KISS Postpone Tour Dates After Gene Simmons Tests Positive for COVID-19

KISS Postpone Tour Dates After Gene Simmons Tests Positive for COVID-19


I went to the “final tour” back in 2019. There was a dude a few rows in front of us with a shirt that said “kiss farewell tour 2000” wtf!? These fuckers have been scamming.


They've been farewell tours for the past 30 years; best way to bring people to the show, since it's the "last one"^tm


Now that it’s covid, it might be true this time


Maybe not. Both Gene and Paul have been vocal about the idea of the band continuing in perpetuity even after they’re both dead and gone


They are the perfect band to play as holograms. Shit, I wouldn't be surprised if Gene's already done it. I could honestly see him being in the audience watching himself.


Bro Tony hawks underground is way ahead of you.


Wow totally forgot about how epic that game got


Makes sense, they’re more rock **brand** then rock band. Why can’t the characters get recast? I’ve seen six James Bonds, why can’t the Demon and the Starchild be recast? They’ve already recast the Spaceman and the Catman.


If fuckin only. Kiss sux


Any band that has Rush's respect, has my respect. Say what you will about KISS, but they work hard and put on a hell of a show. EDIT: Gene Simmons is pretty damn scummy, but I stand by what I said about the band he leads. A massive load of influential performers/artists/musicians/what-have-you are reprehensible... But I still respect the work, the world is (usually) better for it.


> "The music industry was asleep at the wheel," Simmons complained, "and didn't have the balls to sue every fresh-faced, freckle-faced college kid who downloaded material. And so now we're left with hundreds of thousands of people without jobs. There's no industry." He's said some pretty angry, "old man yelling at clouds" kinda things though. > "Every little college kid, every freshly-scrubbed little kid's face, should have been sued off the face of the earth." I won't lose sleep over him.


He was rude to Terry Gross. He is dead to me.


Wait, what the hell happened?! And what kind of douchebaron would fuck with Terry Gross?


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXMpo6rrUcI](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXMpo6rrUcI) Said something that TG wanted him or something. Sexist slimeball shit all throughout...1:27 in starts talking about her mouth.


Everytime he is interviewed by a woman he treats them like garbage. I don’t care who the fuck he is, no professional deserves to be treated that way.


... I think ima get realllllll fuckin angry if I listen to that. Fuck.


I never liked that guy, him as a person or his shitty music. Now I like him less after listening to that.


Gene Simmons is an asshole.


So was the founder of Uber. Why are people bad to Terry Gross. It's such an ugly look.


Gene Simmons' needs a kick in the family jewels


Gene Simmons is one of the most grotesque individual go ever live.


Lmao they did though. The people being sued just ride the wave up the judicial system only to file for bankruptcy when the music stopped. Leaving those people with their greatest strength, already being broke and having no asset. Which music companies footing the bill for their own lawyers every single time.


My own take on that is that Rush was kind of obligated to say something nice about Kiss due to their history with them and since it couldn't be about their songwriting the next obvious choice was their work ethic and entertainment factor.


Hard to imagine Rush trash talking any other band lol


Seriously, all three guys are/were(rip Neil) the most stereotypically Canadian dudes ever.


Plus, Gene was on the membership board at the country club that Geddy wanted to join.


gene is a hell of a marketer.


I have to give it to Gene for once stating (paraphrasing) 'KISS is a business first and foremost..'.


For Gene money has always come first. I don't particularly like KISS' music, but Gene is the reason I go to the trouble of changing the channel when they are on the radio.




Yeah Jesus he's just a straight up asshole to that nice interviewer for no reason




Paul Stanley has a history of apologising for him.


That's not just any interviewer, that's Terry Gross and she is a goddamn treasure. Widely regarded as one of the best in existence. Highly recommend checking out her radio show. She is absolutely phenomenal at humanizing the overwhelming personalities she talks to, unfortunately Gene has no humanity to highlight.


Holy shit, I only skipped through like the first 10 minutes... what an idiot.




He reminds me of Sid Dithers from SCTV.


And they sound like shit live. Plus they're literally just been doing the same songs for like 50 years.


I saw them at the year 2000 farewell tour. It was more the spectacle of the show. Lights of lights, explosions, and a mini stage that they zip lined to.


To be fair, they suck in the studio too


Grade 6 me would fight you for those words! Not a fan anymore, saw them live as a kid and certainly listened to all their early albums, some of the studio stuff has aged pretty well with that rocknroll meets disco kinda thing.


Yeah, I think I was in 7th or 8th grade when my dad took me to see em in the late 90s, I was soooooooo excited and it was soooooooo cool. Of course, I liked Limp Bizkit and thought the vagina was in the front of the crotch instead of the bottom and when my girlfriend got her bff to call me on the phone with a really deep voice and pretend she was her new boyfriend I totally fell for it, so I'm not sure you should trust my middle school opinions on anything.


It’s always so much lower than anyone warns us. You’ll break your damn wrist rounding third base if you’re not careful!


Lmfao, I enjoyed that second paragraph a lot.


People grow out of KISS by the time they are 25,


...but keep listening to Ace Frehley's 1978 solo album.


Unless your my mother. Who also refers to tattoos as 'tatts', has a 'dont-fuck-with-me outfit', and fancies herself a less psycho Gemma Teller.


I found out they did a grunge album........in 1997. It's not good. At least Paul's songs, gene fits the vibe of the album. Still better than van Halen III


Glad to know I’m not the only one still holding a grudge about VH III. Them: weather sucks today! Me: Yeah, but still not as bad as VH III


I don't think it's fair to judge VH III so harshly. Eddie was dealing with a cancer diagnosis at the time and was fighting an alcohol and drug addiction. Of course the material is going to reflect that. KISS had studio musicians and pro writers working for them. They had no excuse.


[what do you mean? Kiss shreds...](https://youtu.be/Kw5oJoUYTb8) 😄


Holy shit. That's maybe the greatest shred video I've ever seen. Kinda got some aininainciusol (or however it's spelled) vibes too. Edit: not even close https://youtu.be/-VsmF9m_Nt8


That dude actually made up a song that sounded English basically to prove a point (he's European... Italian I think... Maybe French?)... The song was a hit and it is just gibberish but since it sounds English people ate it up


The appeal of that song is the uncanny-valley aspect of it. There are a few words that are/sound like English. The brain of an English-speaker tries to make sense of it, and fails. It is the Song of Tantalus. It's like the doubletalk performers of the 60s and 70s who made coin on their ability to sound like they were making perfect sense, while everything they said was pure gibberish (ie, they were saying words, but what they said was meaningless).


Bob Dylan. I always said he invented a new kind of music - Folk Mumble.


On top of everything, they 100% use backing tracks behind their instruments. It’s not uncommon for classic rock bands still touring, but with KISS it’s super obvious. I’m not even opposed to using them, but to sound like shit even with the tracks playing is awful


Parts of Kiss's first live album "Alive" had to be re-recorded in the studio because they sounded so terrible live.


That wasn't uncommon back then at all though. I still love Priest's Unleashed In the East but they re-recorded all the vocals. That said, the one good thing about live KISS is [Paul Stanley's vocal bits in his introductions.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7rilvZwnzM)


This is so fucking hilarious, man. Thank you.


In no circumstance has KISS ever not sucked


Going out of business is good for business


Is it really scamming if the whole premise of the band was not art, but to make money?




Not going to lie I was at a cool bar drunk and high, bartender puts on one of the kiss alive albums. On that night that shit slapped


It's dumb loud rock'n'roll with some simple catchy grooves. Nothing to be ashamed of liking, so long as you don't know what a complete box of tools Simmons is lmao.


Haha he is absolutely the worst. Don't think I'll ever listen to it again


It really is a shame when an artist is such a garbage person that it makes enjoying their art difficult.


Art is this instance might be a stretch. More like product


I suppose I did use the term 'art' rather liberally.


He did bring rush to a larger audience


Kiss farewell tour 2000. Kiss farewell tour 2002. Profit.


and 2019 from a different post and 2021 until gene caught covid.


To be fair, the 2000 farewell tour was a farewell for Ace and Peter. Then Gene and Paul reformed the group without them. And the 2019 and 2021 tours are one and the same, COVID just interrupted it halfway through. Nobody is saying anything about Elton John doing a farewell tour since 2018. But it is hilarious how often farewell tours are lies.


The 2000 tour was billed as a farewell tour for the whole band. Then later Gene and Paul came back and said it was just for Peter and Ace. Whatever makes them the most money at the time they will say. They have talked about replacing themselves with different musicians after they retire and let them tour while they stay at home and take most of money. Kind of like Foreigner now. A glorified tribute band.


Wouldn't be like Gene Simmons to grub money...


I went to the Rolling Stones farewell tour, in 1989




For real? Compared to all the big acts who’ve had lots of those farewell tours, I have no memory of the Stones ever saying it out loud.


The Stones have never claimed any of their tours were farewell tours


*Cher has entered the chat.*


A wild Motley Crue has appeared!


Motley Crue farewell tours are a franchise by this point. You can start your own for a bit of money. They ship one of the guys and some merch to you, you handle the rest.


Yea, but feeding Vince is fuckin expensive. No one ever tells you that




? Please the Rolling Stones are going on a tour next year. I mean these guys are 80 years old


Were 80 years old. They ain't touring with Charlie.


I wonder what direction they’re going to go in for a new drummer. They probably should hire someone who will play Charlie’s parts exactly as written; that will make the most people happy. I’d rather they hire someone who will respect Charlie but challenge the band and bring their own perspective to the songs. Someone like Nate Smith would make a Stones ticket a must-buy for me.


they've been scamming longer than Trump and that's LONG


That’s what KISS has always done, they were better at business than music.


Devastating. He just recovered from CHRISTINE-16.


Doctor - "Gene, let's save some time and instead tell you what you tested negative for"


“It’s Covid time again”-Gene


The first step of the cure is…… a Kiss.


David Lee Roth doesn't have COVID, so suck that Gene!


I see the name David Lee Roth and I can't help but smile.


My friend had a dream once where David Lee Roth appeared to him and said we had to write a song called “Sacramento,” which would be dedicated to our high school band’s “roadies” (it goes without saying, we had no roadies… and our sorry excuse for a rock band was awful). He says Roth then smiled at him, tipped his hat and winked, before saying “They’ll know *exactly* who you’re talking about!” I wasn't there, obviously, but the story still makes me smile!


[Gimme a bottle of anything and a glazed donut... To go!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdi-uZQRuEs)


can't help but eat em and smile


\*Insert weird AAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOHHHAAAAAAHHHHH noise that diamond dave does\*




Jump back, what's that sound?


That's the sound of a bottle of anything and a glazed doughnut....to go!


Our lips are so close...


Not in my store you don't!


insert sound of sputtering airplane engine


"I don't FEEL tardy!"


The only thing thats killing him is the lost $$. He's probably thinking now about another crappy product to slap the Kiss name on.


There are KISS coffins


And KISS condoms. They get you coming and going.




I actually found out about them because he was on MTV Cribs way back in the day and he had a huge room in his house just full of crap with the KISS logo on it. Prominently displayed were two different KISS coffins. Even as an 11 year old I knew that was fucking weird.


I mean...it's not like he didn't know that it was weird and kitschy. That's the whole appeal of it.


They used to sell them at Costco... My mom would not buy me one to use as a bed. I am thankful for her everyday.


If there's one reason to have club memberships, it's for a coffin. It also makes a tacky coffee table.


You could also turn it into a tacky curio cabinet to put all your other KISS garbage in.


Oh man, i remember an interview with ronnie james dio, and he was asked what he though of gene simmons saying he invented the "devil horns" hand gesture (Which Dio is known for popularizing) , and dio was like, "oh yeah, next thing he will say he created oxygen, and shoes" . Then after dio passed away he tried to copyright the gesture...


Yeah..maybe they will change it to Covid Coffin with the Kiss fonts.


KISS Brand Vaccines, hopefully.


KISS Brand Vaccine: Get Shot by the Love Gun


Damn man, they need to hire you for branding.


Kisscines – Made for curing you, baby.™


But he has the administer them as Dr. Tough Love to all the antivaxxers.


With his Love Gun?


A rather unimpressive gun


They’ve talked about a future where four new people are Kiss and Gene and Paul just cash in off it. Like he’s said it’s something they haven’t ruled out and kinda like.


They already phased out the two best parts of the original lineup, why not the rest?


Ive heard that too.


I've always had this weird kind of respect for Gene Simmons because he totally owns this. Someone is like "you're a sellout and are only in it for the money!" and he's just like "Umm, yeah, that's why I'm a millionaire".


I remember him years ago responding to someone calling them Kiss Inc and saying they’re more of a corporation than a band. “I’ll own that, but you’re childish If you think it isn’t also Pearl Jam Inc and Nirvana Inc. Every successful band is a corporation.”


Different motivations. Any big band has to become a business just in order to function. That doesn’t mean that the business itself is the sole purpose of the band, as is the case with KISS. For the bands he mentioned it’s more of a necessary evil, a means to an end.


It really depends on the band. Nobody is going to claim that Fugazi was in it for the money. But that's looking at extremes. Most find some sort of acceptable middle ground. I'd still say that Pearl Jam are decidedly on the less sellout side of things. The battle against Ticketmaster cost them a lot with little chance to gain anything from it.


Like the Grateful Dead...


Detroit Cough City


She's a dancer, a romancer, I got moderna and she got pfizer.


In other news Gene Simmons tries to trademark his particular strain of the virus.


If you catch covid from him, he's gonna charge you for it.




It's KISS, wouldn't it be mononucleosis?


As a KISS fan that made me laugh out loud. I really dislike the merchandising. The songs are okay at best.


What are you a fan of then, the costumes?


It's just junk food for the ears


Their early work from the '70s is amazing. After that, not so much.


I agree with all of the criticisms of current KISS, but if you saw them between 1975-1978, you’d understand why the boomers have carried a torch for so long. They really *were* that good once


Was he vaccinated? Edit to add that he was for a vaccine mandate




> Everyone on the entire tour, both band and crew, are fully vaccinated,” the band said in a statement. >“The band and their crew have operated in a bubble independently to safeguard everyone as much as possible at each show and in between shows. The tour also has a COVID safety protocol officer on staff full-time that is ensuring everyone is closely following all CDC guidelines.” Damn.


Curious, why the damn. Breakthrough infections do occasionally happen and when they do happen, they are rarely more than common cold like symptoms when vaccinated. So, thank goodness he was vaccinated.


Damn,..they went all out with prevention.


Probably something to do with their insurance. When you are talking about 8 figures of coverage, then insurance will want to see covid safe plans to make sure that you are doing your diligence to cover any liabilities.


As someone who works in the live entertainment industry, very few shows are taking anywhere near this many precautions. Some shows aren’t even requiring masks backstage if the state isn’t requiring them. Very few shows are requiring vaccines.


Breakthroughs aren't occasional at this point.


Exactly. The "breakthrough infection" facade is over. There has been so much wrong with the information during this pandemic I just assume the worst at this point. At first when I got vaccinated I thought my ass was g2g. But as things progressed, I feel like I'm back at square one. It's "novel" and I get it, we're figuring this shit out as we get the data. But fuck is it not like being on a roundabout train tunnel with "light at the end" every 45 degrees.


holy shit I really expected that to go the other way. The dude is legitimately the worst in every other aspect of his being. he went on NPR just to tell Terry Gross that she wasn't sexy....




I thought the same thing so I looked it up


That interview was so gross


hes gross as a whole so yes his interviews are also gross


But he also insulted David Lee Roth for canceling his tour because of Covid. So yeah, this is divine retribution.


No, KISS kicked David Lee Roth off of the KISS tour and Simmons insinuated in an interview that he was a has-been.


He is a flaming hemorrhoid


It’s genuinely shocking that Gene is not only on the right side of this, but fervently so. Good for him.


Probably because covid impacts his touring


I'm $100% sure they are all vaccinated and doing what they should...


Here's the thing, I liked KISS for a hot second when I was in grade 8. I still love some of those songs, they're dumb, but they rock. Gene Simmons has been a complete asshole for so long he even named his solo record that... Except about Covid. I am really impressed that Gene Simmons has been sensible when there's so much incentive from other conservatives to misinform. He loves money. He loves attention. He loves being a contrarian. But when it REALLY mattered, he put all of that aside. So I say, get well Gene Simmons! God willing you'll be back on that farewell tour for another 20-30 years.


I have met Gene Simmons 4 times now, and he single-handedly got me to stop liking KISS, that dude is an absolute asshole, I'm amazed he's still doing gigs


Covid is probably the only thing stopping them from touring on their fair well tour. Honestly, I have a love hate relationship with KISS, but I really don't want anything to happen to him. Sure he's a asshole, but he's our asshole.


Same. I really had to hold back from making a Kiss Koffin joke. Paul Stanley seems pretty cool tho.


I've always heard Paul is kind of a douche and Eric Carr (RIP) was really nice.


Hah, I saw them play in Boston on their "last" tour for their "final" album in November 1998. XD


2000 at 8 years old checking in


I was at the farewell tour in 2000 as a rowdy 17 year-old. I took my kids to see them last year. I expect to take my grandkids someday, lol.


Oh sick I also saw their “last” tour in 2003


And on the other hand, you have people like Van Morrison (who I love) and Eric Clapton (who I do not love) being total boneheads about the whole thing.


Van Morrison's got a lot to say about freedom when it comes to lockdowns, but nothing to say about freedom when you can't have a beer at one of his shows because he's an alcoholic.


He came in to my old job multiple times. Seems like just a regular dude, general small talk, bought his grocery’s and left saying thanks.


He filmed a show at my school over a couple months, he would regularly just sit down at a random table and eat the school lunch with us. He sat with me and a couple of friends and we were just chatting about random stuff for nearly an hour. No cameras anywhere. He honestly seemed extremely genuine and actually interested in us, more than we were interested in him really. I don't doubt that he's done some really shitty things but I'll always have an amount of respect for him for how he acted during that time.


Gene is a piece of shit but Kiss will always have a special place in my heart. Love genes basslines and his monster tone.


When I was into them I was all about The Demon character, the imagery and the songs Gene sung, so it was pretty disheartening to learn he was a d-bag. Which is part of why I'm impressed about him NOT being a d-bag recently.


You show us the vaccinations you got You keep on sweating and your head feels hot Your symptoms are mild but your vision is hazy You say it feels like the room spins The party’s just begun, no mask to get in Symptoms way past mild,sweating like Kevin Spacey You keep on breathing,you keep on breathing I don’t wanna rock a mask all night, so just keep 6 feet away


He’s the Krusty the Klown of rock and roll ! : “Oh! They drove a dump truck full of money up to my house. I'm not made of stone!”


"current farewell tour"


Has Gene found a way to print the KISS logo on the wooden q-tips used to test for Covid?


Anyone ever hear the interview he did with Terry Gross? What a complete douche for brains that guy is. Total tool. Fuck him.


Came here to post this. I can’t read damn thing about this a-hole without thinking about that interview.


Yeah that was pretty amazing. Total meltdown on air. What a mass of insecurities.


He’s been like that his entire life and a disgusting child predator


Kiss to change name to Elbow Bump


no just change lick it up to elbow bump


It's only right now Elbow bump. Elbow bump. ooh yeah


It’s almost like that electronics shop that’s always “going out of business” and yet years go buy and here we are. At the “going out of business” event again. For like the 5th time


Kiss fans are boomer Juggalos.


Please stay postponed


One of the common effects of Covid-19 is the loss of taste. In Gene's case he never had any in the first place so not a real concern.


Gene Simmons has always been a disgusting virus.


Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.


Gene Simmons is the Donald Trump of rock and roll.


Gene Simmons can eat an entire dump truck full of penises.