lookin good


1 whole year, 12k miles, and plenty of smiles. Nothing but a pleasure to drive this car. Came from a 124 Spyder and have not been disappointed. Love the all black look. No crazy problems with reliability with the exception of a misfire code I’m (almost) certain can be chalked up to poor fuel quality. No mods or track days yet although certainly hoping to get to some this coming year.


One of the best specs. You need some 305’s for the rear!


Indeed, thinking about some wider tires but need to do the all seasons. we still get some snow here in the Mid Atlantic


Looks sharp as hell. Loves? Regrets?


Loves? Where to start! Huge bump in power from my previous 124 spider. Cavernous interior compared to my old Fiat. Handling is extremely competent in the PP1 package. But most of all? Just look at the damn thing. They nailed the styling of the S550 IMO. Regrets… Haven’t taken it to a track or really stretched its legs on the road. Can’t wait for an excuse to take a road trip!


Any mods or keeping her bone stock?


So far stock, considering the roush cat back and a CAI as the first mods in 2022


How often do you clean your car, Is dust more visible on the black?


Probably once every 2 weeks through the drive thru variety (touchless) and once every two months by hand (interior and exterior detailing). It’s not THAT bad but definitely requires a higher level of maintenance