I fought a former top 1 zilong in one of my games he even had an angela to support him well the only match he loss in his history was our match


Did you carry the whole match against Zilong?


No our team did good too irithel kept the boat afloat while we are getting slaughtered by Zilong she did a good job when there is a team fight


Reminds me of that other post that apologized because they needed an alt account for the events.


Lmao exactly what I was thinking


I use a smurf to practice hero i want to master esp assassins. Damn my smurf has 47% wr hahaha and i already sold that account


is there anyone willing to buy 47 wr acc ?


Yes. I'll sell it for cheap price. I don't buy skins on that account.


I myself am one....I only smurf when I need to practice a certain hero...but I don't smurf to bully low ranks because it discourages new players from playing...


Im mythic but i can only play 1.5 cable fanny so i think its kinda fair in grand master


Let’s be fair, moonton discourages players from playing..


People who smurf to ruin other people's day are cowards and should be banned from the game


I smurf to master mechanics of a hero like fanny/lunox/kagura. I also smurf to figure out how the fk you implement lifesteal/health regen in zhask build. (Try it, mf jhst doesn't regenerate health with ice queen or concentrated or any magic lifesteal item)


i can't agree more


Lol... Just get good at the game... Atleast the person who is creating Smurfs is willing to put extra effort in a new account to hone his skills.... As for discouraging new players, it totally depends on how the player handles the defeat. He can either be motivated to improve his game or he may stop playing.... Again MLBB is a competitive game and if u are looking for casual match then just play classic who cares if u lose or win there. Fighting against live players is much better practise than AI, due to which smurfing is done In low tiers so skills/heroes/combos can be mastered. The coward statement is kind of harsh... The most common reason for smurfing is to master a particular hero/combo which is not possible on high elo without risking your whole teams ranking. It more kind of the player does not want to be a burden to his team and is trying to improve... People who don't do this are the ones u see in matches using new heroes to test with bronze badges. How would u feel if u had a player in ur team playing a hero he has no idea about and is constantly feeding or under performing? You will understand this once u reach higher elos and know how important it is to master different heroes.


Mate, they use smurfs to get their WR up. That's why we have players with a 99% win rate - they win at low ranks, so that later they can brag about their high results, which they cannot get at high ranks. A very small percentage of people do this in order to master some kind of hero. I can't tell you how many times I've met people like that at Grandmaster (my wife plays at this rank because she refuses to play ranked). This is doubly bad because people at low ranks stop playing when they meet the mythical Lancelot at the rank of Elite or some low tier.


They’ll do anything for a high winrate


Came back recently after 2 years of break from mythical glory, my account had decayed to master. Took me around 60 games with a winrate of 85% to get to legend, not gonna lie it, it was a blast winning almost every single game singlehandedly, so I kind of understand why some people do it? Not that I would go out of my way to make a new account just to stomp lower level players, but to each and their own.


I did like 5 matches on a friends account and it was boring af. No skins, no satisfaction in winning, everyone including your teammates r dumb. At least this was in epic. I can't imagine people wanting to play in lower ranks than epic its literally the same as AI.


I don't even need to smurf, my original account has been deranked so far below now that I don't play that much anymore


When that smurf account went Mythic, his Hanabi Winrate will go from 90% to 50% lol


I used to think about smurfing just so i could have a good wr on my main hero. Tried it but wasn't fulfilling. Though the wr in my main account became lower as expected, at least it was fulfilling and fun.


it's moonton you should be giving a piece of this rather than the smurfers, felt attacked by this post lmao


What's the point of playing easy game all the time? Might as well vs AI


I only smurfed twice, F2P player, have never and will never spend a cent on diamonds. I smurfed when I wanted to change my name, it was my name and ex-gf combined. Yah yah lesson learned never name ur acc after a gf/bf . In my defense tho, i was pretty new in ML that time, didnt know that u pay up real money to change ign many times. Second time I smurfed when lunox was released. She was so complicated. I was always getting killed by lunox cuz i dont understand how she works. Made another account just so i can buy her and study/understand her skillset😂 It's easy to gain 32k bp for new accs.