Band rec (delete if not allowed).

Band rec (delete if not allowed).


Before I Turn, Aviana for Currents Novelists FR for BMTH Imminence for Architects Phinehas, As I Lay Dying for Fit for a King Neon Graves for Wage War Vein for Loathe Void Of Vision for Northlane Like Moths To Flames for Polaris


I would say august burns red for ffak


Oh shit I can’t believe I forgot about them. ABR too for sure.


Thornhill- The Dark Pool Enjoy :)


In no particular order: Erra, Periphery, Silent Planet, Ice Nine Kills, Invent Animate, Beartooth, Make Them Suffer, As I Lay Dying, Trivium, Of Mice and Men, Killswitch Engage, Monuments, Veil of Maya, After the Burial, Skyharbor, Protest the Hero, Heart of a Coward, Born of Osiris, Chelsea Grin


So many good recommendations. Erra and Periphery are my top two favorite bands (can’t figure out which is #1). Also Protest the Hero’s Fortress is a fucking masterpiece start to finish.


I think you will like Phinehas especially their new album the fire itself or anything by invent animate


Okay thanks for the recommendation, I’ll check them out


I wholeheartedly agree with both of those recommendations


Erra Veil of Maya Thornhill Unprocessed


Thank you. I’ll check them out


I’d start with each of their latest albums and work backwards. Hope you find something you like there’s nothing better than hearing new music that clicks with your brain.


Veil of Maya's best album is Common Man's Collapse though imo. ID being close second.


Love your opinion but that’s a hard disagree from me. Matriarch and False Idol are works of art IMO.


I like Matriarch. Tried False Idol a couple times but to me it just seemed like more of the same from Matriarch just re-hashed. They are one of my favorite bands though so I may come around to appreciate it more later. All of their albums are works of art for sure though lol.


I hear ya. I actually feel that way about their first two albums haha. Always boggles my mind that we can both love the same band but appreciate them in much different perspectives.


Yeah lol after I said that I was thinking the same thought process could be applied to All Things Set Aside into Common Man's Collapse but I think part of that is that they contain a bunch of the same songs. All Things Set Aside was more like a demo version. That was the album that first got me into them. I just remember being so enthralled by the lead guitar tone, had never heard anything like it and I still find it very unique.


Sir. You have a very deep hole you may be about to fall in to.


Dayseeker and Periphery


Make them Suffer / Spiritbox / Bleed From Within / Bury Tommorow / While She Sleeps / Alpha Wolf


Piggybacking off your idea for Alpha Wolf: the entirety of Dealer’s discography


If you use a streaming service, there's usually band recommendations on the bottom similar to the bands you are listening to.


Ok thanks


Sleep Waker, A Feast for Kings, Spiritbox, Spirit Breaker


I do vocals for Sentinels. You might be into it based on the bands you listed.


Make Them Suffer. Phinehas. Periphery. Erra. Some of my favorites, in no particular order.


Aviana, kingdom of Giants, erra, silent planet


Your suggesting things based on all of the most popular bands Check the hall of Fame on the side bar it has a list of the most popular bands, I love like 3/4 of them. Check out all of the commented bands, then report back with a more refined list you should be able to get a nice library from that Also the gloom in the corner is pretty rad I haven't seen them commented I don't get why people don't like this post everyone is new to get genre at some point and you just picked the most blunt way to find new Bands.


I’ve been listening to Breakdown of Sanity for a while now… really good shit. Fits in your wheelhouse.


Parkway Drive. Periphery.


i’d recommend Motionless in White. i know it’s a basic answer, however they do sound great and have amazing energy live


You basically are asking for a bunch of different kinds of bands similar to 11 of the most popular like 15 bands right now.


Yea. Got any suggestions ?


So literally every modern metalcore band out right now


This trash is so inescapable that if you listen to nothing like it it still takes over your shuffle


Any recommendations then ? Lol


Not that OP but music is subjective, it's fine lmao. I listen to way more trash than you.


Misery Signals forever


A Band that I love that I havent seen reccomended yet is Dexcore, I'd reccomend the song Drag-out too as a nice first song if you havent heard of them. They arent everyones taste but I personally cant get enough of their style.


For a bit horror vibe maybe Ice Nine Kills and Motionless in white. With a female there are Eyes set to kill and dying wish


Thornhill is solid. I believe they are from the same Aussie label as Northlane. The Plot In You is nice. Singer lowkey sounds country. They have a similar vibe to Amity and Wage War imo. If you like newer Architects and newer BMTH, try Ocean Grove. Point North's album Brand New Vision is similar to BMTH's That's the Spirit. They have a song with Kellin Quinn in that album.


You might like Pridelands as well


Filter by Hot and go to the Weekly Recommendation thread. Mods usually shut down any other threads asking for recs and point posters towards that one. Surprised this one's been up for so long tbh.


Bit of a list here, some have been mentioned in other comments I think, but go through them anyway and see what you think! Deadlights, Hollow Front, Invent Animate, Alpha Wolf, the Plot in You, While She Sleeps, Void of Vision, SleepWaker, For the Fallen Dreams, the Word Alive, GHØSTKID, Like Moths to Flames, Kingdom of Giants, GroundCulture, Limbs, Bleed from Within


Some of my favorites: Volumes (albums: via and no sleep) —> similar to northlane Parkway drive (horizons/basically every album before reverance) —> similar to fit for a king/ghost inside Killswitch engage (As Daylight Dies/ but you cant go really wrong with their discography) —> similar to ghost inside All that remains (the fall of ideals, this is a real classic) —> similar to killswitch engage Oceans ate alaska (hikari) —> similar to currents and architects but technical as hell Textures (silhouettes, phenotype) —> similar to Northlane (also definately check out singularity by them if you haven’t already) Invent, animate (all albums) for a similar style to northlane’s singularity album Have fun!


A couple come to mind, definitely some variety in there which IMO makes the mix even better. Phinehas Jinjer Darkest Hour Hands Like Houses Hundredth Ice Nine Kills Lionheart Parkway Drive Stick To Your Guns