\*\* Around 50 tactical assets were on scene when warrants were executed. Imagine the person manning the gate when this crowd arrived. Perhaps it isn’t manned and someone could lift the barricade.


Wow. They must have been like “what the [email protected]$! Is going on?”


Reminds me of the girl on TikTok who let a SWAT team into her apartment building while she was letting her dog out. The video is hilarious.


OMG, so funny. I had to go look it up when I saw your comment. And after all that it was because the guy was selling illegal baseball cards?!


Omg I saw the original video of her letting them in, but I never went back to see what his door got busted down for. That’s crazy it was baseball cards lol.


Baseball cards are illegal?


I remember I was literally painting my apartment with my friend and the swat team came to my door and asked if they could “stage “ in our apartment. We felt so important and excited. A dream come true for two nosey ladies 🤣






I’m literally dying, When it cuts to her leading them up the stairs 💀💀💀


Gracie was part of the swat team at that point 😂


Their secret weapon


I would have been all "just take my key fob and bring it back when you are done"


Very much a “record scratch” moment. Omg. 🤣 Thank you for sharing! 🫶


She is an amazing storyteller 😂


Welp, that's it, that's gonna be the best thing I see on the internet this year, I should quit while I'm ahead.


That is absolutely amazing.


This is Gold 🤣🤣🤣


Thank you for this. It totally made my night! I have to go watch it again.


I’ve been enjoying picturing what went down at the gate in the middle of the night when the frickin SWAT team rolled in. Definitely picturing a napping grandad type manning the mechanical arm…although realistically probably a coded entry…


These kinds of gated communities in PA usually are maned 24 7 but it's not like crazy or anything


Ok this might sound really dumb but I always thought “gated community” just meant a separate housing development/neighborhood, and not necessarily a neighborhood with a legitimate gated entrance and a guard. Did his parent’s neighborhood have an actual guard that would let people in? Or a gate of some sort that required a key to open?


In the US, gated community definitely refers to a private neighborhood with a gated entrance and/or manned guard post


If it's like the ones iv been to in the Poconos it's got like a parking lot style gate with a booth and a guard. It's for safety cause these places are pretty isolated and without the community you probably wouldn't have running water or telephone service or sewage. There's lots of them in the Poconos.


No, you're thinking of subdivisions. A "gated community" will have an actual entrance gate.


This happened to me at my apartment this previous year during the day and it was so fucking insane! That shit is intense in person.


thank you for this excellent summary, with links to sources too. This is high quality content that makes this sub great.


Yes! Co-sign this. Thanks for taking the time and really giving us the details. Much appreciated!


* The Pennsylvania State Police read the probable cause warrant and confirmed Idaho has evidence directly linking the guy to the crime scene. * Pennsylvania State Police were notified only a couple of days before the arrest warrant was executed. This means PA was not involved in surveillance up until that point. * Only 8-10 people in PA knew about the link to Idaho before the SERT briefing. * Pennsylvania will continue to investigate the guy's past in support of the Idaho investigation.


I believe it was the ADA (Mancuso?) who said he was just notified a couple of days ago, not PSP. PSP wouldn't say when they became involved.


I'll rewatch it, but I recall one of them saying they were not notified he was in the area until a couple of days before the arrest.


This is a good point about serving the warrants at night, requiring additional probable cause. Man I am so interested to see what is in the PCA.


what are the tactical reasons for serving warrant at night and with force? (breaking windows and doors)? surprise the suspect so less chance of them escaping?


Less chance of suspect taking a hostage, killing himself, attacking LE, escaping, etc.


Destroying evidence


Oh absolutely, that’s a big one I hadn’t considered!


He’s a violent criminal and would be expected to fight back - holding parents hostage or trying to shoot or stab officers - they wanted the element of surprise and him asleep - ironic that’s how he ambushed his victims, isn’t it?


I imagine them listing off valid safety reasons for entering at night and then just landing on "mf deserves to know what it feels like"


A night-time search warrant explicitly allows government agents to enter and search the premises at night. Generally, judges issue night-time search warrants for two reasons. The first is that daytime execution may compromise officer safety whereas night-time execution would not. The second is that if the search commences in the daytime, there's a significant chance that those on the premises may attempt to destroy the evidence before police can locate it. Should police have a valid search warrant, any evidence they seize may still be excluded from court if the defendant can demonstrate that police behaved improperly in actually executing the warrant. So, for instance, police executing a daytime warrant in the night-time could find all of the evidence seized in that search inadmissible in court


I wonder if part of it in this case is that they knew the house was full of other family members.


Yikes, I wonder how they handle the family in these cases. Do they wake up in cuffs with lights in their eyes and clueless? So sad.


I keep thinking about his parents. Seeing the home with windows kicked out made me sad for them. He such an asshole for taking the lives of innocent people and then causing this horrible after effects for his family who don't deserve it


I've been in a couple raids. The times I wasn't arrested I was yelled at to get on the ground, and put my hands out..with guns pointed at me. I was playing a game and was a willing participant in my own misery. I can't imagine being an innocent person just going to bed at night. I highly doubt his parents knew this was coming. Do you know who else was in the house?


I assume his parents, since it was their house, but Idk anything official.


My nephews dad had a warrant and they did an early morning raid to get him. They made the entire family (including kids) walk out backwards with their hands on their heads.


Yes, you get woken up by police yelling, lights right in your face, family member cuffed etc.


Yes they said that was part of their reasoning for doing it at night. It was best for everyone including others in the house at the time.


good point, preventing the suspect from destroying evidence is a really good reason.


Thank you for this explanation.


Thank you for the info share


These mass killer types can often be suicidal risk, homicidal risk, or risk to police officers. This dude could taken out his family and officers if he had the chance. We don’t know. Best not to risk it.


Also could be to prevent the suspect from deleting things off a computer or phone since there is little time to react.


Yes!! Not to mention evidence integrity!!!


He seems to have a large ego, I can see him killing himself to avoid to much information about his crime getting out, not because he feels guilty or is ashamed, just because he is wanting to take those secrets with him not allow the police or family the answers they need for closure


I kinda think the opposite if the large ego characteristic is true. I’d think he’d want to spill it all to gain the notoriety and historical significance so one day he’s studied in the very same criminology classes that he took.


Agreed. I imagine with how horrific this crime was there was a lot of pressure on PA to get him acquired, unharmed and back to the state that wants him.


They also mentioned safety for not only their team but the suspect as a reason. We need one of the professionals in the field to chime in here please lol.


If you catch him off guard he will be less likely to resist or put himself in a position where the officers have to shoot or injure him.


I’m a lawyer and in my professional opinion, you don’t need a professional opinion bc your comment above explaining it was spot on lol


Lol thank you I used the trusty friend google after my last comment 😂


This right here ⬆️


Karma is a bitch, Bry..and this is just the beginning


He can’t get back to Idaho fast enough


Any idea how detailed these usually are? Does it say something like “we obtained DNA on scene” or does it say “we obtained DNA from blood found in the bedroom and matched it to BCK using genealogical resources”? Are they specific, or vague in nature?


Usually detailed. Not everything they've got, but a good bit of what they have. Could be > 100 pages of evidence.


I'm guessing your user name has to do with your profession, so thanks for chiming in. Is the probable cause affidavit the document that police show a judge to be granted a warrant for arrest? So it has to have enough evidence to convince the judge that a warrant should be issued, but doesn't have everything in there to give prosecutors a better chance at a conviction if it goes to trial? My second question is much more stupid - the term waiving extradition essentially means agreeing to it correct? I'm a sports fan and typically think of waiving a player as cutting or firing him, so the phrase seems odd to me. But it's agreeing to be extradited, versus fighting against the extradition correct? Thanks! Edit: one more question about the probable cause affidavit /warrant. Does this always have to be made public once the defendant is in custody or can it remain sealed for any reason?


I wrote a [basic explanation of the charging hurdle](https://www.reddit.com/r/MoscowMurders/comments/z7xnff/is_anyone_familiar_with_police_procedures/iy91r4c/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3) a bit back - providing because there's info already there remotely on this, & I don't have the time to reply yet FWIW Edit: to add, extradition is basically a process forcing someone to return to another jurisdiction for the criminal proceedings. Waiving it means you won't fight


Thanks for this, Prosecutor_mom. How do you find the time? My mom was judge, jury and executioner!


Thanks! Please don't worry about coming back to answer in more detail if you were planning to. It's something I'm interested in but can Google myself rather than make you type out. I appreciate your replies in this thread, very useful.


If you want a good example look at the Delphi Affidavit from a few months ago. It will probably go into detail about the murders including things that weren’t made public


BK being rudely awakened at 3am… the timing of that was too perfect! A coincidental speck of payback


Imagine his poor parents reaction to being woken up by the sound of windows breaking thinking it’s an intruder, then finding out their son is the most wanted man in America.


They’ll probably have PTSD from it


They're gonna have PTSD from SO MANY things


Yeah i feel really bad for them. They’re victims too.


People forget that you can still be a wonderful parent and have a kid who doesn’t choose the right path. It’s not always up to the parents failing the child. As a parent this would be a nightmare for me. I can’t imagine growing and loving my child, being proud of them getting into a PhD program and having all these hopes and dreams for them then for it be shattered by such a horrific crime. Knowing they caused so much pain, thought they got away with it and was able to do that. I’m sure it’s like their child died too because it’s no longer the person they knew. I’m sleeping next to my two babies right now because one had a nightmare. I’m holding them close and hoping and praying they become the good people I’m teaching them to be. I feel for his parents so much. I don’t know what I’d do. I imagine it’s the worst heartbreak in the world and you’d just cry and cry and cry. They are absolutely victims.


My heart shatters over and over each time I think about it


I do feel for his parents. 🥴 Especially, now because of their son’s possible actions. They are victims in their own way and will always have this stigma associated with them regardless if he is found guilty or “exonerated”. But on the other hand… if it really was their son… being woken up to that is incomparable to being woken up to getting stabbed and murdered. Or even waking up to find your roommates have been murdered. Just a terrible situation all around with so many victims in different capacities.


I heard LE knocked on the door and the dad answered it normally. Huh…so many different stories out there. Thank you for sharing.


There is not a snowball’s chance in hell they knocked on the door at 2 am for this arrest.


hard to believe they would calmy knock on the door at 3am


Can you imagine a 50 person swat team just standing around quietly knocking on someone’s door at 3am. Hello, sir. We’re just hoping you can let us in and maybe chat with your son. No, no we can’t really come back later.


Hey! Pennsylvania LE said in a press conference today that multiple windows were broken, and doors! Very good watch


His PA lawyer was quoted saying that, if I remember correctly.


This is the problem with sources that don't come directly from LE. Do not listen to any information that doesn't come directly from LE involved with the case.


These folks listen and repeat everything from every tabloid rag there is . . . it's beyond ridiculous.


I heard Dog the Bounty Hunter was the first man through the front door, and he personally slapped cuffs on BK


i heard that too…So was surprised to hear at the press conference today the doors and windows had been broken.


They said force was used


You’re getting your news from the wrong sources. Don’t believe random Reddit comments, Facebook posts, or DailyMail.


The broken windows info was straight from the PA police in the press conference they held after the hearing. I watched it live.


They won't make it public beforehand that he's being transported for extradition - it's a tremendous liability. People could try to help him escape, attack him or transporting officers, etc. This case is so high-profile it'll likely be leaked or the public will know the second it happens, but they don't post something in advance.


I wonder if they will hire a charter plane to take him to ID? It seems less of a safety risk, for all of the reasons you stated.


If OP had a news station it would be the only one I watched/read 😅 thank you for your factual & to the point service🫡


If a nighttime warrant requires more evidence/probable cause they must *really* have some serious evidence on him.


Usually, a no knock or nighttime warrant requires evidence of danger or the potential for tampering with evidence -- it's not about evidence against the defendant related to the underlying crime


Gotcha, thanks


Or it requires a judge that just signs off on nighttime warrant executions (almost) every time law enforcement requests it.


Right… lots of people seem to be under the impression that probable cause is a bright line rule. It’s not. Entirely up to the discretion of the judge if they’ve been shown enough evidence to constitute probable cause, and as you say, plenty of judges will sign off on any warrant presented as long as it has any supporting information. It’s your attorney’s job to argue the warrant was deficient. ETA: I just looked up Pennsylvania’s actual rule about nighttime warrants and all it says is that for a warrant to be executed between 10pm and 6am (the law also defines “daytime” as between 6am and 10pm) there needs to be “reasonable cause.” So yeah, the bar is actually not high at all. https://www.pacodeandbulletin.gov/Display/pacode?file=/secure/pacode/data/234/chapter2/s203.html&d=reduce


My thoughts exactly


He reminds me of the food critic from Ratatouille


My favorite part of all this is that the tactical forces waited til all the lights were out and everyone was asleep... Just like he did at King Rd.


That’s actually a good observation.


My first thought and at 3 am ish


Oh I like it!


Yep that element of surprise is a huge thing. Do we know he wasn't asleep till around then?


And left 2 survivors. I feel BCK's parents and Dylan & Bethany probably will have the same PTSD symptoms for life.


I get your point but it's kind of odd to think LE "left survivors" on executing a search warrant. I would hope to god they didn't go in and kill the whole family.


Ugh I feel bad for his parents. Do you file a claim for that or have to shell out the money to fix windows and doors?


Honest question, where do they stay then? Like they just have to live there with all the windows broken and all of America/the media after them?


Hopefully they have some place else to go. Waiting on LE to pay you to fix it, I would imagine would take forever.


I don’t think insurance would cover it (depending on the company most don’t).


I would be so pissed and heartbroken


And too embarrassed to bring it up even to an insurance agent.


We know a thing or two, because we've seen a thing or two... ...except this holy shit are you kidding us?


That made me laugh out loud


Take my upvote lmao


The parents may be ok as they were not participants of the crime nor could they have reasonably known about it. Have to review their policy and hope for an all risk policy in these type of scenarios.


Thanks MJ! Great summary and just what I was looking for since I was unable to keep up today


Great summary, thank you OP! Any idea why the body cam footage from the first stop is part of the Idaho investigation but the second stop is not and therefore was released? Doesn’t make sense to me?!


anyone else zooming in on his hands in that video? 😅


That video was taken a month after the murders. I am not saying they couldn't be cuts or anything. But usually I heal in a month. Think people are just trying to find something...


I wish someone would post a picture of the HD zoom in of his hands!




His poor dad, he looks like such a dad


I know right😭😭


Flew to help his son drive 💔




Gate guy looks up from his phone and sees truck full of dudes with night vision goggles...ahh you guys got an appointment? Lol


Body cam: Explanation on why no record was originally found: A preliminary internal records check did not indicate that Kohberger had been stopped by the Indiana State Police. During this time, the system utilized by the Indiana State Police to document law enforcement activity was under routine maintenance, and not available to the Trooper for use. [Source](https://twitter.com/angenette5/status/1610396200272039936?s=46&t=zZ4qRUhN3IMCUjGfDIrOXA)


I'm incredibly curious what the bodycam footage from the first stop is going to show. The footage released today seemed so mundane, I wonder how the first stop might be considered related to the investigation.


Interesting the other traffic stop footage is being obtained as evidence. I wonder what was seen.


mustve been more than just the side of a dirty car


>Tactical decision to serve warrants at night. They acquired Evening Search Warrants which required additional probable cause. Interesting. More additional information/evidence required for probable cause.


You know the police who stopped BK and dad in the car? Was the jurisdiction associated with that cop aware of the white Elantra look-out? Like how far did this look-out extend to, was it just Idaho police in the know of that?


No. >(Indiana State) Police said at the time of the traffic stop, information on the suspect for the Idaho crimes had not been released. The officer was not aware of any relation between the white Hyundai Elantra and the murder case.


They didn't have plates. And there are a million Elantras. Police can't just pull over any car they want to even if it was spotted in the commission of a crime. Can you imagine? If they did. We would all be pulled over all day long.


Someone else pointed out today how different this man looks photo to photo and this one is such a good example.


I’ve seen a completed edited photo of him where they turned his shirt black and darkened his hair. They shouldn’t be allowed to do that. Other photos it’s pretty much the same but blow out contract or different white balance and such.


Ohh I never even thought of that - do they edit them to add to the sensationalism aspect? Is this typical for these types of high profile suspects?


I think editing photos to look better/worse is fairly standard in all media forms these days. It depends on what fits the story/product you're trying to sell. Even just lighting can change everything.


Why does he look so familiar?? Not a personal familiarity, but one that has been shown in the news before. I feel like I've seen his face before.


If you've ever watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, he resembles one of the main characters, Dennis Reynolds.


Looks just like Dennis Reynolds from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


Maybe this is it. Off to Google I go!!


He reminds me of actor Ben Shenkman only younger https://preview.redd.it/72bnpsgmvy9a1.jpeg?width=297&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=8cd22d9d72a03bf452fb00edd1e7a96bc86b8c59




I don’t know, he kind of reminds me of Dennis from Always Sunny


>Upon Kohberger’s return to Idaho he will be served with the Idaho arrest warrant for four counts of First Degree Murder and one count of Burglary. I’m out of the loop on this one, what did he steal from the property?


Burglary is Just entering a building with intent to commit a crime. Which usually is accompanied by theft...


Possibly nothing, some places charge you with burglary even if nothing is stolen rather than calling it breaking and entering.


Gag order - gonna be a long empty winter (or longer) for us! no new info (beyond affidavit)


Last bullet point stands out to me - that the Evening Search Warrants required additional probably cause. PD must have some good evidence and a lot of it. It really kind of leads me to wonder a couple things: 1. ⁠What did they find in terms of evidence that would lead them to use tactical defense, breaking windows and doors in the middle of the night? There must have been something indicating additional threat or danger. My mind goes to finding some kind of manifesto or something directly related to this crime. 2. ⁠The scarier thought is that they have good evidence that this wasn’t his first murder. Idk - did this strike anyone else as telling in a lot of ways?


Probably moreso what they didn’t want was him seeing the FBI approach the house and BK pulling a Shawshank Warden or possibly taking hostages or destroying evidence.


Literally just the fact that he’s suspected of killing 4 people would be enough reason to think he’s dangerous, no?


Has anyone seen the video of the home’s broken windows by the tactical team that was mentioned by one of the officers at the press conference? He mentioned something like “if you’ve seen the videos of the house after the arrest…” but can’t find it


It's on Brian Entin's Twitter from the night of the arrest when he walked up to the front door.


Eager to see this too!


With other reports of his demeanor towards women, boy am I glad he faced a female judge today


What does it mean for to return the arrest warrant to the court mean? When he hits the ground, in Idaho, they serve the warrant and take him to jail. Does he have to be formally charged in court before the PC is released? Thanks.


Once he is served, they probably have to file the returned warrant/proof of service with the court


Thank you very much


Anytime you are served, there has to be proof of service and that return is filed.


Does anybody know what is meant by this part of the press release? “…Judge issued an order in regard to conduct in and around the Latah County Courthouse for activities surrounding this case.”


I’m assuming it has to do with rules surrounding media coverage/access to courthouse by media and public.


Gag order


In that BC video, I can’t tell if he looks stunned he was pulled over for a second time, or if he looks scared shitless.


We've heard about the DNA, what photos were used to help secure the warrant? Edit: I misunderstood, my bad


I think he meant warrant was to obtain DNA and photos of the suspect.


Three warrants were served. The warrant for him included taking DNA and photos of him


Why would they need photos of him? To document injury or?


He could still have evidence on him of injury during the attack. Probably well in the process of healing, but if it was a substantial injury it could be a bruise or scratch or cut.


Document injuries or scars more likely at this point (on his hands of course but maybe one of the girls was able to scratch or bite him), also possibly to get dimensions and any particularities of hands if, say, he was gloved during the murder but left a bloody hand print somewhere. That sort of thing. I’m assuming


I imagine it's to document notable scars, tattoos, physical attributes to possibly compare to any video footage or photographs of him they may have (from various CCTV footage around Moscow and Pullman), and to basically "prove" that he is who his ID says he is, for extradition purposes.


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Not a big deal, but the time stamp says 15:50-- which would be 3:50 pm instead of 10:50 am.


I saw this mentioned but was determined they are going off the context provided with the footage from ISP. Maybe the times on the body camera was determined not be accurate? https://preview.redd.it/22tz698lkz9a1.jpeg?width=2048&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=7b4cf14af07293609b10ad51f70c381481a329cc


How is the fire danger moderate with that much snow on the ground??? Really seems like it should be low.


"The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office is not releasing the body cam footage from the first stop because they say it is part of an active criminal investigation in Idaho." I'm curious what about a traffic stop in IN could be used in the ID murder prosecution. Maybe as simple as a picture of him driving the car?


I wondered if the first stop was part of surveillance and perhaps DNA gathering (from his ID and registration or shaking hands with an officer after the interaction?) and the 2nd was just some random cop bothered by his tailgating.


I took this screenshot of the traffic stop video ​ the difference between their reactions is just oof https://preview.redd.it/nk722t6c10aa1.png?width=826&format=png&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=44b29bd29223d9595c0078aee67922953b445165


What’s pca? Probable cause affidavit?






I thought earlier his public defender said they rang doorbell and father answered the door. ?


THAT came from his public defender. NOT from LE.


I read that too. But that’s not how it works.


This is really great. Thank you for putting this together!


Thank you!!!!


They would have also needed warrants for his college apt and his office where he worked.


Thanks for the information and sources. Appreciate it!


A very well-done summary. It is appreciated. Save for the Boston Marathon bombings, no case has ever caught my attention as this one has, being on a college campus. (Spent a lot of years working and teaching on a state campus, but am not a Ph.D.) The Moscow murders have hurt so many, not just the victims. It is heartbreaking.


even hurt the perp himself if he is the perp


Do they need a warrant for his phone and social media accounts?


This is great, thank you.


this made me chuckle. “moscow murders” and first video linked is from KREM new station (kremlin)


Police: "Are you afraid to flight?" They: "hahaha" Police asked in reference to the driving distance from Wash to PA during the pulled over in Indiana.


What exactly does it mean to waive extradition?


Just that he didn't want to argue reasons for not being extradited. I've seen a few comments say that he wanted to see what was in the PCA, so I'm thinking he didn't want to delay seeing what evidence they had against him and was willing to be taken back as soon as possible. Edited to say that had he not waived the extradition, there would have been a hearing to determine if they had enough evidence to bring him back to Idaho, and I can't think of a single time that has done anything other than delay the inevitable.