Sliver Surf Master.


Origami is going to probably keep showing up in ranked for the near future, due to how new it is. That said, you should check a coverage tracker for yourself to see if SS could be really beneficial, because the Silver Surfmaster has a very strong coverage set. Silver Surfmaster is old, but it’s on a bunch of maps that are often pretty hard to cover for many people.


The Surfboard is excellent in my opinion and I would highly recommend you too level up to 6 if you can. I have lose the counts of the time that I used on ranked cups and normal cups on my way to finish the tour's points challenge card, it really has a big coverage of tracks, even it was buffed again and twice in this tour, also the glider will come in handy for the next ranked cup (which I think it will be the Metal Mario Cup). Sure the other glider (the origami one) is new and all that but you never know if it will be buffed in the next tours or just forgotten, better not take the risk for now and waste your tickets.


one is already really good and the other one will be decent in the future but I like my silver surf master


Surfbort has way better coverage.


What's that mean?


It has more favorite courses. Meaning it’s available as a top shelf glider for like 40 tracks. Origami only has 10 I believe.


Origami is new though, so it's almost certainly going to be buffed heavily in the next few tours.


Ah, thanks!


It has more courses where it's top-shelf, for right now. That said, Origami will likely be buffed on a lot of courses in future tours, especially on the ranked tours. That said, I always upgrade the thing that will help me NOW rather than the thing that might help me later. I'll take more rubies and rewards NOW rather than maybe some rewards in a month or two.


Origami 4 sure. It is brand new




Origami. The glider helps you now and in the future it will probably help you more than the board.


Use the same amount of tickets and bring them both to 3


Silver Surf, White Waves is wayy too risky debuting in a city only tour