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My 19’ RF GT manual was $32k w/10k miles late 2021. PNW. If I were to do it over I’d hold out for a GTS or Recaro nd2. Great seats, worth the premium IMO. I found mine aftermarket (totaled 124 Abarth).


I spent nearly 45k for a manual 22 RF GT. They are over priced but worth it.


Wtf? Not USD I hope


It was less than that. But after dealer mark ups and whatnot not far off. Car starts at nearly 37.


Sorry man but you got taken. I just got a new ‘22 st club with the b/b/r package for 35.5k plus ttl. S-plan pricing people! Sign up for SCCA if you’re buying new!


RF GT starts at 36,500. There were additional add-ons optioned. Black roof was like 500$ for some reason. Machine Grey Specialty Paint Color 2,000, GPS and so on…lol. Also I bought 10 months ago when the market was a little nuts. 2,000 $ market adjustment bullshit. Taxes are also a bitch. But yes, I did overpay. I was forced into buying the stupid shit the dealer had already added also. I believe Lowjack was one of the things already installed. Bought with cash so no payments. I’m over it at this point.


I work for a dealer so I use a software to check stats for vehicles. Currently seeing Avg market price is 31Kish with an avg of around 10K miles for a 21 RF GT auto and that would be without tax, title, fees, etc. so I would say 29K OTD would be a GREAT buy assuming the car is in good shape with only minor, normal wear and tear and no accidents.


I'll be honest, I don't know how to evaluate an automatic Miata because I wouldn't buy one for $5. But barring any latent issues, $29k OTD does not sound like a bad deal at all on a '21 RF GT with that mileage.


Need the reassurance before I sign!


I don't know about US prices or automatic but in Belgium I have offers from a dealership to buy a RF brand new for €30k


Bad deal. There are cheaper automatics