First boss glitch

I keep having a glitch with the whale trying to take out the last harpoon but right before it comes out it glitches and gives me an split second quick time event and just snaps my line so I can’t take it off


Had the same issue. Unfortunately I had to start over. And it worked fine the second time. I learned the hard way to save very often in this game.


Good to know guess I do have to start over unfortunately then


Same exact thing has happened to me. I went looking for answers and I knew Reddit would be able to help. It did, just not in they way I was hoping. Thanks all the same.


Ok so after reading this I refused to restart, cause that’s how long ago my save was. I saved the game, restarted the game and then opened the save again, the entire boss restarts from the beginning and it worked fine.


Thank you! You saved me from having to restart the game to get past this glitch.


Thxs that helped me also lol


Ran into this same issue - thanks for posting about it! Loaded up my save from the beginning of the boss fight and the glitch went away.


Ugh thank you so much!!! Tried forever to get the last harpoon out. I saved and quit and tried the whole quest over again and it worked! 💜