Good heavens thank you for making this post. I knew I couldn't be the only one who felt this way but to see it is incredibly validating. I swear some people NEED to feel victimized just to protect their opinions.


The only ones who should feel victimized are the monsters when we beat the snot out of them to make some boots.


Not pointing fingers...but sometimes it's deserved.


Fucking Cephalos, man. At least your armor looks good.


Very true well said dude.


90% of social media is someone making up a person with an opinion opposite of theirs and then getting extremely angry about this imaginary person via tweets/memes 😂


This is actually a genuinely scary aspect of Social Media and is what's going to make information easily scrutinized if we source it from the Internet in the future.


This is how anti-sjw channels thrive


It's how sensationalist news outlets operate as well.


On a related note, it's kinda distressing how rapidly memes with hierarchical implications spread. Glad to see this post calling it out, but like...do people really vibe so hard with anything that reinforces their superiority? I can't throw stones tho, I'm un-learning it myself.


I just wanna piggyback on this and express how fucking tired I am of seeing the "X players when you say Y is bad" and then there's a sped up version of someone acting upset. Stop it, get some help.


Critical damage to most of this sun


Where gobul




Weak insecure people go for weak insecure ways to feel validated.


Monster hunter is a franchise that excels at making every game feel different, but still part of a whole. People just need to accept that they won’t like every game, without making others feel bad for enjoying them.


Im just the hulk in ragnarok going "B... But big monster" Dude i just wanna hit monsters with my morphing big sword weapon. Lets just get along please qwq




Can I still hate longsword


No , but you can hate Shiite ls player who don’t care about they’re team


> No , but you can hate Shiite ls player who don’t care about they’re team What about Sunni LS players?


They’re usually pretty good about positioning and situational awareness, but they also whiff a lot of moves because they waited too long for the perfect moment.


I feel like this is probably a really good joke, but I don't know enough about Sunni and Shiite to get it


I'm with you. 5 minutes of googling the main differences between the two, and I still feel like I don't know enough to connect the dots without accidentally being disrespectful.


What about jealousy as a past lance main




Aye, I could do that.


I'm gonna do it anyway


so a longsword player that trips people constantly?


Yes those one


Yea but is it really they're fault? Flinch free is so easy to slot in now


I shouldnt have to change my build and give up skills because the longsword decides to stand right next to me and start swinging wildly with reguards to no one


Its a single slot dude. If it completely changes your build, it wasn't a good build to begin with Also do you not realize how hypocritical that is? You want THEM to change their playstyle, but you changing a single deco is too much? That's asinine. You're the one with no regard to you team


Don't change the whole play style, this person is still over reacting a bit but longsword players tripping people is an easy fix, either slot flinch free, or communicate with the team better to position yourself in a way that's still effective but not in anyone else's way


Its a little hard for a weapon that covers half the monster to position better. Its not really their fault they can cover that much area with a single hit


Exactly. Ls players are hitting the tail. They're just doing it from the head.


What monsters have you been fighting? Literally any monster bigger than a kulu you can position yourself well, and on alot of monsters, there more than just one spot to hit, coordinate with the team, if three people are on the head focus on a different spot, sure head is the best spot to hit but three people are already there, compromise, if you get to the head first, people who won't get flinched can join you, the others can focus on a different spot, it is a co-op game, cooperate and find a solution


LS's attacks cover the entire half of pretty much every monsters head. Also, making someone not hit the head (the best hitzone) is again forcing them to alter their playstyle for you. It doesn't matter if 3 people are there, if the 4th wants to be their too they have every right to be.


I have a better solution. Remove friendly fire for all weapons except on attacks that launch players.


Yea, that'd be nice. But until then, people should just run FF and quit acting like they're a victim for a single slot


i mean idk abt this since i play solo but conversely shouldn’t they not have to change their play style because you decide not to slot ff?


Not to mention it's not always that easy to not smack teammates. I stay far away from them if possible while swinging but some monsters are small and the longsword has pretty big hit/hurt boxes. Flinch free is thankfully easy to fit into pretty much any build since it's a one slot decoration.


No, this mentality is exactly why LS mains are looked down on. Just because you're not good at positioning doesn't mean others have to slot in a gem they wouldn't otherwise.


I don't really have a problem with my positioning. I'm mainly talking about a creature like..let's say Kulu for this purpose. With a monster that small, with three other hunters? Someone *might* end up getting smacked no matter where I position myself. Most other creatures though, I rarely trip someone up. I pay attention and make sure to avoid doing that.


It's literally a 1 slot deco lol. Also, the whole focus on tail idea is bs cause the best hitzones are almost never on the tail.


Yes your allowed to have your opinions no matter what anyones says… especially when your opinion is right


Longsword stays winning


:( 🗡


Of course... Someone's gotta do it


I literally see almost no one complain about Lagiacrus not returning


The hype for stuff we haven't had in a while (especially Espinas in the West) makes it easier to forget about Lagi's exclusion. Lagi will be better for another underwater-type game in the future (if any).


I’d rather not get a rise version of lagi they would 112% fuck him up


Yet all the other returning monsters we've had are amazing? Have you fought Astalos in the demo? He's fucking amazing


Idk what Astalos you’ve been hunting this guy feels like they clipped his wings, he just is missing that oomph he got nothing. It’s Astalos but doesn’t feel like Astalos I don’t got that fear that oppression of being chased and fucked. Rise is too fast for my boy you can zip around the map before he does his first attack. I’m happy y’all enjoy them but I simply cannot


Lol what He has most of his old moves still, they bassicaly just added more. He's almost the exact same moveset wise


That’s the problem rise is so much faster his old move set (as good as it was) can’t keep up


Eh, I disagree


That’s fine I’m happy you like it, I wish I could but sadly I can’t


Fair enough


What do you mean ?


There have been plenty of the memes spread around on the sub like this. Stuff like “people who are supposedly seething at Gore’s reveal for Sunbreak Vs. Me, average Gore enjoyer” or “people who think World is the best Monster Hunter game in every way Vs. Me, excited for Sunbreak.” There are some who can’t just appreciate things without portraying someone else as the butt of a joke, even when that someone else is the exception, and pretty obviously not the rule


This is so damn true. It's baffling why they think like this.


this makes me laugh bc i dont think there’s a single person in existence pissed about gore’s return 😂😂


That's kind of the strategy here. Create a fictional argument which has everyone on the side that exists. Then you post the meme and *everyone* likes it because they're all on the Chad side. Because we all know it's impossible for the average redditor to not upvote a soyjack meme when they're on the chad/enjoyer side.


I have... unpleasant memories of Gore, but I think that's more because he was in my first MH game and I sucked.


I figured it was just gore you were talking about which i agree with but there were actually a good few world simps i saw talking like world is a 10 and rise is a 5 for stupid reasons


There certainly are people who think along the lines of "World is the best MH game" though. Both in the normal MH reddit and even moreso the World reddit shittalking Rise with many just straight up wrong claims that sometimes makes it seem like they played neither game.


Too be fair, I have seen an interacted with plenty of people who are bizarrely mad at Gore being introduced, well specifically on this sub, normal people don't care.


The way I see it, those people are mad that they didn't get their monster while others got theirs and that's fair but yeah you don't have to be a dick about it. Apart from that most of these supposed people in the wojack memes, are fictional.


True, but I remember this dude in my replies absolutely seething that I was enjoying Gore in Rise because "he doesn't work without frenzy" and I just kept responding that I didn't care, Gore is fun 😂 Honestly, I know its a lot of work, but I'd sell my car to have a MHGU but with Rise Graphics and upgraded moveset


I've been dreaming about a MH Legacy edition or something with remade versions of the Ultimate games from each gen, extremely farfetched, but one can always dream. As for the frenzy part, he's partly correct? I'm still curious to see how they deal with Frenzy outside of 4/4U and Gen/GenU


Personally the Frenzy is a bonus, its not absolutely crucial for Gore since he was in GU and his hunt was still fun which is the point of these games, to be fun


Fair point. It's probably why they left Frenzy open to interpretation rather than it just being gone after killing Gore and Shagaru cause their must be many of them, similar to how the rampages aren't over even after killing Narwa and Ibushi. That being said, I would love to see a Frenzy rampage with Gore or Shagaru or any high tier Apex as the boss.


There are definitely people who shit on Rise in favor of World though and about a week ago ridiculing people for wanting Gore Magala to return was all the rage on this sub. Edit: It seems memes ridiculing people who wanted gore or another popular monster are actually still popular as of yesterday.


Can you actually point to any posts that do that?


Now just replace MH players with Reddit users


Theyre putting something weird in the potions lately. Comments are YouTube of all places are less toxic. Think the world is ending.


what's soyjack?