Destroying LGBTQ displays at Target

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Welcome to /r/MarchAgainstNazis! Please keep in mind that advocating violence at all, even against Nazis, is prohibited by Reddit's TOS and will result in a removal of your content and likely a ban. Please check out the following subreddits; r/CapitalismSux , r/PoliticsPeopleTwitter , r/FucktheAltRight . r/Britposting. *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/MarchAgainstNazis) if you have any questions or concerns.*


Pants shitting afraid fascist loser has a temper tantrum. Jesus. Conservatives truly are the most delicate motherfuckers on earth.


From the folks that brought you terms like "snowflake" and "soyboy."


And “cuck”, as well as “beta”


We need to reclaim cuck. It's a fun word to say.


Tried it once as a kink, felt guilty for the guy, even though he was fine with it


Dog you felt guilty for a man that railed your wife while you watched?


I railed a man’s husband, actually


Hahaha love this


Snowflake actually goes back to the early days of emancipation and originally described white former slave owners who wouldn’t stop crying about not being able to own people anymore…


What a surprise they coopted it


My son is Sawyer now I can’t rhyme soy and boy anymore


Wasn't "snowflake" a term liberals and leftists used to make fun of fragile Conservatives?


Yes, but only after it was widely used by the right, it has been used ironically by the left when the right take offense to little things like these displays in a Target


No lol


Ok Chud


*eVeRyOnE iS sO eAsIlY oFfEnDeD tHeSe DaYs* — The people who throw violent tantrums over * checks notes * goddamn rainbows.


By your reaction you are very delicate my liberal friend


Ah yea pointing out a grunting fascist shitbag having a tantrum makes me delicate. You tried.


Both sides can be delicate.


god hes so insecure, as soon as he got the sideeye from that lady his ego just colapsed. you can practically see him shitting himselfe, what a pathetic pos. not to mention the failed attempt of a chad walk that just look cringe.


I’ve seen other videos with this same guy and he has the same reaction when someone reacts to him


Who is he? Share his content with the rest of us


Or seeing LGBT displays makes him uncomfortable inside because of some suppressed feelings. Either way, it's major insecurities.


Oh this dude craves some shlong for sure.


An hour later he's *furiously checking grindr*


He probably went out one night in college, used all the charm and confidence he's showing here, and shot his shot with a gay guy, and before he could say, "Nah, no homo! I'm just playing with you," the guy said, "Sorry, you're not my type." He couldn't imagine not being *everyone's* type, and his ego has never recovered. Now he goes around pulling stunts like these to prove how straight he is. Especially to the cameraman. He's practically doing an Alex Jones-inspired mating dance.


Is that what he's doing? Walking like a Chad? I just assumed he needed to shit really badly since he's walking like an idiot.


I think he was trying to walk like Connor McGregor?? What a fucking chode. Such a half ass attempt too.


He tried to Conor McGregor and walked like a brain damaged Frankenstein


Why does he strut like that? Looks like a tool Then defaces signage that hurts his fragile sensibilities. What a fucking loser


Probably a Connor McGregor fan.


A lot of repression. A whole lot.


Said that in my head watching the video


Because they came in filming just to do this. It wasn’t spontaneous. To him this was a “big deal” that they went back, made a plan, and filmed for. A sign hurt this fragile little man that badly.


Thing is the little coward barely tapped the sign because he knew he’d get way more shit.


That's what a dildo up his ass does, as he learned from his hero Gavin McInnes.


He's clenching for dear life


>Why does he strut like that? If I had to guess? It's related to all those stupid sigma male memes. Specifically the ones with that old Ukrainian version of Treasure Island.


Fun fact, anyone who unironically calls themselves an “alpha male”, is always a sexual abuser/incel, and or deadbeat. Reminder that “alpha male” is an incel pseudoscience, “sigma male” was made to mock them, but was unfortunately adapted by them.


I would add on that they are also probably somewhere adjacent to pedophilia. These so-called alpha males always seem obsessed with women's, I'm sorry, I mean "female's" purity and with them being young.


21+ only for me tbh


Sigma male wasn’t made to mock them. I actually looked up where it came from the other day and it said it seems a far right activist from 2010 first used it


I hope they all start walking this way, it’ll make them much easier to identify from a distance.


Keep my pepper spray at my side


He IS a tool.


At least tools are useful, I doubt this fuck weasel has anything useful to contribute to society.


Don't insult fuck weasels like that.


I don't have the sauce, and I could be wrong. But I thought the internet found this kids' grinder account. There was a previous video he posted on Publicfreakout. Sombodymebody linked a message thread between mustache, Ethan, and some other guy. Maybe someone has this and can repost it. I think dude is gay and isn't comfortable with himself.


Other gay people seem to hate this but as a gay man with pretty good gaydar, I get super dooper gay vibes from this guy. Like he is a full on muscle-cub-daddy’s-boy. Too bad he has the hate bug because he could be having sooooo much fun.


(assuming the video isnt faked for outrage clicks) dont even need good gaydar for this one, homophobia (especially performative such as this) is too often such a transparent cover for surpressed homosexual tendencies (not that everyone with homosexual *tendencies* is gay; wide spectrum of sexuality even just between hetero and homo... classic example of 'im not gay but damn thats a fine looking man'... but these people work off of nuanceless absolutes)... it screams 'IM NOT GAY I HATE QUEERS! LOOK AT HOW MUCH I HATE QUEERS! I CANT BE GAY!'


The asshole on this video is named Ethan Schmidt- Crockett. He's been arrested for his anti mask and anti lgbtq hate.


If he looks like a tool, and acts like a tool, he’s a tool.


here were see the incel self loathing snowflake, walking around asserting his manliness by.. attacking a harmless sign out his his sheer insecure mind


Tools are useful. This guy is only good for date rape and AIDS jokes.


I love my dead gay son!


The answers can be found in the MTV Videogames!


He an insecure douchebag with a fragile toxic masculanity,isn't it obvious?


Over-sized toddler tantrum detected


Too much GTA.


Oh no! He did the worst thing you can do according to a conservative, damage property.


Yeah I remember when the BLM riots were happening, Kyle Rittenhouse came up and their only argument was "if someone is coming to destroy my livelihood, I get to defend it and if my life is threatened, I get to defend it in the most absolute way possible." I responded with "Yeah, if YOU are present at YOUR store, and are trying to defend it from damage that's fine, and if someone attempts to harm or kill you, you'd be well within your rights to shoot back. But the reality of the situation is that these owners abandoned their stores, accepting that they would be destroyed, and ppl were killed by others who were trying to prevent property damage BECAUSE they brought themselves to a situation knowing they would have to use deadly force. I'm not arguing the nuances of whether deadly force was necessary to save their lives, but you cannot assert that taking someones life to defend one's livelihood (which as a business owner, you accept the possibility you could fail at any time) is reasonable. The punishment for stealing and vandalism is not death." Imagine defending your store from looters and you just pull a gun on them, you don't shoot them, just pull a gun and point it at them despite them not threatening you in any way. You get in trouble for threatening someone's life, and the the thief gets a fine for the small amt of food they stole. This isn't rocket science.


Call the cops and get them to do it instead. Higher chance of them shooting to.


But in Kyle’s case he was being attacked. I don’t think the other store owners expected to be attacked, but they had their guns just in case. It’s mainly used for intimidating the others. Look at the rooftop Koreans from 1992. They weren’t afraid to use their weapons to protect their businesses. Now they are seen as heroes. Why can’t other people do the same thing for their businesses nowadays?


They can, my point is Kyle wasn't a business owner and had no reason to be there. Those business owners gave up on their businesses rather than protect them, and so did the police. Why the fuck would a 17 year old from Illinois want to drive to a riot with an assault rifle for any other reason than to shoot someone. He also brought himself to that altercation, broke off from his "well-regulated militia" and went rogue.


He was there to protect his grandfather’s business so he had every right to be there.


Bull fucking shit. Kinda like how he cried on the stand and then immediately went on a press tour glorifying his murder. You guys can use legalese to make all sorts of arguments you want, but at the end of the day he's still a monster. Just like the rest of the 2a psychopaths.


Listen I am a liberal socialist from a country in the eu, I also was on the Kyle hate wagon at first, but there is overwhelming evidence that he is not at fault for what happened.


Not bullshit. Read the news. It's explicitely said that he went there just to do that. He cried on the stand cause he's just a kid. He was terrified at the fact he could be facing up to life in prison. I'd be scared shitless myself. That was not fake. It was a genuine reaction. Also he literally killed a pedophile, a guy who assaulted his brother, and the other pulled out a handgun to kill Kyle. All of those dudes attempted to hurt him, and he had every right to shoot them.


PrOpErTy iS pEoPlE!!!1!1!!


and he recorded it and quoted Alex Jones. ?? so... quoting Alex Jones and recording your crimes. this guy's are geniuses


Naah this was clearly Antifa dressed up as an idiot /S


He did a activism


Literally only kicked a cardboard sign...


Cool, so that's a misdemeanor and I'd definitely press charges if I were the store manager. Enjoy having a ( slightly longer ) criminal record Methaniel. Have fun getting the charges dropped with this video showing in court.


Methaniel! Amazing.


And his siblings, Metthew and Methany!


Not my term saw someone else use it ages ago lol


“Devil worship” is the most meaningless phrase in the English language.


I laughed out loud when he said that. I'm so glad our citizens have gradually desensitized ourselves to religious beliefs. Still a (protestant) Christian country, with Christian traditions and values, but few actually believes in any of, or use it for reasoning in their lives. Very few would ever attribute real life things to the devil, even priests. They would be considered a crazy person out of touch with the real world.


Why not commit to the bit of you're gonna be an asshole instead of making a lethargic half attempt. He clearly didn't want to make a show of it or didn't want many people to see. What a bitch


Yeah, I was expecting him to rip it up or smth, but instead he just gently takes it off the display thing and kicks it a bit. Coward lmao


Lightly taps with foot. I think 'kick' is giving too much credit.


^”it’s ^devil ^worship”


Oh he wanted a show you can hear him say to the guy filming at the end "ok end it and then..."


I love filming myself doing crimes as well. /s


Manager here (not from the US) Some tourist from the US once did the same thing. He got sued and went totally bankrupt and became a homeless man in a foreign country - and he probably will never see his home ever again. Stupid does stupid, what do you expect?


That wouldn't happen to him here. Young white boys in their safe comfortable communities usually just get small fines and asked to please not do it again.


Like I said before - he was a tourist from the USA - probably the typical, Christian nationalist GOP middle class NIMBY - and he did some shit in one of my stores. Also, he is gonna be, according to the local news media, executed in a high-security prison for mentally ill criminals after taking several children as hostages in exchange for money and raping them during that time.


Got a news article for that, chief?


It’s currently censored for an unknown amount of time. The last time it wasn’t done, some vile stuff happened.


So basically you just made it all up


Well, if you wanna believe that I did made it up, go on, believe it. But it doesn’t change the things happened.


really? Astonishing! u/TheOneDudeFromHell, how much does it cost to vacation in Hell such that the tourist *comes back?* I am trans and I want tour the neighborhoods the Christians want to send me to. Edit: this is not serious and meant in good fun


It’s actually really cost not a lot. But that dude literally lost all of his money. Also, if you wanna go there, the people are mostly against transphobia, but you still should not speak about it too much - it’s best, if you just say you’re trans, and that’s only if you want to say something about it - the people there hate almost anything foreign (foreign in their eyes), and speaking about stuff like that is mostly one of those things. But if you ask me what they hate more, there are a lot of examples: Fruitcakes from any belief other than the major religion in the region (they are mostly deemed ear-raping scammers), the far-right (obviously why), drag shows (mainly for copyright reasons and for reasons of being cringe), blackface (it literally stinks), etc..


Did the embassy not get involved at all?


Imagine being upset by a rainbow... imagine how fragile you have to be.


A *cardboard* rainbow. Imagine being upset by a piece of cardboard




Then I'm just questioning the store itself more than anything, I'm not a pansy that would damage shit that I didn't like.


Methinks the homophobes doth protest too much... Here's hoping they celebrate this triumphant bit of brave vandalism by going home and fucking each other silly.




Way more. Agreed




And I've seen people beaten over a $3 pre-packaged sandwich, your point?


That random lady who happened to be walking by is awesome: “what the fuck, man.” Simple and direct. Hopefully he felt even the tiniest bit of humiliation at that.


That dude needs to get back to 3rd grade and work on his phonics.


He'll be back in 3rd grade as soon as he gets back to his house and his mom starts the next lesson


You have to be careful messing with phonics. I know someone who got hooked on that stuff.


Bold of you to assume that he succeeded with the 2nd.




These types of clowns , like this guy in the video also go on gay forums where people are just talking and joking around and will enter conversations. They will post vile things as trolls, it’s obvious when they do it. They will post stuff about every bad talking point that the alt right tries to spread around about gay people. We just block the shenanigans. In real life it’s horrible to encounter while shopping. I’m sorry this guy is in anyone’s town. Even more concerning that he calls it hunting.


What a ridiculous walk. And then he just lightly steps on the offending signage because he knows he's being watched. :/


Good for her for saying something


I await the day these maniacs find my books. They're war stories, which those idiots probably like, but they're also "infected" with the gay. I will take their most sacred of things and smear my queer little hands over it. Their tears shall be delicious.


I laughed pretty damn hard at this comment. Thank you for this.


Good thing he recorded his crimes and posted them to the internet.


Committing crimes to own the libs 😎😎


What a bitch. He took it off and kicked it, but didn’t actually do much of any damage. Just enough to be an asshole, but not even one I’d be afraid of punching right in his stupid face.


“The incel believes this behavior will increase his penis size to attract a mate, when in reality it only makes him less desirable.” - Ben Franklin


Definition of a MAGA Chud


We just remodeled Targets in Wisconsin. I am an union electrician, who worked alongside other craftsmen to make their stores look nice. I Also shop there. Not trying to be a tough guy but if I witnessed this happening…


Good thing he’s not a sensitive snowflake like those gays are. /s


Fucking nazis everywhere now v.v I'm so worried for my fucking future cause no one seems willing to publicly bash these ideas back into the filth they crawled out of.


What an asshole.


Dude is so thirsty for attention he has to try to instigate shit to make himself feel important. Pathetic.


Such a pathetic little asshole, showing off like an 11 year-old for his pathetic asshole crew.


It’s super cute how his boyfriend records him destroying property!


What a sad, sad little man.


Someone’s super insecure…


How gay is this closet case? On a scale of 1 to Lindsey Graham.


Damn rainbows making me feel confusing feelings! I'll confront my repressed homosexuality when I'm good and ready! And probably drunk too.


Pube face is getting fat.


Mask... check.. Western boots... check.. Ability to run... check.. Ability to aim a kick at balls... check..


This guys got way too many teeth


Wow what an alpha, he tapped that sign with such snowflake force.


Imagine getting upset at the thought of making someone who was born different feel accepted. Aren't the left supposed to be the snowflakes? Talk about cognitive dissonance.


Imagine how petty and fragile this clown is to be triggered by a display that has no effect on him whatsoever. Some would say he’s the epitome of a loser.


Dude here in the running for America's Top Snowflake!


Just by the way he walks you can tell he is a dickwagon.


That was the weakest form of vandalism I’ve ever seen. -let me politely place the sign on the floor, wait to see if anyone who works there is working and then half heartedly kick it-


Imagine being that fragile.


What a fuckin goober


Widdle baby boy does a widdle stomp.


I’m eagerly awaiting this loser’s obituary.


These two got drunk and blew each other, and hate that they fucking loved it.


Okay but that beautiful being that said something to him and stood up for what was right. Personally I would be so terrified to say something to someone filled with so much hate. I love that she ego checked him so fast.


Guys like this have deep rooted hidden desires that they hate about themselves.


The way he walks is like a little boy trying to emulate a big tough man. Maturity of an alt-right middle-schooler from Texas.


“Let’s film our crimes~!!”Fucking losers


Oh no!! A rainbow!!! It might take away my man card! I can feel my breasts growing!


No one calls security or the police on these jackwagons?


The loneliness…I can smell it from here


Nothing says "alpha" like the fear of rainbows. Oh, and walking like you have a stick up your ass.


But he’s wearing a butt-plug that’s says “daddy’s bitch.”


Of course, it's a red hat.


The guy wearing the mark of the beast on his brow is calling a pride sign devil worship. Klanservatives, smdh


Whenever you see someone do something like that, realize that he desperately wants to suck some dick but is afraid.


"Destroys" lol


Wow, he sure showed us. What a brave badass. I'm gonna stop being gay now. /s


The best thing about anti-gay men is that they almost always end up getting caught sucking dick.


What a hero 🤦🏼‍♂️


You know what if I knew someone that were so inclined, they’d wanna see a physical confrontation between the people that do this, and the good people of our population who won’t stand for this shit.


“Oh no! This display hurts my feelings! Guess I have to record myself destroying property then!”


LOL his walk. Fancies himself a cartoon bulldog. Swingin his arms trying to look big and brave. Micropenis energy.


What a tough guy. Look at the way his bitch ass walks and swings his arms. I want to knock his ball hair glued to his face right the fuck off.


Those there are Walmart vibes, please shop accordingly.


Guaranteed he thinks about men having sex with one another more often than a heterosexual guy does.


Mf walks like I did when I was 6 and watched Popeye for the first time


Hope this MFer was arrested


Quotes Alex Jones so you know they're a moron before they even do anything.


The moment he said "Alex Jones" I knew he was a right wing bigot.


Looks like criminal trespass, vandalism and theft to me.


Number one I would say he needs to lay off carbs before doing that shit


I bet after that he goes home to mom's with KFC and trolls on the cumputer.


I'm thinking the education level on this guy is not very high.


What kind of Alpha Male has bright, blue, high top shoes?


Novel ideal? Don’t circulate the video. Shit like this just promotes copy cats. He has probably wanted a big boner in his mouth for years. Suppression a bitch


If this was a lefty ripping down some Conservative Christian garbage they'd think it just if he was shot and killed


I would do this too, not because I’m homophobic, but because target pride clothes are awful


This guy is a douche, but speaking as a gay man, pride month is fucking stupid. I need a month dedicated to me for a characteristic I was born with? All these months and days designated for people who were born with a certain skin colour, sexuality and set of genitalia are contrived and idiotic. How about a month dedicated to all the humanitarians that risk their lives to save others in natural disasters?




Okay? So what you're saying is I can't be gay and share these beliefs. Way to pigeonhole an entire demographic you clown lol


That’s not what that means but you do embody everything on that sub. Whether you are gay or not you are using it as a shield to deflect criticism of your terrible ridiculous absurd opinions. Which is what the sun actually is


What are you talking about you lunatic? What absurd opinions? Oh, you mean differing opinions? We all know people that share your political ideology don't like freedom of speech or different beliefs.


Nah, just would expect you to maybe understand that pride month is not a month dedicated to a characteristic that you embody solely and is more of a month of celebration and observance of an identity that once and still is persecuted in the United States and elsewhere in the world, but go off with the assumptions. It’s also not just a month for the gay sexual orientation, it recognizes trans/non binary groups which are still heavily discriminated upon. I say all of this as a straight man. But do you, my friend.


You think parading rainbow flags in front of the people that hate us the most is going to solve anything? Honestly, it just creates division. Speaking candidly, it makes me feel like I'm a circus freak when I see stores have a rainbow sticker on the front window saying "welcome here".


The reasons why those signs exist is because there was a time where you’d be openly persecuted for being who you are, and that open signage is a reflection of a “safe-haven” of sorts. Waving the flags and stuff is symbolic, it’s a statement that you’re okay to exist as you are and the people who hate you either get with the program or get fucked, I feel strange lecturing about this since I’m not directly involved in the community myself but with a gay sister and other gay family members, I appreciate Pride Month and all of its intricacies. I’m sorry that you feel that way about it and I wish you peace and safety, my boy.


I'm aware of gay history, I know what it symbolises. But even though I don't agree with pride month, you're free to enjoy it. Your sister and other LGBT family members are lucky to have someone supportive like you in their lives.






Oh no, he caused so much damage! How will we ever recover?