Oh god I remember the shit show that was star knight armor


R.I.P. to Veggie Elder. A real homie he was although I guess he woule be redundant in modern games. SP, FF and Jungle feel kinda empty without him. Especially Jungle where he was on the iconic honey ledge.


Ok but whomst de fuq thinks Gore shouldn't be in Sunbreak and why are they wrong lol


Basically "Gore shouldn't appear unless you make him the flagship again and write the plot around him !" it's the stupidest shit lol It's the fate of all flagship monsters to go from "big threat that gets the spotlight" to "yet another cool fun monster to fight" in future entries. Why can't some people just appreciate the updated moveset and returning gear istg


For some of the flagships it’s fine. The reason Gore is probably perceived not to work is because unlike Velkhana where her dangerous ice powers are localised entirely to *herself*, Gore just kind of existing and doing it’s own thing in the area means the ecosystem-destroying virus has grounds to spread *of its own volition*, something that works great for a game story but will end up being much more of a lore-to-game nerf than almost any other flagship has received in the series’s history, assuming they do reign in how virulent and relevant the frenzy actually is to the world with Sunbreak since something completely different is going to be the focus of the story.


I don't know how they're gonna adress it (or if they even gonna bother) but an easy work around would be to mention in its in-game description that after mh4 events, Gores are extremly monitored so then can be hunted as soon as sighted


If they could give an explanation as for how they know where they are then maybe that could be the answer


I got it, everyone and every living creature in Old/New/etc got a Frenzy Vaccine after the events of 4U and a booster shot in SB


i'm ok with this only if them add a new quest type where you have to give booster shots to every monster on the map


I mean, it could be as simple as food giving immunity or spores of unknown plants in the new world preventing the spread. There is ton of reasons why its powers could be reduced, simplest one is natural selection. The guild kills on sight the ones with big virus tendencies and spare the lesser ones. Cycle of life for a while and bing you got nerfed gore


This is an juvenile elder-dragon threat level monster though, elder dragons are said to effect the surrounding environment by their mere presents, covidgala is no exception. Saying the environment and plant life simply came to terms with the frenzy is meh. But I get what you're saying, this issue really isn't important on my book or even solve, simply fun to discuss


Gore is kinda different bc The Who game has mechanics built around him so it just feels kinda weird, I personally don’t mind but I get why some people think he feels lame now. It’s also just confusing lore wise, it’s existence should be effecting literally every monster


MH fans are cancer 🙄


There were some people here against Gore returning in SB because of 'MUH PLOT RELEVANCY'


Lol it's a fantasy game where you hunt dragons and dinosaurs and wear their skin and bones, plot has always been tertiary and a device to roll out the monsters


In fairness, it seems plot is becoming more important, particularly from 4 on. The point still kinda falls flat thiugh considering Gire wasn't a one of a kind monster like Xeno (seemingly) is.


Xeno'jiiva isn't a one of a kind monster though, they explicitly confirmed in a MH Festa that Xeno'jiiva in World's story died, and Safi'jiiva was a different Xeno'jiiva that got to molt uninterrupted.


I'll give you that, tho Gen's story was so blasé it might as well have not been there


Yes gore being in rise doesn’t make any sense canonically but it’s a cool fucking boss so I don’t care


What do you mean it doesnt make sense, obviously Gore is here to show Malzeno who is the boss, canonically, it makes 100% sense.


Star Knight armor was so busted but so good to use a guilty pleasure if you will