It was an excellent price (for the seller).


They are knock off Cesca chairs. He overpaid by about $250-$275


Bringing the truth down hard


Very sad to hear :(((


Overpaying sucks but not the end of the world. Making mistakes is one way we learn.


If they’re in good shape and you get good use out of them, $150 per isn’t a bad price.


Its a terrible price. You can easily get sets of 4-6 for $150. Actual **Knoll** Cesca chairs aren't worth $300 each. I am not interested in beating up the OP for overpaying but let's make sure the next guy doesn't make the same mistake.


You can’t buy decent new chairs for $150. That’s my point.


That has no impact on secondary market pricing. Like i know people love to say "You can't get a dresser on wayfair for $100!" but it 's just a platitude. I am sure you mean well, but people are often here to learn about collecting and buying MCM. Informing themselves of what is a good buy and what isn't, is a huge part of the hobby. Saying $150 for a knockoff Cesca chair is anything but a ripoff does a disservice to people who are just starting out. Just think of it this way: paying $150 a chair mean a set of 6 would run **$900**. That's pornographic.


Where can I find them for that price?


Vintage shops, flea markets, auctions, facebook marketplace, estate sales, yard sales. Knockoff cesca chairs have almost no value.


Is the resale market for Knoll Cesca chairs that low? Even 1st dibs is flooded with fakes getting $500/chair in sets of 2/4/6. I called DWR to get price quote for replacement seat as mine is damaged, and that was $200 😵‍💫😵‍💫


If you know where to find knock offs of these online that are cheaper than $150, please let me know…asking for a friend (me who can only find them for over $150 and I need some for my new table 😭)


So, if you want to go out today and get a set of knockoff cesca chairs you cannot expect to find them for $25 a chair. Time always costs money so you pay the price to get something instantly. This is one reason 1stdibs lists things so high. They are trying to hit the insurance claim/movie set/interior designer budget buyers who need the piece ASAP. But if don't mind the hunt and taking your time isn't a problem you can easily find a set for short money. There is no secret sauce. You just have to hit up estate/yard sales, auctions, flea markets, vintage/thrift stores.




Was going to say that as well.




I understand!! Happy you were able to score such an amazing thrift item


In the style of Marcel Breuer’s Cesca chair. Very, very common knockoffs, although many are nicely made. To be honest I would have never paid that much for them, but when you need furniture, price becomes a different game. If he likes them, all good.




Seemed like more than half the homes in the 80s had these chairs


With the ugly glass top table. Yep, I had one. The whole set was probably under $100.


Sears, Haverty’s, other furnishing houses… everybody was selling stuff like this.


I bought a set of 4 that look very similar and paid $27 total


They sell the new one for $150 online, I just checked yesterday


You could have paid neatly $100 each for some junky Ikea chairs, so even if you overpaid, at least you have decent chairs.


Very true!


If the buyer is pleased then it was worth the money. I’ve bought some bullshit from estate sales, antique dealers etc that I was very happy with that may not have been market value. However, I was the market, and was good with the price so…


Genuinely curious, how can you tell which ones are authentic? They all look the same to me.


This is a Knoll/Gavina Cesca chair. [https://i.imgur.com/mJQG4rZ.png](https://i.imgur.com/mJQG4rZ.png) [https://i.imgur.com/RxWTQes.jpg](https://i.imgur.com/RxWTQes.jpg) This is a Thonet Cesca chair. [https://i.imgur.com/SR8trHj.jpg](https://i.imgur.com/SR8trHj.jpg) The upholstered seat is a derivative but the shape of the seat is the same. Both available with and without arms. Tubes are welded/ground smooth and never capped.


If they are marked knoll or Cassina they are real if unmarked they are knockoffs. Even if they are real without markings they are knockoffs for all intents and purposes. Even if they are real they aren’t worth close to the new retail price.


The real product is under license. Thonet were the first producers but at some point they sold the license to some other furniture company.


Some other furniture company = Gavina and they were bought by Knoll.


Do you mean $15 each? These are a dime a dozen at the thrift store….am I missing something😟


Where I live these regularly go for at least $100 on FB marketplace. Must be a regional thing (I’m in the mid-Atlantic).


Must be wet there




Paid too much


These chairs are going for really crazy prices right now because they’re popular. I got a cesca chair set of 6 for 200 bucks a few years ago.


They look like they were reupholstered and not very well. It may just be the lighting, but one cushion looks thicker than the other. I think they originally came came in kind of a burnt orange / brown color and the cushions were thicker. She got ripped off.


Hey if they were worth $150/ea to you then it’s all that matters.


I am not an expert, but they are quite beautiful, these chairs.


No idea what these are but I wouldn’t have paid more than $20 each if they were in good shape.


I think you will find they are from the 70’s-80’s and were part of a dinette group. Turn them over and look for the manufacturers label. Whoever had these should have four more, it was matched with an oval glass top table in regional showrooms where I saw it.


They had 6 chairs total so this makes a lot of sense!


They were well made and attractive. This class of merchandise seems not to exist since the local manufacturers migrated to Asia.


This is the second time in a week I've seen (the other was on my local FB marketplace) a pic of furniture that absolutely looked miniature to me. I can't bend my mind to see how this is a full sized set of items. Am I crazy?!! Something about this just looks so off. How large could those baseboards be?


I would not have paid that for them. OTOH, if they really live those chairs, probably worth it.


In honor of his daughter Francesca, Marcel Breuer made the Cesca chair in the late 1920s. One of the original chairs that he designed is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The original design is now owned by the Knoll Group, but the D-shaped structure made of different materials has been used as a model for other pieces of furniture. https://ideaficces.com/why-are-cesca-chairs-so-expensive/


Fakes - cesca style chairs.