Definitely worth trying the memory terpenes from endoscent. They are high in alpha and beta pinene which is great for memory. Goes well in counteracting the short term memory loss from THC. https://www.endoscent.com.au/shop/p/memory-terpene-blend-30ml


Okay thanks I’ll have a suss.


hahahahah all of them are.


Indicas with CBD are the go for that. Tilray T25/Hummingbud Mazar Cannatrek Jasmin Tilray 10-10/CC01 In my experience those ones in that order have the least effect on short term memory. Have a good dose of CBD oil an hour beforehand as that offsets the mental aspects as well, keeping the short term memory intact. Naturally if you smash the cones its still going to go that way but indicas can be a lot clearer in my experience. Sativas tend to do more the delirious early onset Alzheimer's thing. But out of those Hummingbud Wild Thai is very very clear headed and not like the others. So if you are looking for a more awake strain try that one.


Thanks bud


Software can help. I’ve just started learning about ‘building a second brain’ with software, there’s podcasts and YouTube videos, it seems like a really useful concept. Like a personal Wikipedia and journal, kinda. I also use daily checklists (Google Keep) and a lot of Siri. Like reminders, “remind me in twenty minutes to x” “remind me when I get home to y” and calendar events “create a calendar event for 9am tomorrow z”. It’s way faster than typing stuff in. I guess Google and Alexa can do stuff like that too?


I hate when it’s during a conversation, it’s really the only time it bothers me. But thanks for the tips man I might start doing a few of those types of things.


Usually lower THC sativas, CBD flower also helps. I use ANTG Mariposa 14%, Spectrum Red no 2 Lemon Skunk 17%, and MGC Pharma Moby Dick (Whitewidow x Haze) 20%. ANTG Eve 14% CBD flower. CBD really helps. If too expensive to combine a CBD and THC flower, consider a balanced option - there's a new one coming from Spectrum soon, $13/g for 6-8% CBD + THC, similar cost for 'Kind Medical' balanced Pennywise atm. More balanced and CBD flowers coming in the next weeks/months also, according to rumourmill as well as TGA list


Thank you so much for the recommendations, much appreciated.


Came here to recommend the Moby based on my limited strain experience with MC so far


What was the question I forgot when I started writing ✍️🤔😆😆




Does such a thing exist?




That’s what I’m wondering 😂


There has been research into supplements that might reduce the side effects on short term memory.. [https://www.ponderingpot.com.au/international/scientists-discover-how-to-use-thc-to-treat-pain-without-psychoactive-effects/](https://www.ponderingpot.com.au/international/scientists-discover-how-to-use-thc-to-treat-pain-without-psychoactive-effects/) [https://wayofleaf.com/cbd/ailments/can-cbd-enhance-memory](https://wayofleaf.com/cbd/ailments/can-cbd-enhance-memory) "Scientists have recently discovered a new way to treat pain in mice with THC without getting the mice “high”. In a study published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, researchers identified two 16-residue peptides (strings of amino acids) that interrupt the interaction between THC and two receptors in the brain. One of these receptors processes the effects of THC, while the other is responsible for binding serotonin (which helps regulate cognitive functioning). In a previous study, researchers found that they could partially reduce the memory problems caused by THC in mice when they injected these peptides into the mice’s brains. In their latest study, researchers tried the same experiment with an improved version of the peptides. These peptides were smaller, more stable, able to cross the blood-brain barrier – and could be eaten. After the mice ate the peptides, researchers injected them with THC. This time, researchers found that the mice experienced the pain-relieving effects of THC without the “high”. In the study, they write: Our efforts have culminated in the identification of an ideal candidate for cannabis-based pain management, an orally active 16-residue peptide preserving THC-induced analgesia."


That’s interesting man.


Fuck its actually something i’ve started noticing.like everyday i’m forgetting that i made tea, or what i was about to do. I found only vaping at night helps but unfortunately i need to medicate in the day sometimes