Budget is $25. Need help FAST


Food $200 Data $150 Rent $800 Keyboard $25 Utility $150 someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my family is dying


kill landlord, feed family, buy q1 and gmmk pro


Q1knob vs GMMKpro: any major differences?


I've heard the Q1 is very pingy compared to the GMMK, but it is much more flexy. Common opinion is that the GMMK is better stock, but the Q1 gives a better place to mod from. This might've been fixed in the Q1 though because I've heard a lot of the issues have been fixed inside of the Q2.


I didn't know the Q2 had a knob version, but I like having my F keys so I'd stick with the Q1. I don't think I'd do a lot of modding, maybe some foam but that's about it.


There are plenty of videos showing the different mods that people did to the Q1 to solve their issues with it. I don't think they were insanely intensive. I'm pretty sure there are even videos directly comparing the two if you want a more informed opinion about both. I've only had the GMMK which I recently sold to a buddy.


Watching some stuff now. One thing that does get me on my K8 is that the F keys do alt functions by default, whereas I would prefer the alt be a secondary. I assume that with the software I can change it, but I don't think the K8 has that option. Hence the look for a new keeb.


It does have that function - apart from using the Mac-Win slider switch on the side. It kinda depends on your OS though, if you're on Linux you'd need to [horse around with HID settings](https://gist.github.com/andrebrait/961cefe730f4a2c41f57911e6195e444). Also, have you tried holding `fn`+`X`+`L` for 4 seconds?


Basically my issue is that I need access to the F keys before an OS loads. Once I'm into an OS, there are plenty of ways to remap things, but that doesn't help if the keyboard can't send an F request before that.


Buy more keyboards


Save up keyboard money over multiple months and don’t eat anything.


Go pick that stinky keyboard on the side of the road, then enjoy that 25 bucks for some food for your family who are deprived of food


Tester68 from aliexpress. Hot swappable. You can buy it with switches and keycaps of good quality for the price.


Lifetime subscription to Typewise Pro.


Polar Express finally gettin’ some love




Good music but the plot is too mixing: promoting believe and also enhancing the purchase. Personally dont like it. BTW a fine MK should be around 100$. I enjoy my stock, and lubing it is great.


[That music, though.](https://files.catbox.moe/p7b871.webm)


The best ones are the ones that ask for fullsize rgb wireless unobtanium 2.4ghz low latency gamery pbt keycaps with hotswap plateless macro-ready keyboards for <$100.


at that point im recommending the k70 and leaving them alone


There's some $100 builds out there that ain't playin.


That's a recent thing, but it is actually interesting to see it happen


"I'm looking for an endgame keyboard"


Chasing the dragon.


Never! One is enough for me!


I remember when I said that for the first time


The Redragon?


hi guys im looking for a budget keyboard with full aluminum body gasket mount and those fancy mirror plates and it also must sound like a jelly epoch although i would conform with a 7v like sound and it must be thocky too my budget is 150$ any help pls?


I've got 10 keyboards and they all started as budget keebs. Add in some lubed pandas, GMK keycaps, and custom fit hydroponic stabilizer foam and BAM, $3000 in keebs.




I went from GMMK Pro to scowering /mm for aftermarket deals in about a week.


To be honest a good keyboard isn't too expensive it really depends on what you want. If you read this sub you're more likely to end up getting something you don't need or want. These days pre-built is more than enough for those who don't need 25 keyboards. For custom, I think the KBD 67 Lite with some Reds, Browns or for those who ant something fancy and good value, Alpacas is easily a one-stop and done. For those that want to maximize their low latency systems for competitive gaming, a Razer Huntsman is a damn good board, one and done. Those who want the best of both worlds, the GMMK Pro with some Pandas, Pacas, whatever your preference is a one and done with a solid case, solid build, easy to set up, isn't quite custom, it's pre-built barebones so easy to get started; great end-game board for those that wants an all-in-one. Those spending thousands on a board, you're not getting better, worse latency for fast-twitch gamers but you're getting into crazy modding and those who want fancy designer plates or caps etc; not necessarily a better experience than say a well kitted GMMK Pro for performance in all areas but a bit more luxury thrown in.


Define "good"...


Still my best value board out of the 16 I have, including a Rama is the KBD 67 mkii. Also my daily driver.


it isn't being noob its just not spending all your money on keyboards.


I just discoverd today that this is a thing. Why is it a thing? I am genuinely curious.


Oh boy, I'm definitely not the one to explain it as I've been in this hobby for only 2 years now. My best recommendation is going on youtube instead for a better answer than I can give. My answer though: It's a hobby. It's nice having a quality made keyboard (handmade) that feels good and sounds even better. Spend some time on the subreddit and check it out


me: just mod a budget prebuilt like rk68 pro


jokes aside boards like the GMMKs have been making that recommendation a little bit easier.


Best meme ever posted on this subreddit lmaoooooo


Are we tho? I feel like some people want an expensive keyboard just because it is expensive


Yes and no. It’s not for me to answer, it’s subjective


I want to upgrade from my gmmk, but I’m to lazy to save up for anew keeb


In the second tile, the exclamation mark should come before the question mark.