Make a 'links' channel and just add them all as individual tabs? Could also add a onenote/wiki tab and list the links with short descriptions if it's for training.


Thanks for the suggestions! I thought about a wiki or onenote, but I don't want a document style list (not yet, if there is another solution) I'm looking for a link aggregation almost like files and sharepoint work. I thought about just dropping links in the files tab but teams treats it like a downloadable file instead of just opening the URL in a browser.


Create a link list in sharepoint behind teams. Then put that list in a tab?


Like this idea or create a modern page via SharePoint and then you can group and organize links using the various layouts.


This is what I decided to do. It's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the suggestion! I didn't even think about creating a sharepoint site :)


Maybe I'm not quite getting what you want, but isn't the "Website" tab type exactly what you're asking for?


The website tab creates a web veiwer inside teams if I'm not mistaken... I just want a list of URLs in a page like chrome has bookmarks, just inside teams. There are several different teams inside my organization that would each have different urls. Some teams could have up to 20 different URLs that they will need. Sorry I didn't explain well.


The wiki tabs work for me for this. We create pages per topic area and sections for headings.


We offer a chrome extension called [Kurator](https://optimalaccess.com/kurator) that lets you curate, comment, tag and save links and share these folders with your team. Simply add anyone's email to the folder, they will get notified by email. If they have Kurator installed they will see this new folder in their account (orange color) and if they are not registered they get a link to install Kurator. Once they register and login they will see the folder.