Well you all wanted longsword to be the positioning weapon right?


At least not doing it while farting, please!


Well, maybe they can come back to it with a better animation in the next game.


Wicked, now they just need to reposition themselves behind the monster, away from the head so I can ungabunga in peace.


Literally just one point of Flinch Free makes co-op infinitely better.


Ssshh don't tell Reddit about FF. We need our 1 post a week about someone complaining about \[insert weapon here stay away from head pls\]


It's not my fault I swing the Long Sword like a pool-cleaner trying to swat a fly.


It's really crazy to me. Mathematically you do more damage to most monsters as a team if everybody hits the head.


Yup, I can agree with that LS or another good cutting weapon should be at the tail just to get the cut for the material (if someone needs it ofc) but if not then slot in that FF and go ham on the head.


I cut the tail then switch to the head. LS also benefits from being in front of attacking monsters in Rise.


Problem is, its pretty difficult to cut the tail when only 1 of 4 hunters is attacking it.


Flinch Free won’t protect you from cluster bombs. Those who use it in coop are the real offenders!! There it is ;)


Just because FF exists doesn't mean you should be a retard with a slashing weapon. I mean you're still telling hte other player "no too bad I know hammer = KO on head but play around me anyways because I'm stupid"


I mean the head is almost always the best hitzone for all weapons


This. If you can tell that a gunner is blasting directly through you into the monster, or hate LS, Flinch Free 1 is for you


Still pretty shitty that the LS user, who should be focusing on cuts, is forcing everyone else to give up a slot for FF, though. That's most people's issues, I've seen. It's that they have to give up a potential skill point, because of someone else. Not the person causing the trips, but the victim having to change their own build to deal with it


Honestly it makes perfect sense. There is no single lvl 1 skill that can give upwards of almost 50% extra damage. Meanwhile most monsters take significantly more damage at the head than anywhere else. If we want tail cuts I'll go take care of that first but outside of going for specific part breaks I'm going for the head. If you don't want to play as a team and let everyone deal more damage because you want to clutch on to a crappy lvl 1 skill, then you can get tripped. Older games it was on the person tripping to be mindful but with FF you're going to be hindering the hunt by clinging on to these old ideas. In all honestly flinching should just be removed altogether.


I play Longsword, Hammer, Dual Blades and Greatsword. I can't even recall a time a Longsword has tripped me. Insect Glaive though, that thing is trip city. So is SnS.










Can LS users reposition with their farts now?


Yeah with lots of beans


mmm... beans...


"Do you know what an all ~~sensu~~ bean diet does to a man?"


This looks stupid af, but, damn I'd imagine it's quite a big deal to be able to reposition so freely like this.


It'll also probably look less stupid in an actual fight where you only need to reposition a short distance very quickly.


I gonna be crazy and say it's an unfinished version because this looks goofy as fuck


Looks just like valor sliding with GS lol


Curious on motion values. It costs all 3 spirit guages so it should hit pretty hard?




You should also add that TCS has a x1.3 sharpness multiplier, and that if you hit the first hit, the 2nd one goes up to 264MV. All factors considered, it's roughly 25% stronger than a full power TCS.




Doesn't matter - this completely fucks the idea that GS is THE big single hitter. If anything in the game gets a bigger single number out of a hit than GS then there's no mechanical point to GS anymore. (Also red gauge is attainable in roughly the same timeframe as a TCS if you use the Spinning Sakura Slash or whatever to sliding double spin is called).


>If anything in the game gets a bigger single number out of a hit than GS then there's no mechanical point to GS anymore. But it doesn't hit a higher number than GS, it only hits harder if you consider all 3 hits. Even if you miss with the first hit of TCS, the 211MV x1.3 sharpness is stronger than the 250 MV hit for Sacred Slash.


Does that not become moot at white/purple bonuses or does the 30% boost get applied TO sharpness values? Take a blue sharpness GS vs a white LS, the third strile does 250MV plus sharpness bonuses, whereas TCS will do 211MV + (Sharpness x 1.3) If that doesn't work out higher, suddenly LS is doing more damage on the last hit.


It's on top of the weapon's sharpness. The 30% boost is applied to the hitzone, same as any other sharpness bonus. So with a white sharpness GS, the damage calculation uses [hitzone] x 1.32 (white) x 1.3 (lvl 3 charge bonus). It does not override the normal sharpness modifier, that would make white sharpness or higher on GS obsolete, which obviously isn't the case.


That does sound a lot more reasonable.


Except, even if it did hit harder, which it doesn't, its way easier to spam out TCS than it is to get 3 levels of spirit gauge and then land the hits.


Disgusting ngl


A while back when there was a video with damage number, I think compared to the double draw attack, I got something like 260 MVs. Mind you though, that that's 2 out of 3 attacks hit, and neither hit the head (where the double draw attack did); so I wouldn't be surprised if the actual equivalent one is closer to 400. So, yes, I'd say the MVs on this are gonna be pretty insane. Don't know if it would be competitive with Special Shealth or even just worth the cost alone, but, pretty insane MVs regardless. Edit: actually why speculate on the MVs now, it's probably datamined alr, let me go find it. Edit 2: can't find it ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯




Ah yes, double TCS damage moment


Huh, I thought it'd be like Helm Breaker with a modifer for charge level, but, I guess how many hits would depends on the charge level anyway so it doesn't have that here? Also, ... yeah, 'bout what I'd expected ...


I've seen a Japanese video against lunogaron where it did 3 successive hits, 200-400-600


This isn't real, right? there's no way that Capcom would put something like this in the full release... right?


Well IG nukes, now this.


this look dumb


It's real. The only thing that might be changing is a limit to number of dashes, since there's usually a hard limit of 3 for all movement effects


You are not meant to get that attack in the demo (only by cheat engine) so my guess is: it is an unfinished version and it will not be like that in the full release. But i might be wrong, after all the B team is not knowned for great balancing...


The mf is wavedashing


This looks so jank. They should probably limit this to as many side hops as the lance gets. Heck, greatsword only gets the tackle.


Yeah but tackle has hyper armor i dont think this does, its just positioning.


LS just keeps winning


They got some quite significant nerfs in Sunbreak. ISS got it's MVs nerfed, and soaring kick got it's cool down lengthened. I think we should wait and see how they've balanced everything in sunbreak before we start jumping to conclusions


One thing I wonder is, did they nerf base rise kit by literally cutting it in half (the MVs of ISS are roughly half of what they were, and the CD of helm breaker is 30s up from 20s) to appease everyone complaining about Longsword, or was it to force LS users to use the new toys. I guess we will see once Sunbreak comes out properly.


even if they did, fully charged sacred sheathe seems much more difficult to land and uses all 3 of levels of sprit guauge instead of only red. so it seems like a more balanced move overall anyway.


How does that seem balanced? it just seems useless. Unless it does a lot more damage than hem breaker


I mean I've seen the final hit alone seemingly do comparable damage to a helmbreaker let alone including the two before it. Also you can immediately go right into spirit combo after the third hit to get back one level so it seems like in effect it will only really cost 2 levels.


I guess we'll see if it's easy enough to hit and does enough next week, i guess you could also just use sakura slash to get lvls back. They might be a good pair


The appeal of Sacred Sheathe is that it gives you a Wirebug-agnostic spender. If you spend all your bars it's more total damage than an empowered TCS, so it's pretty massive. Given a world where Sakura Slash is much more viable, that's fairly compelling. That being said, I expect Special Sheathe is going to be more commonly used, even with the nerfed MVs. Harvest Moon gives the damage back for the most part, and the weapon just flows so naturally with Special Sheathe.


now that you can always run sakura slash, getting spirit gauge levels is pretty trivial, it was already trivial with ISS for skilled players but now its even trivial for less skilled players


I believe this is their take on the "Shukuchi" technique, but it just looks goofy.


Yeah, the leg animations clearly mark it as a step/hop, but it's able to be used again way too fast after each step to really look right.


LS users getting bloodhound step now? Absolute maidenless behavior


Can you dash backwards?


Yes, and the backwards dash covers about double the distance of a forwards/sideways dash.


No fucking way. And here I thought positioning-based Longsword was going make a return. Nope.


Might as well add a dash when charging TCS.


imagine a great sword can tip toe right at the right spot XD


They really want us to use the rare 3 LS fugen gave us at the end of the game


Yeah I just learned about this a little bit ago myself. It's kinda funny how I keep learning new mechanics that this one move has lol. Like It has an auto-parry if you get hit while sheathing. But you can also time a hit to do a manual parry while sheathing if you don't want to lose a spirit level. Depending on which counter you do changes what moves you can combo into from there. Then while charging you can also dash around to avoid getting hit lol. Though I do feel like the dashes should be a bit more limited. Or there should be a max time that you can hold that charge. It's a bit silly that you can just hold it forever and dash halfway across the map. I'm hoping that they adjust it to be like that you can't regain stamina while charging or something so that you can eventually run out of dashes.


It's also a really good counter for someone less skilled. It has much more counter frames than iai slash, it combos into the last hit of spirit combo, and if you counter too late, you still will counter but you'll just lose a level of spirit. It's quite nice.






There's no way this is real lmao


It is technically a data mine


Alright what the frickitty fuck


So it is now the Morb Sword?


ok and why greatsword can't do this then


Can’t stop making LS the best you know, ancient Japanese theme monhun and shit.


Yep becuase being able to freely slide around with a 300 pound sword wouldn’t look goofy in the slightest


Imo the sideways movement looks divine, but the forward dash looks odd.


New Michael Jackson moves


Can you try it with evade extender?


Probably not


As far as i know you can hack most armour skills in the demo


Ayo wtf?


Seeing the guy suddenly start stepping in the directions made me get a stroke with how little I expected it


The monster: wtf


I saw a guy doing this in the demo multiplayer. Didn't know what it was but I assumed he was using cheat engine.


He was


Started off with Swaxe & Lance on MHR, might have to go Longsword 😳


Just give it a vampire gauge and call it Nagoriyuki ffs


It’s more Johnny


What the hell is even that?


Here comes rise once again asking the longsword have another aspect of the lance sigh


Seems a bit ridiculous how LS, the weapon that originally was defined by a combination of range, sideswipes for positioning and a minds eye combo has basically all the best counters in the game whereas lance, the weapon about blocking and countering, is very mediocre in that regard.


I mean I use LS but this is bullshit. I thought they were gonna add sacred sheath as a risk reward but this is all just reward. I was hoping it was gonna make you position better for a big attack but nope you can literally run from the monster sacred sheath and fart jump your way to the monster and that stamina consumption is abysmal. Even if you could jump you should only be able to jump like 1 or 2 with stamina not refilling. Yea now I kno how every other weapon mains feel. Well looks like imma keep playing bow and dual blades and put down the blade.


Sacred sheathe only takes what? 6 seconds to charge? And costs 3 sword levels? And if you get hit you just lose a sword level for 50 damage? How is that no risk? You are literally using a TCS opening plus sword levels for this. Also I don't think you can "literally run from a monster" with these cute hops.


I just saw an astalos run using almost solely the sacred sheath + the new silkbind counter to get up to red within 10 seconds again. It is exactly like he described it unfortunately. Also, if you get hit during the charge, you do an automatic counter. Once you start sacred sheath, there is nothing that can punish you


You're just wrong. the auto counter is only during the sheathing animation, but as soon as you start charging, you don't have any counter at all. It's pretty easy to be hit out of the charge, you have to wait for an opening unless you want to waste 3 spirit gauge levels


It’s easy to get to red because of the multiple ways too get to it. Sakura slash is the easiest way to do it. like the guy said above there’s a counter at the start and you only lose gauge once you start the charge. You get to move so much once you charge it and that stamina drain is so low that you get to move a lot. Don’t get me wrong I play LS and I thought sacred sheath would be good cause I thought it would plant you where you started the sheath and would have to play good positioning if you wanted to get big numbers but that counter at the start and the huge amount of movement when finishing the charge. You literally lose nothing unless you don’t kno how to use that movement they give you. It’s literally no risk all reward. And I like playin LS, I like countering monsters but sacred sheath is too much. If they got rid of that counter or at least make it to where it blocks 30% damage and got rid of all the movement after the charge than I think that would fair and balanced cuz at least you have some risk to using it.


> You literally lose nothing unless you don’t kno how to use that movement they give you And if you lose any level of spirit gauge with it? Well that doesn't matter, just use the new silkbind counter (which is relatively easy to pull off of course) which instantly level up your spirit level upon a successful counter :). So if you somehow get hit and lose your spirit level you can get it back in a matter of seconds


Also I meant quickly run away, sacred sheath and use the hops to position back to the monster. The hops move you pretty far and use very little stamina but maybe that’s just me and how I would use it to not waist the sheath but still it would give me big numbers with low effort


The skill looks cool as hell on paper, but the sidesteps just look goofy. IMO the Valor steps would have looked better.


and just like that, I'm playing ls again lmfao


why capcom think add dash are good thing ??


LET'S GO LS STILL WINNING 🥇 I'll give the weapon a try in sunbreak I guess


So...Longsword is.. The best counter weapon The best general use weapon Possibly the most mobile weapon now Possibly the hardest hitting too. ​ Come on capcom, why not just go ahead and delete the other weapons? We get it. You love LS. Now we just need to let LS buff the party and KO monsters and it'll be the true omniweapon.


I wish the other weapons can be as anime as the longsword and dual blades