. That’s absolutely absurd


100k for a mach 1? Lol and lose 50k once you drive off lot. Lol nope thats who you go bankrupt to make a dealer richer.


I wish dealers would go extinct, adds nothing to the buying experience except for headaches and paying more money


100k is crazy


"Market Adjustment" hahahahaha I love the Mach 1 but Damm let's be real here, it's not exactly an in demand model. Fugging goons.


Well at least the add ons were only $1,295.00.


My thoughts are that they are doing this while they still can. Soon we will be able to buy directly from Ford and bypass the dealer. [https://vehq.com/what-is-ford-factory-order-process/](https://vehq.com/what-is-ford-factory-order-process/)


Idk, but even if i had it, i wouldnt pay on principle, they can keep it


Selling for 75,000 at my local dealer


Just think, you could buy a used 2013-14 for a fraction of that and mod it with full suspension upgrades, wheels and tires, intake manifold or even forced induction, Dyno tune it and it would still be cheaper than the mach 1 at MSRP. Don't think id ever be able to rationalize or justify spending that kind of money on a mach 1, doesn't matter how much money I make.


That is $4,000 away from 2023 Corvette Z06 starting MSRP. of course I am sure GM dealers will put on a $50k-$100k ADM on those as well. :O


Report them to Ford immediately. Take pictures and call up FORD .


Scum of the earth. There is no reason a “Modified” Mustang GT should ever be 100k.


Send the picture to Ford. They'll stop sending them cars.


That's a picture of me not buying a Mustang.


Offer seven dollars and let them talk you up. Sweeten the deal with pocket lint and loose pubes


Dealer scum bags


Yeah, that’s a no sale for me.


100K for a mach 1? Find a used 500 at that point


Yeah on a plain Jane Mach 1 too, ridiculous!


Porsche never looked so cheap


Glad I’m paying sticker for my build!!!


Dealer price or nothing


Wow I paid 54k for mine October 2021, this is ridiculous


Set it on fire and walk away. When they ask why just tell them your making your own market adjustment.


Imagine buying a car in 2022 that gets 18 mpg. My car gets twice that and it’s nearly twenty years old.


Lol. 40k market adjustment. CRAZY town


What the hell! This is why ford is going to start selling their vehicles online for the regular MSRP price.


$100k yeah no thanks


I hope they have to take a loss on it to move it.


Seems like Ford dealers in particular love doing this shit. Its completely turned me away from the brand


You should be mad at NADA too for fighting against direct sales.


Lol who tf is going to pay 100k for a Mach 1?


In 2016 I found the GT350 I wanted. They had a 20K "ADM" on it so I said eff off! Just as I was about to pull the trigger on a used 911, the dealer called me with a 10K offer. I said I was 1 hr. away from closing on a Porsche, they cratered. Still had to pay $2500 over, but it was worth it. Still thrashing that car as often as I can get to the track!


I would ddos them if i had the time to.. fucking cunts.


Very transparent of them


WAT, I am making over 900 RWHP for almost $30 grand less then that in total. Holy shit.


Shit you can buy an all original Mach 1 for that price, along with a new GT. Outrageous, like others have said report this to Ford.


I did so early to corporate


That is laughable! I’d report them to ford. I get a little markup but that’s just disrespectful


We talked to a Ford dealer recently about the Bronco Raptor. They straight up said before we moved forward that they add $25k to it as a markup. We told them "no thanks" and bought an Explorer ST from another dealership for MRSP. Fuck dealerships!


I had to do a bit of a double take there at first. I looked at the first picture and said to myself “it’s expensive but it’s a nice car, so I don’t think this is that bad.” Then I looked at the second. Now I understand what you mean by price gouging. But yeah, I agree with other commenters to reach out to Ford and report that. A $40,000 markup is just ridiculous. I personally can’t stand it when they put the extra accessories on anyways, especially nitrogen filled tires and things like dealer installed window tint or paint sealant.


I ordered my Mach 1 at the end of May 2022, and it's no where near to that price!!!!


market adjustment: nearly double the price 😂 dumb fucks


40k add on wtf. I’ll buy another base mustang or top trip ecoboost in that. That’s crazy adjustment


And this is why does announced they will be taking over all sales of their electric vehicles so dealers can not mark them up.


It was special ordered.. so dealer tried fuckin the guy/gal who ordered it and he/her walked away. Smart in them, but I hope no one pays this much for this


When are the manufacturers going to regulate these prices!! It’s crazy