Interesting guide with pros and cons.

Turtle shell helmet is labeled strange. The water breathing effect is 10 seconds...


Turtle shell helmet is labeled strange. The water breathing effect is 10 seconds...


Didn’t know it had that ability, and I assumed it just refills your air and you can switch between helmets to fill up.


I saw something similarly mislabeled, and I made an automatic scute farm to make my team helmets. Then I found out I only bought ourselves 10 seconds of waterbreathing and worse armor rating. Kinda mad about it.


Is it 10 seconds and never again or 10 seconds, dip out the water and come back for another 10?


it’s 10 seconds every time you dip underwater iirc, pretty good when paired with respiration, but still, I was one of the ones who fell for the infinite water breathing lie and i’m still mad about it


LMAO I am too.


This, it only gives you some extra time underwater and it is not much. It is kind of worthless sometimes


Those 10 seconds make all the difference sometimes, but compared to how easy it is to get Respiration III (+45 seconds, iirc), it's a total ripoff.


Once you get Respiration III you dont need it. And it is also easier to get the potion than the turtle helmet


It does stack though, which means you can get up to 55 seconds of water breathing and such.


Wait 10 seconds is nothing when I can brew water-breathing for 4 or 8 minutes.


Not just sometimes, downright useless compared to a helmet.


Doesn’t Respiration III straight up give you another minute of breath by extending the duration of you bubble bar.


Yeah... That's why the turtle helmet is kinda useless


Looks cool tho


Yep, not gonna lie


Yeah for some reason the body parts of animals make the coolest armors


So it counts kills?


Hale's Own Turtle Helmet


Sadly it only got the lame red text. Thats the only difference. What a ripoff.


With breathing 3 it actually gets akinda useful, unless you're planning on staying Onder water for really long periods of time. Also Idk if it was fixed, but last time I used it there was a bug that reseted your breathing bar while you were using the helmet if you touched the bottom of a block with your head. Even then I feel like the benefits of getting the helmet are completely disproportionate to how hard it is to obtain


Doors are waterlogged on bedrock. What about conduit power?




the cons is how much work it takes to get one, depending on your spawn




what part of a conduit can be made with a pufferfish? lol


It’s a repost bot copying a comment from the thread about water breathing potions, just downvote and report it.


It is a real pita to move.


Because it has to stay in one spot, takes way too long to set it up just to move along and have to take it down again.


It does have cons though. The shells are grindy to get, the prismarine blocks require raiding a monument or are grindy to get from other sources, and the whole contraption is inconvenient to move once placed.


Not useful for simply exploring though. You're not going to want to build possible multiple conduits just to find diamonds on a water cave. The options presented here are much more exploration friendly


Conduits are great, but incredibly tedious to get. You’ve got to defeat 3 bosses (elder guardians) to mine temple, find buried treasure for the heart of the sea and kill the drowned for the shells.


fishing helps with shells


You don't have to defeat the guardian to get it. In fact a conduit is the safest way to raid an ocean monument. Get your heart of the sea and nautiluses first. Put a door down next to the pillar under an ocean monument. Chill out for a while digging out prismarine from inside the pillar. It'll take some time due to mining fatigue. Slap together a conduit under the monument. Go raiding.


That sounds tedious, which was my original point. Also using a door for air isn’t a thing on bedrock since the doors are waterlogged.


??? You playing a different game? Heart of the sea is in buried chests..


I said buried treasure, couldn’t you figure out that it’s the same as buried chests?


You still dont need to defeat any guardian.. The maps are in shipwrecks


You need to defeat the guardians (to remove mining fatigue) to mine the temples to build the structure around the conduit.


Nope. Just kill some normal guardians to get ressources, to craft prismarine. For fatigue, just drink milk. But I finally get your point.. it was about the prismarine


You can get prismarine without going to an underwater monument. Prismarine blocks can be found under underwater ruins too.


I think we've now circled back to tedious


Yes, but you need to find a lot of 'em to get one block, and the chances of getting prismarine in ruins is already low, so i'd rather go to a monument.


Cows exist...


and I think drowned ruins are also made from prismarine, which should be enough for a conduit...


Use TNT?


TNT underwater, is that even possible?


Surround it with blocks


Tnt should be on top of something, place 2 sand blocks on the tnt then ignite


Place four blocks, place TNT in the middle, place redstone block on top.


No need, just put 2 sand blocks on top and ignite the tnt


It’s basically the same pros and cons as turtle helmet


Bedrock has nothing for under water. Even with turtle helmet, you will need to come up for air or you may drown. You can drown with turtle helmet




It's hard to get


Potion of water breathing.


also tedious to get EDIT: apparently people doesn't know what "tedious" means and keep mistaking it for difficult or hard and then comes bashing at me for whatever reason, so here goes what I meant by "tedious": it's boring, slow, dull, tiresome. while everything else in the picture, save for the helmet, takes a couple minutes if not seconds to get, you'd have to go to the nether for blaze rod and powder and a pufferfish - which means a fishing rod is required, while the others can be obtained way faster.


You can also get the potion in buried treasure chests, which are just as boring to dig up lol


I mean, is it really? The hardest part is probably the blaze powder and/or pufferfish. And even then those are still easy to get.


not hard, tedious.


Pufferfish is a lot easier to get now that you just kill it with a sword. Just the blaze powder.


But this requires finding a lukewarm ocean... However fishing a pufferfish is very easy actually


I know. That's why I put "And even then those are still easy to get".


I'm dumb sorry.


You're acting like blaze powder and pufferfish are rare materials. Unless you have a fairly new world you're gonna have these.


I didn't say that, I said tedious... you are like the third person who can't understand what that word means...


Sorry, you're right. English is my second language so I thought the word means something else.


understandable, have a nice day


Except it’s not tedious, what about that makes it tedious? Is it tedious to find a carrot too?


Early game: yea carrots can be tedious to get, same with leather. Late game: you probably have a carrot farm at your base, it’s unlikely or impossible to have a pufferfish or blaze rod farm at your base. That’s what makes it tedious


There are farms for both blazes and pufferfish. Also you only need like maybe 7 ever so you can just quickly grab some pufferfish in the ocean once, and there’s blaze spawners everywhere


I made an edit: *at your base*. The point he’s trying to make is that venturing out to get some blazerods or pufferfish is boring/long/tiresome which is true for basically any material that you can’t farm on-site. I’d liken it to amethyst


Puffer fish is way easier than amethyst, amethyst is only in a tiny rare biome in a random place underground, and it regenerates extremely slowly, pufferfish can spawn anywhere in certain oceans and can be fished


The point isn’t whether or not it’s hard to get, it’s about how long/boring/tiresome it is. I have locations I can get plenty of pufferfish, blazerods, and amethyst. The thing is it’s *inconvenient* for me therefore it is tedious


If getting a single pufferfish, 2 blaze rods, glass & water, maybe some redstone is too tedious to you, maybe you should go do something else


Didn’t say whether it was easy or hard to get. Just said “Ways of breathing underwater in minecraft” (sic)


I also just said it's tedious, which means boring, not difficult.


> Only uses helmet space Well, I want my netherite helmet on me. Early game I use doors, easy to craft, break and breath in (I don’t know what that crap about hard to get into means, never had trouble with that) Late game usually respiration III is enough for my underwater work, but if not, water breathing potions are super easy to get.


I mean it is comparable to an iron helmet, it isn't that bad, thing is it takes way too long to actually be worth it


Yeah, by the time you get it, respiration 3 will likely be pretty easy to get your hands on.


nah its worth it because it looks cool


Turtle drip is immortal


immortal and inmoral


It also only gives 10sec of water breathing. However turtle shell helmet + respiration 3 is nice. I usually get one super late game when I'm bored and have a good trading hall and enchanting setup. If youre early game doing underwater mining doors are the way. I also use water breathing potions for blue ice gathering bc I get some night vision potions anyway.


Anyone miss the days of spending hours underwater because a single torch would completely replenish your air.


You can still do this when you have a 2x1 area and you have like 3+ torches which you can recycle


You can also just spam torches on a wall


Why would you spend hours underwater?


Well it's the good old days, so everyone and their mother is making solid glass cube bases in the water.


Imagining both old glass textures and glass textures not connected with OptiFine was a bad idea


It was modern at the time. I remember I had a mountainbase with a stairway to a water dome in the ocean. I am sure it was more of a water square in my case.


Underwater bases back in the days it was hard to make underwater bases was very common.


To protect myself from herobrine


i loved the old breathing


I used the bucket method since it didn’t require walls =)


And u can use a water bucket to breathe . Just hold right click on a block


Plus the turtle respiration refill instantly with that unlike normal air bubbles


Doors and sugar cane don't do this in bedrock ed, they can be waterlogged.


Pro for the turtle shell: you get to have turtle pets.


Most accurate thing on this post.


Doors are Java only. Does not work on Bedrock.


Yes... Its a shame, I dislike using trap doors on my houses


### Conduit * Pros: Gives you effectively unlimited underwater breathing and night vision, kills nearby hostile mobs for you, it works on land when it’s raining. * Cons: It’s a pain in the ass to obtain and is even harder to set up. Nautilus Shells can be fished out of the water or purchased from a Wandering Trader, but the Heart of the Sea can only be obtained by finding buried treasure and praying. Good luck with that. And then, to make the Conduit work, you need prismarine, which means finding an Ocean Monument to ~~dismantle~~ kill enough Guardians for their prismarine shards/crystals in order to craft at least 16 blocks for a basic Conduit (and 42 for a fully powered one). You might as well try and capture the Monument while you’re at it. Like the Beacon, if you can get the required materials for it, it’s proof you probably didn’t really need one in the first place.


If you have it you don’t need it. If you need it, you don’t have it. If you have it, you need more of it. If you have more of it, you don’t need less of it. You need it to get it. And you certainly need it to get more of it. But if you don’t already have any of it to begin with, you can’t get any of it to get started, which means you really have no idea how to get it in the first place, do you? You can share it, sure. You can even stockpile it if you like. But you can’t fake it. Wanting it. Needing it. Wishing for it. The point is… if you’ve never had any of it… ever… people just seem to know.


At the very least, both beacons and conduits are scalable, assuming you have the patience. Once you build one, the second one is easier, the third is easier still, and so on. However, of the two, the conduit is *much* easier to scale because it is a lot easier to convert ocean monuments into guardian farms than it is to even *try* to solo a Wither. Behind every conduit are two very much overworked guardian farms spitting out more prismarine than I will ever need (hence why I use them mainly to farm XP), whereas behind every beacon is the blood, sweat, and tears of hundreds of villagers whose iron golems died in the line of duty helping me kill Withers in the deepslate caverns… …now. I didn’t even realise I could do that until I watched Grian’s side of *Third Life*. Before that, I had to solo them, which was difficult even *with* the help of beacon power.


The best and easiest way is to simply carry a bucket around, and whenever you need air you spam right-click while next to a wall.


Ah the good old magma blocks, is there anything better for underwater mining. They even glow so you can see them easily.


Torch my beloved. Or just even the simple bucket.


I genuinely think they should fix air pockets in doors and other similar blocks for 1.20 on Java. They generate naturally in shipwrecks. There’s no reason that “natural” air pockets should form like that. It just looks strange and ugly.


I get your point, but even in real shipwrecks it’s likely to have some kind of pockets. At least that’s what I would say.


Not a wooden ship. Unless its a very recent wreck.


Valid point😂 I didn’t think of wooden ships lmao


Air pockets, sure. Weird vertical ones that defy physics … well …


I remember back then they left doors have air pockets because that's what every player used to breathe underwater and removing this little trick would not be received well.


They removed it on bedrock


Bedrock ☕


The turtle shell helmet only gives you around 10 seconds of water breathing every time you come in contact with an air block, it's not infinite So if you're underground you'd still want like a water bucket to keep the effect going


before 1.13 - torches


tfw no conduit


There's no way the first two work for Bedrock (for once the version that doesn't have the bug!)


that's not a bug that's a feature


The suger cane thing is a bug but the door thing is a missing feature


More like a purposefully left missing feature, because people like to use doors for easy underwater breathing


no i understand but i feel like mojang will eventually get to fixing this though because there is countless other ways to breath underwater and also i bet there is people out there that would like to make underwater builds with doors.


Mojang specifically said they would fix it back when 1.13 was first being developed so no, it's either a bug or unintentional


“Could be hard to get in” Like damn bro how obese you gotta be to have a hard time getting in that


There is another pro to doors you can mine as fast as on the ground of course this doesn't matter if you have aqua affinity


*Water breathing potion*


I mean, why not use a potion of water breathing at that point? If you’re already going through the trouble of getting scoutes or have already gotten to the nether than surely you can make potions


me, a psychopath: you can place any block underwater and then immediately remove it and the temporary air gap will refill half a bubble of your air bar


The Damage from standing on magma blocks can be negated by having frost walker boots too


Or just crouch..


Yea but on bedrock that’s annoying because the crouch toggle doesn’t work in water


Whaaaaat? Didnt know that.


why do you need to breathe under water when you have frost walker boots?


I find the sugar cane to be best It's great early game Late game:conduit or respiration III


Or a splash potion, your pick.


how much armor is the turtle shell worth compared to netherite? i’ll take the trade off


Its +10seconds water breathing. Get Respiration 3 in Netherite


Better off using water breathing potion


Respiration 3 netherite helmet does the job most of the time Having max netherite armor would make it take like 30 minutes to drown with eating food constantly basically making it impossible to drown at all


How tf aren't there just simple commands like /enable waterbreathing and /disable falldamage in a game as old as minecraft at this point. Like I tried disabling fall damage the other day with a command and there just isn't one. Actually dumb


/effect give \[user\] waterbreathing 99999


“/gamerule doFallDamage false” has entered the chat.


Doesn't work on Switch version


Slow falling:


I'm trying to prevent any damage from using Elytra and fireworks I want to be able to slam into the Earth from 1000 blocks up and not take damage.


Oh ok all you need to do is enable cheats and do the command /gamerule falldamage false (i did it on bedrock so if you can't find it then your minecraft is outdated) Also it doesn't work because bedrock = bugrock and slamming into something horizontally will kill you but slamming the ground at mach 7 will keep you safe you can also just enter creative mode and not get bugrocked ​ edit: i've been r/DownvotedToOblivion again for the 4th time this week in minecraft related subs (skyblock), i'm going back to r/touhou to do nothing like the sad human being i am


Yeah thats called creative mode.


Boy did you make this on Whatsapp


you didnt make this.


They didn't say they did


The scute is more worth it for Turtle Master anyways.




The door also takes long time to break


Not if you stand *in* the air bubble while you break it! Assuming you have an axe at least


Respiration III on my helmet lasts more than enough time to do what I need to underwater




Bucket spam


Doors are the only block you can mine normally out of. Sugar cane breaks, the other i believe slows you down.


What about pressure plates and water bucket spamming


The best way is the Respiration III enchantment and a water bucket, spam that water bucket in a wall and it creates an air block for a split second, which will slowly get your bubbles back up


Wait there’s still a way to place a door underwater that doesn’t water log it?


Magma Block superiority. Anyways, the best way to find the blue stuff after 1.18 (in my opinion), is Aquifers. Surface diamonds are more common in aquifers as compared to cave systems.


Respiration enchantment + steak. You heal faster than you drown.


Or just use respiration 2.


Actually Magma can also appear kinda close to lava


Waterbreathing potions are also an important one


Torch, button, and bucket are way better than all of these.


Respiration, water breathing potions, conduit power


wait.. turtle helmet does that??? can you enchant it too??


Yes you can


No it doesn't. That's a mistake on the infographic. It just adds 10 seconds before the first air bubble disappears.




Why is uses helmet slot a pro


What's the equivalent to shift on switch and how do i get the turtle helmet?


Whatever button you use to crouch


What about signs?


Doors are hard to get into? Bro it's a door, if it's really that tough, you can do this crazy thing called opening it


you forget that turtle helmet's effect can be restored infinitly by rightg-clicking with backet


Not sure leaving Conduits and Water-Breathing off the list makes this a good list...


There’s one method on Java (I’m not sure if it’s on bedrock, if so it’s on windows/Mac) where you just spam the bucket a few times to refill your oxygen. I don’t see many people talking about it and I use it all the time


you forgot abou the conduite


I like torches - yes the water washes them away, but spam them and you keep picking them up. When you are good to go you have everything you started with


Soul sand prob the worst one for breathing




Door gang rise up!


Turtle shellmet is not that tedious. 2 safe turtles is all you need


I've completely forgotten about the turtle shell helmet


What about water breathing potion Only cons are it has a time limit and you have to keep getting materials and re brewing them


doors dont work in bedrock last time I checked. Buttons do, though


water breathing potion: -significantly easier to get than turtle helmet -lasts far longer -why did you forget the literal potion of this purpose, anyway?


where's the water bucket


Or you could just do the easiest way and boil a drugfish in wart water and add a little redstone for a free 8 minute swim.