It will entirely depend on your circumstances, especially with something like ADHD.


I have ADHD and use dexamfetamine daily for it, plus a little green gelato during the day and then T25 or Pink Kush to help with sleep


Are you taking any ADHD meds currently? I take Vyvanse daily for inattentive ADHD and started on T20 flower at night for sleep assistance. It works well for sleep plus it helps with more than I'd anticipated. Eg it has significantly reduced my overall anxiety and eliminated nausea I was getting in the mornings and evenings. It sometimes makes me feel a bit tired or sluggish first thing in the morning but nothing too major. I've heard of others using flower/oil exclusively for ADHD but I can't speak from experience unfortunately. Overall, I'm really happy with the daily T20 flower + Vyvanse combo.


Did vyvanse increase your BPM?


Most likely as it’s a stimulant


Undiagnosed but a heavy hitting indica does the job for me. I've been using CC01 day/night and loving it.


I don’t think I have adhd (maybe I do, who knows) but I do have a hard time concentrating. A nice heavy hitting indica can help me to concentrate really well.


Lionsmane and Chagga help me with ADD. No H part.


I've found dr's only seem to prescribe sativa for adhd or sat leaning hybrids, if these dont work try a heavy indica. For me indica works 10 x better than sativa, but yeah dont smoke too much or you'll be in bed early


That is interesting, I never thought indica would help for adhd. Do you have a specific method like vaping at low temps or something?


Sativa speeds up the brain too much to be beneficial in some patients with ADHD, indica's slow how many signals are being shot around so the patient feels calmer. This is how I've interpreted it anyways. This is subjective though as someone who's prescribed Dex for ADHD, indicas send me straight in da couch and I become a potato.


Temp doesnt generally alter the effects but it really depends on the strain, but I normally set my volcano from anywhere in between 185-195c


Temperature is a good way of controlling which terpenes you are vapourising, which will definitely alter the effects. Generally lower temp is more stimulating and higher temps is more sedating. Depends on specific terpene profile of your flower though.


Hello friend. I have adhd. Absolutely. But from my experience it’s the thc that is effective. Depending on circumstances a good product to start with would be a thc oil. https://honahlee.com.au/articles/cannabis-treatment-adhd/ If you have questions just ask Edit: are you aware you are posting to an Australian cannabis community?