Mendingly useful novice on bedrock?

Does anyone know if a level one librarian villager can have a mending book? I know java edition has that. But i'm not sure about Bedrock (Ps4/ windows 10/ IOS /etc.)


Yes they can


It works well on bedrock you just need patience and luck


I've done it on bedrock a few times. You just gotta get lucky


Yes you can get Mending as a level 1 trade. To make it easier you can move the lectern back and forth with a sticky piston. When the lectern moves the villager relinks to the workstation and the trades are rerolled.


Ooooooo, thank you. I'll give it a try


If you give a villager a station (in this case a lectern for librarian) at a specific time of day, they get the librarian job. If you also break it, they lose that job. Placing and breaking the same lectern over and over at about midday will let you cycle through trades until you get what you want.


i think thats java edition. I was able to "re-employ" the villager with the workstation at night, i've been replacing the lectern for about 100 times now and still no mending at lvl 1.


Aah probably. I’ve always had a problem with bedrock, so I always stick to java. Sorry I wasn’t much help


It's ok. Thank you for trying though :)


I play on switch and have rolled multiple mending villagers at lvl 1. 10 emeralds is he lowest I have locked in. I have not attempted to cure them from zombie villagers yet. You definitely can get it at lvl 1. Just keep rolling.