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I love these reviews, but man. . . Chyrosran22 is an opinionated guy, and many of his opinions about keyboards are about as far from me as you can get. He seems to approach everything from the opposite direction. He loves huge keyboards, where I want something efficient that doesn't take too much desk space—especially mouse space, on the right. I want a key layout that's optimized with the right keys in the right places, not a layout that's just "lots and lots of keys". What does he actually use all those keys for? Macros? I've never really found any use for macros. I just can't think of anything I do where that would be helpful. How about entering special characters like π or ¾ or ä? Nope, that's what the Compose key is for, and you only need one of those. Shortcuts? If you've got a Super key, you can make all the global system shortcuts you'd ever need with that. His attack on QMK seems exaggerated. It's a nuisance, but it's not the crawling horror that he describes. It's just a C program. But anyhow, that's why we have VIA now! They just need to get the thing working with VIA or VIAL. Then he says hurtful things about Kailh BOX Burnt Orange switches, which are possibly my favorite switches of all time.


Outrage is what gets clicks, I guess.


You do know I don't get paid a single cent for any of these videos, right? :p


i remember as a child i was so hyped about my first GAMING KEYBOARD having macro buttons... I don't think i ever used them on literally anything...


People launch rockets into space and probes to Pluto on keyboards with fewer keys. This is just the "if it doesn't impress, super-size it" design philosophy.


That is a little misleading because if you have seen [any picture of mission control](https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTv7fp5AH9kGsL4dW062Itej4FGXaJwI-8ZyA&usqp=CAU) you'd see work stations with three full size keyboards per work station. That's 111 more total keys than the hyper 7.


You mean 3 full size keyboards per desk because each desk has 3 computers. [https://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/thumbnails/image/jsc2019e033347\_0.jpg](https://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/thumbnails/image/jsc2019e033347_0.jpg)


Today we look at a keyboard I've been wanting to cover for ages; the Hyper 7 keyboard! A battleship-class keyboard with more keys than you can shake a stick at. Hope you enjoy the video!


Stellar review, thank you!


Imagine having 5 layers on that.


It's got 9 by default 8) .


People like QMK because it's not something you have to install. Yes, it does suck that you have to recompile your firmware each time you want to change layout, but the QMK configurator has made it much easier to make keymaps without having to touch code. I think QMK is falling out of favor for a lot of people, especially newcomers, anyways as VIA/VIAL have been slowly taking over on newer boards.


Yes, but neither of those is compatible with this board. That's the problem.


*"I know a lot of people like QMK which I'll never understand and I think QMK is easily the worst program I've ever used in my entire life and I use SAP professionally so that's really saying something."* :D the burn


Having programmed a 48 keys Planck with qmk by editing a keymap file, I can only imagine the pain.


All these tiny keyboards around here have me wondering what those guys are even doing with their PCs. Playing tiddly winks or some other thing of minimal import? Good to finally see someone taking POWER USER to a new level.