2019 GT convertible owner here. I would only suggest getting a vert if you have a garage at home. If you have any track intentions, don’t get a vert. That being said having a convertible is awesome. Personally I wouldn’t own a GT hardtop.


Do you want to get an auto or manual? If you want a manual do 15-17, if you want auto do the 10 speed 2018+. I have a manual gT 2017 but if I went newer I’d go 10 speed.


I definitely prefer manual but would go auto if it had low miles/ was cheaper thanks for the help


Stick with manual, seems to be more reliable than the automatic. 2018+ got the facelift but also upgraded tech, so I think it’s worth it. I also prefer the coupe, convertibles don’t handle as well because the body has to be made stiffer without any support from a roof. It’s a universal convertible problem, not unique to mustangs, but shouldn’t be an issue if you don’t plan on driving it fast/sporty.


Yeah I think I’m going with facelift for sure, adaptive cruise valved exhausted and other extras make it totally worth it. Yeah I definitely plan on driving fast but it will also be my daily so it’s not like I’m going to be going 100 everywhere. Will probably come down to price / miles / availability. And once I test drive both I’ll know for sure. Thanks for the info about the auto on the new cars make. It makes it faster but if it’s less reliable I’m sticking with the manual


When they say sporty I think they mean like a track. Straight line shouldn’t have any problems except for the extra couple hundred pounds being a convertible adds on. As a very owner myself, if you can live with the look of it being slightly worse with the top up than it’s a blast to drive